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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 108


Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain

Chapter 108: The women tribe, and the Increase of vassals

[ea, emou]

When I turned around, there was the brown young girl standing. What do you want?


[Like I said, I don't understand what you are saying]

While I was wondering on how to properly reach mutual understanding, Rin cuts in.

[[Are you the one who healed everyone's injuries?] Is what she is saying]

[Do you understand what she is saying?]

I spontaneously stare at Rin interpretation in amazement. Although, somehow I can sense there is some pattern to the words.

[How many years do you think I have lived! There are people even in Misumido who can understand this girl's Rauri tribe language]

That's reminds me, she said a request for help came to Misumido. Then there is no way, that no one in Misumido don't know their language, right?

[Your name...let me see...Onoto, nomou ho?]


Apparently, her name is Pam. It is really inconvenient when you can't understand the language. Knowing that Rin can converse with her, she talks about various things, but I have no idea what she is talking about. I am feeling uneasy about Pam flatteringly peeking in this direction, but what is it about, I wonder?

[End didn't appear after all......]

I thought he would turn up if a Fureizu appeared, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder if it is not that important for him to defeat the Fureizu?

[But it even went around and flashily destroyed everything]

When I try to take another look at my surroundings, the wreckages of broken houses are scattered around here and there.

This village apparently builds its houses on the trees and its appearance is like that of tree houses. A suspension bridge made of rope is used to move from tree to tree.

Inside the densely grown jungle, the sunlight is shining only in the place where Fureizu rampaged and was cut down.

[It appears there are some people who have passed away]

Rue looks bitterly at the women who are grieving. When I look at the sobbing figures clinging to the remains, if I had arrived even faster...... I couldn't help thinking that.

[Still, I don't think there is a magic that can revive people after all......]

To me who muttered those words lightly, Lindsey who is next to me answers in low voice.

[..It is not like there none, however......]


Is there a magic that can revive a dead human!? No, it is not something that me who died once can say for sure though.

[...In the highest class of light attribute magic, there is a resurrection magic. However, its conditions are severe, you know]

Conditions? Are you saying that in order to revive someone, some necessary items are needed? I don't think it is the same as a priest-san asking for a [Donation] like in games though....

[...First of all, 1 hour must not yet pass from the moment of death. Second, there should be no obstacles which hinders the body's life functions. In addition to that, it is said that enormous magical power and life force is required]

[Life force?]

[...Putting it simply, it is the life itself. In other words, it means that at the time when the other party revives with magic, there is possibility that the caster will die]

...Such a high risk. Definitely it will be impossible to use not unless one has the resolution to put one's life on the line to resurrect someone......

However, that much might be necessary to bring someone back to life. Even for me, the compensation for reviving was to be separated from my world. I will consider how grave the extent of that matter some other time.

[At any rate......]

I was concerned since a little while ago, but there are a lot of women in this tribe. Or rather, are there any men at all? Have they already been killed by Fureizu? When I was thinking about that, Rin came back before I was aware and explained it.

[Rauri tribe is a women only combat race. There are no men to begin with. That young kid, Pam, seems to be the matriarch's grandchild]

Are they Amazones? I never thought I would come across them in this place. Whenever they reach the age where they can make children, apparently they steal men from other tribes and [pair] with them.

And if the child that was born is a boy, he will be expelled from the village together with the father. If the child is a girl, she will be taught how to fight as child of the village. Seems like they raise children like this. In the latter case, the father is eventually expelled as well. It is scary because they say that around until 100 years ago the father was to be killed.

As a man, when I heard Rin's story, I shivered sensing Pam's eyes staring at me.


When I looked at Pam suspiciously, she suddenly started running towards me, and jumped with the same vigor.


I got startled by that sudden behavior, but with Pam being quite lighter than I thought, I managed to catch her somehow. Funyon, the sense of touch was transmitted, and my face almost melted unconsciously. But, the next moment, sharp pain ran across my neck.


I was bitten! She bit me with all her heart! What's with this girl!? Was she raised by the monkeys!?

When I tried to remove Pam because of the excessive pain, she withdrew by herself first.


When I put my hand on bitten neck, blood was oozing out. What for ! ?

After Pam looked at me and fearlessly laughed, she turned around and run back. What is going on!?

The surrounding tribe's people who saw that raised a noisy uproar without calming.

[Are you alright, Touya-san?]

Lindsey cured the injury on my neck with recovery magic. Ah~ it was painful.

[It seems like she likes you]

[Where did you see that!?]

Rin made a remark I couldn't understand. In what place can you say that this is a feeling of affection? Normally, this is a reaction of hate like from a stray dog or a wild animal.

It is unbearable even if you are bit by another person. Let's withdraw quickly. Since a while ago the look in the eyes of other people seem strange. Why?

I open [Gate], and we return to Babylon in the sky. Picking up Shizuka and Rosetta, we returned straight back to Brunhild's castle.

[Ah~ master, welcome back]

From inside the frame hanging on the staircase landing, Ripple brought out only her upper body and waved at us. I have also became accustomed to this view.

[I am home, Ripple. Did anything happen?]

[Ah~, A guest came]

A guest? Now? I wonder who it is?

==========================Scene Changed=======================

[Huh? Tsubaki-san?]

