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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 121


Arc 16: God is watching

Chapter 121: divine Message (Fake), and Reform

When I looked toward the streets a very loud cheer resounded. I can hear the people's voices up to here even in the darkness of the night.

[Did it! He did it!]

[God of Light Lars-sama Banzai! The Evil has perished after all!]

[You wicked demons! Did you see the wrath of our god!!]

The citizens are packed with wild enthusiasm, but for some reason, I am feeling irritated. They are only spitting whatever they want. Shall I show them what is the wrath of god? Nothing will change if it goes like this. In order to change their thoughts, I must preach to them once.

[Target lock-on, range - within the capital. Invoke [Lightning Javelin] at a random place with no people within 10 meters. Invocation number - 300]

『Roger. Target Acquired. Invoking [Lighting Javelin]』

Suddenly, 300 thunderbolts struck the capital from the sky. Once again screams and yelling voices broke out, and the capital was engulfed in panic.

I operated the smartphone and projected my reflection to the place reaching the whole town so that even the guys far away could see me very well.

『Do not speak thoughtlessly about justice. You fools didn't even notice that it was your distorted justice that created this monster』

And, let's leave it at that. Using the [Gate], I call the pope to the front of collapsed Sanctuary before my eyes. When her image is projected on the sky display, the citizens raised their voices in admiration. Winking to her eminence, the pope kneeled, and lowered her head.

『Are you his highness The God of Light Lars-sama?』

『We are not this person. We are the god of light, but we are not Lars. A god called Lars does not exist』

The capital is wrapped in commotion. Of course it will be. After all, their god was denied.

『We have come to pass a divine message. Step forward』

I place my hand on the forehead of the pope who stepped forward, and we are wrapped in the illusion of dazzling light. Even this small play gets me tired. Of course, there is no divine message or anything.

After the light vanished, the pope touched the ground with her head and prostrated herself. Aren't you taking it too far?

Well it doesn't matter. All that's left is the finishing touch.

『One more thing, I have to bestow punishment upon the people who piled up crimes and involved themselves in frauds using the name of god for their name of justice』

Using [Gate] in the same way as with the Pope, I summoned all those who showed their faces during the audience. Starting with Zeon Cardinal, his elder sister Kyurei Cardinal that claimed to be the Pope, and the Templars prostrated themselves on ground all at once.

『Do you admit your crimes?』

[W~... we haven't committed anything like a crime! Being a devout servant of god, I did not......!]

While prostrating in front of me, Zeon Cardinal started to appeal. Would he say such a thing even before the god (though a fake one)? If he thinks he can do something like deceiving, he is really looking down on god.

『You fool. Declaring an innocent maiden as a criminal, going as far as to plan the execution, confining this person who is the Pope in the dungeon, did you think I wouldn't know of these things?』


The cardinals faces turned pale. The citizens who heard that began making noise talking among themselves. The high ranking Cardinals and Templars don't seem to be able to hide their shock from the fact that they were proclaimed as perpetrators.

『Not only those, Shall I disclose the numerous charges done under the name of god one by one?』


The cardinals fell into silence. It is like asking the leading question. They have probably done many vicious things under the name of god. They are beyond saving. Even while knowing their god doesn't exist, those guys used it because it was convenient. There is no room for leniency.



Using [Paralyze] stealthily, I paralyzed everyone. I glanced at the cardinals who collapsed in their place, and addressed the Pope.

『I entrust you with the treatment of these people』


『Light and Darkness are one and indivisible, justice and evil are created entirely by human hearts. Know that overbearing justice brings only ruin. We do not wish for that』

I declare so while I face the citizens. But good words won't come out. I guess I'm really not suitable as a scam artist. Shall I run away before making a mistake?

I have the Valkyries scattered throughout the city gather around me.

『Farewell. Children of men』

The Valkyries shine brilliantly in unison. I use the [Gate] during the opportunity when everyone's eyes are dazzled and hide in a shade. I let the feathers of the angels scatter with illusion after the light disappears. Directing-directing.

The pope stood up, and declared in a loud voice.

[The god has left! From now on, we will atone for our crimes, and we will repent for going against the will of god! As the god have said, we have to make an effort to cut through hardships and trials by ourselves using our own power. God will watch over us! Pray for gratitude!]

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! the voices of the delighted people echo in the capital. As expected. Or rather how should I put it? The reaction is different. Is this her charisma maybe~?

Anyway it feels like it will work out somehow. While watching the Pope's speech and the excited citizens from the shade of the sanctuary, my smartphone which I put in silent mode in my pocket vibrated. A call is coming.

[Yes, hello. Is it Kami-sama?]

