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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 116


Arc 16: God is watching

Chapter 116: God, and intervention

Phyllis was simply trembling just by looking at the smiling old man standing in front of her. Ultimately, could she no longer stand? She bowed down while clinging to her knees.

[What's wrong? Do you feel sick?]

[Kami-sama, kami-sama]

Because it seems he doesn't understand I call out to him.

[This intimidating force or rather this divinity, can you do something about it? It is hard to look straight at you even for me]

[Eh? Really? Well, this really is the earth, isn't it? Here. Sorry, I was somewhat careless. Whenever I am here, energy leaks out of me if I am not aware of it.]

Soon, the golden aura kami-sama was projecting disappeared gently. And at the same time, the overpowering intimidating feeling from before vanished. As expected from the one and only Kami-sama.

[It should all right with this ~jaro. Miss, are you okay?]


Even so, it seems that all Phyllis could do is raise her face. It is understandable. If she is shown something like that, she won't have any choice but to admit that this person is a genuine god. I think the question [Does the god exist?] that Phyllis asked was answered. God exists.

[Let's not talk here. Is there any convenient room somewhere?]

[Eh? Ah~ then shall we go to the reception room?]

I open [Gate] and connect it to the reception room. I lent my shoulder to Phyllis who seems to have troubles standing, and had the two people sit down on couch. I thought of arranging some tea for them, but when I went to boiler room both Cecil-san and Rene had been stopped while they were laughing. Reluctantly I poured some tea myself in the pot, three cups, and returned to the reception room with some tea cakes.

The two people were still facing each other the same as when I left them. Kami-sama was looking restlessly around the room, and Phyllis was still frozen like clapboard, her eyes were swimming around.

I pour tea in the cups, and line up the tea cakes. Kami-sama sips from the cup, and at the same time when he finished the one sip I spoke.

[I have just one question]

[Heave-ho, what is it ~ja ne?]

After he has placed the cup on the table, kami-sama turns his face to me.

[Does the god of light Lars exist?]

[He doesn't. Honestly, I haven't even heard of him. Among all intermediate level gods and even within junior level gods, that name doesn't exist]

Wow, so resolute. Phyllis next to me has a face like she has received a shock. Of course she would, right? Because you are told that the god whom you have believed in doesn't exist.

[Then does a god of light exist?]

[That also doesn't exist. Well, if I am compelled to say, than it would be me ~ja. Since I am the world god ~ja. But the god of darkness does exist, there is also god of fire and wind too. In the first place what humans expect [god of ?] is a standard low class god ~ja]

Does that mean that the God of love is a low class god? But after considering everything, she was over-familiar with kami-sama who is the world god. I wonder if that's how it is in the god's world?

[T-then, 1000 years ago, who was the god of Light Lars-sama that the priest of light Ramirez-sama summoned?]

Priest of Light Ramirez? Oh, was he the founder of Ramisshu holy kingdom? Wasn't he the person who borrowed the power of the god of light and purified the land.

[You're saying he summoned a god? Even if a human is capable of summoning a god, it is still very rare ~ja. But because there are also gods who descend on a whim, so I won't say that there are none]

You not the one to say that. You descended entirely on a whim.

[According to the story, I don't think it was a god. Wouldn't it be closer to spirit? I guess if it was the spirit of light it is also possible to summon it. ~ja]

[So vague. Can't we just somehow go back to the past or something and see it?]

[It is not impossible but...... it is troublesome, you see ~ja? Though mainly it is for myself. If I tell you in terms from where you originally came, consider this. Even though it's easy to pause the streaming of a television program when doing a recording, can I find the commercially streamed segment of a late night program from one year ago within the mountain of the past DVDs without indexing?]

It's a difficult example to understand! Though I somehow understood it! I get that it is terribly troublesome.

[In that case...... what on earth are our teachings......?]

Being completely denied by Kami-sama, Phyllis got depressed. It is understandable though since what she was believing in had completely collapsed. But.......

