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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Trouble Comes Knocking On Your Door

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When Mo Wuji Just returned to the Lotus Sword Summit, it was already daybreak. Neither Yan'Er nor the Xiong Xiuzhu couple knew of his return, and Mo Wuji did not alert them of his presence either.

To a Tier 2 Mortal Pill Refiner like him, that sort of fractures were no big deal. Once he reached his room, Mo Wuji simply swallowed a few injury healing pills, and immediately opened up the thin piece of silk obtained from the broken sword.

The contents on the silk, that was no larger than the tip of the blade, were gobbled up by Mo Wuji's hungry eyes in the shortest amount of time possible. After he finished reading it, he froze on the spot for a moment. This indeed was the second half of the Revolving Star Passage Technique, but there were four words in it, of which he had obtained the first two: the Dou word, and the Zhuan word. Logically speaking, there would be two words in the second half, but in this this silk piece, there was only the Xing word.

He did get the technique manual, but it lacked the Yi word.

Even back then Mo Wuji repeatedly checked the inside of the broken sword to make sure that this was the only thing inside. As he could conclude by then, the Fallen Tune Sword was originally missing the Technique word of the Revolving Star Passage Technique.

The Xing Word was made up of four levels, the first being the Rising Dragon Star Shift, the second being the Earthly Star Shift, the third being the Heavenly Star Shift, and the fourth being the Revolving Star Passage, and the fourth level shared the same name as this technique.

As he put the silk piece away, something clicked within him. At his current level, who knew how many months it would take for him to master the first twelve levels of the Revolving Star Passage Technique, hence at least in the short term, the Yi word had no use to him at all. Moreover, he only had 27 meridians open at the moment, which meant that he had to find other ways to open his spirit channels, otherwise, it would be rather challenging for him to cross into Channel Opening Stage Level 5.


The next day, Xiong Xiuzhu saw that Mo Wuji was back, but did not think much about it.

Subsequently in the following days, Mo Wuji accompanied Yan'Er at the Lotus Sword Summit. With the bottleneck at cultivation he was facing, continuing to cultivate had little purpose. The plan was to go out for a trip, not only to ask Yan Qianyin about Tao Ao's broken legs, but to also purchase some ingredients for making the channel opening solution, then refine a batch of the drug. On top of all this, the most troublesome part was for him to find a source of lightning too.

Mo Wuji enjoyed this sedentary lifestyle for four to five days, but as he was about to leave, Yan Qianyin surprisingly appeared on his front door.’’Senior apprentice sister Yan, I was just about to go look for you, to request for your help on a matter. I didn't know you would come over to the Lotus Sword Summit yourself,’’ Mo Wuji quickly stepped forth to welcome Yan Qianyin upon sighting her arrival.

He had interacted with Yan Qianyin before, and as a result, knew that she was a decent person. But if both of them had a conflict of interest, she would naturally still take the side that was advantageous to her. Her sudden appearance at the Lotus Sword Summit must have been fueled by a need to request something from Mo Wuji. Knowing this, he decided to bring up his request first, as her request would likely be difficult to fulfil.

Her eyes gazed upon Mo Wuji as a forced smile appeared on her face, ’’Oh, so junior apprentice brother Mo chose the Lotus Sword Summit. The atmosphere here is rather average. Haha, so your intention must be to focus solely on cultivating. May I ask what issue you have for me this time?’’

With this sentence, Mo Wuji knew that Yan Qianyin understood him very well, and he replied in a straightforward manner, ’’Senior apprentice sister Yan, I have a family member whose legs were broken by someone else, so I wanted to ask for your assistance to fix that.’’ When she heard that this was all that Mo Wuji was asking of her, she let out a great sigh of relief, ’’Give him this pill, and his injuries should heal quickly.’’ ’’What sort of pill is this?’’ Curious, Mo Wuji inquired after receiving the jade bottle from Yan Qianyin. ’’It is a Tier 3 Mortal Pill, the Bone Settling Pill.’’ Yan Qianyin casually replied. Indeed, a Tier 3 Mortal Pill was nothing to a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner like her.

