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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 123


Arc 17: Everyday Life #4

Chapter 123: The Knight Order Recruitment, and the Commander Selection

TL: Airsblue

TLC: greujnik

ED: Blackswordsman1721

[And for this reason I think it is about time we establish the knight order.]

After I broach the matter in such way, Kousaka-san stands up from among everyone sitting before the round table in the conference room.

[When I consider this within the reasonable scope and from the standpoint of the current national interest, we should start from 30 former Takeda candidates. Since they are originally our subordinates, we also know their backgrounds. There will be 15 people from Baba and Yamagata's subordinates each. About 10 former Takeda shinobi led by Tsubaki for the Spy Unit and around 60 new recruits will also be included. How about we start with those 100 for the time being?]

60 new people? I guess this should be good as a start. It is not like this is a big town either.

In the conference room, the ones gathered beside me and Kousaka-san are also Baba, Yamagata and Naito of the former Takeda heavenly kings, the head of shinobi Tsubaki-san, and the three knights of our house namely: Rain-san, Norun-san, and Nicola-san. Among those, Kousaka-san, Naito-ossan, and Tsubaki-san are not exactly knights. But it is probably better for them to be present when we decide on such matters.

[What shall we do about the qualifications of the recruitment?]

I reply to Baba-jiisan's question.

[Let me see...... First of all, criminals, and wanted people are rejected by default. As for the rest: Male or female doesn't matter. Race doesn't matter as well. Neither the social standing nor age]

[Won't it cause a swarm of people to come if we draw up such requirements?]

What Yamagata-ossan said is probably justified, but as we don't know where we may find outstanding personnel, I don't think it is bad to take many applications for now.

It is our job to find a gem among the wheat and chaff.

[By the way, what are we going to do about the Commander's position?]

Naito-ossan lightly raises his hand and remarks. The Commander of the Knight Order? When I throw a fleeting glance at Baba-jiisan and Yamagata-ossan...

[I decline it because it's troublesome. Being a squad leader is enough for me]

[Me too since it isn't in my nature]

Ah, as I thought. They mentioned this before but since they served as generals of Takeda, I thought that they might do it. Did they have had enough of it? Then, that leaves......

[So, do we choose someone from those three?]


Rain-san's rabbit ears tense up and rise. Both Norun-san and Nicola-san have very dumbfounded faces. Those three people, who are rabbit, wolf, and fox beastmen, are officially knights of our house.

[Well, there is no one else after all]

[B-but, it is still impossible for us to be a Commander!]

Rain-san waves both her hands in panic and the other two are nodding their heads in agreement.

[Umm, well it's only about 100 people, and each of you will form a company with me in command in case of emergency. But I still think it's necessary to have a Commander when I am absent]

[It is, but......]

The Commander is necessary no matter what. It's still pretty much a knight order even if its members are few. However, the problem is how to make a decision...... After all, the three of them have their pros and cons.

Nicola-san is a serious person, but he isn't flexible. Norun-san is sociable but careless. Rain-san handles everything flawlessly but she is a little shy.

[Well, Let's have one of you guys be our household's Commander while the other two will be Vice-Commanders.]

Nicola-san raises his hand after I declared that.

[I recommend Rain as the Commander.]

[M-me too~ I think Rain-chan will do well]


Rain-san got betrayed! She is glaring at those two while having that kind of face. If both of them recommend her, there should not be any disagreements. As for me, it will work out as I want it to.

[Y-you two, what you are saying!? Wouldn't Nicola be more suitable than me!?]

[No, you are much better if you calmly think about it. Since Norun-san is careless, it will be slightly problematic for her to be the Commander. There are also times where she plays hooky. As for me, I probably will be extremely strict with the subordinates because I'm not flexible enough. This is not a good trait for the Commander. They say the candy and whip policy is often used to make people follow you, and I am definitely a ’’whip’’ person. It is better for the Commander of the Knight Order to be a ’’candy’’ person.]

Hmm, Let's look at it objectively. This has an image of Hijikata Toshizou of Shinsengumi. His standing is that of [Demonic deputy head]. With Isamu Kondo as the bureau chief, the deputy sternly judges the members in a cool-headed manner from the side. Certainly, I think there should be a person with such character.

[Then, Rain-san will be the Commander for the said reasons]

『There are no objections』

[Eeh!? Please wait!!]

For these past several months, these three have been slowly acquiring power due to Baba-jiisan's and Yamagata-ossan's daily training aided by invited veterans from both the Belfast Kingdom and the Regulus Empire. Their characters are considerably stalwart, and their basic physical ability surpasses normal people from the start since they are beastmen.

In addition to that, she is perhaps the most suitable person in some sense. Since she is a female beastman, won't that make it known that this country doesn't discriminate against race or se* if Rain-san becomes the Commander?

[Calm down. Even if it is the position of a ’’Commander’’, it is still only comparable to a platoon leader from other countries. So there is no need to get worked up. I will count on the other two to support you as Vice-Commanders]


[Leave it to me~]

Nicola-san seriously answers, while Norun-san giggly replies. Rain-san herself says [Eeh ] and sits down dejectedly on the chair. Even her rabbit ears are hanging down silently too.

