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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Solitary Island, and Pipe Wrench

This island itself is an existence that should definitely be called a deserted island in a distant sea. I can confirm it very well just by looking at it from the sky in Babylon.

I tried using [Search] magic on it, but no one seemed to live here. Is it a completely deserted Island? For now, I transfer to an open sandy beach previously seen from the sky. The summoned bird who found this island flew to me. It's huge. It is a crane-like bird yet it has thin emerald green feathers.

『The ruins seem to be in the forest straight ahead from here』

Kougyoku, who remained on my shoulder, told me that. Nevertheless, Trees are all that will be seen should we go straight from here. Well, I think we will find it soon though since this island isn't big.

[But does really no one live here ~degozaru?]

[There are at least no humans based from what I have searched]

Occasionally, Yae in front cuts down the tree branches and leaves that hinder the way with her sword as we advance. The absence of humans means there may be many animals or demon beasts around the area that are doing whatever they want. We should advance carefully. And as I am thinking about that, Yae stops us, who are behind her, from moving forward with her hand.

[...... It seems a strange one has immediately come ~degozaru.]

Yae readied her sword as she said those words. In response to that, everyone else prepares themselves for combat and pays attention to their vicinity while holding their weapons. No, Pola, it's fine even if you don't fight.

As I was looking amazed towards the stuffed bear toy that started to do shadow boxing, I felt some sort of presence coming from the jungle in the front.

A Rhinoceros-like demon beast slowly came out from the bush. Well, whether it is Rhinoceros or something else, it still has three horns. Ah, I see. It is similar to Triceratops. Two horns rise from it is forehead and a single horn rises from its nose. It has armadillo-like tough skin and four big legs. And then, with bright red eyes and irregular breathing, it's evidently displaying hostility towards here.

Duh! And while pointing its horns towards us, it dashes towards us with tremendous speed.

Yumina, who was next to me, attacked faster than me and fired her M1860 Colt while I was still setting up my Brunhild.

The bullet penetrates the Rhinoceros right eye without much aiming and the momentum of the rush weakens shortly after. This time, Lindsey activates her magic.

[Oh, Coiling Ice, Freezing Curse, Ice Bind]

The Rhinoceros legs freeze in place, and its movements are stopped. Even so Rue jumps towards its bosom and cuts its leg with her dual swords while the Rhinoceros is trying to destroy the ice by sheer force.

Following her, Elsie approaches the Rhinoceros from the front and her first explodes on it is muzzle. In the meantime, Yae pulls out her [Transparent Flower] to deliver the finishing blow and beheads Rhinoceros in single strike.


They have disposed of it in a blink of an eye. What's with this coordinated play?

[It was not that much of a demon beast ~degozaru]

[... around Green Rank, maybe?]

[I wonder. It might be because of the Fureizu weapons. However, wouldn't that guy be quite troublesome for conventional weapons? I think it is a Blue Rank]

[Surely this skin seems very tough]

[Perhaps you can use it as raw materials]

Everyone are noisily poking Rhinoceros's dead body with their weapons. I myself had no chance to appear.

[Although it resembles an armored Rhinoceros....... I have never seen this demon beast. Is it a new species?]

While Rin was saying such a thing, I was told to store it in [Storage]. Regardless, I will surely examine it later.

After that, however, we encountered a double-headed serpent, a six-legged giant wolf and a monkey with unusually long limbs while we advanced further inside the forest. Everybody defeated each and everyone of them without me participating, and Rin said that every demon beast apparently seemed to be a new species that she had never seen before.

There seems to be known demon beasts as well, but they are still somehow different. It might have to do with peculiarities of this island. It might be so. I wonder if it's similar to the Galapagos island in that regard.

Thanks to this land being isolated from the continent, this island might have become a place where indigenous species have accomplished their peculiar evolution. The demon beasts who we have defeated a while ago might have been valuable existences, but the preservation of the different kinds of demon beasts doesn't seem to be regarded as something of much importance in this world. Well, when your own life is threatened, you wouldn't care about something like an endangered species, right?

Is it because of the effect of Kohaku and the others glaring? The animals, birds, reptiles and other similar creatures don't approach us, but that doesn't seem to be effective against demon beasts.

After that, we were attacked by those demon beasts several times, but Elsie and others took care of them. Yep, they are reliable, but I feel like I am being left alone and feel a little lonely.......


Eventually, we came to a little open place inside the jungle. There is a pyramid with a black luster illuminance set up as if it is waiting for us.

For it's size, it's probably 10 meters long and wide at the base in all directions and is 8 meters high. It was being covered by ivies as if it was neglected for many years, but there seemed to be no damage to the body itself.

[As usual, I don't comprehend where the entrance is located......]

I circle around it, but I'm not so sure since the Ivies are in the way. It's troublesome so let's burn it.

[Come forth fire, Whirling helix, Fire Storm]

A flame vortex wraps the pyramid and a flame pillar rises up. I am controlling it properly so that no other trees will be burned, so there is no problem. The ivies burned out instantly and became cinders leaving only the black luster ruin behind.

If one looks at it carefully, there is a thin groove that appears like a seam on its surface. I try stretching my hand to check it.


It's hot! It hasn't cool down yet! My hand seems like it isn't burned when I look at it. However, it was quite hot. Damn it. I forgot to cool it down. When I pour cold water from above the top most portion of the pyramid, it cools down quickly and a gigantic steam rapidly rises from it.

Eh, wait a minute. Is it really that hot!? It's great that I wasn't burned...... As I come to think on how hot it was, it was hot, but there was nothing on my skin. Though I thought it would become red.

Is it perhaps because I have taken in elements from the God World as Kami-sama said before?

