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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 120


Chapter 120: The Spirit of Darkness, and The Fraud Kami-sama

In any case, it is huge. The pitch black octopus-like legs surge forth, and the spirit of darkness starts to rise. That ominous figure is enough to send fear and other unpleasant feelings to anyone who sees it.

When it swings a single tentacle on its back, a portion of the Sanctuary next to it gets easily destroyed. While he lets out a thunderous roar, even more clouds of dust goes up. What destructive power!

[go, a, gua]

An incomprehensible groan started to leak out from its big open mouth. Eventually, pitch black fluids started dripping down from it like it's being vomited. Before those dripping fluids touched the ground, they turned into countless number of person-like things that grew wings like a bat. They have a long heads with no ears, nose or eyes, and their upper bodies are that of a muscular human with insect-like legs for its lower half.

They scattered all over the places that the capital reached while flapping their wings. The people's screams echoed here and there.

[ga, gu, tu gaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!]

The spirit of darkness directs its roar towards the heaven.

[It is a monster......!]

[Oh god...... Please save us...... please ... Please ......!]

I could hear the praying voices from all around me. I am sorry, but this evil god is your god.

It probably holds no recollection of Ramirez already. It is merely being driven by its destructive impulses and malice just on instinct alone.

[It is said that thousand years ago, the cardinals joined forces and sealed it. But is it possible to do that again?]

[I think that is impossible. We can't, by any means, rival the power of the cardinals of that time. Right now the majority of cardinals are comprised of people who can't use magic......]

It's no good either? Well, I agree with some of what the Pope said. Compared to the old days, the magical abilities of the current cardinals don't mean much. They are probably looking for things like faith, or political power. As a result, they are completely useless in situations like this one.

It can't be helped. Since it came down to this, will I somehow......?

The moment I was thinking of this, an idea suddenly flashed in my mind.

Particularly, I thought ’’Can't I use this situation to change the doctrine of this religious group?’’. Though It is unreasonable to have the genuine kami-sama come, I can pretend to be Kami-sama, defeat this thing, proclaim something like a [divine Message], tell something to the Pope and leave. Won't Her Eminence gain the advantage even if faced against the cardinals? Maybe.

However, if I were to say it, this is a scam because I'm trying to deceive everyone. Well, it won't be a scam since I am going along the intentions of the genuine Kami-sama. Right.....?

Because I wasn't been able to decide by myself, I took along the Pope and Phyllis to a private residence, and talked about the idea I came up with.

[....... Honestly, I am hesitant to deceive the citizens. However, I think that would be a much better situation than before. I at least want to get rid of the mind interference, and the teachings that do not allow the person to be forgiven just because he is evil.]

Her Eminence looked straight at me and answered clearly. There is no hesitation in those eyes.

[Until now as a pope, I've been teaching the people to worship the god that I knew did not exist. I was restraining my feelings that seemed to be crushed by this sense of guilt, and was telling myself that this was also necessary for the country. However, if we are able to change the teachings, I would be able to openly talk about god. The god whom you pray to exists, and who is watching over us, we would be able to advocate the teachings and stick out our chests. How wonderful it would be if it can become like that......?]

That's definitely true. Though I feel awkward for conveniently using Kami-sama's name. Shall I give it try?

The citizens will be more than happy if the monster is defeated by the god they believe in rather than being defeated by a king of a foreign country. As for Brunhild, it is a chance to sell favor to the Holy Kingdom. But I suppose making it as an individual loan to the pope herself will suffice.

[B~, but, will you be all right? Can you win against monster that huge!? This is the spirit of darkness, you know!?]

[Mmm, I think I will be able to manage it somehow.]

Phyllis' worries are reasonable, but that foe is not that much troublesome as based on my intuition.

The specialty of this spirit of darkness is probably, or rather unmistakably, the mind interference system. Apparently however, that ability is weakly invoked on a wide area rather than invoking it at pinpoint areas. That's probably why Ramirez thought of founding the Holy Kingdom. For people with high resistance to magic like us it is highly unlikely to be affected. We however may be gradually eroded should we stay close to it after a long time. It's a fact since even Ramirez succumbed to it.

Well, I guess I will manage somehow, but I won't know until I fight it. The problem is how to fight in such a way that would look like as if Kami-sama is in battle. Well, I can do something about the appearance someway or another with [Mirage].

When I went outside, the spirit of darkness hit the ground like a whip with its long tentacle, continuing to destroy the streets. As I thought, it seems its basic attacks are typical physical attacks. Then, It is something I should be able to deal with.

Woops, if I don't hurry up, this capital will be destroyed. I separate from the Pope's group, and hide myself in the back alley. In the meantime, Pope and Phyllis are encouraging everyone in town to offer a prayer to god. Usually, I would like them to run away quickly, but this time, it is a necessary process. It's because the descent will have to occur in response to those prayers.

Using [Mirage], I change my appearance. Rather than calling it [change], it is more like [cladding in illusion to look like it]. Tentatively, I try to dress to become similar to a god of Greek Mythology with blond hair and blue eyes. Of course, it is a good looking one.

[What do you think?]

『It certainly looks real, but it seems to be lacking something』

Kohaku cocks his head. No, the real Kami-sama look way too plain. Well, Kohaku has not yet seen Kami-sama so far.

