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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 117


Arc 16: God is watching

Chapter 117: The Female Pope, and the denial of god

Are you saying that something that foolish happened? Why must Phyllis be executed. That girl was able to finally move based on what she thinks, yet this happens.

《And when is the day of execution?》

《Ha. It is said that the execution will take place three days later in the early morning. It didn't happen immediately because apparently there was a group that appealed to stop the execution》

I received a telepathic communication from person whom I entrusted with the small bird familiar and infiltrated Ramisshu. Are you saying there are some friends that support Phyllis too? I am glad that the execution didn't occur immediately.

《Thank you. Continue investigating, and contact me if something happens》


I cut off the telepathic communication. Now then, what should I do? Naturally, I can't abandon her. I am also responsible for things to turn this way for Phyllis.

[Good grief, that's why religion is so troublesome. It is simply because they(tlc: people of faith) are convinced that they are always right]

While resting her elbows on the balcony table, Elsie didn't try to hide her anger. Just in case, I have told everyone about Phyllis. I did omit the meeting we had with Kami-sama though. I said that she changed her faith by my persuasion. Or rather, she seemed to reflect on it after reconsidering it.

[...And what you will do?]

[I will directly go there and make them stop the execution]

I answered Lindsey question with a short remark. You see, I am tentatively the king of a whole country after all. They shouldn't be able to disregard me. I will negotiate with the Pope. I don't think it will be problem even if the life of a ’’former’’ priest is spared.

[And if they still won't stop, what are you going to do ~degozaru?]

[Mmm, I will destroy the prison and abduct Phyllis, I guess?]

[It will become an international problem! Do you know that!?]

It may just be Yumina said, but I will consider that as a final resort. In reality, it seems that we will still be able to make a living even if we don't rely on that country.

At first, I held back a little because I thought that the god of light Lars existed. But that's until I asked Kami-sama. It is a different story now that I know that this god doesn't exist. It will still depend on their attitude, but there is no more reason to hesitate. It will still be wonderful even if diplomatic relations break up since I don't need to force myself to associate with them.

I turn my eyes to Kousaka-san who is waiting by my side.

[On the other hand, will there be any problems if I am hated by that country?]

[Well, currently, there is none. But they may send believers to harass us though]

That by itself will be troublesome. Rather, is it acceptable for believers of a god who professes himself as light and justice to do such atrocities?

[They may be thinking that if it is for justice, anything is permitted. After all, it is quite a useful phrase]

Rue mutters while having a disgusted look. That's remind me, someone said before that wars never end because this world is filled with allies of justice!

[In any case, I also can't leave her alone. I will go out for a little while]

[Then we also......]

[No. This time, I will go by myself. If there are too many of us going there, we don't know what they would do]

Just in case, only Kohaku was decided to come along. I was told that my crisis management, considering my position as a king, is lacking or something. But honestly, it is easier to protect only one rather than protecting a lot since I don't know if anything will happen.

Now then, how will the other side turn up?

=============================Scene Change=======================

[What? You are the king of Brunhild Dukedom? Get out of here quickly because I don't have time to keep up with idiots!]

I came to Ramisshu Holy Kingdom's capital using Babylon, and I got turned away at the door right in front of the Isura Great Sanctuary.

Oh well. It is not surprising since I also don't have evidence.

[Listen, I have something to discuss with the Pope so just call her or any bigwig]

[Bastard! You dare calling Pope-sama without honorific!]

[Are you still going to say that even if I am not a believer nor a citizen of this country?]

I planned to speak politely, but the knight in front of the gate got angry, and pulled out his sword. OiOi, are you suddenly doing that!?

I dodged the incoming swing, and knocked down my prey with a hand chop just like that. With the falling sword making a GARAAN sound, the knights inside the Sanctuary also started coming out in groups.

[What happened!?]

[Intruder! A villain insulted the Pope-sama, and pretended to be Brunhild Dukedom King!]


