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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Baseball, and baseball field

Quite some time has already passed since I have released the scouts, but no valuable information comes in. The world barrier might be destroyed while I am waiting like this.

Even if it's said that Kami-sama is managing this world, it surely is tough on him. This is because it is akin to noticing an insect chewing on a page of a book out of several books lined up in the bookshelf inside my room. It's not like he can keep watching this particular page all the time as well.

[Can't you search for the Fureizu [King] with your search magic?]

I sigh again to Elsie's proposal.

[I have already said this many times before, but I surely cannot find something I have yet to see and something in which I have no complete grasp of its characteristics since it will be too vague. It will be a different case if I know its shape or something since I will be able to differentiate it just by knowing those. In the first place, I can't have knowledge of its appearance since it is residing inside of the human]

My search magic [Search] isn't accurate. It depends on my evaluation for a set of criterias. Let's assume there are two people in front of me. Even if one is a woman and the other is a man who has perfectly disguised himself as a woman, my search magic will judge both as women.

Of course, if I get the impression that ’’hey~hey, this is a man not matter how you look at him!’’ from the female clothes he is wearing, my search magic will properly judge that person as the man, while the other as the woman. Conversely, it will judge two people as men if one of them is a woman who looks like a man.......

In other words, it only does a search according to the standards I set. Also, it is possible to repel it by using a strong barrier. However, I can search for things that are ’’similar’’ or ’’authentic looking’’. But, there is no way I can know if it's ’’authentic looking’’ when I don't even know how the [King] core looks like. If, for example, I totally believe it when I say ’’This is a [King] core’’ to a random stone from around here, then the result of the search will most likely overflow from all over the world.

[In any case, it's not like the circumstances will be that convenient for things to easily go that way]

I mutter silently while I'm using [Modeling] and sitting on a bench in the corner of training grounds. Well, I guess I have to accept the way things are, right? I am thinking about it while transforming the cow leather in my hand.

[Your Majesty? What is it?]

Logan-san had come in front of my eyes before I noticed him. While holding a wooden sword in one hand, he was wiping his face drenched in sweat with a towel. He was looking at the leather products I made in my hands.

[It is a glove. I am thinking of teaching baseball to the children in the town]

[A glove?]

[It is to play catch....... Ma, I guess it will be quicker if I show you instead]

I take out a ball that I have already made, throw it against the castle wall, and catch the bounce with the glove. It has been since elementary school the last time I wore a glove, but my body still remembers its feeling.

[That's how you play catch....... It is about catching the ball. However, it is originally a game played by nine players against another set of nine]


I make another glove, give it to Logan-san, and we try to play simple catch. At first, he missed picking the ball up, but he quickly got used to it and was now catching it smoothly. This is because the people in this world are quick-witted.

After they finished their training, the soldiers looked at us with jealousy as they were watching us playing catch. As such, I had copied the ball and the glove in [Workshop] and distributed it to everybody. Vice-Commander Nicola-san smiled bitterly, but since it was free time after their training was finished, he didn't particularly say anything. I'm sorry.

Etto, two, four, six....... Hmm, we have enough players. I wonder if they would rather prefer to play baseball. Everyone might also have fun rather than just calling it as taking a breather.

I take everyone who doesn't have anything planned after this along with me and make a baseball field in the plains to west of the castle. And even if I said that, all that's left to do is to make bases, a batter box, and a pitcher mound..

I prepare new bats, catcher mitts, and protectors, and teach everyone the simple rules. Frankly, I decide to check the small details when needed since I myself don't know the details to that extent.

For now, it is best to remember the rules while playing the game. Then, the game starts while I watch as the referee.

It went awful for a while. It was a repetition of dead balls and strikeouts. The scores were all walk-ins. However, they soon began to properly hit the ball with the bat. This was probably because they were practicing fencing. And when they are able to send the balls flying, the roughness of the defense started to stand out.

At first, a lot of fumbling, errors and tunnelling could be seen. But they started to handle them more skillfully while they kept on repeating them. I was surprised by this for a minute. I'm aware of how high their physical ability is to some extent since their work originally requires them to strengthen their bodies.

(TLC: tunneling = letting a grounder go through one's legs, I don't know the right term)

I have decided to call the town kids with [Gate] to show them the game since it became something that could be properly watched. I briefly teach them the rules and while I'm at it, I make some seats for the spectators

[It is hit, it is hit!]


[Do your best~!]

Everyone from the Knight Order raised their voices towards their own teams while they are side-to-side to the children who they themselves got engrossed in the game and started to cheer shortly.

[What you are doing, you throw it to the first base here, you fool!]

