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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 106


Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

Chapter 106: Friendship Party and the Fireworks

「Oooh ! I don't quite understand it, but it seems fun!」

The moment he enters the game room, King of Belfast turns towards the pinball stand. Moreover, having turned indomitably in the opposite direction towards the bowling alley, the Beast King of Misumido lifted the bowling ball.

「Heavy! Is it, by any chance, a cannon ball? There are three holes in it though......」

Having entered after the two people, the Monarch and the Emperor are looking over the room curiously with restless eyes.

(tl: I decided to go with 'Monarch' for Rifurizu ruler for distinction sake. There are too many kings in one room though)

「So all those things are only for playing... It doesn't feel very luxurious 」

Behind the murmuring His Majesty the Emperor, their respective family members and guards are entering one after another.

At first, only family members were allowed. But as one would expect, several guards were included because of the retainers constantly worrying.

From Belfast: His Majesty The King, Queen Yuella, Duke Ortlinde, Duchess Ellen, and Suu.

From Regulus Empire: His Majesty the Emperor, Crown Prince Lux, Crown Princess Sarah.

From Rifurizu Empire: His Majesty The Monarch, Queen Zelda, Princess Ririeru, Crown Prince Rideis.

(tl:Link how could you....)

From Misumido Kingdom: His Majesty The Beast King, Queen Thierie, First Prince Remza, Second Prince Alba, First Princess Tia.

With this, there are a total of 17 people. Furthermore, several guards are following them.

Among the ones from Belfast are Vice-Commander Niel and Lyon-san, from Regulus - the one-eyed Knight Commander Gaspar-san, from Misumido - Garrison Officer Garun-san, and from Rifurizu are guards I don't know anything about. Since from every country came five people or so, will that make it in total about 20 people present?

The weapons were of course confiscated, and for arguments sake, [Paralyze] that was applied beforehand will be invoked should offensive magic be used.

It seems that the guards who are seeing the devices for the first time as well have no words for it. Our three knights are waiting in the game room as guards just in case. It seems they are considerably nervous though. Well, it can't be helped. Since the defence of the castle itself are Kerberos, Griffin and Pegasus, who are in the garden, it will be fine.

「Welcome, to Our playroom. The various goods are assembled here are for everyone to play and enjoy with. As for how to play them, please inquire of the person from our house and an explanation will be provided 」

(tl: Spoken in super polite form from the position of the king and a host. Thus 'Our').

Other than Elsie, Lindsey, Yae, Yumina and Rue, the maids corps of our house are standing in line. In addition to Lapis-san, Cecil-san, Rene and Shisuka, there are helpers from [Moon Read] Sylvie-san, Rebecca-san. Furthermore, Rosetta, who always wear working clothes, is assisting as well while wearing maid clothes this time. Naturally, the one supervising all of them is the flawless butler Lime-san.

「Also, the meals, drinks, sweets and so forth are prepared over there. Please feel free to partake them 」

In the corner of the game room the large table and chairs as well as reclining seats and massage chairs have been prepared. Various cuisines, sweets and such have been arranged on the table.

Each of the Kings went towards the game they were interested in, and received explanations from everyone. It seems the Queen-samas and princesses from women camp became interested in the confections gathered on the table.


Without delay, His Majesty The Beast King vigorously threw the bowling ball. Though in contrary to his yelling it ended up in the gutter. Is it the same for both Prince Remza and Prince Alba? Prince Remza is 9 years old, Alba is about 6 years, right? It seems that both of them are snow leopard beastmen too.

At the air hockey, His Majesty The King of Belfast and Duke Ortlinde are having an intense sibling confrontation.

At Mahjong board, I guess it it the parent and child confrontation between His Majesty The Emperor and Crown Prince Lux with His Majesty The Monarch and Crown Prince Rideis?

Crown Prince Rideis is 12 years, if I remember correctly. He seems considerably mature, but being the younger brother of that rose-loving elder sister seems dreadful. And then, the same ever Crown Prince Lux is not standing out.... Or rather, I was surprised that person is getting married.

Lapis-san answers the questions about the game while standing beside the mahjong board. It seems there are no problems because of the scoring combinations are placed across the board.

