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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 134


Arc 18: Two Princes

Chapter 134: Mass Production, and Marriage Proposal

Having copied a few Frame Gear training machines with [Workshop], I made sure to have everyone train when they have free time. I made 8 units in total and lined them next to each other along the wall of the playroom. It is an Arcade with this set up, you know. Well, it is something similar to that.

Surprisingly, the ones who showed excellent adaptability were Yumina and Lindsey. I suppose the ones who excels in magic will adapt easier. Although I say that, the movements of Elsie and Yae units had gotten better as soon as they got accustomed to it if we're only talking about how fast they adapt.

I also made sure it would be possible to see what was projected in Frame Unit from the outside as well. Rosetta integrated the information feed from the the two units in a third person view and reflected it in the air with [Program]. Though it would have been easier to move a Frame Gear with [Program], you know. It might be possible with the presence of a vast magic power and tremendous programming, but it would take about 200 years to program it to level of Pola made by Rin. Give me break.

[Uwa~n, I lost~!]

The unit on the right side opened, and from inside a wolf beastman, our Vice-Commander, Norun-san jumped out. From the other unit, a fox beastman, similarly the Vice-Commander, Nicola-san came out.

[You should consider the moment when you move since the unit is different from your own body. When you feel that you have dodged, that small gap becomes a fatal wound]

[Boo~boo~ C'mon, I am not that fat]

I had seen it on the external monitor;she had received Nicola-san's halberd to her flank. If I assume that she tried to dodge it by a hair's breadth, the outcome was decided by how much the difference there was between her own physique and the unit.

Throughout the day, the game room is usually being occupied by our knights from the time they finish their training up until night time. I think that sometimes they need to relax. If they could enjoy themselves, they would also do their best in training. Well, I considered it to be one of the rewards.

Those Frame Units had also joined the ranks of the playroom. Since they saw a toy they had never seen before, everyone got engrossed in no time, and they soon started to compete with each other.

Naturally, I didn't tell them about Frame Gear. Everyone is probably enjoying it as a toy, but I wonder what faces they would make if they knew it was a military training. In any case, I think it is good for now. It will be alright if they get accustomed by playing it.

When I was thinking about those things, Commander Rain-san came inside the game room. Recently, it feels she also finally got used to her position as the Commander.

[Ah, Rain-chan! Let's fight against each other!]

[Hey. You should call me Commander]

Norun-san waved exaggeratedly to Rain-san who just came in. It was amusing to see how Nicola-san was frowning when he saw that.

Rain-san came towards me while smiling bitterly for the two of them.

[Your Majesty. The trade merchant Mr. Alba has come and desires a meeting with his Majesty]

[Oh, he came?]

Did he perhaps bring the steel materials I had requested? Even if I say ’’I will mass produce the Frame Gear with this’’, it will only have a pace of one machine per day. It would take approximately three months just to prepare enough for our household knights. It is better to start making them as soon as possible.

I went to the reception room, and when Alba-san who was sitting there tried to stand up and greet me, I held him back and sat on the sofa in front of him.

[I have brought the steel materials as per our agreement. Here are the details. There are five carriages to start off with, but I will continue supplying it]

I look through the piece of paper Alba-san has handed to me. The quantity of each was listed as follows: Steel, Copper, Silver and a small amount of Gold, Mithril, Orichalcum, Hihiirokane. The quantity is splendid, all-right.

[Have you brought this many with you? It seems to be quite a lot there]

[Each and every one of the articles His Majesty had shown me were popular to the point that they were totally sold out in every country I have brought them to. I am grateful for that and have arranged a slightly bigger amount as gratitude]

Did it sell that much? The merchant business is incredible. It seems like it is spreading quickly with the help of fellow merchants.

[Well, there are merchants who are mimicking us and selling similar goods, but our own goods are sold first therefore we win]

Is that's how it is? Well, things like the Hula Hoop or the Kendama can be imitated by anyone, so the first one to sell should make the most profit.

[However this is an extraordinary amount of steel. What will you use it for? Are you going to make Iron castle as well?]

[Ah~ well, in fact, it is a secret. Ah, that's right. It looks like clothing and accessories merchant Zanakku-san wants to have a talk with Alba-san about the clothes worn during the baseball games....... It appears he wants to sell uniforms and baseball caps in a big scale]

[Hoho~ That is also very fascinating. Baseball related goods are the hottest articles right now]

I head towards the training field where the steel materials are brought in together with Alba-san, who in turn, is going to Zanakku-san for their business arrangement.

I signed the receipt given to me by the person from the trader's group who was waiting in the corner of the field so the he would not disturb everyone who was practicing, and moved all steel materials loaded in carriages to [Workshop].

Since I had already sent the mass production Frame Gear model to [Workshop], all that's left is for Rosetta to start with the mass production.

However, it is too long to call it [Mass production Frame Gear]. When I asked Rosetta what was the official name,


Is what she told me. Well, perhaps it couldn't be helped since it was dismissed before it was officially utilized. Saying that, it's definitely difficult to call it that, I must make some name for it.

