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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 122


Arc 17: Everyday Life #4

Chapter 122: New Magic, and Flight Magic

TL: Airsblue

TLC: greujnik

ED: Blackswordsman1721

[But I want to fly in sky]

[Even if you say that......]

While drinking black tea in the balcony, Rin raises her eyebrows. I have been thinking about it during the events in Ramisshu the other day and also before that during the empire's coup d'état, but I may have to take care of the enemies in the sky too. It will make a whole world of difference whether or not I can fly at that time.

I can also summon something like a Griffon, and fight while riding it, but flying on my own should be more convenient after all. Thus, I try asking Rin whether such magic exists or not.

[You know, even if I can make myself soar with the wind attribute, freely controlling it is somewhat impossible because this magic is intended to blow off the enemies in the first place. Rather than flying, it feels more of being made to fly.]

[Ummm, for that...... It is a non-attribute magic after all, isn't it?]

[It probably is. Sadly, I don't know which one either]

After I hear that even the Fairy tribe which excels at magic doesn't know whether such magic exists or not, it seems there is no reason for them to remember the non-attribute magic because it is impossible to use it. Ah, that maybe so. Non-attribute magic is an individual magic. Because the others won't be able to use it even if they know it, it is useless to even investigate that magic.

Since it came to this, I have no choice but to check the piled up books about non-attribute magic. I have bought all interesting massive dictionary-like magic books from the bookstores and gathered them in the castle's library. The non-attribute magic from all times and places are mentioned and recorded in those books. The contents vary from worthless magic to convenient usable magic. Like when will I be able to use this magic that will make ants walk in a straight line?

[Touya-anchan...... Will you really search for it from all of these?]

I thought of having Rene who is free to help out, but she showed an astonished face after looking at the thickness of just one book. I guess she is right......

The nasty thing about these books is that each and every one of it has it's own publisher, or rather, a different editor. Thus the magic recorded in them keeps on repeating. I ended up seeing the same magic in other books time and time again.

[I think so. For now, let's try looking for it. In the afternoon, I will have Shizuka, Rain-san or someone else help us as well]

While sitting on a chair in the library, Rene begins to briefly check the book one page after another. Tentatively, the magic we are searching for is a [Magic that allows someone to fly] or any magic which resembles it. But I have also requested her to check if there is a magic which seems usable.

Maybe it's [Flight] or [Fly]. I think it's near to those two, but I can't invoke a magic even if I chant it just by only guessing its name. What's with that? Is it necessary to properly acknowledge that the magic does exist or do I have to understand it properly?

I have occasionally thought about it, but I wonder if this my ability isn't just a ’’copy’’ ability. I copy the magic that have existed and make it my own;this kind of feeling.

But, I guess it is not. I indeed found an interesting magic once in awhile like [Taboo], which makes it impossible to say designated words. Although I find it interesting, I don't know its field of use. Well, if for example I make [Fireball] a taboo, will it prevent my opponent from using that spell? But since it can only affect one word per person, it perhaps may not be as effective as I hope though.

[Touya-anchan, how about this one?]

[......Nope. I don't need this one]

The magic [Mosaic] was on the page that Rene showed me. I wonder when I could use that...... It is apparently similar to visual interference magic, but only obscene images come to my mind. In the first place, a mosaic is a decorative way to show patterns. Why does it have an effect like that?

Other magics include [Sleep] to make the enemy sleep, [Silence] to erase arbitrary noise, and [Shield] to make an invisible wall to confront attacks.

I have also found a few spells that look useful. [Silence] only makes the sound disappear, but it doesn't seem to prevent a spell from being chanted. The spell doesn't make a person incapable of chanting. It just makes the chanting inaudible. I guess that's natural.

But, we still haven't found the important one......


My hand stopped as I was turning a certain page. [Levitation]. A magic that makes objects float, but the object can only float up to where the caster can reach. It is about two meters, isn't it? It seems usable when carrying heavy things, but I have [Storage] for that. Ah, since I can't place living creatures in [Storage], could it be useful to carry a person or an animal?


As a test, I have tried applying the magic on the book on top of the desk. The thick heavy book starts floating gently in the air. Oh! It really is floating. I try moving the book in the air. Hmmm, it does move freely. But, as expected, it looks like it won't go any higher than what my hand can reach.

