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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Counterplan, and The King of Birds

[And that's how it is. Do you know anything about it?]

『No, not at all. Like I said before, we are not always watching. Certainly, there are some races who travel across to another worlds too. However, we still can't do anything to them as well. It's a different story though if another god intervened.』

On my way back after I met End, I tried asking Kami-sama about what I found out. But apparently, he is also unaware of all those things. In the end, I guess the people of this world have to resolve it themselves.

The situation has not became urgent yet , but I should probably prepare countermeasures in advance.

In the end, the most efficient way to overcome this situation is by using the power of [Babylon] after all. By using the Frame Gear created by the professor for the decisive battle against the Fureizu, I wonder if I can somehow manage to repel the Fureizu invasion by using that weapon.

Either way, I have no choice but either to procure the blueprints in the [Warehouse], or the item itself from the [Hangar]. If I am not mistaken, the six parts remaining are the [Tower], the [Rampart], the [Library], the [Warehouse], the [Hangar], and the [Laboratory]. So the probability acquiring either of two of them is ⅓, I guess.

[I wonder if I should I look for them more aggressively......]

I fly towards Colette town while thinking about these matters.

=====================Scene Change===================

[Frame gear ~dearimasu?]

When we returned to the castle after we finished greeting the family of Elise and Lindsey's uncle, I immediately tried to ask Rosetta in the [Workshop]. It was the Professor who developed the Frame Gear so Rosetta definitely had assisted with its maintenance before.

[Can anyone ride this Frame Gear?]

[Basically, anyone can operate it, though it is influenced by the user's compatibility with its magic power and airframe. However, It will be difficult to manipulate its limbs without training]

I see. That means it is possible to increase our war potential by mass producing them if that's the case. It will surely depend on the pilot training. We might be able to fight against the Fureizu if we create giant robot force.

[However, it will be hard to mass produce them, you know?]

[Eh? Why? Wouldn't it be perfect if we use the ’’copy’’ function of the [Workshop]?]

[The amount of required materials is huge. Moreover, it will take a whole day to produce even a simple Frame Gear model from scratch]

Muu. One frame per day? It will be 30 frames per month. That much is already a considerable force, but....... According to professor, some tens of thousands of Fureizu attacked them 5000 years ago. This makes me completely uneasy.

[How many frames are being stored in the Hanger?]

[Let's see~ My humble self was not involved with other the [Babylon] that much. Including those maintained, there seems to be 7 different models that were completed]

[That's all!? How did they plan to fight against Fureizu with only those!?]

[In any case, the enemy disappeared just when they were about to start the mass production of the Frame Gears. [Workshop] #2 and #3 were supposed to be built as well]

Rosetta says so with a tone of disappointment. There were plans to extend the [Workshop], you say? However, that must be the reason why there are only few Frame Gears that exist. The situation was completely resolved before the system for mass production was implemented.

Umm, is collecting materials the most I can do right now? When I come out of the workshop, Shizuka and Flora come walking from [Alchemy Building]. There are medical baskets with who knows how many bottles in their hands.

[What kind of medicine is that?]

[Ufufu, these are medicines for colds, headaches, stomachaches and other popular medicines. I made it because there weren't many reserves in the castle]

Flora answers with a smile while she's in her nurse outfit. No matter how many times I see it, I'm still not used to seeing nurse clothes outside a hospital.......

However, a medicine, huh. Even with my [Recovery] and restoration magic, there are still things I can't cover for. Hmm? Wait a moment?

[Flora, can't you make medicine without the [Alchemy Building]?]

[I don't particularly need any help since this is just normal medicine. I have refined them from raw materials in order to reduce the time for work. I can still make them the usual way if I spend more time for it, but the effects may decrease since the purity will drop]

In other words, it is also possible for other people to produce these medicines, and that also means it can be a good source of trade. Medicines for colds, headaches, digestive problems, all of these are necessary. Selling them won't produce a mountain of wealth, but it may turn out to be a considerable source of income. It might be necessary to cultivate the medicinal herbs that will become the source of raw materials.

I convey this idea to Flora and I decide to have her teach the refining process to the underlings of Tsubaki-san. Being ninjas, they should be accustomed to handling the medicines, and there should be a lot of people among her subordinates that are good at it. With this, we are ready to start the business of selling medical supplies.

When I come back to the castle with Shizuka and Flora, I decide to immediately consult with Rin about what I have heard from End.

Accurately speaking, Rin is Misumido ambassador, but I consider things related to Fureizu as matters that exceed nation borders.

[The Fureizu [King], the invasion from another world, the world barrier, you say.......]

Rin lets out a big sigh and leans back on the chair. Well, she must be surprised. Pola next to her has crossed its arms and posed like she is troubled.

[I have been living for a long time, but this is first time I hear this kind of story. Usually, I would say ’’what kind of joke is this?’’ but...... The amount of conclusive evidence is way too many for it not to be the truth, don't you agree?]

