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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 113


Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain

Chapter 113: Nurse Clothes, and the Holy Kingdom

With the arrival of the [Alchemy building] over the sky of Brunhild, it is docked with the [Garden] and the [Workshop]. Having come this far, it's size is almost the same as the small castle. There are almost no buildings though.

With Shizuka wearing maid clothes and Rosetta wearing work clothes, each was wearing their favorite attire. But the ones Flora selected were nurse clothes. Why did she choose these? No, since the [Alchemy Building] is also medical center, it may not neccessarily be unrelated to it.

But I have feeling that the short pink nurse clothes with white stockings and garter belt might be going too far. She is like a cosplay nurse. To make it worse, isn't it just the chest that is too emphasized? Frankly, I am troubled where to look.

Because she also possesses medical knowledge and skills to certain degree, I had prepared a doctor's office inside the castle for the time being. If I am present, I can cure the patients with magic, but the office is an insurance for a worst case scenario.

For now, I will have the [Alchemy Building] produce new kinds of rice. By donating the rice seeds I brought from Ishen to make them epidemic resistant, I try to make sure it will be fruitful. For the time being, I will plant and raise those in the experimental rice field I made in the eastern part of the country. I hope it grows up well.

The highway street is being improved even though it is only a little bit. Since Naito-ossan is giving it his best, it feels quite pleasant.

Brunhild branch of [Silver Moon] has also been opened safely and travelers can now rest in the inn. Because of the bathhouse that heals the citizens' fatigue, it has become quite success. Mika-san hired new employees (most are ex-Takeda's ninja) as well, and it feels like she has fully devoted herself to the business.

[It seems that Brunhild development is proceeding quite favourably, tto...]


[Well, it is country that Touya-dono made. I didn't have to worry......]


[Sorry, Your Majesty Beast King, this is Pon. N~to]


[ho-ho-ho. It is a tile that makes you jump and sing. Monarch, it is a hit. Tanyao-pinfu-ipeko of 3900]

Ah~ His Majesty The Monarch of Rifurizu made a payment to His Majesty The Emperor of Regulus. Or rather what are they doing?

In the game room of Brunhild Castle, the rulers of various western countries naturally gathered around the mahjong table. But that doesn't include me. I am not among the ones surrounding the table.

[Ano, what is the gathering today for...?]

[N? Nothing in particular. we just wanted to play mahjong, that's all]

His majesty Belfast king answered without hesitation. Eh~ for such reason? To go as far as making me use [Gate] to welcome them..... I thought for a while it is something like a crisis management.

Jarajara, the tiles were dropped at the center of the table, and were then raised up automatically. Chaachaachaa, the kings skillfully took the tiles, and rushed to the next match. It reached the point where they became skilled at it..

[Oh, we are doing some slight information exchange though]

His majesty the Emperor discards a tile while laughing. It is nice they are on good terms so there is no need to worry about that. But it is problem if they neglect their government duties and only play mahjong.

[What about the exchange of information?]

[That's right. If we are talking about recent news, it would be about Ramisshu Holy Kingdom after all, right?]

His majesty The King of Belfast mutters while arranging his tiles. Ramisshu Holy Kingdom? Isn't it the country southeast of Regulus? It is also close to Misumido. It can be reached by crossing the Great River Gau. If one goes furthermore down (the river), It is possible to reach Belfast too.

[Is there something with that Ramisshu Holy Kingdom?]

[In the Holy Kingdom capital Isura, they say a vampire appeared]


Yet another fishy story appeared. No, wait a moment. Maybe it is only me who doesn't know. Is the [Vampire] possibly another race common in this world? I discreetly look at His Majesty The Beast King. There is a beast demi-human here after all.

[Rumors say the victims appear night after night. The corpses were found dried-up with the blood completely sucked out]

Scary. Is it a bizarre murder case?

[And the Vampire... It already reached to the point where the rumors say it might be caused by the vampire clan.]

The Monarch cuts his tiles while talking to me. The Vampire Clan. Apparently 'vampire' is not just a mere title, but it rather seems to be a specific race. If I remember correctly, there seems to be an aquatic clan in Misumido called the mermaid race. There surely are many races in this world.

