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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 114


Arc 16: God is watching

Chapter 114: Spinning Top, and Crystal weapons

[Ah~ I lost again~!]

[Hei~ka! Me next! My turn!]

In a corner on the highway, the children's laughter can be heard. The opposing child picks up his small iron spinning top that has flown out. It is a toy I made recently for them to play with.

(TLC: well, there are 2 words for the spinning top used, here. First is コマ (Koma) and the second is ベーゴマ (Beigoma). While the first is generic term for spinning tops which used nowadays, the second one is more ancient form of it, made from iron and shells, almost flat, with images written on them. Since it is probably irrelevant which word is used, I guess it will stay with just 'Spinning Top' for both words and adding romaji to mention which word it is)

After I decided to teach them how to play with it, the children learned how to spin them in blink of an eye. On the battlefield made of a stretched cloth above a barrel, a fierce fight unfolded.

Naturally, it can be said that I am the strongest. Because of that, I don't know since when it became the children's goal to defeat me. By the way, I am still undefeated. Fuhaha! Don't make light of the arm trained by my grandpa.

[That's it for today. Hora, since I am going to give everyone a spinning top (beigoma), this will be the end for now]



[I, will become Heika's retainer when I grow up!]

To become a retainer just because you received one spinning top (beigoma), how cheap.

While I am seeing off the cheerful-looking children that are leaving, I see a familiar person standing.

It is a smiling gentleman with a body in good shape and a white mustache. But, his fox ears have quickly stretched from his head, and a thick, long tail is waving.

[If it isn't Alba-san? Since when were you here?]

[It is been long time. Touya-dono, No, His Majesty the King of Brunhild dukedom]

He is Alba-san, the trade merchant from Misumido, Olga-san and Alma father's, and our house knight Nicola-san's uncle.

[Well, for a king himself to be playing with children on the roadside like this, I stopped myself unconsciously and watched you. However......]

While laughing, Alba-san takes in his hand one spinning top (beigoma) from the play stand made of cloth layered on top of a barrel.

[This is also another toy that I have never seen before. Furthermore, it is simple to make. How about it? Can I sell this in my trading company as well?]

[It is fine. It is not like it is something I came up with, and there is no secret production technique. Ah, but if possible, lower its price so that it can be bought with the children's pocket money]

[A small profit is it? Ummm. In that case, it might not sell after buying it once, as far as it is concerned....]

Has he already calculated his profit and loss? It is as expected of a merchant. If it doesn't sell a lot with its low price, there won't be any profit. Unless one knows the merit of just making something, it won't have any meaning. Normally, you buy new one when it breaks. But this is a Spinning Top (Beigoma). It doesn't break so often. That's right, then.....

[A collection... Isn't it fine to use that characteristic if it makes it fun to collect them? For example, you can color them differently, or engrave them with different families crests, icons, or symbols of strength like dragon or knights. If you make different types of the same item, wouldn't you feel like collecting them?]

[I see! In this case everyone will want many pieces for himself! You will want to collect them... taking advantage of that part, no, that's good idea!]

Taking advantage of what? Somehow, it feels difficult to ask. It surely will become endless once a collector shows up. Well, if the children have one piece for them to play with, that will be enough. And since collectors tend to be adults, they will then have the money for it.

[This country is magnificent. It is overflowing with business opportunities, and yet there aren't many merchants who have noticed it's value. Again, it's so wonderful!]

Uoo, his eyes became that of a merchant. It seems that Alba-san wants to start a branch of his company, [Strand Trading], in our country no matter what. Looks like his visit today is for its approval and for the preliminary inspection of the branch (location). Because [Strand Trading] is a trade business, it will become easy to obtain things from various foreign countries in the future. It will also be possible to request an export as well. Approving it have no disadvantages.

I called for Naito-ossan and Alba-san's nephew Nicola-san, and had them discuss some minor arrangements and the allocation of the branch office. Nikola-san was attached as some kind of bodyguard, but I guess it is also a consideration for him to be able to talk with his uncle about various things as well.

I decided to allow him to do as he pleased regarding the spinning top(beigoma). More or less, it seems he will give 10% of the sales to our country.

Afterwards, it was completely unexpected that the spinning top(beigoma) prototypes that I made would be traded with outrageous prices between aristocrats.

