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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 94


Chapter 94: The Unusual Hanging Sword Cliff

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The whole process was very simple as it only took Mo Wuji a few minutes to slide over a distance of three metres. After arriving here, with the help of the hazy and dim moonlight, Mo Wuji was able to look at the broken sword very visibly.

The hilt of the broken sword had been locked up on the cliff by a mottled lock. Maybe it was due to many years of erosion by the wind and rain, the quality of this half of the broken sword was not as good as the half he found in the Formless Blade Mountain.

Mo Wuji did not bother about the quality of the broken sword hilt. Afterall, what he wanted was not the broken sword but rather what was inside the broken sword. Furthermore, he had no intentions to take the sword away.

Mo Wuji did not panic nor tried to rush things even if the other half of the sword was right in front of him. Instead, he even slowed and calmed himself down. This was the habit he cultivated over the many years of research: The more crucial something is, the more careful he shall be.

When Mo Wuji was less than a metre away from the broken sword, a powerful force swept Mo Wuji off his feet and then causing him to fall back onto the ground. It was almost as if Mo Wuji experienced a bizarre wind causing him to fall flat on the cliff. Despite being at Channel Opening Stage Level 4, this fall caused Mo Wuji to spit out blood and concurrently breaking one of the bones in his ribcage.

Mo Wuji took out his sharp knife in a hurry and point it in the direction of the opening of the cliff. The good thing was that this powerful force came and left very quickly, toyed with Mo Wuji and then disappeared without a trace.

Mo Wuji was a little creeped out by what happened hence he quickly took out and swallowed a pill from his pocket There was clearly no wind just now yet he was swept off his feet so casually.

At the thought of the legend of the Hanging Sword Cliff's gravitational pull, Mo Wuji did not dare to be careless. Mo Wuji finally settled down once again after careful observation for another minute to confirm that the bizarre wind would not come again.

Two minutes later, Mo Wuji appeared at the flat ground where the broken sword was placed at. Below him was the pitched black cliff and Mo Wuji could even feel the dense and chill vibes from all the way up here. It was as if all sorts of monsters were calling out for him from below, resulting in him having many goosebumps.

Mo Wuji was dead sure that this was not his illusion. He may not be of any stature when standing next to the other pill refiners but he should be considered to be a strong cultivator in the eyes of the mortals.

Seeing how odd this Hanging Sword Cliff was, Mo Wuji became extremely cautious as he slowly ascended the cliff. Instead of immediately grabbing the broken sword, Mo Wuji used his knife to start digging a hole for himself to take cover in the event of another powerful force acting on him.

Furthermore, the gravitational pull spoken of in the legend had not appeared yet. Once it appears, who knows whether the rope would be enough to keep him safe? What if he ignites a chain of reactions the moment he touched the broken sword? There was still some time before daylight hence it would not be wrong to take more precautions.

Being at Channel Opening Stage Level 4, Mo Wuji only needed very little energy to dig up the hole for himself to hide in.

To do such things, the one thing Mo Wuji did not lack was patience. Back on Earth, his drug refinery teacher once told him that: If one has perseverance and patience, the work will already be half done and the other half is dependent on skills. If one were to be anxious and impatient, he has already failed 90% of his work and the remaining 10% is dependent on luck.

It was due to the fact that this advice was etched deeply in his heart that he had succeeded so many times.

Only after Mo Wuji finished digging his cover that he reached out to grab the hilt of the sword cautiously.

Everything seemed calm and peaceful. There were neither any massive gravitational pull nor a powerful force like previously sweeping him off the ground.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief before using one hand to hold on to the cover he made and the other hand to grab and flip the hilt of the broken sword over to himself.

There were two words carved indistinctively onto the hilt of the sword: Luoqu. Yan Qianyin certainly did not lie about the origin of this sword. It did belonged to Mo Luoqu. Meticulous as always, Mo Wuji only took a short while to realise that these two words were carved onto the hilt much later on. The original wordings looked like it has been covered up. It seemed like this was not Mo Luoqu's sword from the beginning and that he only carved his name onto it after he realised he liked it.

Even though there were some mosses on the sword itself, it still looked very smooth. Just as Mo Wuji carefully used the knife in his other hand to clean the moss away, the powerful force came once again.

Even though Mo Wuji dug only a small hole for himself, the force was so strong that he was swept hard against the wall of the hole that he dug. He nearly broke his arm as a result of this impact.

An even more formidable force came straightaway after this wave of force died down. This time, the energy was from beneath. A powerful gravitational pull directly affected Mo Wuji, pulling him downwards.

Mo Wuji used all his strength to hold on to his position. Fortunately for him, the gravitational pull was only acting on him vertically downwards. Any other direction and he would have been blown away easily no matter how tightly he hold onto his position in the hole.

’’Ka...’’ Mo Wuji heard the cracking sound of his bone in his left leg. Mo Wuji gritted and held on even more tightly for his dear life.

He was secretly relieved that he was cautious and made a hole for himself to hide in in case of emergency. With such terrifying gravitational pull acting on him, the steel rod his rope was secured to would have followed him and his rope into the depths of the Hanging Sword Cliff. Even if the steel rod did not break loose, his body would have been torn apart anyway.

After a full half an hour, the energy dissipated and Mo Wuji quickly swallowed a pill. Following which, Mo Wuji hurried to get rid of the moss on the sword.

After removing the moss, the broken sword looked more even. Mo Wuji used his short knife to prick the fracture of the sword. Like he expected, a small hole was pricked opened by Mo Wuji. Instead of widening the hole, Mo Wuji used a hook to reach into it. In one try, he managed to hook out a thin silk just like the one he had on him.

Containing his excitement, Mo Wuji kept the thin silk into his pocket before putting things back in place. He waited for the fracture to not look so obvious before he carefully placed the moss back to where it was before.

Perhaps this was redundant but Mo Wuji did not mind at all. No matter the task, one must complete it meticulously. Sometimes, the incident that we thought will never happen are the ones that actually happened.

No one knew how long the sword was here for and maybe for a long time nobody will pay close attention to it. However, Mo Wuji did not think this way. He believed that if he was able to find something suspicious about this sword then there was a chance others could find it too.

After settling everything properly, Mo Wuji carefully placed the broken sword back in place. The moment he let go of the sword, the bizarre force acted again. Mo Wuji stayed in his hole, patiently waiting for the force to gradually disappear.

Yet another half an hour passed by before the force died down completely. Mo Wuji finally breathed easy,waited for a couple of minutes before releasing his rope to prepare to leave.

The pity was that he could not fill up the hole that he dug up. If he could, he would have filled it fully again before leaving.

Using his ability at Channel Opening Stage Level 4 without the interference of external influence, Mo Wuji landed with the aid of the rope in only a few minutes. After keeping his rope, Mo Wuji then kept his short knife.

He got his short knife from Hu Fei and it had already saved his life countless of times. Now that Mo Wuji was at Channel Opening Stage Level 4, he could tell how extraordinary this knife was. Even though it was not some treasure, a mortal iron shop will definitely not be able to make such a knife.


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