For the Image of Kami-sama ...... then, should it be like this? I put an illusion that emits light from my whole body. I also considered adding something like a Halo above my head or 12 wings behind my back, but that would be more of an [Angel]-like appearance. It won't mean anything if I simply become the messenger of god.

When I thought that everything is ready, I realized that there is one thing that is really bad. Normally, gods would appear and fly in the sky. Appearing while walking among people is a little....... I should have learned the magic that allows to fly in the sky. Pretending to be Kami-sama is dreadful! This is so bothersome!

It can't be helped. First, I will project this god's illusion in the sky. Good grief...... there was no meaning in wearing this illusion. Well, in any case, I will have to be the one doing it when it is already the time to fight.

When I project the illusion of Kami-sama in the sky above the Pope and the others, the voices of the rejoiced people echo with ’’OOOOO!’’. Good, First I will have to deal with those familiars rampaging in the whole town.

[Darkness come forth, what I desire is the radiant war maidens, Valkyries]

Despite them being called agents of light, saying [Darkness come forth] sounds funny. All around the god's illusion a great number of summoning formations are created, and I summon one corp of angels. They are the ones I have made a contract with after the rebellion in the Empire. It was terrible at that time with only griffons being able to fly at the sky.

《Defeat the apparitions created by the spirit of darkness and protect the town people》

I convey the orders by telepathy, and the battle angels scatter through the capital all at once. The truth is, it would be fine to hit them with light magic after locking-on with the smartphone, but it would have ended instantly. The citizens wouldn't have known what has happened in that case. Though what I say is bad, this is directing we have on hand.

Despite that people's lives are at stake, I don't think those familiars are aiming to attack humans specifically even though it would sound imprudent. They are just senselessly raging about. However it doesn't make it less dangerous. Some may die as a result of collateral damage as well.

Following the appearance of a god and those divine messengers, the people of the capital become greatly excited.

Good, shall I move too? I disappear with [Invisible] and run on the roof like a kite following the illusion of the god so that it won't become a mess. In times like these, I really want the magic to fly in sky. I wonder if it is wind magic. No, if that's the case then someone like Rin would be able to fly as well. As I thought. Is it a non-attribute magic?

After arriving at the front of the sanctuary, I understood very well the size of the spirit of darkness.

I erase Kami-sama's illusion, and while wearing the same illusion on my body, I take out a 2-meter-long long sword from [Storage].

This large sword was created with the Furizu's fragment and got its weight reduced with [Gravity], so now I can carry it with one hand. Doesn't this sword that shine and sparkle like a crystal give a mysterious image on its own way?

The spirit of darkness turns around and looks down to me. He has no eyes, but that's how it felt. The tentacles on it is back come flying towards me.

[Yo~, to]

I swing the sword horizontally while avoiding it to the side. The tentacle was cleanly cut off and fell. A creepy black mist began to flow from the surface of the cut tentacle. Uwa, gross!

Without giving me time to think, the formerly cut tentacle vanishes, and a new one regenerates. Does it also have such ability? That's annoying.

As Kami-sama (Fake) I can't have it give me a hard time. I also thought of letting it fall down with [Slip], but in that case the damage to the streets should be great due to its huge body. Will it be better to crush it?

[Target lock-on the spirit of darkness. Activate [Gravity]]

『Roger. Target acquired. Invoking [Gravity]』

In the next moment, the spirit of darkness couldn't endure the effects of [Gravity], and ended up collapsing on its side. Naturally, the part of the street under the fallen spirit had collapsed and was destroyed. Uaah, in the end isn't the effect the same as invoking [Slip]!? It was so awkward! And despite that, it was tentatively done by Kami-sama.

This is bad. Since it has come to this, will deciding on a showy [It can't be helped since it was such violent attack] direction be....... excessive?

In any case, I have to finish it with overwhelming power. While thinking that, I increase the weight [Gravity], but I can't understand if there is any effect since this fellow also doesn't have a face. It seems that I have managed to hold it down though. Then.

[Oh Light Drill, sacred shining spear, Shining Javelin]

The spears of light pierced through the body of spirit of darkness. But this time, the drilled holes didn't regenerate as before. As expected, it might be because it is the spirit of darkness, and that light magic is its weakness?

[Target lock-on. Aim additional [Shining Javelin] at the spirit of darkness by 100..... No, 200 units]

『Roger. Target acquired』

The small light magic formations started to appear in the sky one by one. Receive God's (imitation) attack (though only 200 shots).


『Roger. Commencing simultaneous fire』

ドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドド ドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドド ドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドドッ!!!


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The ground reverberated heavily due the Shining Javelin's volley attack.The body of the spirit of darkness was cut to the smallest pieces due to the spears pouring down like rain of light. And before long, its figure ceased to exist after the volley ended. The thousands of fragments of its body spread like a black mist, and floated in the vicinity. This is also probably the spirit of darkness. It will be bothersome if it resurrects again after some time passes. I should thoroughly remove it.

[Come forth light, the radiance of exile, Banish]

I fling a purification magic over a wide area. A dazzling flash of light wrapped the area and the scattered black fog vanished like it was melted.

After the light fades away and the spirit of darkness completely disappears, a skeleton of a person falls down. Before long it crumbled to pieces, became ash and was swept away with the wind.

Was that Ramirez? After 1000 years passed, he was finally released. He is a pitiful one that suffered the consequence of his mistakes.

Now is the crucial moment for all of this. I will work hard to deceive everyone~.


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