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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 105


Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

Chapter 105: Game Room and Invitation Preparations

Now then. Inviting them is fine, but where shall I start working on. Since they said they wanted to play around, I should start from that. With the scope of my knowledge, shall I base it from something that is rather simple to make?

The first thing I started to make was Billiards. Aside from its simple structure, it can easily be enjoyed even if it's indoors.

Next is the bowling alley. That as well wasn't difficult if I only use [Program] for reconstituting the thrown bowl and the fallen pins. But, I realized after making it, that this game might be intense for the kings who have aged a little.

Totally automatic mahjong desk. Remembering the rules will be somewhat a serious (issue), but if they grow accustomed to it completely, it will probably be a game where they will be able to very much enjoy its strategy too.

After that, I made various indoor games such as stands for table tennis, pinball and air hockey.

I also made several stands of automatic massage chairs to relieve fatigue. I initially thought about making it by myself, but this is good..... Ah... I'm being cured.... I'm definitely worn out from this and that......

「Touya, Touya」


Sitting at the mahjong desk, I, who was in paradise, was called out by Elsie while pointing at the tile in front of her.

「This one is completed right?」

「Let me see..... Hey.....!」

East-east-east-south-south-south-west-west-west-north-north-north-center center

Big four winds, all honors, four concealed triplets waiting for one tile, then....


「......Tsumo, that is...。Triple... No, is it Five-fold yakuman? Since it is the dealer, that will be 80000 in all ......」


Lapis-san, Rosetta and Lindsey who are around the table raised their voices. Dreadful....

Let's make sure not to seat at the same table as Elsie.

「Owner. Between Flash and Straight, which one is stronger ~nodesu?」

「Etto, Flash is stronger」

This time, I answered Sylvie-san's question who was playing poker with Berui-san at another table. Lately, I requested the workers of [Moon Read] reading cafe for help since it is simply not enough if it is just us. From there, the head waitress Sylvie-san, Shia-san from the kitchen and Berui-san from the reception desk came.

Including the maid-sans of our house, I had Sylvie-san and others play with them one game since playing it is the best way to remember the rules.

「Danna-sama~, Please take Shisuka-chan away from billiards table. I cannot, even for a single time, use the cue stick~」

「Calculating the angle of reflection and angle of incidence and the condition of cushion, if one controls his strength, it won't be a difficult game ~desu」

Cecil-san said with a troubled voice, and Shisuka replied with the calm face. Ah~, Was there a mistake in choosing the suitable person for it? Unless one misses even once after [breaking] in a nine-ball rule, it will certainly become a [Break - Run - Out] kind of thing.

I left the game room for a while and went to the dining hall kitchen. In the spacious kitchen, Clair-san is together the person in charge of [Moon Read]'s kitchen duty, Shia-san, while Rene is trying to help them.

「Ah, Danna-sama. Nice timing, please taste this」

I take in my hands the piping hot baked sweets passed to me by Clair-san and stuff it in my cheeks. Un, Tasty.

「It is good that it properly became a waffle. It is tasty. Ah, if it is garnished with something like whipped cream, it will become even more tasty 」

「I see. Then, we will try to make that as well」

Holding the waffle in my mouth as it is, I took out a cooled object from the simple refrigerator made with an inserted ice and was standing in the corner of the kitchen. Un, it hardened properly.

「Owner, this is?」

Shia-san interestingly gazes at the object I took out.

「It is a pudding. If it is also garnished with whipped cream or fruits, it will be gorgeous」

It is called [Pudding-A-La-Mode]. Taking out one plate, and overturning the cup on top of it upside down, I take out the contents. The yellow caramel that streams on the plate with a [Pururun] sound looks appetizing. I try to take a mouthful of it after getting a spoon. It is a bit thick, but you might say it is fine.

Shia-san puts the spoon with pudding in her mouth. Opening her eyes in wonder of its flavor, she continues to eat one spoon after another while flapping her mouth. I guess that is also a success?

「Touya-anchan, the potato was cut according to what you said, but what is this?」

In front of Rene, the potato cut in sticks became a pile on top of the chopping board. After washing it roughly with water and taking it out, I added a small amount of oil in a frying pan. I then placed it in 1 piece at a time while heating it on medium fire. When the potato started floating, it is taken out. This time, it was placed on a high temperature oil and it was deep-fried until it is ready.

I sprinkled it with salt, garnished it with the homemade ketchup, and tried eating two of it. I felt an earth-shattering delicacy from the French-fries after a long time despite it not being a significant thing.

「Tasty ! Touya-anchan, is it fine to take all of it ! ?」

「All of it, you say. Well, it is fine. But you know, if you eat too much of it, you will have a sour stomach so be careful.」

While bitterly smiling I passed Rene the French-fries on each plate and she ate the last two, three strips. From the side, no sooner than later, Clair-san and Shia-san extended their hands and ate a mouthful without stopping. .... You will grow fat, you know.

For now, the meals and indoor items for playing are fine somehow, right? What's left is defense, is it?

