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Immortal - Volume 3 - Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Book 3 Chapter 19: Investiture of the Gods

Translator: Princeknife and C

Editor: Dragneel, and Megumin_Explosion

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’’From today on, Zhong Tian and Zhong Zheng will be conferred the title of prince of Qing Kingdom.’’ Zhong Shan decreed.

’’Yes, Imperial Father!’’

Zhong Tian and Zhong Zheng immediately accepted his decree.

In that instance, on the Investiture of the Gods, the heading ’’Prince’’ slowly appeared.

Along with it, Zhong Tian and Zhong Zheng's name appeared underneath it.

With two princes, Zhong Shan's Qing Kingdom was naturally going to be different from traditional kingdoms. Being the prince does not mean he will be the heir apparent to the throne.

Rather, it means that the person has obtained Zhong Shan's approval and will be conferred the title of prince, with only Zhong Shan's authority preceding him.

’’From today on, Lin Xiao will be conferred as the Commander of the Qing Kingdom's First Legion Corps.’’

’’From today on, Ying Lan will be conferred as the Commander of the Qing Kingdom's Second Legion Corps.’’

Qing Kingdom, as long as it did not have an imperial court, it will be far from the level of a Kingdom.

Following on, Lin Xiao's and Ying Lan's names appeared on the Investiture of the Gods under the headings of ’’First Legion Commander’’ and ’’Second Legion Commander’’ respectively.

’’From today on, Wei Tai Zhong will serve the Qing Kingdom as the Head of Internal Affairs.’’


Zhong Shan made a series of announcements and the officials of the imperial court obediently followed.

Once all the preparations were complete, Zhong Shan then kept the Investiture of the Gods. In the future, he will construct am Astronomical Observatory to consecrate the Investiture of the Gods.

’’Long live Your Majesty! Long live! Long live!’’ The hundreds of officials and thousands of soldiers hurriedly kowtowed.

’’Mm. Let's start the Imperial Court.’’ Zhong Shan commanded and moved down the platform leisurely.

Under the support of the officials, Zhong Shan proceeded towards Xuan City. In the center of Xuan City, near the Zhong Residence, he constructed a huge palace named Longevity Palace.

In the future, Longevity Palace will be where the Imperial Court proceedings will be held.

Within the palace lies the throne. Zhong Shan stepped inside the palace and made his way up to the throne. He took a deep breath and his sight slowly roamed over the throne before sitting down on it. At the sides of the court, the officials and generals stood in two lines, each of them on different sides.

’’Long live Your Majesty! Long live! Long live!’’

’’Rise.’’ Zhong Shan indicated.

’’Thanks Your Majesty!’’ The officials and generals replied resoundingly.

After witnessing the scene of the wind dragon's phenomenon, the hearts of the officials were captured and had unwavering respect towards Zhong Shan as the Emperor.

’’Lin Xiao.’’ Zhong Shan started.

’’This subordinate is here.’’ Lin Xiao immediately answered.

’’The Song Kingdom is invading our Kingdom. Bring your First Legion Corps and exterminate the invaders.’’ Zhong Shan ordered.

’’Yes, Your Majesty.’’ Lin Xiao received the order.

’’Ying Lan.’’ Zhong Shan said after.

’’This subordinate is here.’’ Ying Lan immediately answered and went forward.

’’The Hun Kingdom has fallen and the Kingdom is not in peace. Bring your Second Legion Corps and eliminate all traitors, appeasing the four great families.’’ Zhong Shan commanded.

’’As you command.’’ Ying Lan accepted her mission.

Continuing on, Zhong Shan went on the other areas of governance, such as the land for the citizens to live in and taking stock of the number of people in the Kingdom.

Xuan City was also renamed as Xuan Capital.

To expand Xuan Capital, the common people were to migrate to the lands outside the city and all losses incurred will be borne by the Kingdom itself. This was part of the plan to develop the capital city.

With the new emergence of the Qing Kingdom, there are many things to be done. But under the governance of Zhong Shan, he is sure to sort out the late Hun Kingdom thoroughly.

’’End of court!’’ Wei Tai Zhong called out.

’’Long live Your Majesty! Long live! Long live!’’ The imperial court retreated.