[There is also a possibility that End is lying though. I am thinking whether that might be the case or not]

[Other people might not believe it even if it's the truth, until the Fureizu invasion starts that is]

Definitely. Even if they recognize the Fureizu's existence, they would only consider them as a new kind of demon beast. Even the ones we have met by chance are only three types, and those are the cricket type at the ancient ruins, the manta type in Rabbi desert and lastly the spider type in the Great Forest Sea. Those, and the snake type that Rin and Misumido soldiers have defeated are all Fureizu we know of.

It is possible that some Fureizu that have also appeared were already being hunted down by End as well.

It will be too late to take counter-measures after the Fureizu invasion starts. We have do it before it's too late.

And at present, those plans are revolving around the search for the remaining parts of [Babylon], and the collection raw materials for Frame Gear.

[Meanwhile, we're making sure we are gathering information about things like suspicious ruins or deserted temples, right? But even when try to investigate them, they are just mere ruins with nothing interesting in them, so it ends as wasted effort]

Umm, Rin's subordinates are the only ones who are made to look for them. Alright, I should send out scouts as well. As I bid farewell to Rin, I go to where Kohaku's group is currently in and I try asking whether there is a summoned beast suited for collecting information.

『If that's the case, I think it absolutely has to be the ones who fly in skies. They are fast and can go to various locations, right?』

Kuroyou makes such proposal. Does that mean that it will be birds as summoned beasts? They certainly can go anywhere and should be the most suitable for searching.

『Master, it will take time to summon and to make contracts with them one by one. Make a contract with the one who governs the family instead』

『Mu. Sango. Master, are you really going to summon that one?』

Kohaku interjects on Sango words. Are you referring to the one who governs the family of birds?

『《The Flame Emperor》. He is the same as us, the winged king who controls fire. You will be able to summon thousands of birds at once by summoning and forming a contract with the Emperor』

Indeed. If I am not mistaken, Kohaku is the king of beasts, while Sango and Kuroyou are the rulers of reptile lineage, right? They can control summoned beasts without problems and even employ general creatures to some degree. It seems useless against demon beasts though.

It is the bird version of that.

[The one that is called the flame emperor, what kind of person is he?]

『Contrary to the owned abilities, the emperor is gentle. With the best character among us』

Kuroyou cut into Kohaku words while grinning and teases him.

『I wonder about that. Aren't we the ones who have a better character?』

『Shut up, you instantaneous boiling pot!』

『What did you say ~gora!』

The pot has instantaneously boiled. It fits them perfectly.

For now, I have calmed down the two and I have decided to summon that fire emperor.

I draw the summoning formation in the castle courtyard and raise the concentration of dark attribute magic. Eventually, a black fog starts to appear;furthermore, Kohaku and others mix their spiritual power inside of it. I add more magic power to the fog that has gradually grown thicker.

[Summer and Flame, South and Lakeshores, the one who rules all of them. Answer my call. Show yourself here]

Tremendous magic power is born from the fog, and a column of fiery crimson pillar rises up inside the summoning formation. A vortex of flame blows off the fog, and a bright red bird is standing there when the pillar of fire disappears.

It's nearly the size of a horse, and its figure closely resembles the legendary bird called Phoenix. Is this the 《Flame Emperor》?

『As expected, was it you guys? It feels nostalgic yet again』

『It has been long time, 《Flame Emperor》』

『Flame-chan, ~long time no see』

『A flashy entrance as ever, 《Flame Emperor》』

The voice of the 《Flame Emperor》 sounded like the voice of a calm woman. It seems she certainly has a calm personality like Kohaku said.

『Is it you, who has summoned me?』

[That's right]

『He is our Lord, Mochizuki Touya-sama』

The flame emperor displayed a look of surprise to what Kohaku said, but she eventually gazed at me patiently and slowly closed her eyes.

『I see. Towards the one who is accompanied by 《The White Emperor》 and 《Genbu》, the result probably won't change no matter what I do. Let's make a master and servant contract. Mochizuki Touya-sama, grant me a name for the contract.』

Huh? Surprisingly, It surely is proceeding smoothly. She isn't demanding any condition either. Well, I am saved thanks to that. Apparently, it's just like how Kohaku said it. Her character is a gentle one.

Apart from a name, huh. Umm, since I came up with Kohaku, Kuroyou, Sango, a name that closely resembles them will therefore be better after all. Mm~......

[Alright, then Kougyoku. It's the name of crimson jewel. How about it?]

『Kougyoku....... I have received it. Please call me by my name ’’Kougyoku’’』

'Pontsu', the flame emperor, no, Kougyoku changes her figure to the size of a parrot and lands on my shoulder. I suppose she won't cause a racket if she is in this form.

Then, shall we fulfill our original purpose?

While I borrow the power of Kougyoku, we summon approximately 1000 birds from the summon formation in one go. Various birds of all colors and species are leaping towards the sky and start flying in all directions.

I send a telepathic message to all flying birds so that they will report to me if they discover any suspicious ruins or buildings, strange facilities or stone monuments. It will be good if they find anything.

I couldn't help but pray for that while looking at the birds that flew away.


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