When I go to the training field inside of castle walls, the three newcomers of our Knight Order were stretching on the ground as they were breathing roughly. Yae was laughing while she was overlooking them. It was not she who knocked down the three people. It were the grim Ojii-san with grizzled long moustache and the Ossan with scars all over his body who were standing beside her.

Baba Tokiharu and Yamagata Masakage. Military commanders of Takeda territory of Ishen. They are two people out of the four Takeda kings of school of armed fighting.

「Yo, youngster. Is something wrong?」

「No, I thought whether I should check the state of affairs」

As usual, this Baba-jiisan calls me youngster even though tentatively, I became a king.

「Oou, Touya. Those fellows are quite promising. They are still wet behind the ears however」

Yamagata-Ossan smiles with a broad grin while carrying a large sword on his shoulder. This one is calling me by my first name.

I specifically had this pair come in order to train those three people. I thought about asking someone like Niel-san from Belfast or Yae's older brother, but they somehow seemed busy, so I held back. Those two people, on the contrary, looks like they were free.

Takeda Katsuyori who became a new head of Takeda family daringly kept away the close aides of the previous head of the family Takeda Shingen in any way, and started to be self-centered or something. Despite that I only gave advice, it seems like there are disputes with Oda as well for some reason. Is that the recklessness of a young man who has not even reached 20 years old, or is he really a stupidly incompetent feudal lord.... It might be that the downfall of Takeda is close.

「However, the youngster being the king.... Of a very small country, even if it isn't great. Well, since you are able to use an amazing magic to that extent, even that in itself isn't strange....」

「This fellow is a little envious ~ze. Compared to our feudal lord....」

Sighing heavily, Yamagata-Ossan mutters so, while looking at the three people stretching. It seems that there are considerable troubles.

「How is it really? Won't it be foolish to fight with Oda?」

「Well, rather than Oda's movement, it's the actions of our feudal lord that are a problem. He thoughtlessly gives orders while not pondering deeply the ideas that come to his mind. And when money runs out, he simply does things like raising taxes to the populace. Generally speaking, his reputation is bad. Rather than crushing Oda, it might be us who will quickly take the crushing and forfeit the territory with how things are going. That guy Kousaka has already admonished him, but he really doesn't listen at all」

It seems like things became considerably bad. Even if the person who founded the nation was a rare hero, there are a lot of countries which were ruined simply because of the stupidity of the second generation. With this, Shigen-san probably won't even rest in peace too.

「If you like, will you come to our country? If it is now, this newly built country, would like some helpers」

「Uumu. It is surely an attractive offer. However, there are still the obligations towards Oyakata-sama....」

「Baba-dono is stiff. Isn't that fine? We have been invited at great pains, I support this ~ze. However, having no battlefield here is a little dissatisfying though.」

That was a dangerous remark just now. Really, this is why battle maniacs are problematic. He is a nice match with His Majesty The Beast King of Misumido.

「Whatever our decisions are, we can't immediately give an answer right here because we have to return and speak with Kousaka and Naito. Even if comes to the point that it is us that will be crushed, we have to properly see the last moments of Takeda with our own eyes」

「Well, I understand your feelings. I won't coerce you because it's fine for me if that's how your feel」

「Ou, Thank you」

Yamagata-Ossan lowers his shouldered large sword, and shifts his attention to the three people stretching (on the ground).

「Now then, break time is over. Same as before, I will come at the three of you at the same time 」


While answering vigorously, all three people stood up and prepared their weapons. They then were filled with fighting spirit. Will the defenses be safe as well with this I wonder. Naturally, I will ensure they are even if I have to do it alone.

When I turned back inside the castle after leaving behind the training field, the big double doors are automatically opened. It then closed behind my back when I entered the entrance hall. It is not an automatic door. The person who opened and closed the doors for me is in front of me. Or rather, it is [decorated].

One picture is hanging on the landing stairs leading up to the second floor from the entrance hall.

「Somehow, it seems that it is busy inside the castle, Master」

Wearing a white dress, a girl protrudes just her upper body from inside of the picture. It is the artifact frame which I recovered after that aforementioned ghost uproar. When she understood that I am the owner of the Babylon, she started to call me Master the same as Shisuka.

The picture of the wife-san of the murdered feudal lord was disposed long ago and a different suitable picture was placed inside the frame using the money gained from the previous picture.

As a result, the girl in her late teens, wearing a white dress with a pink ribbon holding her hair, was born anew. Her name is Ripple because Ripple is the name given to that ghost castle.

「Since everyone is busy preparing for the reception of the kings, will Ripple help as well?」

「Hai. If there are strange movements, I will notify you since my eyes are always shining in this castle. Ah, just now Rene-chan has broken a plate」

I don't understand it well. Ripple has reproduced herself with [Workshop] and is now capable of freely moving inside the same frames. It also seems she is able to share that sensations as well. As for reproductions, the main body integrates into them because it was not copied with (her) purpose. I have obtained a convenient defense system. Putting landscape paintings into the reproduced frames, they were then established all over the castle. Naturally, the private rooms are not decorated with them. Shall I call it a ghost surveillance camera?

For the time being, the every preparation is in order. All that's left is just greet the Royal Families.


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