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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 112


Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain

Chapter 112: [Alchemy Building], and the maidens qualities

The usual scenery of Babylon was spread in front of me. Beautiful trees and perfectly blue sky can be seen together with a green lush and thick lawn growing along the flowing canal. It seems I was safely transferred.

Now then, I will be happy if this is either the [Library] or the [Hanger]. Well, even the [Warehouse] is good, because I will be sure to include my gratitude and punishment for increasing the various troubles I received.

(TLC: rebellion case, ghost castle case, etc...)

After walking by the riverside, a building comes into view from between the trees. It's about 3 floors high with stained glass-like windows fitted into it, making it look like a church at first glance. Naturally, there is nothing that resembles a cross on the roof.

The walls are built with something that resembles bricks and is as red as a roof. Beside the house, a pagoda that looks like an octagonal pointed hat was extending.

[I am pretty sure it is a Babylon facility but......]

[You are totally right~ Welcome to my [Alchemy building]]

When I turn around due the sudden greeting, there was a young girl standing with a pair of golden eyes, white skin and smooth pink hair that has one tail on the side.

Wearing a dark regular tunic, a large pink ribbon on the chest, a white skirt and black tights, she has clothes that are not that different from when I met Shizuka and the others. If there is a single main difference, would it be the bulge underneath the ribbon which is incomparable to the others? ....... That is Cecil-san class right ......

[I am the management terminal for the [Alchemy Building] here, Bell Flora ~no. Please call me Flora ~no.]

If it is [Bell Flora] then I believe [Bell] is good though...... oh right Shizuka's full name was Francesca. Is that it? Was calling someone by the latter part of their name a custom of the ancient civilization?

(TLC: well, it is supposed to be 'Shesca' but it kinda doesn't lie on the tongue, so it was switched to similar sounding Shizuka)

But still, an [Alchemy building]? Again, it is different from what we are aiming for.

[Since you came here, that means you also have all the attributes same as the professor ~no. However, only the [Confirmed Person] can be granted authority over the [Alchemy Building]]

[I know. Just so you know, the [Sky Garden] and the [Workshop] managers have recognized me]

[[Garden] and [Workshop] ...... you mean Shizuka and Rosetta ~no? Oh my, it has been 4907 years ~no. How nostalgic~]

Flora shows a joyful expression while placing both of her hands on her chest. Shake. They shook a little just now.

For my eyes to have flickered and faced that direction, I have no doubt she used a little magic. Right. I am sure of it. Quite powerful magic it is!

[I think that if the two people have acknowledged you as the [Confirmed Person], then you have enough qualification. But just in case, you will need to accept my judgement as well ~no]

Judgement? Come to think of it, both Shizuka and Rosetta also... wait, this flow of things is bad! However, when I thought about that, I was already too late as both of my hands were grasped by Flora firmly, and pushed against her pair of spheres.


The soft sensation transmits through my palms. And yet, what is with this elasticity and springiness? Because of Flora sudden actions I reflexively pressed my fingers inside. It was inevitable and unavoidable! I even happened to massaged them by chance!

[An~ desu ~no......]

When I looked at Flora who let out charming voice, I came back to my senses and released my hands. This fellow, what did she do!


Oh no, I can't say anything. Calm down, settle down me!

[Ufufu. You passed! You would have been disqualified had you turned into a beast here ~no]

What's with that judgment! What this fellow did is reverse se*ual harassment, isn't it!? I can't sue though!

And just like that Flora unfastened her chest ribbon and started undoing the buttons of her coat. Wai.... what are you doing!?

[Next is touching the skin directly ~no. And if you still don't turn into a beast.....]

Shaking. When they jumped out from the blouse, I doubted my eyes for a moment. Raw!?

I instinctively turned my eyes. Why... no-bra, why!?

[Hey ...put them back! I understand! Since I won't turn into a wild beast!]

