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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 132


Chapter 132: [Hangar], and frame gear

Guided by Monica, I entered the black building;Most of all, I was surprised by how spacious it was. What's going on here? It is clearly much broader than it looks like from the outside.

Exactly like its name [Hangar] implies, inside was like a warehouse district. A great number of closed large sturdy-looking shutters were lined up on left and right.. But how far does it reach? This hall, I can't even see the far end.

[What's going on here?]

[Surprised? A space magic is used inside the [Hangar], it is far more spacious than how it appears from outside. Even if I say that, it's insignificant since the garage is not filled to the brim]

Is it similar to my [Storage]? Although it seems that time also stops in case of [Storage]. I can take out a hot soup which I have stored inside as it was when I put it in no matter how much time passes. If I am to describe which system benefits it incorporates: space magic or time magic, it would probably be space-time magic, I guess.

However, you can store anything if it is that vast. Oops, there is something more important than that!

[That's right! Frame Gear! Do you have a Frame Gear here!?]

[Ha? Frame Gear? There is. This way]

I nervously follow behind Monica who is walking with cranky stride. When Monica arrives at one of the lined up hangars, she stretches herself out and tries to push something that looks like a button on the side, but she doesn't reach it a bit.

When I approach to push it instead of her...


Monica hit the button with the pipe wrench she had in her hand with all her power. OOOoi!? You lose your temper way too fast!!

The button was utterly destroyed, but the heavy shutter slowly opened up. Monica has a triumphant face, but how are you going to close it now.

When I peeped inside the dim interior, an enormous knight was standing there. Is it 10 meters high, I wonder? A western gray colored knight. It is not flashy, but I can feel its reliable roughness. Its overpowering atmosphere like that of heavy cavalry is quite strong.

[Is this a Frame Gear......!]

[However, this is an old model of early Frame Gear. 5000 years ago, there was a plan to mass produce it if the war continued]

A mass produced machine? I can surely feel it is a stable unit. They have probably gave up on a peak configuration, and went for raising the operation capabilities of the frame. There is no meaning for a mass produced machine if no one is able to move it.

[Are there any other ones beside this one?]

[There are several units of different types. Land combat type, Assault type, High Mobility type and others. There is also higher rank type, but it has not been finished. The blueprint should be in [Warehouse]]

[Warehouse]? Let's hope it is still safe. And even if those blueprints did fall to the ground, let's hope there were not yet discovered too.

[This, can I get in?]

[If you only want to ride it then you can. Well, it will not move though ~na]

[....................................... Huh?]

Wait a minute. It won't move? Oi-oi-Oi-oi, after coming this far, it won't move!? What is the meaning of this!?

[............ Why won't it move?]

[Because there is no fuel]

Aramaa, a simple answer! Fuel, you said fuel! Does something like a fuel really exist?! Somehow I thought that it would move by magical power.

[What is the fuel of this fellow? Gasoline?]

[Gasoline? What is that? This guy's fuel is [Ether Liquid]]

[Ether Liquid?]

[It is a fuel extracted by adding magic power to a specially treated ether ore. It will link this fellow with the pilot's magic power to operate]

Ether Ore. I have not heard of it. Is it some kind of unique special mineral? Whichever it is, it means this guy won't move without this fuel, right? After coming here, what the hell?

[Does Monica know the way to make that fuel?]

[I don't. I am not specialized in magic field]

(tlc: she is using boyish tone 'ore')

Wah~. Is it just a big robot ornament that I have obtained in the end? Looking at me who has dropped my shoulders in disappointment, this girl opens her mouth in panic.

[D-don't be discouraged, Master. There are plenty of things here beside Frame Gears. Things like a small flying boats or automatic Frame Gear transportation carriages]

Automatic transportation carriages? Is she talking about cars? Though I was thinking of making one on one occasion, I had given up. It attracted my interest just a little. Hm? Wait a second...

[Incidentally, what kind of fuel do those vehicles use?]

[............Ether Liquid......]

It is no good! It won't move in the end! Damn it, that erotic professor, why didn't she leave the fuel tanks filled up!

When I listen to the detailed story from Monica, apparently the magic power in Ether Liquid diminishes and its effect completely disappears with time. From what I heard, Is it something like soda? Is it the same as how the carbonic acid comes out once the lid is opened once? Nevertheless, it is apparently a thing that can last many years, but, unfortunately, 5000 years is too long.

[Is there anyone who can make [Ether Liquid]?]