I was surrounded in a blink of an eye. 2, 4, 6, hi..... nearly 20 persons. It became a many against one situation. Doesn't this stink of unfairness for the believers of the god of justice? Ah, So you can attack a mysterious man with a group simply because you are champions of justice. Is that the theory?

[I will say it one more time, the King of Brunhild Dukedom requests a meeting with the Pope of Ramisshu. Will you not guide me?]

[Are you still saying that!!?]

The knight brandished his sword and I shot him, who started attacking me, with a paralysis bullet without hesitation. Looking at how abruptly the knight fell, the other knights flinched for a moment. But even so they raised war cries and confronted me. Holding the sword gun Brunhild made of mithril in my right hand, and the sword gun Brunhild made of the material from the black dragon's horn in my left hand, I kept shooting the attacking knights.

I finished everyone without taking as much as one minute. You can at least hear the person's story, you know.

『This group is troublesome』


I unintentionally nod to what Kohaku said, who was restlessly walking behind. But what should I do now? I will be illegally trespassing if this goes on....ah.

I cast [Recovery] on one of the fallen knights, and removed the paralysis.

[There should be a priest called Nest or something in here. Go call that person. If he doesn't want to, tell him that I will expose the secret of his head]

If it is that bald priest, he knows me. Even if it is insufficient, he will entertain me, I guess.

Although the knight was frightened, he disappeared into the interior of the sanctuary. A short while later, the priest Nest appeared together with guys appearing in groups covered with full body white armor, similar to the Templars. Ah~ he got new wig.

[This...... Your Majesty Brunhild Dukedom King!? Why you are in this place!? No, leaving that aside, what are your intentions?!]

[I have come to have a talk with the Pope. I only fought back because these guys suddenly started attacking me. They don't listen to people stories that much.]

I point at the fallen knights and explain to priest Nest.

[Don't you understand what you did? You have beaten down the soldiers of another country. Are you trying to forcibly invade the sanctuary? It will be an international problem]

[Won't it be an international problem if you point your swords against another country's king and suddenly attack him? You do understand this, right?]

I glare back at the scowling Nest. How troublesome. This guy absolutely hates me. Well, I don't intend to be liked by him either. This is fine, so just guide me already.

[What is going on?]

A man in the prime of his life wearing a gorgeous robe appeared from inside the sanctuary. He has a smoothly swept back hair while wearing a small mustache. He is like a dictator from somewhere. This one seems taller though.

[Cardinal Zeon......]

Priest Nest looks back and grumbles. Cardinal? Umm, there are certainly some people next in rank to the Pope if I am not wrong. Is this person's standing that grand?

[Priest Nest, who is this person. It is quite unpleasant to cause an uproar on this holy Sanctuary.]

Clicking his tongue, the Cardinal turns his eyes on Priest Nest. Oya Oya, what a high attitude.

[T-this person, no, this gentleman is his majesty the King of Brunhild Dukedom. He desires to request a meeting with her Eminence the Pope]


After widely opening his eyes and looking at me, he scrutinizingly observes me in order to make an evaluation. I wonder why. Was I expected to arrive in a more authentic attire and not in casual wear? Next time I should have Zanakku-san prepare one. In any society, there really are way too many guys that judge someone based on appearance.

[Are you his majesty the King of Brunhild Dukedom?]

[That's right.]

[A king of a country, what would your personal business be with our Eminence the Pope? I could inquire for you if that's fine with you]

[I would like to talk directly to her Eminence the Pope. Can I request you to show me the way?]

We smile to each other while meeting the eyes of the cardinal. But we are trying to probe each other intentions. There is no way for me to trust this guy. Even if I asked here to stop Phyllis execution, I am doubtful whether those words would really reach the Pope as one would expect.

[...... This way]

I enter the sanctuary per the Cardinal's invitation. My surroundings are being tightly fortified by the Templars, and I am made to wait in a guided chamber. I sat down quietly on a chair while receiving at the same time the scowling eyes of the Templars. So far, this is away from home.