[Is that so ~no? It is a bit of a waste, even though you could rub them as much as you like......]

[I am fine, thank you! Because I will not make it in time!]

Since it was just random words that came out of my mouth, I don't know what I meant by not making it in time. Or rather, I am really trembling! Damn it, I can hear that professor laughing! If I had a time machine, I would have definitely went back!!

[...... You can sandwich them you know ~no?]

[That's fine, put them back!]

I half misplaced my anger and shouted back. This fellow too contains a part of professor's personality after all. It is not decent!

[I recognize and confirmed that you are a suitable person. From now on this frame number 21, codename [Bell Flora], will be transferred to you ~no. Please take care me of me forever, Master]

Flora neatly fixed her chest and smiled radiantly. Haaa...... As I thought, my troubles increased once more. While I was thinking about it, my face was suddenly seized, and a kiss was forcibly snatched. Damn it! There was still this!


Similarly to the time with Shizuka and the rest, her tongue was inserted inside. Ua, I can't decline! Just why do these guys have so much strength?! After violating my mouth for a while, Flora separated her lips.

[Registration Complete. Master's genes have been memorized ~no. From now on the ownership of [Alchemy Building] is transferred to master ~no]

While being completely exhausted, I heard Flora's voice. This is it...... if man and woman switch roles, it would be absolutely ridiculous, right ....?

=====================Scene Change=====================

[The [Alchemy Building] is a facility that produces new things by combining different materials and magic~no. Though it is mainly used for medicine and food, it is possible to make composite materials here as well]

I was listening to Flora's description of the Alchemy building. Basically, you can think of it as something like the [Enchant] chief. In the past, I placed [Recovery] to the hot springs in [Silver Moon], but would it be like that?

[By the way, what kind of things can you make?]

[Something convenient like potions that cure wounds. Also, by combining the capability to produce lots of fruits while being plague-resistant, it is possible to make plants that have both of those characteristics as well, you know?]

Hohou? That can be used. Perhaps it could lead to Brunhild's agricultural revolution.

[It is also equipped with medical facilities so, it is possible to restore arms or legs as well ~no]

Is it biotechnology, or perhaps is it a facility related to life magic? Oh right, things like sake or fermentation of something like soy sauce, natto, miso, yogurt is said to be similar to bio science in a different manner. When you say something like selective breeding, genetic modification comes to mind.

Don't tell me that something like a clone, or even a homunculus can be made?..... Just wait a minute. In the first place, Flora, who is in front of me right now, is what you call a cyborg. Perhaps these guys were created this way......

Not good, let's not think about it too much.

[For example, are you capable of making a new fruit by cross-breeding an orange and an apple?]

[I can ~no. I can also make orange that taste like apple, and vice versa ~no. I can also make something that matches together the taste of the two, you know ~no.]

That's amazing. It is already something unrelated to genetics. Possibly, if we cross breed garlics with rice seeds, could we produce seeds of garlic rice? That facility is outrageous depending on how it is used...... Rather than calling it alchemy, it already is synthetic magic.

[Mostly, they are adjustments made with magic but, since it came from seeds, growing it will still depend on human's hands ~noyo. After that, the taste will also become different depending on how the crops grow]

Well, is it so? We will, after all, be bringing goods which do not yet exist in this world. We won't know whether it would properly grow or not unless we actually try to raise it. For this, perhaps I might need an experimental farm.

While listening to Flora's explanation, I set foot inside the alchemy building. Various cylindrical glass containers with different sizes are lined up on a wall. On the opposite wall, things like small drawers are lined up.

Something like a control panel is placed at the center, and beyond that is who knows how many big cylindrical glass cases. They are something similar to freezing capsules that appears on SF movies. Are they possibly be treatment capsules?

[Various chemicals are gathered in these shelves ~no. There are many medicines that the professor made ~no]

[Huh. She really did some decent research]

[Things like Love potions, Aphrodisiac drugs, Stimulants, Energy pills, Analeptics, Estrogenic agents, Libido supplements ~no. They are safe products with no side effects....]

