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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 104


Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

Chapter 104: Mounts and the Emperor

The three people who became the soldiers of my new Brunhild Dukedom had considerable skills as one might expect since they were recommended by Rin.

With Rain-san's forte for the sword, Norun-san - twin swords and Nicola-san - the speared axe called halberd, I had them fight with Yae, but there was not that much difference. Shouldn't I have hopes if that's the case, right?

「Heika, there are no horses in this castle, am I right?」


Being objected firmly as usual by Nicola-san, I became aware that there are no horses in this castle. You see, moving around and such is done entirely via [Gate]. And since bicycles are used at the royal capital, there was no need for them..

「Are the horses really necessary?」

「If you're fighting as cavalry, that is. There shouldn't be fighting and such, but not training with them in case of emergency makes a world of difference」

Truly. The work of a soldier is to fight. I must not hesitate to invest for that sake.

「Moreover, it will be possible to patrol domestically as well if we have horses you know. We also would like to grasp the topography of this country in advance and other things」

What Rain-san is saying is also quite right. That reminds me, this person refers to herself with [boku]...... Saying it in that manner can mistake her for a man too.

(tl: boy version of 'me')

However, horses, horses.

「In that case, shall we summon something more convenient?」


As I leave behind Nicola-san who didn't understand my intentions, I concentrate my magic and draw a magic formation on the ground.

「Darkness come forth, what I seek is the king of the sky, Griffon」

When the thick fog that appeared inside of the magic formation cleared up, one griffon can be seen standing there.




Each of them had a different surprised reaction, but they all just continued staring at the griffon in front of them.

「Etto, You are... Paul, no, is it John? Listen John. From now on you will be partnered with Nicola-san. You should start getting along with each other.」


John barked shortly, and went to Nicola-san. Though he was quite hesitant at first, he still touched John, and gently brushed its back.

「He is obedient. He also seemed to understand words completely」

「He can't talk. However, he understands words since he tentatively is a summoned beast. I think that he will be easier to handle than normal horse. Well, should you try to ride him for now? 」

The harness (though I don't know whether such thing is applicable in this case because it is not a horse) is not attached, and when Nicola-san daringly and nimbly straddled its back, John the Griffon slowly started to walk.

When Nicola-san gives the command, John quickens his walking speed. The walk becomes a trot, then becomes a run, and before long he flutters his wings and leaps into the sky.

「How is that?」

「Well... it is amazing, Heika. The height is frightening, but I will certainly try to conquer it」

While saying so, he again leaps into the sky. Most of all, he looks pleased with this.

「Heika! Me as well ! I want that as well ! 」

Norun-san draws closer to me. Or rather, even that person started calling me things like [Heika]. Behind her back, there was Rain-san expressing a similarly exited look.

I will do the summoning properly even if you don't urge me like that.

N~, however, it seems boring if it is another Griffon. Surely they are girls so should I summon an authentic one?

「Darkness come forth, what I seek is horse flying in the sky, Pegasus 」

After the fog was cleared from the magic formation, two white horses appeared holding pure white wings.

「Uwaa ! Uwaa ! Pretty !」

Norun-san approaches one of them, and gently brushed its back. Rain-san as well timidly touched the wings of the other one.

「As for their names, I think I have called them Ann and Diana. Ann will pair up with Norun-san while Diana - with Rain-san」

Fururu, while they shake their heads as acknowledgment, Ann lowers its head and wings, and prompts Norun-san to get on. Similarly with Nicola-san, Norun-san immediately straddles her and after raising her speed little by little, she leaped into the sky. Rain-san also straddles Diana after a short while and leaps into the sky as well.

After they encircle the whole length of the castle, all three people came down. While ignoring them who are still excited, I take out a magic beast leather from [Storage], make saddles, stirrups, mouthpieces and reins with [Modelling], and hand them over to the three people.

The afternoon is then scheduled for them to come look at the state of affairs in the country, and to practice getting accustomed to riding. If anything happens, should they make sure to pray silently to the summoned beasts, it will be possible for them to have a telepathic communication with me even if we are separated, so there is nothing to worry about.

Ma, in essence, it should be fine for them to do as they like in afternoon. Though it seems Nicola-san has seriously caught up with this duty as well. He is an obstinate one.


As for me, there are things which I have to do apart from entrusting the patrolling to our soldiers.

On the first floor of castle, I remodeled the interior of one room, established a full-length mirror so that a person can pass through it, and installed an iron plate beside it.

「Touya-anchan, what is this metal plank?」

「Touching the metal plank opens the [Gate] and records the one who recently used it. Of course nobody but the authorized people can go through it」

I give a Rene a suitable explanation, who is looking at the mirrors in wonder. Touch sensors doesn't exist, and it will be unable to make a decision if only [Search] is used. If someone uses something like a disguise with transformation magic, there is a possibility that he will be able to pass through. In that case, by touching the metal plank, it will surely be able to authenticate (a user) from things like fingerprint and waves of magical power.

「Moreover, it is capable of setting a specified destination, but currently, it is only with the Belfast's mansion and the reading cafe」

I placed similar mirrors to those areas as well, though it's not really meaningful since both of them are in Belfast. Shall I eventually buy small house in Misumido and Regulus as well? No, will it be fine if I receive them as embassies from the kings?

U~n, as for His Majesty the Emperor it will be fine, but His Majesty The Beast King didn't hear the story about the [Gate], so....