[Ah~....... I think the [Laboratory] manager can make it, though it is hard for me to deal with her]

Monica frowns as she is folding her arms and tilts her head.

Is it this pattern again.......? Do I have to look for [Laboratory] this time........?

[Ah! But there is a chance Flora may know]


[Because [Alchemy Building] and [Laboratory] have close relationship. ’’Give and take’’, it seems they also an exchange necessary materials with each other. My [Hangar] and Rosetta's [Workshop] are also similar. However, that fellow doesn't come out from [Workshop]]

Certainly. It seems Rosetta stays in [Workshop] the whole time once she starts making something.

In any case, I will try asking Flora. Perhaps, I might be able to break through this situation.

I thought so and opened [Gate] to welcome everyone.

====================Scene Change======================

[Ether Liquid, you say?]

Flora tilts her head as she looks at me. [Alchemy Building] is a facility specialized in producing chemicals and entirely new materials. I thought it would be possible for her to make Ether Liquid there.

[I don't think it can't be done]


[However, I think it will be more degraded since the one who makes it is not [Laboratory] manager, you see. Nevertheless, If you still don't mind]

It wouldn't be a problem if it is deteriorated to some extent. If I can move the Frame Gear with this, then this much is nothing. Then, Flora pours cold water on me who is about to start dancing happily.

[And so, do you have Ether Ore?]

Eh? Ether Ore? When I looked at Elsie and the rest they shook their heads.

[I have never heard of ether ore]

[... It is an unusual ore, isn't it?]

Oi-Oi, once again....... Why can't it go smoothly .......?

[After Ether Ore is processed with carving magic, it is then soaked it in a special magic liquid, and by making it react to magic power Ether Liquid will be completed. If you have Ether Ore about this size, you can do the engraving]

Saying this, Flora draw a size of rugby ball with her hand. Is it like making a tea by putting a teabag in hot water? Well, I don't know what the Ether Ore is before that yet.

[Ether Ore is is a transparent ore with various colors. By its nature, it can amplify, store and release magic power. In fact, It was still possible to procure it 5000 years ago]

Shizuka gives an explanation, but I can't quite understand it. Lindsey who heard that timidly raised her hand. Eh?

[... Excuse me, that's [Magic Stone], isn't it?]

Magic Stone? Ah, is it that pebble that I have used to check my attribute? It is a jewel-like stone that decorates wizard's staff.

Rummaging through her waist pouch, Lindsey takes out a few small magic stones and shows them. Flora picks up one of those multicolored with a tint of transparency and less than 1 cm stones with her fingers, and holds it up to the sun.

[There is no mistake ~no. This is Ether Ore]

I see, its name must have changed from what it was 5000 years ago. Then, the problem is solved !? ....... And yet, why are the faces of everyone except Babylon managers got dark -no? (TL: Flora effect lol)

[What's that matter, everyone?]

[Well, how to say it...... Such a big magic stone, frankly speaking, there is none, you know?]


[... Magic stones are quite precious, for sure. Acquiring small pieces like this is not problem, but when it comes to large ones......]

Certainly, the largest Magic Stone I have seen is the wind-attribute magic stone that is attached to Rene pendant. The butler Lyme-san said that it has a considerable value with it being about size of walnut. Eh? By any chance, could it be rather difficult to obtain them?

[There is quite big water-attribute magic stone in Belfast Kingdom royal treasury, but even so, it is about this big]

Yumina shows the size of a softball with her hands. Even if it belongs to the Royal family, is it only this much?

[By the way, how much that size cost......?]

[Who knows....... But I don't think a price can be set]

It is totally not good. Engraving such expensive thing is impossible. Moreover, what if it gets completely useless after extracting it and squeezing it to the limits? Will we throw it away? The cost is way is too high!

My dream is collapsing. Seeing me who had such a face, Yae began talking with a face that came up with something.

[Can't Touya-dono find such a big magic stone by using search magic?]


I wonder about that. Can I search for something that is buried underground? Ah, but I was able to find the ruin that was buried in the desert. Should I try it for now?

[Search. E~to, magic stones that are bigger than 30 centimeters]

Several pins fell on the map of the western countries that got projected in the air. ...... I was able to search for it. There are some.

Oh, isn't there also some in our country? There is only one though, but that saves me. I am hesitant to dig what is buried in other countries without permission after all.

Alright, next is magic stone excavation! Let's do it~!

.........Haaa~, honestly, I'm tired.......


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