At the same time, Zhong Shan leisurely returned from the Longevity Palace to the Zhong Residence.

With the Kingdom stabilized, Zhong Shan called for Zhong Tian at night.

’’Imperial Father.’’ Zhong Tian paid his respects.

’’You should go out to explore the lands with your master. You need not worry about the things here anymore. Remember, regardless of what happens in the future, you will always be a prince of the Qing Kingdom.’’ Zhong Shan said in a solemn tone.

’’Yes, Imperial Father.’’ Zhong Tian obediently listened to Zhong Shan's wishes.

’’This is five hundred spirit stones, and they are useful for your cultivation. Keep these for yourself.’’ Zhong Shan told Zhong Tian. He waved his hand and a mountain of spirit stones filled the table.

’’I thank Imperial Father.’’ Zhong Tian nodded.

’’You can go now’’ Zhong Shan said. Zhong Tian then nodded and left.

Yi Lan Hall became empty and Zhong Shan softly commanded, ’’An Huang, come out.’’

’’Yes Master.’’ An Huang softly came out from the shadows.

Looking at An Huang, Zhong Shan started, ’’Today, at the Imperial Court, I created a department to surround and protect the Emperor. The department consists of two units. One is in the light, namely the Embroidery Guards and could be used to bring order to the Kingdom. The second one will be the ’’Dark Night Hall’’. From today on, the Dark Night Hall will also be used to protect the Emperor with the soldiers in it called the Shadow Guards. You will serve as its commander.’’

’’Yes.’’ An Huang replied.

’’Gather some Shadow Guards to protect Ying Lan in secret.’’ Zhong Shan passed his order. An Huang immediately acknowledged and carried out his order.

Kaiyang Sect, Kaiyang Peak, within the Kaiyang Palace.

Tian Xing Zi sat at the Sect Master seat. Seated at his side was Xuan Xin Zi and Gu Shuang Zi. Seated below him is the energetic Tian Ling Er and the extremely stern-looking Nie Qing Qing.

Nie Qing Qing frowned her brows, showing as if she did not want to be here. If not for Ling Er, she may just leave on the spot.

Within the Palace, there was another person. It is Zhong Shan who appeared in a white garb and exuded a feeling of cleanliness.

Zhong Shan adjusted his clothing and faced Tian Xing Zi. He paid his respects to Tian Ling Zi with three bows and four kowtows, a rule of the Kaiyang Sect.

’’Disciple Zhong Shan pays respect to Master.’’ Zhong Shan grandly said and gently took a cup of tea, bringing it to Tian Ling Zi.

Today is Zhong Shan's Disciple Ceremony. Zhong Shan is a proud person. He even created created the Qing Kingdom and became its ruler, but so what?

Ultimately, cultivation requires guidance from experts. At the Kaiyang Sect, if there is a Jindan stage expert willing to provide him with guidance with his cultivation, Zhong Shan will be immensely thankful.

Now that Tian Ling Zi is at the Nascent Soul Stage, Zhong Shan could not be more satisfied.

Bei Qing Si possessed a cultivation at the Gold Core Stage but Zhong Shan knows that their relationship is rather ordinary or could be considered complicated. It's impossible for her to wholeheartedly guide Zhong Shan with his cultivation. Now with the Kaiyang Sect Master's guidance, Zhong Shan was more than contented.

After accepting the tea for the Disciple Ceremony, Tian Ling Zi smiled, ’’Kaiyang Sect's rules states for you who is at the Xiantian stage, you can only be considered as a third generation disciple. Today, I'll take you in as a disciple-in-name. Once you reach the Gold Core Stage, you will officially be a true disciple of mine.’’

’’Yes, Master.’’ Zhong Shan answered.

Within the hall, the rest of the people present bore witness to this.

’’These two objects are jade talismans. I believe you have seen Ling Er use it before. For now, let it be Master's gift to you.’’

Tian Xing Zi took out two jade talismans and gave it to Zhong Shan.

’’Thank you Master!’’ Zhong Shan enthusiastically said and received the jade talismans. One is the Ice Phoenix jade talisman and the other is the Fire Phoenix jade talisman.