[It is troublesome the incidents happened in Ramisshu. It is a country that believes in the god of light called Lars. Therefore, it is extremely hostile towards people who belong to the darkness. If one has an aptitude for darkness magic regardless of the attributes he has, he will be looked upon coldly]

The beast king cuts the tile with a bitter face. What's with that. I think that it has already passed the level of faith and turned into fanaticism.

[Who is the god of light Lars?]

[Eh? Ah, Does Touya-dono not know? In the stories about foundation of Ramisshu Holy Kingdom, approximately 1,000 years ago, the territory of Ramisshu was inhabited with magic beasts, dead spirits and demons. It is said a priest of light visited there and called the god of light Lars who purified that land. And then, the ones living there started worshiping the god of light. The teachings were spreaded in the region, and the Ramisshu kingdom was founded... or that is how the story goes.]

Belfast's king explained, but it made me puzzled. A god of light is it. Tentatively, I am also acquainted with two gods. Apart from the god of love, is that god the world's god-sama? It is different from his image though.

Furthermore, God-sama doesn't look like He would be involved too much with the surface world. That god-sama seems to be managing a lot of worlds, therefore I don't feel like he would also come and intervene in every single thing.

Even though I can try to ask him on the phone, everything is fine at the moment so there is nothing to worry about. As expected I feel shy to call him just like that. He is God-sama after all.

[It is difficult to associate with that country because everything is based on the doctrines. With everything being [In the name of Light and Justice], it only has formalities. Especially that pope.....]

[Ah~ I am also bad with her. That Pope keeps making fishy preachments. That granny is really strict.]

While smiling wryly, both the Beast King and the Emperor exchange a glance. Pope?

[Excuse me, what do you mean by Pope?]

[Ramisshu Holy Kingdom doesn't have a royal family or a heritage system. Instead, they choose the Pope from the highest ranked priests until he dies or he abdicates himself. And, the one with the highest rank in Ramisshu right now is Elias Orutora. A female pope. Certainly, since it was the 20th enthronement anniversary the other day, I believe she is already over 60...tto]

With a 'thuk' sound, Rifurisu Monarch discards a tile on the table.

[Monarch, that is Ron. Pinfu, 2 Dora. 3900]


His Majesty The Rifurisu Monarch made payment to His Majesty The Regulus Emperor. After looking at this exchange, His majesty The Beast King looked at the sky.

[Ah~ and it was just a little bit more to complete a Chinitsu...... Your Majesty The Emperor, since a while ago you have been raising with only cheap hands, right?]

[This is also one way of winning. Even if I don't score big time at once, it will be fine if I win as a result]

The Emperor overturn the Beast King's complain. Well, that's also just one of Mahjong's real pleasures. It is also a pleasure to understand what is a person's way of thinking based on how he plays. Belfast king opens his mouth while dropping his tiles in the center of the table.

[Originally, the vampire class itself was referred to as a minor class of a demon family. Their existence in itself is not rare, but I think they understand what would happen if they do something in Ramisshu. It is very suspicious. I feel something unnatural is happening that it doesn't seem to make sense.]

Definitely, is it a suicide plan? But since it is still not yet settled, it is possible they could have successfully escaped. Umm, it is definitely a strange case.

[Well, unless the sparks come over here, I won't particularly mind their situation. Also, just because they are vampires doesn't mean the whole Vampire clan have committed a crime either. If they are oppressed only for being vampires, I will stand by their side as an ally.]

His majesty The Beast King folded his arms and breathed out. It seems there are still many countries that discriminate against beastmen.... I can't understand discrimination and criticism based on birth or race. I think it is biased justice concluding that a person is evil just because he is a person of darkness.

Ramisshu Holy Kingdom. I don't think I want to be too much involved with them. I believe in god, and I don't think there is anyone who is more grateful for him than me. But I am not very interested in religion.

In the end, only His Majesty The Rifurisu Monarch was defeated at mahjong, and The Regulus Emperor was at the top. The four kings promised another rematch next month, and returned to their own countries. Eh, this again the next month?


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