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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 103


Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

Chapter 103: Completion and First Vassals

「To really be able to do it in three days....」

「That's the power of [Workshop] ~dearimasu!」

*Mufuu*, Rosetta puffs her thin chest with pride.

Looking at [Workshop]'s monitor, a pure white, small (although I said that, it is by far larger than Belfast's residence by far) castle showed up in front of my eyes.

Because it was said that the strength of fabrics that got dirty or got worn out wouldn't be restored even if disassembly-reconstructing was done, brand new ones were prepared. If I went back to the extent of getting something like silkworm's cocoon, I might have gotten it free of charge, but it was faster to buy it. Frankly, things such as making something from raw materials is the pinnacle of difficulty. I am not inconvenienced in regards to money.

Ma, I was able to cut hinoki cypress and evergreen oaks for lumber. This way was faster than buying.

In regard to glass, in order to make it at the time of Empire's rebellion, I thought about changing the transparency of iron plates in that situation;however, if I kept making those with [Workshop], magic would completely vanish from it, and I would get stuck with applying magic on all the iron plates after construction was done. Well, I was able to do it in one shot with my smartphone, but still.

After this and that, the castle was built.

After raising it over the big moat, we crossed over the big drawbridge yet again and advanced towards the inside of castle walls. The water in the moat is perfectly clear;it appears that it was being pulled from the nearby river. The purification system seems to be similar to the one used in the canals going around the Babylon. By merging the floodgates upstream and downstream, at times when it seems that a flood will occur after heavy rain or something, it is also possible to alter the flow's direction.

When we enter the inside of castle walls after passing through the splendid castle gates, there are defense facilities composed of side towers and ramparts and so on, as well as the gatekeepers-san's guardroom, and then there was also a large garden spreading out. And the back of the house lead to the training field.

Furthermore, when we ascended the spacious stairway built with splendid marble inside, a gorgeous water fountain at the center of the garden became visible.

When we proceeded further, crossing the garden, the gate leading inside of the castle finally came into sight. When we opened the large double doors and entered inside, an unbelievably high open ceiling with wonderful chandelier and a big staircase leading to the second floor lay before our eyes. The staircase with the laid out red carpet divides to the left and right midway, and connects towards the second floor.

That shape of a drawn gentle curve-when I thought where have I seen that, I remembered, no way, it resembled Belfast's castle. When I think about that seriously, isn't that natural? After all, this castle is using Belfast's castle's design as the foundation.

「It is lovely. It is somehow soothing」

It seems Yumina feels similar as well. She felt so since it resembles the place where she was born and raised, you know.

Ascending to the second floor, when we opened the big door of a secluded room, an extravagantly wide place with high ceiling came into view. Furnished with a big skylight in the ceiling, the room had shining light downpour on a gorgeous chair which is raised above the floor. Is this the audience room?

「Isn't that a little too gorgeous? This thing.......」

Who will be the one sitting there? me?

「It is surely the place to receive the visiting messengers of the foreign countries and others, thus if it isn't at least this extravagant, you will be made fun of. Touya-sama's magnificence has to be shown off」

I understand what Ruu says as well, but...... I am still embarrassed, somehow. After being asked to try to sit on the chair by everyone and then coerced, I tried to sit down for the time being, but it was the most uncomfortable. However, everyone said things like [Ooh~] and [quite good] at their own convenience.

First of all, there will be no messengers or such in a country where there is still nothing, I think. And even then, there are no vassals as well. It will be unnecessary for a while.

After that, everyone, wondering about their own rooms and so on, looked around the facilities freely. I as well tried to visit reception hall, dining hall, library, concert hall, drill ground, courtyard, but I was not able to bring myself to see them all. As I thought, isn't it too spacious? Rather than Belfast's castle, the plan was to make it considerably smaller, but still.

When we finished looking around to some extent, everyone came to sit and relax on the sofa at the big room facing the large balcony.

「Weeell, it is spacious ~degozaru. Cleaning it will be dreadful ~degozaru......」

「Well, since the castle is bestowed with [Protection] as a whole, I think neither simple dirt nor cracks won't attach. However, because the dust will collect.......」

As I answered Yae and turned my head to the balcony, I saw Yumina and Ruu making merry while gazing at the outside scenery. What energy..... That's youth, isn't it. Or rather, that makes me sound like an old man.

Coming to the place where we relax, the maid corps of Lapis-san, Cecil-san, Rene, and Shisuka brought black tea and tea cakes. Lime-san is waiting behind as well.