I don't think they would dare to attack me here too, but it is better to be cautious just in case.

A short time later, the Cardinal came to the room to pick me up.

[Her Eminence the Pope wants to meet you. Please, this way]

I am once again taken along by the Cardinal, and we proceed through the Sanctuary corridor. It is a pointlessly huge sanctuary. Before long, we ascended the long staircase, opened the luxurious door that was decorated with gold hemming, and moved into a large hall.

There are people wearing robes similar to Cardinal Zeon and people wearing priest robes along the left wall, while the templars are lined up in rows along the right wall. A sharped eyed old woman dressed in a pure white robe is sitting on a highly raised place up front, while adorning a long large hat. So is this woman the Pope, Elias Orutora?

[Welcome, to our Sanctuary, Your Majesty King of Brunhild Dukedom. I am the Pope, Elias Orutora ~degozaimasu.]

[Nice to meet you, Your Eminence the Pope. Please forgive me for such a visit.]

I say that and lower my head. I am not at fault here, but it is fact I have knocked down their knights.

[...... There are a lot of things I would like to say, but first let's hear the reason for your visit. For what reason did you have to come to our Sanctuary?]

[I wish you to stop the execution of Phyllis Rugitto, a priest that is in here]

The hall got noisy with people chattering when I said her name. After the pope gave a side glance, she piercingly glared at me.

[This is a strange inquiry. To interfere with the punishment of a criminal of another county, I can hardly think of it as an action for a king of a certain country]

[......A criminal? To what crime is she guilty of?]

[That is advocating that the Supreme god, Lars-sama, is a fake god. This is a betrayal not permitted even for a priest. Also included there is the suspicion of a vampire who attacked the people again. The evil soul of a person of darkness must be purified]

Ha? Phyllis is the vampire? What is the meaning of this? Even though she is a vampire, she hid that fact and became a priest?

《Master, do not be deceived. That girl definitely is a human being. I can tell that much from her smell only》

Kohaku sent a telepathic communication. As expected of Kohaku. However, this is somewhat suspicious. It looks like a made up story that seems totally convenient.

[You know, this story is strange. If she was a vampire, is there a reason why you couldn't see through her till now with this so called power of god?]

[...... Lars-sama will never forgive evil. The divine punishment will fall for sure like this time]

Some divine punishment this is. Isn't this just a convenient way to shut someone up? For some reason, I am suspecting that this granny may know that god Lars doesn't exist.

[Weren't there unexpectedly a lot of victims? If the divine punishment was delivered quickly, those people wouldn't have suffered, would they?]

[The victims probably piled up some crimes too. If they had been devout believers, they would have been definitely saved]

This is becoming absurd. Is there no evidence and only underhanded reasons?

[...... Then is there no way for you to stop the execution of Phyllis?]

[Only when evil is judged will the soul be purified. This in itself will be that person's salvation.]

......Huh. It became even more absurd. Not believing in god is evil. Convenient matters are graces of god and anything inconvenient is because of impiety. With this it is possible to legally take one person's life. To say nothing else, I am disgusted.

[This sounds stupid. You people are the one's beyond saving.]


My surroundings froze because of my words. Even the pope is staring with a surprised look. It is about time to stop playing ignorant already. Since we can't come to an understanding, I will do things my way by my own means.

[This I declare. The god of light Lars doesn't exist. It is a fake god that was entirely made up, and Phyllis became aware of that only recently. You are all free to believe on whatever god you want, but stop labeling a person who doesn't believe in your god as evil. Don't think of yourselves as the only special ones!]

[You bastard! Are you mocking our god!?]

All the Templars to the right side reached out to their swords at same time.

[My bad. Then go and bring this Lars here. I will kneel on the ground and apologize.]

That is if you can bring him.

[I deny the god you guys believe in. I deny this god's teachings that names himself as justice yet allows the killing of an innocent maiden. I will say it again. The god you guys believe in doesn't exist]


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