Immediately Mo Wuji summoned Xiong Xiuzhu, passing the pill to her, ’’Elder sister Xiong, this is a Bone Settling Pill given by senior apprentice sister Yan. Elder brother Tao's legs should heal after he consumes it.’’

’’What should, it definitely will heal his legs.’’ Yan Qianyin coldly corrected Mo Wuji's words. While Xiong Xiuzhu had never seen her before, but having been a service disciple in the Formless Blade Sect for many years, she could guess that this person was Yan Qianyin when Mo Wuji mentioned the words ’’senior apprentice Yan’’. Thinking back to the promise Mo Wuji made to her a few days ago, her heart raced with joy.

Xiong Xiuzhu's hands shivering in excitement as she received the pill. She simply could not remain as calm as Mo Wuji, kowtowing to Yan Qianyin before leaving the house. With her status and position, it would be a farce to promise to repay the favour.

Once Xiong Xiuzhu left, Yan Qianyin broke her silence, ’’Now that we've resolved your problem, I have one of my own for you.’’

Mo Wuji swiftly replied, ’’Please ask away senior apprentice Yan, as long as it is within my capabilities, I will try my best to fulfill it.’’ He did not blindly make any promises. After all, if she asked him to hand over Yan'Er, could he just give her away?’’

With a light laugh, Yan Qianyin spoke, ’’I know that you'll definitely do your best, but before we move on to my request, I have to inform you of something. When did you offend the Fire Sword Summit Head, Cang Qianxing? He's likely going to come settle his grudge with you soon.’’

His eyebrows instantly went into a frow. Even as a Summit Head, Cang Qianxing this scoundrel still dared to stand up for a piece of trash like Cang Wenbin. ’’The husband of the lady that you just gave a pill to, Tao Ao, had his legs broken by Cang Wenbin. I took in this poor couple, but he did not intend to simply let them off the hook, and came barging into the Blood Lotus Lake. But I foiled his plans.’’

Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Yan Qianyin was pretty impressed with him. ’’You're indeed a man of your word. I remember you once said that there are no high or low class people, only people with good or bad character, and from that I had a good impression of you. Now, you've actually walked the talk. I believe that other than you, there's probably no one else in the whole Formless Blade Sect that would dare to offend a summit head over two service disciples.’’

Mo Wuji simply chuckled, ’’I don't agree with you. I feel that you don't separate people by class either. Back when I was still a service disciple, didn't you stand up for me?’’ Yan Qianyin replied with a slight smile of her face, ’’That's different, it's because my my position was way higher than Pill Master Ju's, so no matter what I said, he would not dare to go against me at all.’’

At this point, Mo Wuji was tired of going on about this topic, so he changed the speaking point, ’’I've already gained the Lotus Sword Summit, so even if Cang Qianxing came, are you sure he would be able to kill me just like that? Senior apprentice sister Yan, why don't you tell me what you've come to request of me today?’’

With that, Yan Qianyin no longer brought up Cang Qianyin. Instead, she took out the broken hilt of a blade and placed it on the table in front of her. Mo Wuji's heart skipped a beat when he saw the hilt. This was precisely the one that he tampered with a few days ago at the Hanging Sword Cliff. There were even the words ’’Fallen Tune’’ on it.

What was Yan Qianyin's intention behind placing this half of the Fallen Tune Sword in front of him? Did she know that he had tampered with the hilt, and was here to question him about it?

But that shouldn't be the case, if it were questioning, Yan Qianyin would not be the one that came to look for him, but experts from the Enforcement Hall.

’’Senior apprentice sister Yan, this is...?’’ Mo Wuji acted as though this was the first time he saw this piece of the sword, analysing Yan Qianyin's movements suspiciously. He did not know what the hell was going on.


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