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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 100


TL: Airsblue

ED: greujnik

Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

Chapter 100: Country Foundation, and Castle Construction

A week has passed since the Empire's rebellion uproar. His Majesty the Emperor suppressed the that mutiny, and I was praised as the Hero who saved the Imperial Capital. In regards to my standpoint, it was that of an adventurer from [Belfast] who helped out [Imperial Capital].

Making use of this opportunity, the friendship with Belfast as well as alliance was announced and separation of the territory from both counties at same time as well as the foundation of [Brunhild Dukedom] was approved. With me as sovereign king.

Everyone seemed surprised about the establishment of the new nation, but currently there is nothing but the plains there. The interest in it did not last for long. I guess, it is fine since I am not thinking of moving there immediately. Even if it is called a country there is nothing there, and there are no particular plans to have people move there either. I should think about that huge extraterritorial plot which I received in advance. Should I perhaps create something like fields or orchards there.

The announcement of my engagement to Yumina and Rue was postponed. From Belfast side, depending whether the queen Yuella is carrying boy or girl, my standing will change too. For that reason, the announcement of Yumina's engagement was postponed, and it is also the reason why the announcement of Rue's engagement was also postponed.

General Bazuru and several army officials were executed. Since it was completely treason on their part it was natural of course. The [Imbibe Demon's bracelet] and [Defense bracelet] collected from that general, those are tools that brought so much strife. The similarly ambitions people may have come after them again. For Belfast and Regulus too, with how these things are nothing but seeds of troubles, it was decided eventually that they will be destroyed.

It wasn't a situation where I could say something like [As a matter of fact, those are the Babylon's legacy, and I should have an ownership]. I thought of switching them with a fakes created in the [Workshop] as well, but that would also be a form of cheating to the King and the Emperor. They are the people who are going to be my fathers-in-law after all.

In front of both majesties the bracelets were crushed flat with the [Gravity]. As I thought, it is regrettable...

Now then, the region is taken from each country and transferred, meaning the new country was founded.


[...In the end, will we move to that country?]

[Inya~? I don't have such plans though?]

While answering to Lindsay, I drink the black tea which Lime-san brought to the living room. Because it will be inconvenient. The Royal Capital is more convenient.

[However, it is fine now ~degozaru, but I think it has been arranged so that we will move there anyway ~degozaru]

[Eh? Why?]

[Stupid. Later Yumina and Rushia, whoever engagement will be announced, should you yet continue living here, it will seem like that you are leaning towards Belfast, don't you agree]

Oh, Is it so? I guess it will not be pleasant for the Empire, right? Well, with [Gate] whether it is the Royal Capital or Empire Capital, because I can come there instantly, I really can't see any problem with that either.

[Then we have no choice but to live in Brunhild, do we? What should we do?...... Should I move this whole house to the other side?]

[Wouldn't it be better to leave it at this location because Royal Capital is here? As an embassy of Brunhild Dukedom]

I guess that's right now you mention it? There is some point to what Yumina says too. So, in this case do I have to build a new place to live there?

[Should I buy a mansion somewhere and transfer it to Brunhild? No, is it better to transfer that empty house in Babylon......]

[How about building a castle if you are going to do it? For argument sake, Touya-sama is that country king, rather than searching for residence, it will be more superb to be able to revise it according it your tastes]

[Ah, that sounds nice. Something like a beautiful white castle is wonderful]

Yumina responds to Rue's proposition, and they started chatting in high spirits. They really are on good terms. Those two, they are pretty much together recently probably because they are same age. Maybe because their birthplaces and growing conditions are similar, they are able to get along. Rather than being in bad relations, being in ones is much better, I am rather saved.

[A Castle......]

I connect to smartphone net, and search images for [Castle]. Various images of castles are quickly projected in the air. [TL: Papapatto = quickly]

[...Touya-san, these are?]

[The Castle Catalog... something like a picture book maybe?]

I answer Lindsey ambiguously, and make the images slide one by one.

[There are also a castles like the ones in Ishen ~degozaru]

Because I only searched for [Castle] the search contained castles from Japan as well.... However, there are really a lot of castles. Is there also castle like [Steen Castle]? it might be suitable for me who is using slip.

[This castle it is white and pretty~]

Is castle from Hluboka, the Czech Republic caught Rue's eyes? Certainly it is white and pretty however......

[Well, you see ....? Isn't it really too big after all? It is not like we have any retainers in the first place. It will rather inconvenient if it is that big right now....]

[Un, when you say that.......]

[Let's first build a small castle, and extend it if it becomes necessary, let's go with that idea?]

And, even though it was decided, I don't know how to build a castle. Well, as long as I have the materials, just the external appearance can be made with [Modeling]? But it will be very troubling. However, going as far as making an interior will be impossible. I can only understand some parts from picture. If I use Belfast castle as some sort of reference, I might be able to do it, but how much time will this take....?