「For now, let's test it. Rene, try touching this metal plank」

「Like this?」

Rene obediently raises one hand to her utmost and hits the metal plank. Did I place it a little bit too high? When Rene touches the metal plank, it shines, and Rene's name rises to its surface.

Thereupon, the mirror shines in dim light, and [Gate] completes its preparation.

「Then, state your destination」

「Eh? Etto, Belfast mansion」

Reacting to Rene's words, the mirror shines even more. With her hand seemingly being pulled over, Rene enters inside the mirror, and vanishes from the room. Okay, it is success.

After that, I also touched the metal plank to chase after her. Because it is also made so that no one beside the person who touched it (the metal plank) can go through, it is necessary for each person using it to one by one touch it for the sake of safety. Also if a villain makes a threat and the [Gate] doesn't open, he won't be restricted either.

When I pass through the mirror, I came out in one of Belfast mansion's room. Are? Rene is not here.

When I open the door and go into the corridor, I heard Rene's voice by the entrance hall. N? Is there a guest?

「Is there something wrong?」

「Ah, Touya-an-cha... Danna-sama. It seems like there is a letter from the royal palace」

The gatekeeper Tom-san came to the entry hall and handed me the letter. As for Tom-san and company (tl: Hack-san), I allowed them to use the detached room Julio-san and Clair-san used before they moved to the castle.

When I read the letter, it is stated that they would like me to come to the Royal Palace.

On what business, I wonder.


「Ououou. So you are the rumored Mochizuki Touya-dono, aren't you ?! No, it is His Majesty The Duke King already, right? 」


In front of me is the Shaved Head Ossan introduced by His Majesty The King of Belfast. That's it, doesn't he resemble the Hollywood actor who played the most unlucky character in the detective world. I couldn't believe it. I am surprised because this person is the Emperor of Belfast Kingdom's neighboring Rifurisu Empire, Rig Riku Rifurisu. So that means he is the father of Princess Ririeru, that rose author ?

「I have heard about your various great efforts from Belfast King, you see? However, something like stopping the Empire's rebellion by yourself, that's unthinkable! 」

「No, well, excuse me....」

There was particularly nothing to apologize for, but without thinking, it already came out from my mouth.

「.... I see. It is as the Belfast King said. Apparently, you seem to have no strange ambitions 」

「Ambitions, you say... Why would there be such a thing?」

「You are the man, who composedly triumphed by yourself even though your opponents were soldiers of the imperial capital with a demon army, and all the while, you were marrying Belfast and Regulus princesses. When it is done by someone from another country, there is nothing but to think of it as a threat as well」

Aa~....... is that how the other side sees it? Certainly, it is inevitable even if you are careful despite having no such intention here.

「Well, while it may be true, I think that other countries won't hugely risk imitating something similar as well. However, they can misunderstand the situation thinking that if they anger you, their countries would be destroyed」

「I won't do such thing you know」

Though I cannot declare it with absolute certainty. For example, if a country from somewhere sends an assassin during my absence, and if during that time Yumina is killed, I won't be confident that I will be able to forgive that. I will probably drag out that wire puller, and make it so that he would rather die.

This side have no intention of doing anything. Though even if I declared it so, there certainly are people who will not believe that.

「And, with this, as for Rifurisu Empire, we want to deepen our friendship with your country. Still, by all rights, we want you to take a daughter from our house as bride too, but...」

「I will hold back on that. No, seriously !」

I don't want that princess. Seriously don't wanna.

「Well, as for us, it was decided that she will marry into a foreign country. We too can't cancel that. It is bad luck」

Far from being a bad luck, it is a favor. Just by imagining the troubles of the husband of the family she marries into, I instinctively wanted to send encouraging words to him. Since I was told that her being an author is a secret from her father as well, the cat might be surely covered with that. A cat with thick skin that is.

「It seems that the Brunhild castle was completed as well. Therefore, how about inviting only us to come? It won't be a political gathering, rather, just deepening our friendship as fellow kings」

「By invitation, do you mean the kings of western alliance?」

Attending to them even if it is just the said invited kings and yet, to each one? When I make a dubious looking expression, His Majesty the King of Belfast answered with complacent smile.

「Umu. Belfast, Rifurisu, Misumido, Regulus. I think it is a good thing that fellow kings want to get along with each other, right?」

「......That's the intention?」

「「Even the king wants to relax 」」


「Occasionally, we want to relax and forget our standpoints as kings, and to play around, you know. If it is Touya-dono, you might be able to prepare such entertainment, right?」

Well, certainly, this world which has little amusements is incomparable to the likes of the amusement country I came from. But still, saying to invite the kings, isn't it an enormous event? I cannot go with half measures about cooking, defence and reception, I guess.

「It is fine even if you don't think hard about anything. Just invite us normally like how you invite a friend」

His Majesty The Emperor says such a thing, but it doesn't change that it is a big event. Are, won't I be the only one profiting from this? I think that making a good impression on foreign countries is not a bad thing, but even still~.

It was fine to reject it as well, but the looks of those two are full of expectations. I get it, so I will accept the offer.

「I understand. Let's make an invitation. But still, please refrain from doing something like quarreling as mutual countries or raising political speculations 」

「Of course we understand that. And then, will it be fine to come together with family members as well?」

「It is not a problem. However, including the king, you have to do with only around five people, since we too are lacking helpers」

Oh dear. Since one cannot help but to bring his whole family one by one, it seems like it will become hectic.


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