Having seen Tian Ling Er use it before, Zhong Shan knew that the talismans were capable of threatening Gold Core primary stage experts. Yet, in the hands of Zhong Shan, it is surely not limited to just that little destructive ability.

’’En, since you have already acknowledged your master, I should be going. Ling Er, let's go.’’ Nie Qing Qing immediately rose up to leave, not giving Tian Xing Zi any face.

’’No, Aunt, you leave first!’’ Tian Ling Er vehemently shook her head and said.

Ever since the incident with the Thunder Scorpion Egg, Tian Ling Er learnt of her own heart and what she wanted to do, how could she leave at this moment?

Frowning at Zhong Shan, Nie Qing Qing humphed and left Kaiyang Palace.

Within the palace hall, Gu Shuang Zi coldly observed, showing an obvious unapproving look to Nie Qing Qing.

Xuan Xin Zi wore no expression on her face, making it hard to discern her thoughts.

Tian Ling Er seemed as if she did not notice the commotion and has placed all her focus on Zhong Shan.

As for Tian Xing Zi, he lightly sighed, his heart still withholding feelings of guilt for neglect towards Nie Qing Qing.

’’Senior Brother's eye for talent is truly outstanding. Within two years, from the last time Zhong Shan came to Kaiyang Sect to pass on a letter, who knew his progress at cultivation could be this fast? Fifth level of Xiantian, amongst the newly accepted disciples, those who could reach this stage are little.’’ Xuan Xin Zi suddenly said.

’’This cannot be related to me. Everything is because of Zhong Shan's hard work. Without such strong willpower, it is impossible to accomplish such an achievement.’’ Tian Xing Zi refuted.

’’This disciple is able to accomplish all these due to luck.’’ Zhong Shan immediately spoke up.

Everyone's gazes landed on Zhong Shan, nodding Shan, nodding their heads and satisfied with his answer.

’’I'll be heading back too.’’ Gu Shuang Zi rose up and said.

’’En.’’ Tian Ling Zi nodded his head.

Xuan Xin Zi and Gu Shuang Zi bid goodbye one after another. Tian Xing Zi just nodded his head, allowing them to leave.

In the palace hall, there is only three people left, Tian Xing Zi, Zhong Shan and Tian Ling Er.

’’Zhong Shan, I've examined your body the last time, you are at the pinnacle Fifth layer Xiantian stage. One more step, you will be able to form your genuine energy. Cultivate well.Once you have formed your genuine energy, I will arrange the sequence of opening your acupoints according to your physique.’’

’’Understood.’’ Zhong Shan earnestly replied.

’’Ling Er.’’ Tian Xing Zi then called out.

’’Yes?’’ Tian Ling Er looked at Tian Xing Zi questioningly.

’’This time you went out, the greatest gain is your cultivation achieving Tenth layer Xiantian stage. Half a month from now, you can already start going into seclusion to charge to the Gold Core.’’ Tian Xing Zi seriously said.

’’Ah? So fast?’’ Tian Ling Er immediately spoke up, her face showing traces of unwillingness.

Zhong Shan who was listening by the side turned extremely gloomy. Such a fast cultivation speed, how reluctant can you be?

But when Tian Xing Zi heard it, he was turned speechless and his mind turned blank.

’’What? Entering Gold Core is not enough?’’ He asked.

’’Once I start charging to Gold Core stage, I will need at least a year in seclusion. Spending an entire year in a small room. How boring..’’ Tian Ling Er grumbled while her gaze kept on flitting back towards Zhong Shan.

’’This is something your have to face sooner or later. Moreover, in half a month's time, in that secret room, there will be a spirit wave, which is the best aid for your breakthrough.’’ Tian Ling Zi sternly berated.

’’Okay.’’ Tian Ling Er nodded her head.

’’Master, does the sect have any records pertaining to heavenly treasures, miraculous pills and mythical beasts?’’ Zhong Shan suddenly spoke.

’’You want to see them?’’ Tian Xing Zi looked at Zhong Shan with a smile.

’’Yes, this disciple would like to understand them first, to prevent myself from missing out on a great opportunity when I see them in the future.’’ Zhong Shan explained.

’’Good. Ling Er, bring him to the Treasure Pavillion.’’ Tian Xing Zi told Tian Ling Er.