When I applied [Levitation] on Rene as a test, it looked like she couldn't move freely in air on her own. She was making gestures as if she was swimming, but she only moved a little bit. But since she did move a little, will it be possible to move if there is some sort of fan propelling her?

Though Rene was happy when I made her fly inside the room, I wonder if this is really [Flying]?

She couldn't fly higher than two meters, and the speed is about the same as walking. Ah, but could it be possible if I make a flying magic carpet similar to the one in the Arabian Nights with [Enchant]?

[I guess I am keeping this for now]

This magic looks useful in a lot of ways depending on how it is used.

Then in the afternoon, Shizuka and Rain-san also came to help. When four people started searching, the search speed was doubled. And after two hours or so, Shizuka finally found it.

[[Fly]. No doubt, this is it. This is floating and propulsion by magic. Though it seems to consume considerable amount of magic power, it will probably be alright]

The person who used it, apparently, was only able to fly for maximum of 3 minutes, but he was able to do it freely. However, when the magical power was exhausted, would he fall head first into the ground? Well, in my case, it shouldn't end up the same way for me since I can escape with [Gate] during emergencies, right? Three seconds are enough to recover the magic power I need for using [Gate] for one person.

First comes the trial. I will have to try it in any case.

===================Scene Change====================

Upon arriving to the castle's training grounds I start concentrating magic power. In addition to Rene, Shizuka and Rain-san, Nicola-san and Elsie who were in the middle of training, as well as Yamagata-ossan's group have come to watch, but I make sure not to mind it. Concentrate, concentrate.


My body floats gently one meter above the ground. Ooh~. In this situation, I turn the direction my body is facing. Hmmm, it shifts according to my thoughts. Shall I try to fly a bit higher? When I think of this, I immediately rise higher by dozens of meters. Toottotto!

I am still not sure of adjustments. It feels like operating a radio-controlled model without touching it. However, it really is high. I have tried how much higher I could go, but because I got cold I stopped midway. It felt suffocating.

Next, I tried to see how fast I could go. But I stopped in the middle of doing it. The wind resistance was not a joke to the point that I could not open my eyes. Hmmm~ how do I deal with that? Ah, shall I put up a [Shield]? It was quite comfortable when I tried it. Un, I should be able to fly at considerable speed.

After that, should I try a sharp turn? I try various things like somersaults, sudden stops, nose dives, sudden rises, and zigzag flying. It became somewhat pleasant. Alright, next is three rotation somersaults!

=====================Scene Change=======================

[So, you came down because you got sick when you tried that?]

[I have no excuse......]

I was totally exhausted so I rested my head on Elsie's lap under the shade of a tree. I calmed down considerably, but it was still a bitter experience...... Come to think of it;I didn't ride things like a rollercoaster that much. Indeed, when it comes to those things..... Yeah, right. I thought about it when we crossed the Great River Gau as well, but not being seasick probably has no relation to the current issue.

For some reason, [Recovery] isn't effective on this sort of sicknesses. Earlier, when I tried applying it on Baba-jiisan who got drunk because of sake, he became sober to my amusement. Well, being drunk due to sake and vehicle motion sickness are different after all. After Baba-jiisan got sober, he started to drink again.

[And were there any other problems besides that?]

[It was fine more or less I guess....... Though it got cold when I flew too high.]

Ah, that reminds me, couldn't I have used [Warming] against the cold?....... But still, the atmosphere up there is thin anyway. And there is also no need to unreasonably fly that high, I guess.

I get up since keeping my head on someone's lap for too long is not good. Those things became less embarrassing as well...... don't we look like love birds, I wonder?

[Hey, Touya. Will I also be able to fly if you apply that flight magic on me?]

[No, that's probably impossible. It is not part of the operation magic system. You can't apply your [Boost] on Lindsey, right? It's the same as that]

[I see~.......]

Elsie sighs sadly. Why!? Did she want to fly?

[You can fly if I hold you in my arms though]

[Ee, that's...... somehow embarrassing......]

Elise has became red and nervously looked down. You are saying that even though you are fine with a lap pillow? I don't understand the standards.

[Ah, it may still be possible if I combine it with [Levitation], I think? But that doesn't mean that Elsie will be able to fly entirely freely]

I tried to make Elsie float in the air with [Levitation], though she was surprised and struggled because it happened so suddenly. After a while, I raise her up since she has calmed down already. As expected, she stopped at my hand's reach.


