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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 107


Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain

Chapter 107: Spider and Crystal Material

Brunhild settled down after the friendship party ended safely without any problem.

Though I got delayed due to various matters, I formally passed an engagement ring to Rue. I cannot leave things like this for a later time. Aside from me being late, I also need to do it properly.

Even if she didn't mind such things, Rue happily accepted it. It had the same design and magic effect as with everyone.

[With this I can finally puff my chest and say I am Touya-sama fiancée]

Seeing her looking really happily at the ring, I feel guilty... I should have given it to her earlier.

While we were sitting down at the balcony table and while I was sneaking a look at Rue beside me, Rin came accompanied by Pola.

[A Fureizu appeared. It is somewhere around the center of the forest sea. A relief request came to Misumido from the tribe living there]

We stood from our seats with a clunk except Rue, who was the only person who didn't understand and was cluelessly staring.

[And, what happened to Fureizu? Was it defeated?]

[No, it is still there crushing the tribe villages while thoroughly exterminating humans and demi-humans that it sees. I heard that it has a big spider-like figure]

A huge spider Fureizu? In that case, is it the same intermediate level as the Manta from the other day? Or is it possible in an even more advanced level? [Aport] most likely won't work. It would be nice if I could smash it with [Gravity] though.

[Let's go. I don't know whether we can defeat it, however we can't leave it alone. Furthermore......]

[It may be possible to encounter that kid, right]

I give a small nod to what Rin said.

End. The mysterious boy who easily defeated the manta type Fureizu we were hopeless against. I am still hung on the words about the [King of Fureizu] he left us. Just what the hell does it mean......?

[Anyway let's head to the Forest Sea in Babylon]

==========================Scene Change==========================

[A crystal monster that destroyed the ancient civilization......?]

We tell Rue the rough story of everything up until now while traveling in Babylon. In the first place, what are the Fureizu? They might be sealed in another dimension with a special method because they rip the space from where they appear. The seal was broken and from there, those Fureizu that were sealed for 5000 years started to appear...... is the summary of everything, I guess.

If we are to believe End words, then the Fureizu's goal is to search for the [Fureizu King]. However, what the Fureizu are doing is just one-sided massacre. Besides, does that massacre even have any meaning to it?

In the first place, what happened 5000 years ago? Who performed the seal? Where did the Fureizu come from? We don't know anything. However, End most likely knows everything. I failed to catch him last time, but if I meet him this time......

[Master, we are above the destination]

Being called by Shizuka, I turn my eyes to the ground displayed on the monolith. A monster, extending its eight thin legs just like spider, is cutting down the trees in the Great Forest Sea, while skewering the tribal people living in there.

[It is large. About the same as the manta earlier]

[But I am grateful just for it not being able to fly in the sky ~degozaru]

Definitely. Fighting the one before was difficult because it was flying in the desert. There are also places to hide this time, which I believe is very helpful. I just have to make sure not to get crushed under knocked down gigantic trees though.

[In any case let's hurry. That village will be wiped out if we don't]

While we were transferring to the ground, the tribe's women started shooting arrows, and invoking magic to resist the Fureizu.

Magic is not effective against the Fureizu. Both magical power and magic itself are being absorbed. It can't absorb magic the way the [Imbibe Demon's bracelet] does, and it is also different from Demon Lord [Magic nullification] that negates magic. But it is still a troublesome ability capable of converting magic itself into magical power.

The brown-skinned women then faced it with curved swords, but the Fureizu just extended a sharp arm and cut them down one by one.

[Itsu! Miyomana, takojikashigarino!]

Looks like one young tribal girl is giving out the orders, but I couldn't really understand her. Is it a different language?

She seems to be the leader. Is that because it is her instruction, the bow and arrow party is retreating step by step. Seems like they are trying to buy time to let the civilians retreat.

Taking aim at that young girl, the feet of the spider Fureizu extended like a spear.

[Accel boost!]

I run through the sea of trees while taking out the Mithril greatsword from [Storage], and repel the spider arm spear approaching the young girl. And just like that, I hold the young girl who was surprised by my sudden appearance in my arms, and greatly jump backwards putting distance between us and the Fureizu.

I let the young girl down, and ready my greatsword again.

[Leave it to us and evacuate quickly......, right, you can't understand my words~?]

I point towards inside the forest to tell her to escape that way. However, the young girl raised her eyes and approached me.

[emou, orutetotokoichimerako!?sanatoaneko, boko!!]

[No, like I said I can't understand what you are saying]

Seeing this young girl I realize the women of this tribe surely are very brave. The young girl in front of me as well holds an axe in one hand, and is painted with red paint from head to toe.

Though she has a healthy brown skin, I can't stand the little clothing she is wearing. On her upper body, the chest is covered with only one sheet, while her lower body is covered with only loincloth. Wearing something like sandals on her feet, and something covering the back of her hands and wrists, she is almost half-naked. The tribe seems to be living quite a different life than that of the people in the city.

