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Immortal Mortal - Chapter Prologue


Immortal Mortal - Chapter 0: Prolouge

- I, a mere mortal, a humble man!

I'm called Mo Wu Ji!

I want immortality!

Ha ha ha ha (laughing aloud) ...... Ruo Yin, I finally understood to make leaf of Iris (modified medicine) solution extracted from the solution of insect's arteries and veins, I succeeded......while the laboratory is somewhat messy though, Mo Wuji bursting into laughter, grabbed and held a porcelain bottle to hit, as if in a state of complete fanatic.

’’Ding Dong (bell rings) ... ...’’ A glass falls on the ground, spilling tea. A pretty woman in Chinese traditional dress was standing in the doorway, Mo Wuji kept guffawing and shaking, ’’Wuji, you succeeded? Really succeeded?’’

Mo Wuji sees a pretty woman at his front entrance, realizes Ruo Yin came to give him tea. Just like him, Ruo Yin was also shocked by the news, being under excitement, the tea cup fell on the ground.

’’Ruo Yin, this time there is absolutely no error. Just now, tested half a bottle solution myself, finally isolated the solution, feels like fire is burning, gradually expanding in the veins. At present the solution is a regulating pulse but the solution is still in progress to open up new horizons, we made it.’’

Mo Wuji gets the hold of the porcelain bottle, walk up to the woman excited, grabs her hands, ’’Ruo Jin, you worked so hard over the years. I only studied for the pulse solution, but now I want to let you take care of me. We can get married now, and then open a company that specializes in the production of this liquid medicine. I believe that our company will soon be sensational throughout the world.’’

Ruo Jin finally calms down, her still trembling voice said, ’’Is this medicine good for prescription?’’

Mo Wuji nodded, ’’Ruo Yin, don't worry, I have all the data is in my laptop, you can have a look... ...’’

Mo Wuji says to turn on the notebook.

Just then, he suddenly felt a cold, followed by an immense pain in his back. Then he saw the knife tip in front of his chest, it was a knife thrusted from behind him, piercing his heart.

Extreme pain caused him severe dizziness;his body strength starts to fade away. Mo Wu Ji slow fading eyes glazing the knife handle held by Xia Ruo Yin, opens his eyes murmuring, ’’Ruo Yin, Why? Why?’’

He still can't believe it, his longtime lover is behind the stabbing, the women he so beloved.

’’I'm sorry, Wuji, I'm sorry......’’ Xia Ruo Yin, her hand shaking, starts to panic. Her love for him died ten years ago, but alas murdered the man who loved her so much.

Two large teardrops from the corner of Mo Wuji's eye began to roll-out, he felt his body was beginning to feel more and more cold. His consciousness gradually disappeared and the radiance of his eyes had begun scattering, but he still was not willing to close his eyes, he was just starring at Xia Ruo Yin, ’’If you needed that solution formula...... I would have given you right away......Why? ... ...’’

Since he can remember, he has not shed an ounce of tear in his life and now that he's fading away, Mo Wuji could not escape prevailing shedding tears. But today, he was deeply wounded and hurt not by the wound but rather hurt in his heart.

Maybe even Xia Ruo Yin herself didn't know in her mind that she was dearest to Mo Wuji. If only she wished, he would at any time was willing to die for her, and today he was stabbed and in the verge of death by the hand of his beloved one.

Maybe the question will remain unanswered for a long time, maybe he will die unsatisfied and unwillingly, his radiant eyes slowly shutting down, indignity of only two tears dropping from the corners of his eyes.

’’Splat... ...’’ Finally, Xia Ruo Yin also shed two lines of tears, tear droplets fall on the corner of Mo Wuji eyes, washing away Mo Wuji's two drops of tears.


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