Apparently, the guards who are watching the kings compete in a game are enjoying themselves as well.

At the cuisine table, the cooking seems generally popular with the Queen-samas.

It seems four people, Suu, Princess Ririeru, Princess Tia and Rene are playing Old Maid at the card's table. Is Princess Tia approximately the same age as Suu, 10 years old?

「However, it is an unbelievable scene, right......」

Standing nearby, Vice-Commander Niel whispers silently. Moreover, the one reacting to it is the Knight Commander Gaspar-san.

「Certainly. I thought that it was impossible for something like the kings of various western countries assembling in one building not just long time ago. Because of that, they are playing around together, aren't they」

Both people are bitterly smiling while enjoying billiards and gazing at their respective lords.

From each of the kings' standpoint to each other, winning or losing a game won't have a strong influence on them. Therefore, they are handling one game after another continuously.

「Touya-dono, what is this?」

His Majesty The Beast King points to the stand near the sidewall that is covered all over with holes. That reminds me, it was completely exposed to Misumido that I can use [Gate]. It seems they were doubtful at first, but since Rin herself told them about it, they eventually believed it. Well, since it came to that, it is already too late to say something though.

While taking the small soft hammer installed on the stand, His Majesty The Beast King peeks inside the hole.

「In that game, you compete with points gained by striking the moles coming out of there. Ah, it will be fine even if you don't strike with full power」

It is called 'Mole Beating'. When the game starts, The Beast King immediately strikes the mole. As one would expect from a race made for battle...... Their kinetic vision is impressive. However, he is being naive!

「Umee ! ?」

Midway through, the moles that entered a high speed mode come up and down several times. As a result, His Majesty The Beast King finished the battle with a score of 92 points.

「Kuu, one more time !」

Despite being told not to hit the moles very hard, The Beast King, while being serious, still stuck them forcefully. Just in case, the frame of the stand and the moles were built firmly, so I think it wouldn't break so easily.

When I turn my eyes towards the meal table, the Queen-sama's are eating the desserts while amusing themselves with idle chat.

Cecil-san and Lime-san were entrusted there, so I will pay more attention here.

「His Majesty of Brunhild, how do you play this?」

Princes Remza and Alba of Misumido came asking about the big square cube placed in the corner of the room. This is a trampoline in a cube with a single transparent side. It is something where one can jump from all six sides with the help of magic.

「You come inside, and play by jumping about inside. With up to two adults it will be fine, so please try it」

When the snow leopard siblings went inside through the small entrance, they seemingly began to enjoy themselves without reservation. Eventually, they began to do things like backflips and air twists. Therianthropy physical abilities are awesome.......

「Ooh, It seems fun. Though it seems a bit intense...... 」

While laughing, His Majesty The Emperor gazes at the children jumping about.

「There are chairs over there for relieving body fatigue. At first, it might seem painful, but it will gradually feel good, and remove your exhaustion」


After guiding His Majesty The Emperor to the massage chairs, I activated them with magic. The rollers behind the chair and the fallen out pumps at the bottom moved into position and slowly started the massage. At first His Majesty The Emperor was rather frowning a little, but after 5 minutes, it seems he closed his eyes while feeling good.

「Ooh, Fuu~....... That feels good... that's nice!」

「It will stop if you press the button at the armrest」

「Aah, okay......」

Whether he heard me or not, I left this place after I said that to His Majesty The Emperor who was melting in comfort.

At the opposite side, His Majesty The Monarch and Misumido Beast King are having fun playing mini golf. Across from them, The Duke Ortlinde and Crown Prince Lux are playing table tennis, and further inside the King of Belfast and Gaspar-san are playing billiards. Oi-oi, is it fine for the guards to be playing, I wonder.

「Our Majesty The King has invited him, and he received permission his Majesty The Emperor. Isn't it nice, Gaspar-san. I want to play too, you know」

Lyon-san, who came beside me, stated. That might as well be a job, isn't it. Entertaining The King with billiards? I call out to Lyon-san who gazes at them while feeling envious.