「A wonderful castle, Danna-sama. By any means, I didn't even think that without passing even one year since since I started working, I would be serving in the castle once again」

「Forgive me. Lime-san originally stopped serving at the castle, returned home and yet... 」

「No-no. The blood of youth these days seems to be boiling. Since after this, it seems like it will become even more hectic.......」

Saying so, Lime-san laughs. Because the person himself doesn't mind it, it will be better for me not to mind it as well.

「Master, there surely is a garden with a fountain in it, but is it fine to revise it a little bit again?」

While pouring the tea, Shisuka asks such a thing. Since she was managing the sky garden of Babylon, I guess gardening is her forte. Apart from Julio-san, who is in charge of courtyard, it has been decided that Shisuka may do as she likes in regard to garden.

「By the way, the training room in castle...」

「There is one ! ! 」

(TL: I assume it is some kind of euphemism for S&M play. UP: after googling the kanji, I am now sure of it. NSFW)

She truly does not behave, this fellow!

When I picked up the tea cup, Rene placed the bowl with tea cakes for me. After that time, Rene heard about her own origin from Carol-san. However, instead of returning to the Empire, she announced to continuing to live here. And promised to meet with grandmother eventually when she sorted out her feelings.

Rene too, got used to the maid appearance, and it seems that she grew accustomed to everyone's help as well. Sometimes she makes a mistake too, but her level isn't bad.

「However, Danna-sama~. If comes to us living here as well, won't it be a little inconvenient~? It will be a hard time as well to go to buy things, you know~? 」

Cecil-san asks me with the soft same as usual tone. Certainly, with there being nothing but the castle in this country, it isn't possible to even do shopping.

「Tentatively, the plan is to connect this place and Belfast's mansion with [Gate], you see. It is indeed inconvenient 」

I considered that since before, and thought about making an authentication type [Gate]. By making a [Program], it will be prepared so that only the people I authorize could pass by. After all, it is better to be cautious.

「Let's request Tom-san and Hack-san to be the mansion's gatekeepers as is. Thus if something happens on the opposite side, they could contact this place. The defense on this side..... That's it, should we put Cerberus or something in garden? 」

「The strongest watchdog, right」

Elsie laughs. Hell's watchdog is the watchdog of my castle. His nose is good too, if there are intruders, he will immediately notice them, I think.

It should be fine as well to summon werewolves or lizardmen as guards, but as one would expect, if I go that far, it seems like it will be called monster castle or something, which I am a bit hesitant about.

「Are? What could it be...... a puppy.... Not. A bear.... A teddy-bear?」

Ruu who was at balcony raised her voice seemingly wondered. A Bear? Could it be.....

Quickly going to the balcony, I concentrate my eyes in the direction where Ruu looks in. Over there walks a stuffed bear with small steps, passing through the castle gates together with its master who opened her black parasol.


「Good grief...... when I turned my eyes for a moment, you became a king or something... what a promotion, you know. Rather than surprised, I am shocked」

While sitting on the sofa and drinking black tea, Rin declares to me so. Opposite from her, after kneeling down, Pola rubbed her hands together as she drew close to me. What is the purpose of that [Program]...?

「Moreover, you received a Regulus Empire's princess among other things? It is good be without worries, right?」

The phrase containing sarcasm somewhere came flying. Well, accurately speaking, because I received princesses, I got stuck with receiving the country......

「Well, my bad about the place being occupied with nothing but founding a nation, however it was decided that I will come to this country as Misumido ambassador. Please take care of me while living together」

「Ha!? Wait a minute, if i remember correctly Rin is an ambassador staying in Belfast, right? 」

「I passed that task to different person. Here seems to be more interesting」

Are you serious..... Well, I don't really mind but is it fine to change (your work) with reason being that it is interesting or something.... Still, if it is His Majesty Beast King of Misumido, he seems to permit it easily.

「And then, there is one personal discussion. There are children saying they want to work here, and I wondered if could you hire them ?」

「Saying they want to work... in this country?」

「That's right. In Brunhild Dukedom」

N~... Though there are hardly enough assistants, I don't wanna thoughtlessly employ someone as well. Even if someway or another a scheming fellow doesn't mix up among them, they won't be restricted. N? Aah, there is Yumina's magic eye, right? If it is that, she will be able to see through the person holding an evil intention or malice, I think.

