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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 115


Arc 16: God is watching

Chapter 115: Holy Kingdom messenger, and Descending

Well, our Brunhild dukedom is gradually putting the appearance of a country after all. And after that, our next agenda is conducting diplomacy. Unfortunately there were no preparations for this. Brunhild dukedom is surrounded by Regulus to the east, and Belfast to the west. What I mean is that, if we are on good terms with those two countries, then there won't be any direct aggression.

Nevertheless, I don't say it is fine to not get along with other countries. Each country has their own circumstances, and being harassed in a roundabout way is nothing to be laugh at.

However, up until now, I can only say that there was no other company for this small country that was made just recently. Since the western alliance countries know me very well, a mutual exchange exist. But if a messenger comes from a country that I am not associated with at all, honestly, I am a little panicked.

[It is my pleasure to meet you for the first time, your majesty, King of Brunhild Dukedom. I came with an errand for the Pope of Ramisshu Holy Kingdom, Elias Orutora. The name is Nest Leonard]

[Similarly, I am Phyllis Rugitto ~degozaimasu]


I sit down on the throne prepared for an audience and answer briefly. Kousaka-san, a former part of the Takeda Four Heavenly Kings, is waiting beside and glances towards me.

I understand. Don't talk too much. It should be fine to entrust the correspondence to Kousaka-san, right?

At any time, we don't know the aim of the other party. Rather than saying anything unnecessary, being silent seems to be a good plan. Eloquence is silver, Silence is gold. Is it that kind of thing? It also seems that I am not a guy that is very majestic. It is consideration for my lack of experience as well.

[For the polite greeting, we are greatly obliged. Then, what kind of business that specifically made you come from Ramisshu Holy Kingdom to our country?]

While standing beside me, Kousaka-san opened his mouth. Nest-san who is waiting in front of me in the audience room, is wearing a white robe with sleeves embroidered with gold thread. He is an ossan with short blond hair. At a glance, he looks like Shinto priest. It is most likely, but, does his age exceed 40 years? .....Though I get a strange feeling from his hair.

Likewise waiting next to him is Phyllis. She is a girl with a light purple bob cut hair and a quiet atmosphere. Is her age approximately the same as me? She wears a white robe same as with Nest-san.

It seems both people have priests as their status in Ramisshu Holy Kingdom. The God of Light... Lars, was it? If they are priests who follow that Lars faith, then the other party already holds power at some level.

That priest, Nest-san opens his mouth.

[Our Holy Kingdom Pope, Elias Orutora would like to form a deep friendship with Brunhild Dukedom. And in regards to that, in order to widely propagate our Lars faith in this territory, please somehow acknowledge Lars faith as state religion. As such, our Ramisshu will aid dukedom without sparing anything as sister countries]


A state religion, is it that? Recognized by nation, and said to be protected by laws.

[His majesty will be baptized as well. Also, we would like to be allowed to construct a church in this land. If the teachings of Lars-sama are spread, this area will develop more abundantly, don't you agree?]

Really. Nest-san is the one making it a wonderful proposal, but my mood keeps on cooling down. What is this guy saying? Why do I have to receive the baptism of the god that I don't know anything about for no reason.

[Our god, Lars-sama teaches to get rid of evil, under the name of light and justice......]

[It is unnecessary]


My words perfectly froze the fervent speech that Nest-san was doing.

[Unnecessary, what do you mean?]

[Like I said, Religion. It is something that is unnecessary for our country]

He gave a long speech, but ultimately it was an invitation of religion, right? Honestly, it's suspicious, isn't it? Is there a god of light? Does that guy really exist?

[You are saying our god's teachings aren't necessary? Doesn't His Majesty believe in god?]

[Do not say foolish things. There is no human who believes in Kami-sama more than me. I am grateful to him every day]

I retort at Nest-san who is scowling at me. He (Kami-sama) is different from your god though. Shall I respond with these words? Phyllis who has been following Nest-san opens her mouth. It doesn't look like she is angry towards me. She is having a strange look on her face.

[Then why? Why are you saying you believe in god, when you are not spreading his teaching. Isn't it a contradiction?]

[Because there is none. In the first place the one you are calling a god is only the god of light Lars, isn't it? If he is light, then what about the god of darkness? Aren't there any other gods?]

I answers Phyllis question with another question. In contrast with that, Nest-san answers while puffing his chest with pride.

[God of Sea, God of Mountain, God of earth, there are various other gods. However, the supreme god who surely stands above all other gods, is the God of light Lars-sama. Even the God of darkness can't stand a chance against the absolute god of justice]

[No, through comparatively, such power doesn't seems to exist either]


Nest-san is already not just scowling, he has raised his voice and has stood up, no longer seemingly trying to hide his anger. Well, of course he will get angry.

[Is Your Majesty saying that our god is incompetent!?]

[God of absolute justice, right? Despite that, why are there criminals and bad people in this world?]

[T-that... We are here for that reason! To judge the evil and extinguish it, on behalf of god. We are the ones carrying that responsibility on our shoulders! To become god's hands and legs.....]

[That is your own power. It is not god's power. Do not get wrong there]

With deep red face Nest-san shacked his shoulders. Did I go too far? But I don't think so?