[Ah~! I said look properly at the ball! Raise your hand, Now!]

[Switch with mee-!]

Although what they were doing was mostly jeering. You guys should learn from the innocence of the children.

Since I didn't teach the rules in detail, the situation became in such a way where the one that makes a blunder alternates with someone else. I wonder if things should really happen this way.

[Well, it seems like they are enjoying themselves more than anything.]

While everyone was absorbed in the game, I was steadily finishing the stadium. I was completing Backscreen, outfield fence, scoreboard one after another. In short, I have made a fine baseball stadium.

Since it is getting dark, it's probably about time to call it a night. I have left the baseball kits with the Knight Order, and decided that it was fine for them to use the stadium together at their free time. I have also made small kits for the children who came to watch. They can probably play amateur baseball anywhere since there is enough land.

Starting from the next day, the knights who were off duty and those who finished training started to play games in the stadium. It seemed like they had made several teams, played with each other and were competing with results. However, the teams were named after demon beasts names like [Griffons] or [Salamanders], and it made me wonder whether it's that different from Earth.

Everyone comes to ask me about the rules if there's a problem. Each time this happens, I must check the internet to resolve the problem. I wonder if I should eventually make a rule book for this world. It should fine if I make the transcription with [Drawing], but it's also troublesome to convert it to this world letters. That's because mixed in it are words like ’’America’’ or ’’Major League’’ which they won't understand.

Eventually, the town citizens also began to show interest in baseball. They have started to come and watch the games. Soon after, there were some people who also wanted to try it themselves. And immediately sensing that they would need tools for that, the Misumido trade merchant Alba-san negotiated with me for the sales rights.

Well, I agree to it since there is no particular reason to decline even if I let him produce those things somewhere else. Alba-san has agreed to have a percentage of the profits be paid to my country, same as the time with the spinning tops (Beigoma). I also wondered at that time if this will become profitable in other countries as well.

During the monthly Western alliance meeting, the cheers coming from outside were heard by the kings of each country and this attracted their interest. They instantly became crazy about it after showing them the baseball game that was the cause of the cheers.

I offered the baseball kits to each nation after I was being pestered for it. Teams were created in each country, and unexpectedly, the game started to become popular. Now, it seems that baseball is being played in every country here and there.

When people have a day off, they make a team with friends that think the same and play against other teams. Their family and other friends will then watch the game. It looks like cheering becomes a form of entertainment as well. I wonder if it's possible to start a professional baseball league soon.

Frankly, I could never thought it would become like this, but it seems Alba-san had expected it to some extent.

[However, I don't know what will be a hit anymore (TL: hit as success).......]

[When I heard that His Majesty started it, I absolutely have convinced myself that it would be a hit]

Alba-san answers while chuckling in the reception room. That's right. I have forgotten the greed the people on this world have for entertainment. There is not much variety for things called sports in this world, particularly in ball games. I wonder, will it sell if I bring up anything as a [Game]?

[And, if you happen to create something again, I wish you allow our company to handle the sales]

[Mmm...... well, I have many ideas. However, I wonder what is it will likely sell]

[Hohou. This is very interesting]

Just now, I have a feeling Alba-san eyes sparkled with a flash. It's probably the Trader Sprit. Ah, that's right.

[It will be some sort of compensation, but in regards to the steel materials...... things like iron, copper, silver, mithril, orichalcum, and hihiirokane, can you obtain these materials cheaply?]

[Steel materials, you say? Let me see...... It's possible to get them from a particular route. But how much do you need?]

[I don't know yet how much is needed. Let me see. From now on, with the profits you get from tools I offer, I would like you to get as much steel materials as you can]

I should prepare enough material so that the amount of materials the frame gear may require won't be a problem. I think I better start saving them now on, but I'm not sure if I can collect the necessary amount even if I start doing it now.

[There seems to be some sort of reason for this. I shall thoroughly start searching soon. It's also a business, and I'm in a position to make a profit]

[I'm grateful that you could accept it. So, regarding the goods, there are the Yo-yo, Hula-hoop, Hopping, and kendama (Cup-and-Ball) for the playthings]

[All of them are tools I haven't heard before. Can you teach me more in detail?]

I make a Yo-yo to actually try and use it in order to explain it to Alba-san. The one made of plastic is the best, but since it's non-existent, I have used the wood instead. I have also tried to display the other playthings I mentioned before, and explain how to play them.

For now, I managed to secure the funds required for the frame gear. I honestly feel awkward using everyone's taxes. Shall I subjugate a Mithril Golems again later? However, I think i will be able to easily defeat it this time. Well, am I slowly going forward?


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