[ it's been long time -degozaimasu]

Because everyone said they wanted to take a bath, I parted with them and came alone to the audience room. Tsubaki-san, a kunoichi from Ishen, was there kneeling on the red carpet and looking up. She was wearing a white coat and a black muffler with black culottes. It was worn out in various ways indicating her long journey. The long black hair was also left in straight style without change.

[What you doing in such faraway place? Is it some kind of mission?]

Within the Four Heavenly Kings of Takeda, she is one of Takeda's ninjas under Kousaka Masanobu. It is normal to think about her like this.

[No, I'm no longer Takeda's ninja. It may be presumptuous of me, but I desired to have a privilege of serving here]


After listening to Tsubaki-san story, It seems Takeda's territory received a new lord, and after a short while she was called by Kousaka-san. He said [Takeda's future looks grave with how things are going. Before it is too late, take your clan and serve another house]. Tsubaki-san rejected it at first, but she was forcibly discharged before long.

[When did that happen?]

[About two months ago. After that, I immediately went on a journey...... ]

Is that so?... Kousaka-san had been looking ahead even at that time. What an amazing guy.

When I explained Takeda's situation which I heard from Baba-san recently, Tsubaki-san nodded with consent.

[And because of that, Kousaka-sama drove me out......]

[However, why my place? You could go to someone like Tokugawa or Oda, right?]

[Tokugawa as well as Oda are only feudal lords after all. In that respect, Touya-san... in addition to Touya-sama's power, you are a gentleman who might become the next King of Belfast. I don't think there is even need to compare. However, I didn't imagine that you have already become a king]

Anyhow, she seemed to have heard rumors about this country during her voyage to Belfast. She quickly sailed the big river of Gau, and traveled towards here after hearing the details and understanding that this was my country.

[Well, a lot of things happened here too. Then, what shall we do? This is not a large country like Belfast, since this is a country that was just recently made]

[Yes. I wish to serve Touya-sama if you are fine with me]

If the other side doesn't mind, then I also absolutely don't mind. The increasing number of companions is reassuring. Besides, perhaps the Takeda Four Heavenly Kings may come to our house as well.

[Then, if you could bring the people of my clan to the castle......]

[...... wait for a moment. People of your clan?]

[Yes. Since the whole clan of Takeda's ninjas came here]

What did you say!? ...... Come to think of it, what did Tsubaki-san say a little while ago? [Before it is too late, take your clan and serve another house], even if she said that...... you mean like that!?

[Ano...... By the way, how many people are in the clan?......]

[It will be around 67 people, if you include the children]


Too many! Or rather, good job managing to travel with that many people! What was your plan if you didn't find out whether I passed away by some chance?

[Umm... What should I do?... Well, there is no problem for you to live in this country. Though, I also probably won't be able to hire everyone like Tsubaki-san in the castle]

[In that case, you don't need to worry. In general, all clan ninjas hold sideline jobs ~degozaimasu, since they should have a way to be able to make a living]

Then that's fine. That reminds me, I think I read in some books that in order for ninja to infiltrate other countries, they have different occupations as cover. Is their way of thinking the same in this world as well?

Indeed, I think they can hunt wild beasts or catch fish since there is also a forest and river here. I don't have to worry that much regarding food, aside from other things that might be necessary.

Maybe merchants are necessary... So that they could visit other countries and trade. Should I try to consult with Misumido's Orba-san and Leaflet's Zanakku-san?

[The number of citizens increased in one go]

[You are right]

I reply while wryly smiling to what Lime-san said who is waiting by my side. In any case, I call the three knights of our house, and order them to allow the people from Tsubaki-san's clan inside the castle. For now, I will lend the barracks which aren't yet being used as lodgings.

Just in case, I requested Rain-san to be on the lookout should there be any people doing anything strange. If it's her, she will be able to listen attentively with that prized rabbit ears, right?

[Master, a letter arrived]


Shizuka came to audience hall with a letter in her hand during the time when Tsubaki-san and others were leaving. It is possible for an acquaintance or an ally to get in contact with me immediately using the [Gate Mirror] I gave them. I wonder from where did it come from.

I received the letter, and skimmed through the contents. Oh my, what's with this timing.

[From who did the letter come from?]

Lime-san enquires about it. I pass him the letter and encourage to read it.


[Seems like the number of people will increase again]

The sender was Masanobu Kousaka. It came through the [Gate Mirror] I gave to Baba-jiisan the other day. Unfortunately, the current head of Takeda family neglected the people, and with the crime affluent, the people made quite a racket. The territory was seized, and was apparently bestowed formally upon Oda and Tokugawa by Ishen's Emperor.

That was short.... Even though it would have been good for him to behave since he was looked after due to Kansuke's case, is it because of that? Did he act recklessly in order to surpass his great father? Or is he truly a foolish lord? In any case, Takeda Katsuyori will be sent to the capital and will be exiled later or something like that.

With that, as the result of the Four Heavenly Kings conference, it seems they decided to serve in Brunhild.

I appreciate talented people. Shall I consult Kousaka-san about the matters from before (about merchants)? Among Takeda four heavenly kings, I have yet to met Kousaka-san.

Let see, shall I go and meet him? I then opened a [Gate] to Ishen.


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