And then this young girl is packing considerable stuff, even though I think she is about the same age as me. It is exaggerated to point where it will burst from the chest cover. I avert my eyes without realizing that I have already been looking at them unconsciously.


She keeps rattling about something, but I have no idea what it is. Did she expose my glancing look? For the time being I prepare the greatsword, and readied myself to attack that spider Fureizu. Aiming for one leg, I activate [Gravity] the moment I slashed downwards. The small leg is smashed to pieces with the converted ultra-heavy greatsword.

[Looks like [Gravity] will work somehow]

However, the smashed leg regenerated immediately. It has just absorbed the magic the tribe attacked with little while ago. As I thought, the only way to defeat this guy is to smash the core after all.

Three cores in center of the body, lined up at equal intervals. They have an orange glow like the Manta from earlier.

[Lindsey! Rin! Drop the ice on this guy!]

Reacting to my words, the two people chanted the water magic [Ice Rock], and a large mass of ice is dropped on the spider from overhead. The Fureizu sank its body due to the weight for an instant but then, it tries to push (the additional mass) aside with a 'gigigi' sound. However, I can't have you do this.

I stand above the mass of ice lying on the Fureizu after jumping up. I then changed the weight of the mass of ice to ten of times its initial value by activating [Gravity].

Together with the body creaking, the mass of ice begins to crack with a 'pakki' sound. Apparently the magic ice cannot endure its weight. It is quite solid to be able to endure it this far.

Before long the ice got smashed, and the Fureizu released from the weight jumps up. With that timing, I activate [Gravity] on the greatsword and properly make a powerful downward swing.


I strike the Spider Fureizu body with a blow that made it sink into the ground. GAKYAAAAAN! A large echo is made by the smashed spider Fureizu that was still standing. Among the clattering shattered fragments, I smashed all three exposed cores with Brunhild.


I managed it somehow. I defeated it with more easily when compared to before. That's [Gravity] for you. Though not being able to use it directly on the Fureizu's body is difficult.


The brown young girl from before muttered in amazement. As usual I still don't know what she is saying, but I can understand that she is surprised just from her expressions.

When I look around, a lot of people who are injured and fell down can be seen nearby. This is not good.

[Target lock. Any injured person within 500-meter radius. Activate Cure Heal]

『Roger. Targets acquired. Cure Heal activated』

A magic formation of light floats above the wounded people, and gently pours light on them. The wounds of the injured people who received the light instantly closed, and got healed.

The young girl who saw that ran toward her collapsed companions.

[You disposed of it quite easily]

Rin came over to me who jumped down from the wreckage of the Fureizu. Indeed. It is like the past fights were lies.

Rin picked up scattered fragments of the Fureizu in both of her hands and softly strike them on each other. Next, when she adds more power and strike them hard, they easily break down. What is she doing?

[So it has the strength of the average glass. Though I surely thought if it was possible to make armaments with those fragments]

Fumu. Definitely, if there is a weapon with that hardness then it might be possible for someone like Elsie and Yae to fight the Fureizu. However, because it's integrity falls down when it dies, its worth as material is non existent. Can it be used as glass instead?

[I wonder why these guys are so hard in the first place. Still, they could be using defense magic......]

[......Maybe! Defense magic made by magical power! If we assume that it has special characteristic which applies magic power to the body, then stores and emits it..........!]

Rin once again picks up broken pieces in both hands, and strike them together strongly while pouring magic power in those fragments. The clear high-pitch sound came out, but the pieces didn't break.

[Like I thought. This material possesses characteristic that resembles a magic stone. Even more, its conductivity of magical power is better by a long stretch. The conversion formula technique is almost 100%. I can't believe that by combining it with magical power it can become this strong]

[I don't get it. Summarize it for me]

Rin is saying difficult things, but that how it is with her after all.

[In other words, whatever magic power you pour in, this fragment will absorb it and will produce extreme hardness. Also, it can regenerate itself because of the magic power it accumulates until the stored magic power depletes]

I can't believe it. Then, this means, If I create an armor from it, will that be an ultra-hard armor capable of regenerating itself unless the magic power is depleted?

Conversely, if a weapon is made, it will be an indestructible weapon unless magic power is emptied.

There is an issue due to its considerable weight, but it is irrelevant to me since I can use [Gravity] and [Enchant].

..................Isn't that a goldmine?

[Target Lock. Fureizu wreckage, including fragments. [Storage] Activate]

『Roger. Targets Acquired. Storage activate』

The magic formation spreads on the ground onto the scattered Fureizu wreckage and its fragments as well, and they vanished like sinking in water. Recovery complete. Hey, if I knew how valuable this thing was, I would have also collected the remains of the fellow in the ruins and desert. What a regrettable thing it is.


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