Hm, maybe [Gray] because of its color...... But then, it will sound like some sort of space alien.

Should I rather use [Chevalier]? It has the meaning of [Knight].

For now, it should be okay leaving the Mass Production to Rosetta and the fuel to Flora.

I parted with Alba-san's group, and when I finally relaxed the stiffness in my shoulders, I heard the footsteps rushing from behind.



When I tried to look over, a strong tackle came down on my side. That hurts~!

The assailant fell right on top of me, grabbed my collar and suddenly pulled it towards herself. Isn't that Sue? Since when did she come to Brunhild?

The young blonde daughter of Duke Orlinde's household lifted her eyes and directly stared at me.

[Touya! Take me as your wife too! Let's get married!]


What the heck is this girl suddenly proposing!? I thought she was joking, but her eyes were serious. This child has even more fire in her than Yumina. Well, she did travel a long way to distant places just to cure her mother's eyes.

[Doesn't Touya like young girls !? I heard it from the maid, Shizuka. In that case, I am the youngest one so there is no problem!]

[That stupid maid! What in the world did she blow into her mind!?]

Everyone I got engaged to is certainly young BUT! But I have the age difference with Yae by one year, Elsie and Lindsey - by two years, even the youngest ones Yumina and Rue - by four years!

[Ojou-sama, please do not that so abruptly. His Majesty the Dukedom King is confused]

Reimu-san who appeared from somewhere pulled Sue away.

Did Reimu-san also come? Well, I suppose that's a given. No matter how you look at it, she couldn't have come from Belfast Royal Capital by herself.

[What on earth is going on? I can't understand what's happening]

[As a matter of fact, the talks about a Sussie-Ojousama engagement had come up.]

[I will not marry anyone besides Touya! Decline it!]

Engagement. That is rather suddenly. No, isn't that possible for someone in Sue position? If I am not wrong, Sue is already 11 years old, don't the people from the royal family get engaged by the time they are 15 years old? Tentatively, Yumina was 12 years old when she got engaged to me.

[And who is her partner?]

[Rynie Kingdom's First Prince, His Highness Zabun]

Rynie? If I'm not mistaken, they are located to the north of Rifurisu Enmpire. Isn't that country across the sea? The country is in the southern part of Parunie island, which is largest island in the west. Aren't they usually having small skirmishes with the Paluf Kingdom to the north? That Rynie-country is doing trade not only with Rifurisu Empire but also with both Belfast and Regulus.

[Based from what I have heard, it doesn't sound like a bad engagement]

[Where did you get that from! Excuse me for marrying someone I don't know!]

[What did His Highness the Duke say?]

[He still didn't give an answer. It is not a bad proposal if we consider it from the point of view of the national affairs]

I guess so. It's a prince of a whole country after all. If we think about handling the official connection between Belfast and Rynie as friends, then this engagement is also not something impossible. Though it would become a political marriage.

[However, for Reimu-san to bring Suu here as well, does the Duke know about this?]

[He knows. Though it is in a form of a farewell letter. Ojousama kinda ended jumping out, therefore...... Also, if I am to say what I personally think of this engagement, I am against it]

[Against it? Why?]

The first Prince is the future king, right? She will become the future queen if she marries him, and the Ortlinde Duke family will have blood relationships. I don't see any reason why there will be an objection though.

[Prince Zabun's reputation is not that good especially with regards to women. According to the intelligence that came from Belfast secret squad [Espion], he had raped who knows how many daughters of Rynie nobles and castle's maids. It seems that's the reason why he still didn't succeed the throne even though he is already past 30]

[Wwww-wait a second! Past 30!? Is he that old!?]

Isn't that dangerous? Sue and the Prince are too far apart no matter what the circumstances are. Nope, even when I was in the other world, something like this existed in a variety show [What's age to the marriage! Even though the partner is 30 years younger!]. However, the man was 50 years old and the woman was 20 years old. But what about 30 year old man receiving an 11 year old bride? Or does something like that exist in this world?

[Is that how it is? It's only and engagement as of the moment, and once Suu grows up, she will become bride.....]

[No. I was told they want to get on with the marriage immediately. It has something about falling in love at first sight with Sussie-sama during the friendship party in Rifurisu Empire]

[I refuse!]

Wow. I might not be in the position to say it, but I am drawn back a little. A lo*ic*n prince? Nope, is he not a lo*ic*n since he laid his hands on other women too? Nevertheless, he doesn't look like a praiseworthy person.

[Therefore Touya, Please, take me. It doesn't have to be on the same standing as Yumina-ane-sama. You just need to put me on the side. Is it no good, Touya?]

I was standing still without tearing off Sue, who was still tightly clinging on to me. From the story I have heard, at least I don't think Suu will be happy in that marriage. However, I feel that this might not be a problem I can solve on my personal judgment alone when I think about the matters of Belfast.

[First, we shall go and discuss it.....]

With the Duke, His Majesty The King, and the bride candidates of our house.


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