[Wonder if there is a handy castle somewhere that is not being used......?]

[I thought this may happen, ~dearimasu!]

Baan! And Rosetta who was wearing work clothes jumped into the room. Wa! That surprised me!

[Now is the time! The time when I can show the true ability of [Workshop], ~dearimasu!]

Gutsu, grasping the fist tightly, she held to sky. You tension is excessively high, Oi!

[In addition to the replication function, [Workshop] is equipped with automatic remodeling function ~orimasu! Scanned object is remodeled to your own taste, and it will be possible to make it ~arimasu]

Mufuu~, with rough breathing Rosetta explains it at once. Automatic remodeling function? It can remodel the scanned objects?

[Come now, let's go ~arimasu! To my [Workshop]!]

===========================Scene Change=========================

Bringing along Rue who couldn't hide her surprise for seeing [Babylon] for the first time with everyone to the pure-white cube, we entered inside the [Workshop]. Small cubes are gathered one after another from the floor, and surprisingly a monitor-like thing is constructed in front or Rosetta. In same way a small chair was prepared behind her. Rosetta sits on that chair and touch the monitor with her hand.

[Let's scan this county castle at once ~dearimasu]

I made Babylon move to the skies above the castle beforehand. No one noticed it thanks to the stealth function. However, for the shadow to also not appear, it is mysterious no matter how many times I see....... ...... I should stop having questions about magic. I will go bald!

The view of Belfast Castle from the sky is displayed on the facade of the monitor. When I thought about a green light that wrapped the castle for a moment, a three-dimensional like image of that castle was floating on the screen.

[Scan Completed. I will switch to the automatic remodeling ~dearimasu. Are there any requests ~arimasu?]

Rosetta turned around towards us and asked.

[Request, you say?... That's right. First, it doesn't need to be so big like this. Can you cut off several rooms?]

[Roger ~dearimasu]

Various places are being drastically cut as Rosetta touches the three-dimensional image with her hand, it is becoming compact. Does the design change as well?

[Ah, also this tower is no good too. Remove it. For The courtyard, it is better to be a little more wider in this direction]

As to match up with my orders, the castle transforms again. Is remodeling this kind of thing? This is certainly nice. The [Workshop] automatically adjusts minute details and modifications.

[Does anyone have any wishes too?]

[Let me see.... I would like the balcony to be more spacious]

[I wish for vast dojo inside the castle ~degozaru]

[Ah, then I also want a hand-to-hand fighting place inside as well!]

[...I want a few separated libraries above all, desu]

[The canal a little bit longer and wider, I want a big drawbridge]

Receiving everyone's orders one by one, the shape of the castle changes. There is already no remains of the Belfast castle which we started with. It is completely different. A canal and castle gate, drawbridge, not only the castle but the surrounding buildings are also changing.

[Is it fine with this ~dearimasu?]

[Un, there is no problem. And? How are you going to make that?]

[I go to the site and make parts according to this data, I transfer and assembly it together after transforming the land ~dearimasu. After three days it will be completed ~dearimasu]

This much in only three days? [Workshop] is amazing. If we utilize that, will we not be able to make something like a town soon?

[That is if the materials are available ~dearimasu]

[............ha?] say......Eh? For Castle? Just wait a minute, what do you mean?

[Saying materials for castle, you mean ingredients? Like marble and bricks?]

[Not just those, from glass to lumber, metals such as brass and iron, till even cloth like silk, cotton and linen, it is necessary to gather all necessary materials ~dearimasu]

[Like I could!!]

Did you even think how much time I will need to gather all the materials! Then it is not that different from paying money to build the castle normally! It saves only the labor cost! No, perhaps the labor cost is a considerable sum of money even for one castle!

[Ano~, saying this, does this have to be new materials?]

Rue nervously asks Rosetta.

[There won't be any problems even if they are old because the materials will be disassembled and restructured again ~dearimasu. But as expected it cannot rebuild what has decayed too much ~dearimasu]

[...... If that's the case, there should be an abandoned fortress to the north of the empire. If you collect it entirely, wouldn't there be enough materials to use?......]

I see! When using what was originally a castle the necessary materials should reduce significantly. Even if the cloth became tattered and cannot be used, things like stones, metals and glass can probably be reconstructed for use. And even if an abandoned castle disappeared it wouldn't cause any problems. Getting the permission from his Majesty the Emperor, should we try to go to that castle at once?

I thought it was my lucky day. To me who tried to start acting immediately, Rue who proposed it detained me apologetically for some reason.

[etto...ano~, actually about that fortress............... It comes out......]

[...... what does?]

[Ghosts, desu]

OiOi. A Haunted it?


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