『Yes hello. Kami-sama ~desu. Looks like you have settled it. With this I am relieved for now』

[Well, everything is fine for now. The strange mind interference should have disappeared already, and they should be able to think for themselves and make decision whether to believe in god or not from now on, shouldn't they?]

In a sense, you may say a wedge has been driven into the group's consciousness called [God] that's chaining them together. The nation's power will certainly go down. However, I think the number of people oppressed by the unreasonable justice will decrease.

And yet there may still be people who will continue to believe in god of light Lars. That's also fine because it is up to them whether they want to believe in him or not. However, they won't be able to do as they like to other people and brandish their selfish justice or become a state religion again.

『I am sorry for leaving everything to you. Please, also apologize for me to the young miss and to the Pope-san』

[Please don't worry about it. Rather than that, please also try to peek at this country even if it's only occasional, so that it won't go once again in a strange direction.]

『I understand. I will take proper measures』

I finish the call with Kami-sama, and using [Gate], I move to where Phyllis and Kohaku are.

[You Majesty....... Thank you very much]

Seeing my figure, Phyllis was filled with tears and lowered her head. I didn't particularly do anything to receive your gratitude. In the first place, I am the one who started this commotion.

[Kami-sama told me to apologize to you and the pope. I think it will difficult from now on, will you be alright?]

[Yes. Because Kami-sama is watching over us]

Phyllis nods with eyes without any hesitation. It seems it was unnecessary worry.

It is after the fact but, since it was my fault for using [Gravity] that the buildings and sanctuary were completely destroyed, I decided to repair them with [Modelling]. But I was stopped by her Eminence. I was told that it wouldn't be good if I showed off my power here. There is a chance that I may expose that god's true nature. Isn't it better if I am not here?

While looking at the Pope preaching the new teachings of god, I hand Phyllis the gate mirror for communication. After doing a short goodbye, I and Kohaku went back to Brunhild dukedom with [Gate].

=====================Change Scene========================

Several days later, rumors came in that a god descended in Ramisshu Holy Kingdom, and defeated the evil god of darkness. It was laughed off in less religious countries. Apart from that, the doctrine of the Holy Kingdom now changed from having the [God of Light Lars] as its object of belief to the [God of Light], and the motto [Under name of light and justice] also vanished.

The one who founded Ramisshu Holy Kingdom was still Ramirez, and the one who helped him was the god of light. That didn't change. Simply, the existence called [God of Justice Lars] was erased.

[I never expected you to pretend to be a god...... you will incur divine punishment, Touya]

Elise tells such a joke. I properly explained to everyone what has happened in Ramisshu. Though of course I omitted everything about Kami-sama.

Cardinal Zeon, Cardinal Kyurei and the other Templars who were hostile to the Pope, had their properties seized. They themselves were excommunicated and were sent to prison. The confiscated amount was a considerable one. Apparently they earned quite the income under the pretext of donations and offerings. The pope used that money to compensate the people who suffered the damage.

Those who were sent to prison know the secret of the foundation of the Holy Kingdom, but no one will probably believe them, because in front of the crowd, they were judged by the god himself and convicted of using his name for deception.

After a short while, a messenger came from Ramisshu once more. Phyllis, who from a priest became the youngest Cardinal, bowed her head down in the audience hall.

[You look well.]

[Your majesty the King didn't change.]

I take a look at the letter Phyllis brought after finishing the formal greetings. To sum it up, it talked about what I said before, and them wanting to establish a deep friendship. This time, something like choosing state religion, or receiving a baptism was not demanded. It is simply a letter of expressing their desire to be on good terms.

Because that itself is not a bad thing, I decided to accept it. It is necessary to establish diplomatic relations with many countries for this country to grow, but it is not necessary to establish anything in a country that will bring harm.

[I was nervous of what could happen, but in the end it was settled peacefully. I wonder if this was also the intent of the god who appeared in Ramisshu?]

After Phyllis has left the audience room, Kousaka-san glanced at me from the side while letting out a sigh of relief. I didn't tell Kousaka-san the details of what happened, but I said that I was present when it occurred. I went to Ramisshu, and the god descended. Seems like it was considered as a convenience of some sorts.

[Is there really something like a god?]

[Who knows~. He is in the hearts of the believers, and he isn't in those who don't believe. It is probably like that.]

The English writer, James Barry wrote that in the world of [Peter Pan], every time a child murmurs [there is no fairy], a single fairy dies. Believing is to acknowledge its existence. I think it isn't a thought that can be restrained by anyone.

[Does his majesty believe in god?]

[I believe in him very much]

I thought that I heard the fluttering laughter of Kami-sama somewhere.


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