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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: The Invitations, and The Crystal Knight Order

I have added an additional Knight Hall since the number of members for the Knight Order has increased. There is no need for men and women to stay in a single place. Though I will ask them to live here most of the time, it will still be fine for them to rent a room in the castle's town if they pay for it themselves.

Besides that, I have constructed an underground training field at Baba-jiisan's proposal.

[Tentatively, those girls are the Commander and Vice-Commander, right? We cannot allow the newcomers to see how they are getting hit and kicked by me and Yamagata, don't you agree?]

(TL: I guess he doesn't care about Nicola)

It might be true now that he said it. Those three have certainly become quite strong, though they are not yet strong enough to equally fight against Baba-jissan's group. If they are seen constantly losing, it will be bad since the newcomers might look down on them and consider that Baba-jiisan's group is more suitable to be the Commanders rather than Rain-san.

It was decided to make a wide practice field and training room underground that the top brass may use. While taking this opportunity, everyone gleefully used the never seen before training machines like the air bike, treadmill, bench press and etc. that I had prepared, but I wonder if they feel like they are just toys. You will suffer muscle pain if you overdo it, you know!

Now then, there is something little I have to do today. The management of the Dukedom is also on track for the meantime;therefore, I think I should properly organize my personal life.

Well, I believe I should announce our engagement to their parents even though it is long after the fact.

Though I have already settled it with Yumina and Rue's case, but I have yet to inform the twins Elsie and Lindsey's parents and Yae's parents as well. I am already acquainted with Yae's parents, but Elsie and Lindsey's parents have already died. Also, I know for sure that their uncle and aunt, their foster parents, are managing a farm in Rifurisu Empire.

For now, I decide to go to Yae's parents first. After I open the [Gate], both of us moved to Oedo in Ishen.

[It surely has been a long time here in Ishen as well]

It feels strange in some ways since about half of our citizens are from Ishen. When we pass through the gates of the Kokonoe sword style dojo, the maid Ayane-san came out to greet us.

After she guides us to the room where Omohue-san and Nanae-san are, I frankly tell them about my engagement to Yae. Yet both of them do not even look particularly surprised and just silently exchange glances.

[Hey, see that. It is as I said it would be, isn't it?]

[I guess you were right. Well, that's just how it now, so please take care of Yae as how you would take care of your other fiancées, Touya-dono.]

As they bow their heads, we similarly bow ours as well. Thank God it ended without any objection. I have been thinking just a little bit whether it would develop into a common situation wherein the father would say ’’Try to defeat me if you want my daughter!’’.

[However, it was unexpected for Touya-dono to become a feudal lord and for Yae to marry such a king, I guess...... You really won't know what can happen in life]

Omohue-san lets out what seems to be his strong feelings. It is true, I couldn't ever imagine for things to turn out this way myself.

[Nee, Touya-san. By any chance, couldn't you take us along to this ’’Brunhild’’ country of yours? I want to try seeing the place where Yae will be living]

[Eh? I don't mind. But, you know, it's still not that developed yet]

Nevertheless, they said that it's still fine. If that's the case, I decide to invite them to our country. After we wait for Yae's brother, Juuntarou-san, to come home, I return to Brunhild with everyone including Ayane-san who has never traveled outside of Ishen.

[Welcome home, Your majesty~]

[Welcome home]

Cecil-san and Rene come out to greet us as I open the castle doors. Omohue-san, Nanae-san, Juutarou-san, and Ayane-san are absent-mindedly looking around the castle interiors.

[They are Yae's family. They will stay for a while so take good care of them, okay?]

[My-my, Yae-sama's ~. Then, this way please~. I will guide them to their respective rooms~]

As Cecil-san guides them, they are taken along to their rooms one by one. We should prepare lunch in the dining room at once. Should I guide them to the castle town after that? Well, there aren't that many things to see though. If it is Omohue-san and Juutarou-san, will they be pleased to go to the training field instead?

As expected. I went with Omohue-san and Juutarou-san because they said they wanted to go to the training field. On the other hand, Nanae-san and Ayane-san were entrusted to Yae because they, on the other hand, wanted to go to the castle town.

The newly joined members of the Knight Order were zealously practicing at the training field. Their training is somehow a fresh sight to see since it only had the scene of Rain-san's group being beaten to pulp by Baba-jiisan's group up until now.

While observing the training, Omohue-san and Juutarou-san said they wanted to participate as well. One could say it was also a natural outcome that could be expected from the parent and the sibling of Yae, the so called ’’sword idiot’’.

After I caught sight of Yamagata-ossan, I had him do a mock battle with Omohue-san. It's a showdown between the raid captain of the former Takeda Four Heavenly Kings and the Tokugawa sword instructor. This might be a sight to see.

When the fight started, everyone's eyes were snatched away by the exchanges of sword techniques. Even Juutarou-san, who is standing next to me, is gazing at the intense showdown of those two without looking away.

I watched the match between the two for a while, but it was made to end at a desirable time since it would be better for the result to be a draw. After the match ended, everyone from the Knight Order gathered around Omohue-san and asked him to teach them. Having a desire to improve oneself is a good thing.

As for Yamagata-ossan, he is caught by Juutarou-san this time. Of course, since it is an opportunity to have a match with a former Takeda heavenly king, Juutarou-san can't miss this chance now, can he?

Though he's not on Omohue-san's level, Juutarou-san still put up a good fight against Yamagata-ossan. His ability is probably higher than Rain-san's group. Well, he has been learning swordplay since childhood, and he has also been to the battlefield. If one says it's natural, it would be so, wouldn't it?