「I invite you to come when you have an off-duty day or something. Aah, when you marry Olga-san, should we celebrate at our house?」

「Really ! ? Well, that will be enjoyable ! Everyone at knight order will be delighted !」

Should I invite the Knight Order as well? Well, that seems normal isn't it? Just like at the wedding banquet hall. The mood probably will like an after party though.

After playing with each other, the men's camp now became interested with the served meals and snacks. Conversely, it is the Queen-samas turn to be interested with the games. Though even if I say it like that, they stayed away from games that requires a lot of movement like trampoline and bowling, and instead went to playing cards, mahjong, pinball and other relaxing games.

「Now then, it is a modest present from Our Brunhild to all, including the people from the escort」

Running out of games as well, when the hall quieted down, I call out to the invitees. The maids then started to distribute a card to everyone in the hall. There are 25 random numbers written on them. With a turn of the lottery, I told them to mark the place with the number that came out. In other words, it is a bingo game.

The gifts are shown to the audience after removing the cloth that was hanging in the corner of the room. It is a collection of various goods from ordinances like swords, lances and axes, to donated craftsmanship ornaments. There are also accessories made from magic stones and stuffed plush toys. The weapons are not just simple arms either. Each has a special unique [Enchantment]. That said, these weapons are just unusually rare and are not that powerful.

「Well then, shall we start. ...... 8 ! The first number is 8. Please mark the place on your cards where number 8 is written. After you you get a set from 5 'marks' horizontally, vertically or diagonally, we will give you one present」

In the end, that is a present for all present members. However, it is just about it being an early victory.*

After a few turns, there appears someone who almost reached (the prize).


「Appear, 14 ! 14」

「51......Come out~」

While everyone is staring at it eagerly, the bingo machine turns.

「32! 32!」

「Full Set!」

The one who raised his voice was the Commander of Empire Knight Order Gaspar-san. After confirming that there are no problems and checking the received card, he was guided towards the gifts.

「Say, What will you choose?」

「Is it fine to choose anything?」

「Yes. However, you can choose only one, you know?」

Gaspar-san chose the lance with the red ornament after deliberating.

「This lance is called [Flame Lance]. When you recite the words, from the pointed end the fireball comes out」


「I will teach you the spell word afterwards. It will troubling if it is shot here」

While laughing a bit, I hand over the lance to Gaspar-san. The Commander of the Empire Knight Order delightfully holds the lance and returns to his place. The lance was passed to His Majesty The Emperor who in turn gazed at it with admiration.

Because it consumes a lot of magic power, an ordinary person will be completely exhausted after shooting it three times. However, it can become the trump card if it was properly used.

「Then, Shall we continue. Next is... 15 ! it is 15! 」


The bingo game was properly progressing. Everyone got themselves a gift and were very pleased. It seems the wife's camp was also pleased with the accessories and interiors they obtained. The plush toy was handed over to Princess Tia of Misumido. It is a toy with a [Program] that will answer with the same words when it is talked to. Though it is regrettable that the voice used is that of that 'pink' Robo-child.

「It has gotten late and the night has come. As for the last entertainment please go see it and let it be the closing of today events」

Taking along everyone, we go towards the castle's balcony. Over there, the moonless night sky is spread out. Because there is nothing beside this castle, it is pitch black.

Suddenly, the large flower bloomed in this night sky creating great sound. Instantly, the escorts put themselves on guard, but I hold out my hand out stopping them.

「These are called Fireworks. One enjoys these simply by viewing them. They are also shown during the summer in Ishen」

Yae confirmed that fireworks really exist in Ishen. There are no such flashy things present here, though something close to rocket fireworks do exist.

The fireworks spread out one after another in the night sky. Only this time, to be honest, they are not being launched up. Rosetta is throwing down the firework from the Babylon which vanished with stealth. It is arranged so, that before the fireworks reach the ground, they explode thanks to [Program]. Rather than launching it, this way is easier.

Large flowers were spread out continuously from the balcony. Our maid-san's distribute champagne to everyone so that they can drink while gazing at the fireworks in the night sky. The children, also in high spirits, looked up at the fireworks.

Thus, the curtain closes on the Brunhild friendship party which finished with huge success.

At the end, when I said that they could take only one game they played today to their respective countries as a present, all four kings chose the massage chairs. As I thought, the kings do get tired after all.......


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