......Well, it's fine. It's not like I am troubled.

I thought cracks would appear due to the difference in temperature but it seems nothing happened. When I try to confirm the surface of the pyramid again that has cooled down, the groove is carved at shoulder's height around it. But out of all the sides of the pyramid, only this part is wider than others. It is just enough wide to put a hand inside.

That's it! It feels kinda similar to the [Mouth of Truth] in Rome. Should I putting my hand inside? If I am not mistaken, isn't it originally a cover for the canal's manhole? ...... It won't chop my hand if I put it in, right?

When I tried to insert my right hand at once, a part of the groove shined in emerald green as if responded to something. Then, one part of the pyramid in front of my eyes moved up and something similar to a door appeared. It is similar to a door because it didn't have anything like a doorknob. Also, a simple engraving can be seen cut into the wall.

[Is it the same as before?]

I reach my hand to that wall. As expected, I was able to smoothly slip to the other side of the wall without any resistance. Inside a thinly lit room, there are six pillars with a height that reach around the waist encircling a magic formation in the center. I have no doubt. It is a [Babylon] transfer formation.

《I have found it. I will be transferring now》

《Understood. Be careful》

After contacting Kohaku and the others outside, I activate the pillars one by one.

Finally, when I pour non-attribute magical power into transfer formation in the center, a vortex of dazzling light envelops me and the transfer magi has started.

=====================Scene Change=====================

Once the light subsided, the familiar scene of Babylon consisting of a blue sky, a sea of clouds, and a green lawn where trees grow thickly can be seen. Fresh water flows into the water channel and the radiance of the sun dazzlingly reflects on it.

I looked around and I saw a black building to the right side. It's very long. I could also see a school-like building. Is this [Babylon] by itself as long as the island?

The moment I thought of getting closer to take a better look and tried to take a single step forward, someone jumped out from the side bushes.

[t~to-a -a!!]

She swings down a metal pole she is holding in her hand towards me. Danger!?

Fortunately, I have barely avoided it since the momentum was not that great. Nevertheless, the tip of the pole greatly gouged the ground. When I took a careful look at the pole, it was a huge pipe wrench. Nope, that's dangerous!

[You did well dodging that ~na. You are the first one who was able to avoid my absolutely deadly blow ~ze.]

The assailant smiles from ear to ear while using the pipe wrench that was swung down as a cane. Her long red unkempt hair, elegant almond-shaped eyes, and fearless smile reminded me of an animal from the cat family.

[Well, no-one besides you have come here though ~na!]

Her laugh is parched as she says that. This young girl is most likely the manager of this [Babylon]. She has a boyish tone yet she is wearing a skirt. The clothes she is wearing are similar to Shizuka and the others when I met them.

...... However, unbelievable .......

She is excessively short. Is she slightly taller than Rene? Rosetta is the shortest among [Babylon] managers, but this one is even shorter.

[...... Etto, and you are?]

[I am Fred Monica. Call me Monica! I am the manager of this [Babylon] ~da! And you are?]

[Ah, Mochizuki Touya. E~to, I am the master of [Garden], [Workshop] and [Alchemy Building]...... That's about everything, I guess?]

[[Garden] ...... Shizuka's and the rest? I see, You already own more than one [Babylon] ~na. Then, I will have you show me this competency ~ze!]

While Monica grasps the pipe wrench again, she comes attacking once more! What is... with this girl!? Even a violent person has a limit!



Both legs face the sky during Monica's magnificent fall as if she has received a backdrop. Ah, I saw her pantsu.

Monica quickly gets up and holds down her skirt.

[Di~, did you see it ~na?]

[Eh? Ah ...... maybe black is still a little too early?]

I had just realized after I said it, but if this girl is the same as Shizuka and the others, then she lived for nearly 5000 years. Therefore, it's no longer early..... probably?

Monica sits down while she is still holding down her skirt;her face is becoming deep red. Oya?

Every Babylon manager so far had the tendency to go erotic. And yet, what's this reaction? Though somehow, I am feeling scared.

[............then I will]


[I will erase your memory -y!!]

Monica waves around the pipe wrench while crying, and comes attacking me. Uoo, isn't that dangerous!?



I make an invisible barrier in front of me and block the attack. Monica topples over from the backlash when she hits the front, and settles down in a position where her but is facing the sky similar to before when she looked like she had just received a backdrop. Of course, her skirt was completely rolled up, and her pantsu was totally exposed. It's quite an adult undergarment that is colored black and is adorned with laces and side strings.

Eventually, her feet stretches out on the ground, and she sprawls in a (大) shape while she is facing upwards. Excuse me, but your pantsu are still visible.......

[Damn it! It is my defeat!]

She declared her defeat while crying. Wa~~it a minute. Somehow I'm feeling a terrible sense of guilt. From third person's perspective, it looks like I have flipped the skirt of a child and made her cry. Isn't this inhumane?

[I recognize you as a compatible person! From now on, this individual unit number 28 named [Fred Monica] is transferred to you!]

Nope. Even if you say that while crying, it doesn't look that way. She kept crying for a while, but did she eventually calm down? She beckons me while still being on the ground.

[Pick me up, Master]

I grab Monica's hand and pull her up. Then just like this, she clings to my neck and suddenly snatches a kiss.


I've been done! I feel like I'm being done every time I become careless. Don't you have the ability to learn Touya!? As Monica separates her lips, she smiles from ear to ear while blushing.

[Registration complete. Master's gene is stored ~ze. From now on, the ownership of [Hangar] is handed over to Master ~na]


This one here is [Hangar]! YOSSHAA! Bingo!


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