This time, I use flight magic. As I rise up, Elsie goes up as well. I guess it is as expected. It is possible to raise someone up and down based on my height. I can fly along with a person that is floating due to [Levitation] if I am aware of it properly.

Without changing anything, I flew and landed on the castle balcony. Unn, there are no problems. Elsie placed hand on her chest like she is feeling relieved.

[It is scary when you are not used to being light. Like I thought, there is no need for me to fly]

Oh, really?. Well, you may die if you fall, and it feels like that whatever happens, the one who controls that is not yourself but the other person?

For now, I was able to achieve my goal with this. I can now equally fight in the sky against flying apparitions like the Manta type, or any flying type Fureizu that may appear as well.

[I am going to fly once more]

[Make sure you don't get motion sickness this time.]

After Elsie sees me off, I circle around the castle skies once more and soar along the highway. While looking at it from above, I can see the town has considerably extended. I am deeply moved.

It still gives out a shopping district feel and not that of a town yet. I land in the alleyway where the children are playing spinning tops(Beigoma).

[Uwa~!? Why is Heika here? I got surprised!]

[Did you come from sky!?]


It feels slightly good to be looked upon with eyes of respect from the children, but not to the extent of it being festive though.

[Oh!? Do you think a sorry will resolve it after you bring that kind of thing to a customer!?]

The voice of a rude man echoes in the street. When I accidentally look in the direction opposite to the children's alley, I see what seems to be a dispute coming from the direction of the coffee shop.

Two large soldier-like men are pressing the waitress at the terrace of the coffee shop.

[Isn't this a cigarette butt inside the food?! Can money be paid for this thing?!]

[How much money you will pay to compensate us!? We are fine because we have noticed it, but we might have gotten a stomach problem if we ate it!? You get that. Right? A~A!?]

Those definitely are guys with bad character. They are just like hoodlums. It is completely a false charge.

I go in front of that store and speak to the waitress-san.

[What's wrong??]

[A....! T-those gentlemen are saying there is a cigarette butt in the meal...... but, that's a lie. There are no employees who smoke cigarettes in this shop!]

[And, is it like that? Is it possible that either one of you guys might have dropped it by mistake?]

When I said that while protecting the waitress-san behind my back, the soldier-like pair glares at me while knocking down the chairs.

[A~A~!? Oui, brat. Isn't it that you are looking down on us with that remark?]

[It seems you really love to have a quite painful experience. .....!]

Those two crack their fingers while they are approaching us. It will be a little obstructive to do it here.

I take their arms and throw them into the middle of the highway one by one.

[Gu huh!?]

[Ob uu!?]

They flew really well after I lightened them a little with [Gravity]. Those two who did not understand what happened stood up, and faced me with one of them carrying an axe, and the other carrying a large sword.




The two hoodlums magnificently fall down. I increase their weight while in that state with [Gravity], thus immobilizing them. In front of the two people who can't move due to excessive weight I squat down and call out to them.


[It is really troublesome when you do such things in our country. Since I am more or less the king, I can't overlook it]


The two widely open their eyes when I reveal my status, and show faces full of surprise. These guys are really troublesome. Now, what shall I do with them?

Ah~, that reminds me, there is no prison or anything similar in our country. Should I use this occasion to make one?

I take out lumps of Iron from [Storage] and make a prison about three tatami mats large. And after seizing their possessions and equipment, I throw them in. Even though I say it is a prison, it is only a box made of iron with a transparent side. There are no bars. Small air holes are opened neatly in the ceiling.

Now, shall I punish them? As soon as the door is closed, the two start to scream and shout. I believe it is a genuine scream. They cover their ears and keep writhing in agony. However, no sound can be heard outside, because it is prevented by [Silence].

[Y-your majesty? Inside, what is......]

[Ha? It is only [Noise] and I am only making them listen to it]


[It is a sound similar to something like scratching on a board with nails or the sound of a fork scratching on tableware, again and again]


The waitress-san draws back. Well, I pretend I didn't see that.

Eventually, the patrol guards came running. Since I have made it so that the sound will stop when anyone opens the door, I instruct them to release the two guys after a reasonable time and hand them the key.

There are still a lot of things to do. But because things like this occur, I also have to strengthen the public order. Isn't it the right time to officially make the knight order?

I fly towards the castle while thinking about it.


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