[Is it no good for you guys without god? Can't you move forward on your own believes, purposes, and responsibilities? I don't mind if you make a god as an emotional support. Parents and siblings, lover and master, you should trust in them so that they would trust you. However, you mustn't be dependent. Gods will do nothing. Only you guys can save yourselves. You guys have power that can create miracles and move the world. We will only watch over that.]

Though I also think that Kami-sama does interfere quite a lot, it is not as thorough as what they say, right?

But, I will keep silent. As some people say, some things are better left unsaid. Phyllis next to me is crying out wholeheartedly. It is not exactly the mood to meddle in.

[Well, even though I said that, I decided in the end against leaving this place in its current state. If Touya-kun wasn't sent here, I also might have not peeped in for another 10,000 years or so]

Ua~! You have ruined it, you know! What's with [We will only watch over that]! You are not watching! You are neglecting it, aren't you! Besides, there might be a lot of different worlds to manage!

[Is it fine with this......?]

[Mmmm, it may sound cruel, but that is the responsibility of the people living here even if this world falls into ruin. Basically, the gods will not do anything. Well, of course we will respond if the crisis that will lead to a downfall is caused by the intervention of gods like a descent of an evil god.]

Though for me, I wouldn't want such descent to happen. This is somewhat carefree. Or rather, isn't it that the said rule is easily contradicted?

[Ma, basically I want the people of this world to deal with the world's problems in some way or another ~ja. Even if the demon king appeared and started something within the lines of world domination, we wouldn't involve ourselves as long as that demon king was a resident of this world. We might at most bestow things like weapons to defeat the demon king. After all, I hate a world where the people suffer.]

I see. Does that way also exist even if it is not a direct intervention? However, that's sufficient. It is comparable to lending a hand. The god will not intervene even if the world collapses. Yet they will still give something like a super weapon capable of defeating the demon king even if they said that they won't intervene. What's with that half-baked overprotection?

[I guess it can't be helped even if one depends on his or her parents forever ~ja. The humans of this world are no longer children. You should be able to walk and think by yourselves. Then, you will naturally clear the hardships and ordeals you come across to. The gods will watch over you. Occasionally]

Occasionally? That was unnecessary. Well, someone is surely being watched around the clock though.

[What should I do from now on?...... The god of light Lars doesn't exist. Those teachings were artificially created by someone. Doesn't that make all of our actions meaningless? Does it?]

[They are not meaningless. That is if there is someone who is saved by those teachings. From now on, instead of doing it [For God], you ought to do it [For people] without being tied up by teachings]


It may be impossible to change ideas immediately though. It is pretty much akin to a basis of life that you came to believe in all this time. But, it will be good if you are liberated from this curse little by little.

[Well, it is about time for me to leave ~no? It may also be inappropriate to keep the time suspended too much]

In the meantime, everyone returned to the audience because might be strange if we weren't there the moment time started moving again.

Both Kohaku and Kousaka-san are still hardened as before. If it weren't for the current circumstances, I would have at least done a prank on them, but let's not do that.

[Then. Live strongly and be healthy young lady]

Kami-sama then became grains of light and disappeared while smiling radiantly.

After a few moments, Kohaku and the rest started to move while facing towards here with confused looks. Since my location was slightly different from before time was stopped, did it look like as if I moved instantly?

[...... It was like a dream. Was he really here until a while ago.......?]

[It is reality. You met Kami-sama. What would you do without believing it?]

[It's the reality. You met Kami-sama. Would you believe it without seeing him?]

[...... You are right]

Her smile was peaceful. From a while ago, I felt a different intention from the light in her eyes. Was she able to sort everything inside herself?

After that, she apologized for the short account and left the audience room.

And thus ended my first diplomacy. But after that, I was heavily reprimanded by Kousaka-san. Oh well, I admit that I belong under the class of the worst diplomats.

Because I was a little worried, I had Tsubaki-san dispatch one of the ninja's to Ramisshu. For the communication, I entrusted him a small bird as summoned beast and told him to contact me if something happened.

Several days later, I was told that a priest of Ramisshu Holy Kingdom, Phyllis Rugitto, was stripped of her position. And for the crime of treason, her execution was announced.


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