=========================Scene Change=========================

[Na~to, can this hardness be maintained using magical power? Just in case, I need to make a [Program] so that it will be able to take outside magical power for it to regenerate even if it breaks....]

These days, I have been making weapons from Fureizu crystals that I obtained.

You can say that this is an item where its durability is dependent on the amount of magic power. As the amount of magic power poured into it increases, its hardness also goes up. Additionally, it changes as far as its cutting power when it is turned into something with a cutting edge. It means that these kind of things were the Fureizu's sharp arms.

When I pour in a large amount of my magic, I raise the crystal's hardness. Using this magical power to increase the durability, cutting power and the regeneration ability of the crystal, I reproduced the abilities of the Fureizu.

[And that's why I made them. First, this Katana. It's name is 『Transparent Flower』]


Yae pulls a colorless and transparent blade from the white coated scabbard. It is a Blade that is transparent like an ice, a crystal or a glass. Taking in the light outside the [Workshop], it gives off glittering and brilliant light.

[Tentatively, I think there is almost no chance for magic exhaustion since it is made to automatically absorb magical power mainly from an outside source. In the event that the blade is already considered bad at cutting, I made it in such a way that it will return back to its original form if magic is poured into it]

By just placing the edge lightly on an iron mass that was prepared to try out the new sword, I was able to easily tear it like paper without pushing myself. This sharpness is scary.

[With this I can also cut and tear that Fureizu. Touya-dono, Thank you ~degozaru]

The sword [Transparent Flower] is stored in crystal scabbard which is also made from Fureizu fragments. As such, Yae delightfully smiles. If you say it like that, then making it is already worth it.

The other four in the opposite side pout their lips seeing Yae's happy smile.

[...... There is one for everyone too, so please stop making these faces]

First, for Rue who is using twin swords, I gave her 2 swords with the length of a kodachi. They are basically the same as Yae's [Transparent Flower].

For Yumina and Lindsey, even though they don't use direct weapons, I handed them crystal bullets made from Fureizu crystals. Upon shooting, it will surely drive the bullet like a wedge into the Fureizu at the moment of impact with the help of [Explosion] at the rear end of the bullet. Even without the effect of the [Explosion] itself, there will be no problem as long as it is used as a propelling agent for the bullet. I sharpened the pointed end so that it can drive in properly, additionally increasing it with magic. I used fictional weapons as reference, particularly the ’’pile bunker’’ type wherein iron stakes are powerfully driven in using explosions.

Next is Elsie's gauntlets. Hers is a weapon that surely makes the most use of the hardness. Plus, when I thought on how to concentrate the power in one point, I made a fiendish drill type attachment on the fists. In order to concentrate the power in a single point, sharp pointed tips are installed on both left and right gauntlets. I have a feeling anything can be destroyed if it is hit by them.....

I made it so it can slide to the back of the hand normally. And by sliding it to the front of the fist, it is arranged in a manner similar to what can be called a ’’crushing mode’’.

[It is pretty much dangerous outside of combat. Therefore, don't put it into that state.....]


As I was saying that, a stone garden inside the [Workshop] grounds was smashed. Ah, already! I understand you want to test it, but Rosetta will cry if she sees this.

[Isn't it Amazing. It is easier to smash than usual]

[That because it was made to do that......Aa~ah] [TL: sigh]

While I was looking at the broken stone garden and thinking of an excuse for Rosetta, I continuously heard sounds of trees falling on the opposite side.

[It has incredible sharpness]

[Amazing! I cut a thick tree like it is a big radish!]

Yae and Rue delightfully hold their katana and twin swords. But looking at the two gigantic trees that fell, I realize that I can no longer make any excuses. I will quietly get scolded...... Rosetta, I'm sorry. It is funny, why did this happen?

As I was expecting, I stopped both Yumina and Lindsey since they also started loading crystal bullets into their guns. I can't let them increase the damage any further. My brides have many armed battle factions. Good grief.

After testing the performance of the weapons, when we went back to the castle, Lapis-san rushed over to us in a confused state. Did something happen?

[Danna-sa... no, Your Majesty. A messenger from a foreign country arrived. Change into formal attire quickly and head to Kousaka-sama's place]

Eh? A messenger from a foreign country? I was curious as to what it is since this is the first time for that sort of thing. I wonder from which country they came from?


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