It felt awkward, but I have to make you do your best here. I will also support you as much as I can.

All that's left is to make flyer like advertisements and distribute them in different places. It should catch people's attention simply if I ask to place them on locations such as Belfast's or Regulus' adventure guild.

After discussing it with everyone, we decided to host the selection meeting one month from now.

======================Scene Change===================

And, a month later.


[As I said, more than 1000 candidates gathered to fill up the remaining 60 positions. This is unexpected.]

Kousaka-san tells me their numbers after I unconsciously asked again. What's with this ’’more than 1000 people’’? Indeed, we spread the recruitment flyers in various places, but for that many people to come is too much. There is obviously a lot more than citizens of this country.

[Why did it turn like this?....]

[Your Majesty is the only silver rank adventurer in Belfast, the hero who suppressed the coup d'état in Regulus, and the dragon killer in Misumido. They were probably drawn by your fame. Of course, there might be spies from other countries or people who only want to look around included among them as well]

I see. Well, it is better to have many candidates. Right? It also seems possible to flexibly deal with those that gathered.

[And, how does his majesty plan to go with selection?]

[Mmm, I wonder what's the best thing to do. Honestly, I haven't decided yet]

You see, I have no idea what standard I should use.

[It depends on what kind of person your majesty think is right for our Brunhild knights. If you believe strength is everything, then I guess it will be fine to have all the participants fight and employ the top 60 fighters]

You're saying that without any hesitation. No matter how much talent they possess, they will be rejected if they are mere thugs. When I think about it that way, I guess, the ideal knight is someone considerate to the matters concerning the citizens of this country above all else. Though many have come to our house with different expectations, I won't be able to concede on this.

However, to interview each one of them one by one will take too long. What shall I do?

=============Scene Change===============

[The applicants interested in joining Brunhild Knight Order, please come over here and line up one by one in an orderly fashion]

At the reception desk established in the front of the castle's gates, the applicants write their full name, se*, race, age, birthplace, and letter of self-appeal on the documents and receive a badge with a number from Lapis-san. Afterwards, I have the same number compulsorily stamped at the back of their hand, and the day ends with that. The selection meeting is the day after tomorrow.

As for the badges, I have them attach it somewhere easy to see like their chest or something for today, tomorrow and when they go out.

This actually is the first examination already. The news have already been spread out to every citizen, and they are supposed to write the badge number of the person who gives them a bad impression during their stay. Since I ask them to write the reason, like committing violence in a store, or putting their hands on female clerks, a report is written immediately should something happen.

A smart guy can understand the meaning of the badge they receive the moment it was handed to him.

This is not [The method for finding person suitable] for our household. It is [The method for finding the person not suitable] for our household. Those who bother the same people they might have to protect without even thinking about the meaning of the badge won't be allowed.

Furthermore, I have applied [Mirage] on Tsubaki-san's subordinates making them look like beastmen and demonkin and have them wonder in the town. I won't need the ones who look down and discriminate against them. Because ⅓ of the recruits are demi-humans, should they be employed, they will naturally become colleagues with those guys that discriminate. And it will only become troublesome since those guys will discriminate against them while saying things like [Even though they are beastmen] or [Even though they are demonkin].

Afterward, I summon approximately 100 cat familiars and send them to town. They will report every single detail to me.

『A guy is quarreling with a traveling merchant ~Nya. Badge number 685』

『There is a group who got drunk and is making noise in the restaurant ~Nya. Badge numbers 812-815』

『Someone threw a stone at me suddenly ~Nya..... Badge number 258』

Are reports coming in already? However, it is seriously difficult for me to record this by myself..... Should I ask Kohaku to help? Since he is the king of beasts, he should also be able to receive the cats' telepathy. And I have asked Rene and Lyme-san to do the writing.

As expected, when more than 1000 people have arrived, the lodgings in Mika-san's inn was by no means enough. Most of applicants had to camp outside of town. Since there are no dangerous animals, I am relieved in regards to that.

However various kinds of people have come. I also disguise myself with [Mirage] and go to inspect the town. Because the flyers said that se* didn't matter, there are many female adventurers too. As expected or how should I put it, it feels like many beastmen and demonkin gathered and made groups.

Though I reject the humans who discriminate against beastmen and demonkin, I also conversely reject beastmen and demonkin that are hostile to humans. Even though there might be circumstances for each one of them, they are not necessary talents for our household.

Now, I think the worst kind of guys will disappear with this, but i guess it is still necessary to focus on the screening.

Incidentally, my proposal of putting everyone under [Paralysis] and pass those fellows with high magic resistance was rejected by everyone. It was perceived that it doesn't have anything to do for a knight's qualification . Well, it doesn't have anything to do whether that person is good or bad as well.

I will rely on Yumina's magic eye for that, though I will have her help only after the number decreases to some extent.

Good grief! It looks like it will get busy.


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