[I was fool for admiring her!]

How much burst of lust does she have! Saying that they are safe, I guess she should have evaluated them! Nope, it is a medicine that a troubled person will be thankful to her for!

[The effect is tremendous, you know ~no!? So strong that you will feel like you are ascending to heaven. Though I have never tried it, but if master wishes to try it with me...]

[Because my life is precious in a lot of ways, I refuse!]

This is no joke! Is it really safe? That. I am getting suspicious. Well, it is fine since I am not going to use it. ...... I will not use it, I think.

[Isn't there any normal medicine the professor made?]

[There is none ~no]

She said it flatly. Damn, this facility is no good. This is the embodiment of whirling desires! I wonder if it really is a good idea to bring here my important brides?.....

I left the alchemy building, and thought about it while being exposed to the wind. Well, I don't have any choice but to call them.......

=======================Scene Change=====================

[[Alchemy Building] ...... don't you think it is a facility that can be used by Brunhild Dukedom?......]

Rin mutters while sighing. It can't be helped even if you are discouraged by this. After summoning everyone, we heard toward Brunhild in order to link the [Alchemy building] with Babylon.

[Ano..... I, did i do something?]

[Ah~ don't mind]

Flora peeks this way and makes a troubled face. I will be troubled too if you are going to get depressed every time until we find [Library]. Across from the depressed Rin, everyone's eyes gather at Flora.

[And, are you the [Alchemy Building]'s manager-san ........?]

[Please call me Flora desu no~]


Other than Flora greeting both Yumina and Rue, they were glued to her two shaking white peaches.

[damn..... What's with this existence.......?]

[... I can't win. As expected.... I can't win against those.....]

The twin sisters are also shaking for some reason. The composed ones are only Yae and Rin. Yae's are close to Flora's, while Rin is being philosophical about this. Is this something that you have to worry this much? .... No. It is not like a man doesn't know why his eyes are drawn to those anyway. Even so, be it big or small, I don't think it matters that much. But definitely I surely think it draws one's eyes though.

[Does Touya-sama too prefer them big ......?]

Rue looks at me with a face that looks like she will cry. No no no, Flora being big is unrelated to my taste! Well, my eyes inadvertently turn toward there, but deep down inside, it is not something I care about.

[I-it is alright ~degozaru, Rue-dono and Yumina-dono will grow more later on. I was the same as the two of you when I was your age]

Yae's followup brought hope, and faced Yumina and Rue with sparkling eyes. But the looks of the two sisters, Elsie and Lindsey, sank even more in despair.

[....... And will they grow if you massage them?]

[Batsu....! There is no way such silly thing is possible!]

I excessively reacted to what Rin absent mindedly said. This fairy-san, what did she say!?

When I casually looked around, everyone besides Flora had red face and averted their eyes. Flora who saw that made an unpleasant and complacent smile. Eh?

[I had master rub them a little while ago ~no]

What unnecessary thing to say! Not saying anything would be good, that is~!!

Everyone besides Rin, turned their face toward here in a flash. And as if she is delivering the final blow to her enemies, Flora opened her mouth once more with an extremely happy smile.

[I also recieved Kiss as well]

Uaha! This fellow conscious of the crime! She is totally enjoying this situation! In the first place, I was the one who was kissed! The perverted professor's smile can be seen in Flora's floating smile.

[Touya-san, let's have a small talk]

Yumina turn here with smile but, her eyes are not laughing. Everyone else is pretty much the same. As I said it is a misunderstanding! I am innocent!

Afterwards, I was made to sit in a seiza for a long time, and from 5 of them, was preached in various ways. It is unjust. That's why I hate searching for Babylon...... Similar to giving encouragement, Pola gently tapped my dejected shoulders and it sank deeply in my heart......


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