’’Yes!’’ She happily answered.

’’Master, this disciple shall be taking his leave.’’ Zhong Shan said politely and following Tian Ling Er, he left the palace hall and went across the various peaks towards the Treasure Pavillion.

Standing at Kaiyang Peak, Tian Xing Zi looked at the leaving Zhong Shan and Tian Ling Er. Seeing the bright smile on Tian Ling Er's face and her ecstatic attitude and looking at Zhong Shan, he smiled to himself. His eyes glimmered with warmth and gentleness.

Treasure Pavillion is a huge palace situated at a remote mountain valley. It is surrounded by scenic greenery. There is a bamboo forest and a small lake exuding a sense of tranquility and emptiness.

However, just when Zhong Shan and Tian Ling Er was about to arrive at the valley, there were two elders bickering in the middle of a fight. From afar, Zhong Shan already recognised one of them at first glance.

Shou Shan, the first time Zhong Shan entered Zhong Shan entered Kaiyang Sect, he was the Elder responsible for the mountain pass into the sect. Even though he look dishevelled as if he is one foot into the coffin already, he gave Zhong Shan the feeling of an unfathomable power.

Shou Shan was facing another old Elder in the middle of a spat, perhaps fighting over their turn in chinese chess. Neither of them willing to give way.

’’Grandpa Shan, Grandpa Zong. You guys forgot who took the first turn again?’’

Tian Ling Er happily ran towards the two old grandpas, her eyes filled with a teasing light. Yet, the teasing from the energetic and lovable doll-like Tian Ling Er could not spark the slightest bit of anger from anyone.

Shou Shan spoke up first, ’’Your Zong Grandpa is shameless again. Playing chess without any class.’’

’’You're the shameless one. You obviously had your turn already and still want to put one more tile down? Your brain is old and muddled!’’ The other old man by his side snapped.

’’It's obviously you being a low class person. Ling Er is here. Let's not make her embarrassed.’’Shou Shan rudely retorted.

Ling Er at the side was instead spectating the two elders having their fight with a smile hung on her face.

’’Disciple Zhong Shan pays his respects to the two Elders.’’ Zhong Shan bowed politely.

Both of them looked at Zhong Shan in unison.

’’You're the one who carried that letter last time?’’ Shou Shan looked at Zhong Shan and thought for a moment before asking.

’’It's this disciple.’’ Zhong Shan replied quickly.

’’No need to refer to yourself as this disciple and what not. I'm just the guardian of the gate and he is the guardian of the Treasure Pavillion that's all.’’ Shou Shan shook his head.

’’Shan Grandpa, Zong Grandpa, Zhong Shan is my father's disciple-in-name. My father let me bring Zhong Shan to Treasure Pavillion to read some books!’’ Tian Ling Er said sweetly.

’’Ehhh?’’ The two Elders looked at Zhong Shan in surprise.

’’Ai, I'm not going to disturb you guys playing chess anymore. Zhong Shan and I will be going to the Treasure Pavillion already. Oh, and I think, it's time for Shan Grandpa's turn.’’ Tian Ling Er spoke up mischievously before pulling Zhong Shan and running to the Treasure Pavilion.

Tian Ling Er's last sentence made Shou Shan as excited as if he had consumed an immortal pill, and he immediately left them at the back of his mind.

’’Haahha, see, Ling Er has spoken. It's my turn. Children's words are the most trusted.’’ Shou Shan joyfully gloated.

’’The turn before, Ling Er was not even here. Besides, is Ling Er still a child? She is already a young lady. Not counted! It's my turn!’’ Zong Elder refuted immediately.


While the two were bickering to no end, Zhong Shan and Tian Ling Er has already reached the Treasure Pavilion.

’’Ling Er, who are those two?’’ Zhong Shan turned to Tian Ling Er curiously.

’’You mean Zong Grandpa and Shan Grandpa? I don't really know, anyway I have seen them since I was a young child. Shan Grandpa's name is Shou Shan and Zong Grandpa's name is Shou Zong. They don't interact much with other people and they only talk to me. Aren't I impressive?’’ Tian Ling Er gleefully said.

’’Yes, very impressive.’’ Zhong Shan nodded.

Shou Shan? Shou Zong?


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