Since both of them joined the new knights and begun practicing, I ended up having a free time. It may even be good to entrust this to Yamagata-ossan and head back, but they are more or less my father-in-law and brother-in-law. It is also cold-hearted of me to return back immediately. When I sit down on the bench and gaze at the training aimlessly, Rebecca-san comes over from the other side.

[You look free, Touya-dono. Oops, I must call you ’’His Majesty’’, right?]

She says that while grinning and laughing. Well, either one is fine, but she should use it properly on official occasions or when other people are around.

[I didn't think Rebecca-san would come to this country. Why again?]

[I originally desired to join a Knight Order. But since there are no chances to become a female knight without noble origins or connections, I became an adventurer to improve my skills. I then jumped at the opportunity when I heard about the requirements here]

I see. The recruitment this time nevertheless had many female applicants for sure. Apparently, Logan-san also joined when Rebecca-san invited him. And it seems they never could have imagined that the king is their acquaintance should they ever manage to reach this country. I guess.

[I see that Will didn't come.] (TL: Will is the name of the youth)

[That fellow is liked by Vice-Commander Neil of Belfast after all. I think it has been decided that he will join the Knight Order over there. Furthermore, Wendy is in that country too;so there is no way he will leave]

Apparently, Will seems to be also guarding the reading cafe ’’Moon Read’’ where Wendy is working as usual.

Though it's late, but that still reminds me, will ’’Moon Read’’ cafe be a shop managed by a state due to the fact that I have become a king of a dukedom? I wonder if it is fine for it to be managed by foreign country. Although it seems the King of Belfast would readily give his permission if it's him.

I am having them send documents with monthly proceedings and details on revenue and expenditures over the mirror gate, while I deliver new books to them once per month. And yet their management is excellent. I wonder if I should start a second shop in this country soon.

[A-and, I have a request to his Majesty the king but......]

[A request?]

[See, it's about the equipment that will make the people using those be recognized as members of the Knight Order. It maybe something like an armor, a shield or a sword. Maybe it is a flag later on. It will be better if those things are present, right?]

Rebecca-san comes forward with a proposal while blushing a little. Ah! Now that you mention it, we really don't have those things. Perhaps, it will certainly and definitely be easier to understand if there are matching shields or armor that look cool.

[Mm~, I guess it will definitely be, what you say, convenient if the citizens can immediately identify the members of the Knight order when they are patrolling the streets]

[It is, isn't it!?]

Rebecca-san claps her hands as if saying ’’You got my intention’’. Did she really want it that much? Well, she said she dreamed of joining a knight order. Also, it will be easy to identify them as knights because of the appearance an armor or something similar gives off. She is perhaps yearning for that.

[Then shall I make one for trial?]

[Eh? Right now?]

I take out a lump of mithril from [Storage] while ignoring the surprised Rebecca-san. I then start transforming the details after preparing the rough form with [Modeling]. I have made the armor with a design that appears in an anime or a game because I want it to have a different feeling to the traditional armors of this world.

I make the breastplate, shoulder pads, greaves and neck armor one after the other. I adjust the size with transformation after I have Rebecca-san put it on. I also form it in such a way that it doesn't obstruct movement while I preserve the female lines. Lastly, I make the helmet with a transparent visor, and make sure that the field of vision is wide enough.

In order to confirm that there are no hindrances when moving, I have Rebecca-san who is wearing the full body silver armor do various movements. It should be considerably light since I made it with Mithril.

[This is good! It is completely light like paper!]

While Rebecca-san is confirming the armor's movements, I take out a Fureizu fragment from [Storage] this time, and I transform it into a sword, a shield and a scabbard while I charge it with just a little bit of magic power. With this, it should be harder than Mithril. Still, it won't have the same sharpness as Yae' [Transparent Flower]. I'll be troubled if it's stolen after all.

Finally, I apply weight reduction [Gravity] and it is complete. It is now a crystal-like sword and a shield. Even though it's also possible to make the armor with the fragments, it will make the armor see-through. I make additional parts so that shield can be placed at the back and the sword on the waist. And with it, it's done.

[How is it?]

[It is the best!]

When Rebecca-san enthusiastically holds her shield and pulls out her sword, everyone who was in the midst of training notices her and gathers around.

I catch Logan-san among them, and this time, I complete a similar armor for men. I make minor adjustments while I hear everyone's opinions just in case. After that, I take the completed men's and women's armor to the [Workshop] and mass-produce it for many people.

It's easy because only the shape is being mass-produced, but I still have to do all enchantments by myself.... Well, I can do it all at once with [Multiple] though. I have also made sure the size automatically fits the one wearing it as well, and I added the crest of the war-maiden ’’Brunhilde’’ on the swords and the shields.

For the top brass consisting of the Commander, Vice-Commanders and Captains, I made luxurious armors so that they would have a different look. All that's left is to prepare individual models for demonkins (Though it is fine to leave the one for vampire youth as it is), and I will be done with all that.

It's like a uniform during their work for the Knight Order to the bitter end so they probably shouldn't use them during practice. Nonetheless, the swords made of Fureizu fragments will lose their magic power if it's used during practice, and they will completely destroy the armors.

I return to the training field with the mass-produced armors. Everyone is rushing to be the first one to gets his hands on the armor and is delightfully checking the texture. Ooh, they definitely give a feel of a [Knight Order] when they are wearing armors that are matching.

Later on, the Brunhild Knight Order will come to be known as the [Crystal Knight Order] because of its swords and shields. But that is a story for another time.


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