「Well, if that's the case, for the time being I will only meet them. Where are those people? 」

「They are waiting outside of castle gates」

Taking Yumina and Ruu along, when we moved to the other side of drawbridge, over there were three young lads. Rather than them being young lads, and apart from whether I am the same as well, they are slightly younger however. When all three of them saw my figure, they lowered their knees and hung their heads. Aaah, stand up, stand up. If you do such a thing, that will be uncomfortable.

Etto, all three of them are beastmen, right. Rabbit boy, wolf girl and... fox boy, is it. Are? That rabbit boy.... Where did I.... Ah !

「Etto, you are Rain-san, aren't you?」

「It has been a while, Touya-sama」

Redheaded short rabbit boy smiles with a grin. That's right, that's right, during the travel to Misumido, he was a subordinate of wolfman officer Garun.

Are? Still, if that's the case, shouldn't he be the soldier of Misumido?

「I have retired from soldier employment of Misumido. Please employ me in this country somehow」

「Still why... Garun-san was surely pleased with you, and you would be able to get promotion too」

「At the time when Touya-sama brought down black dragon, I was deeply moved by what a truly amazing person you are. Because of that person founding a nation, not being able already to even stay or stand, depending on request towards Rin-sama...... 」

That's more than I deserve. Don't wanna feel that responsibility..... While listening to that, the wolf girl standing next to him giggled.

「Rain-chan. Calm down. Touya-sama is pulling back」

「Ah... for~, forgive me」

Becoming bright red, Rain-san hangs his head in shame. Glancing sideways, the wolf girl with pin-up styled silver hair bows her head a little.

「I am called Norun. You have looked after my older brother」

「Older brother?」

「Norun is a younger sister of officer Garun」

Rain-san gives an explanation to me who was looking dubious. Aah, because of that....

The left-over fox boy quickly bowed his head to me, who was consenting. He seems like a boy with serious, stiff look. I wonder if he is a few years older than me? He is also tall. His fox ears stretched over his blond hair and fluffy tail are shaking quickly.

「Nicola Strand. Nice to meet you. Heika(king)」

Saying so, he takes an upright standing posture with a snap. I would like for you stop with Heika, but..... I am a king of dukedom, appearing to become a formal king, but it seems that in my former world there was no such position. It seems to exist in anime world. Though it was destroyed by colony laser (TL: I guess, gundam reference?). Well, it is nonsense to bring up the the common knowledge of the other side. Since it seems to be certainly different still from the [Duke] as in Duke Ortlinde. It seems to not be very good thinking much about it. More than that, what I am wondering about....

「You say Strand..... Do you have any relation to the house of Olga-san?」

「Olga-san is a cousin from father's side. Trade merchant Orba Strand is my uncle 」

Ah, as I thought. What's this, doesn't that make it so that all three people have a connection with me after all? When I tried to think about that, this makes sense. Since the nation was just founded, unless it is the people who are somehow personally related to me, it won't likely to be known.

「Those three people are also skillful as it is, I think they are fit to guard this castle」

As I hear Rin's recommendation, I switch my line of sight to Yumina. She quietly smiles and gives a small nod. It seems like, they passed the judgement of magic eyes.

「N~... I have not yet decided anything, however. Since there is no work resembling that of Knight Order or an Army, I might have you replace it with odd jobs or something. If it is still good then」

「「「Please treat me well」」」

A nice reply. For the time being, about the place to live, there is said to be a guardroom as well. Men and women should be in different ones, I think. Maybe I should have them live in the main castle. Let's think about that after the number of people increases.

When an organization similar to the Knight order is made eventually, should I construct a building for that as well.

「Then, two men and one woman, it is still not the number of the Knight Order still. Since it might properly become one eventually, then....... N?」

Rain-san put on heavy atmosphere towards my words. Norun-san makes an awkward cramped smile, Nicola-san plainly turns away his eyes. Eh? What is it? Did I somehow say something bad?

「Baka. Rain-san is the girl, you know」


The words were thrown in from behind by Rin, and looking at the behavior of Pola, who is holding back her face to such impression underneath feet feet, the sweat started running from all of my body. Eh? Are you serious....?

Rotating my face with [gi-gi-gi-gi-gi], I am facing towards Lane-san, who is feeling despondent and dangling her rabbit ears. Eh, short hair, the sense of handsome youth is indeed felt... Certainly, If I look properly, neutral-like features, or rather, a woman's, are visible....right. I can see it.

「.......a woman」

「Forgive me for my mistaaake ! ! 」

It is unheard of for an official king to prostrate himself, but the history of this country started just like that.


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