[Then say, what will the god whom Your Majesty believes in bring to us!]

[Nothing. After all, he is a very busy person. It is about doing something about your own circumstances by yourself. He doesn't seem to intervene unless there is something great. Just you know, it is not like I am denying your guys teachings. Isn't it fine if it is what you guys believe in]

There is a different god in each one's heart. Isn't that fine. But, it is just being utilized by involving the country this time.

Nest-san glares at me with a hateful look, and open his mouth.

[......It looks like Your Majesty is possessed by the evil god. It seems baptism purification is necessary]


What did he say just now?

[Kohaku. Hold down that fellow]

『As your will』


Nest is attacked from behind by Kohaku whom I called, and has his back being held down by Kohaku's forefoot. He is in his original Byakko mode.

I walk in front of the pinned down Nest, and squat down to eye level of the old man who is scared because of Kohaku.

[What god you believe in is up to you. You can do as you like even if it is wishing or praying for an unknown god that may or may not exist. However, I will not permit you to treat my Kami-sama as an evil god. Someone who doesn't know anything about that guy cannot say anything about him as much as that someone likes]

I glare at Nest, open [Gate] on the floor, and let him fall in the middle of the river outside the castle. After the old man disappeared, only his blonde hair remained. It was a wig after all.

Casually, when I looked sideways, Phyllis, who was left behind, was surprised so much she didn't make any sound. Oh.

That's bad. I overdid it. Even as a joke, he is a messenger of a foreign country. There were other ways to send him away, but because he spoke ill of Kami-sama, I got unconsciously angry. Was there any reason to call that nice old man an evil god?

Nonetheless, have I still overdone it......? When I turned around, Kousaka-san was grasping his forehead and breathing a long sigh. Ah~..... was it bad after all? And he even told me not to speak as much as possible.

[ano......priest Nest......]

[Ah~...... I have transferred him out of the castle. It is alright, I haven't done anything like injuring him]

Though I think he got completely soaked. Perhaps he may catch like cold. I am not really concerned though.

[I am really sorry for our rudeness this time. Please forgive us. To begin with, the audience today is something priest Nest strongly pushed for, and the Pope-sama wasn't that interested at all]

Phyllis lowered her head. That's so?

[If it's possible to set Lars faith as this country's state religion, then there is no other credit higher than that. Probably that is what priest Nest aimed for]

Why? In the end, is he after a promotion? Even if he is called priest, snobbery doesn't come off.

[In any case, our country doesn't intend to decide on a state religion. Tell that to the Pope]

[Yes, I already got that. But, ano...... it is about the talk just now...... Is it possible that Your Majesty has met god?]

Ouh? I shouldn't have said such a thing during the conversation earlier. Did she notice something from the talk? Mmmm, what would be a good answer for this one?

[Excuse me. For saying strange thing ...... I... whether there really is a god, I am already not sure anymore......]

Phyllis looks down in shame while whispering. Isn't it bad saying such thing? More or less, you are a priest-sama.

[I've been wondering for long time. I think judging evil under the name of justice is splendid. But on the other hand, labeling a demonkin and people with dark attribute as evil... Is that really all right?? Will the person who has made a mistake once not be forgiven anymore? Such questions appear one after another......]

It is not like I don't get it. But being at the stage when she doubts the god she believes in, can this girl no longer act as a priest?

At that time, the smartphone on silent mode inside my pocket vibrates. A call is incoming. Eh? With this timing? I can tell who is it without even the need to look at the incoming name since there is only one person who can call me.

I take out the smartphone and answer the call.


[O~, it has been long time. It is me, me]

Is this the ’’me-me’’ scam? Introduce yourself properly, Kami-sama. However, he made the call as if it was his intention.

[Did you happen to see it?]

[Just by chance. Iya, I saw you speaking sharply and it felt good. Thank you for feeling angry for my sake]

Uah~ I was seen. Isn't it kinda embarrassing? While she is watching me writhing in shame, Phyllis call out to me timidly.

[ano......Who you are talking to?]



While looking at the surprised Phyllis, suddenly, I noticed the strange state of Kohaku next to me. He is not making any slight movement at all. Ha? Why? When I turned around, even Kousaka-san stopped moving. What is with that?

[Ah~ I stopped the time for a little while. It will be troublesome if I am seen by other people]

[You stopped the time!? Eh, rather, saying about being seen, don't tell me......!]

[I thought that I should answer the doubts of that young lady. I will go there now. Afterall, she may not trust me if she doesn't meet me. Well then]


He hung up. Eh, seriously? When I put the smartphone away from my ear, my eyes met with Phyllis.

[He said he will be coming.......]

[Coming..... who?]

[Like I said...... Kami-sama]

Above our astonished heads, kami-sama descended wrapped in a shining dazzling light. Being wrapped in divine (It is normal since he is Kami-sama) aura, I understood what it is just by seeing it. Kami-sama slowly descended, and landed straight without any change on the ground.

[Yaa, I am kami-sama]

[That simple~!?]

Can't you use words that are a little more dignified!? I instinctively made a tsukkomi towards kami-sama who is making friendly smile.


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