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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 92


Chapter 92: Lotus Sword Summit

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When he initially obtained this Revolving Star Passage Technique, Mo Wuji was extremely ecstatic. However, after sweeping through it and noticing that were only the two Dou and Zhuan Stages, he knew that this technique was incomplete.

These two word stages resided in the broken sword's blade. If Mo Wuji guessed correctly, the Xing and Yi Stages should be in the sword hilt. According to Yan Qianyin, this other half of the sword should be at the Formless Blade Sect's Hanging Sword Cliff.

As Mo Wuji folded the thin silk in his hand, his gaze landed upon the sect's Hanging Sword Cliff. Since he had obtained the Revolving Star Passage Technique, he needed to complete it. Regardless of the trouble, he would make a trip to the Hanging Sword Cliff and get the other two word stages from the other half of the Fallen Tune Sword.

To secretly procure the skill from the sword, he would need to change locations. Even though the Blood Lotus Lake was quiet, it wasn't a convenient place to act.


When Mo Wuji entered the Hall of Affairs, many people revealed an expression of envy. Even the few inner disciples were also envious of Mo Wuji. After all, these inner disciples could not get their own personal sword summit like Mo Wuji.

This was due to the unique status of pill refiners, albeit Mo Wuji was a mere Tier 2 Mortal Refiner.

’’Pill Master Mo...’’ When the disciple from the Spiritual Herbs Warehouse - Fei Bingzhu - saw Mo Wuji, he loudly called out from afar;his voice contained a hint of reverence.

Mo Wuji walked over and patted his shoulders as he said, ’’Brother Fei, I'm still Mo Wuji. We're all friends so let's remain at ease with one another.’’

Fei Bingzhu laughed heartily, ’’I always knew that senior apprentice brother Mo was different from others. Even though that's the case, I hope that senior apprentice brother Mo can simply address me as your junior apprentice brother. Within the sect, there's still a need to maintain seniority.’’

’’OK then, I will call you junior apprentice brother Fei in the future.’’ Mo Wuji had never liked people who used mincing words;he was always a straightforward person. When making friends, he had never cared about status. This was like Yan Qianyin;she did not seem to have bothered about status when she helped a mere service disciple like him.

In actuality, Mo Wuji was more willing to call Fei Bingzhu by his name. However, this wasn't the case for Fei Bingzhu;after all, in Fei Bingzhu's eyes, Mo Wuji was at an extremely high and lofty position. Moreover, his relationship with Fei Bingzhu wasn't like his relationships with Ding Bu'Er and Yuan Zhenyi.

’’Is senior apprentice brother Mo looking for a sword summit to stay in?’’ After working in the Hall of Affairs for a long time, Fei Bingzhu's observations have naturally become more astute. Mo Wuji did not say anything but he had already guessed the reason for Mo Wuji's visit.

Mo Wuji did indeed come to find a sword summit. After he heard Fei Bingzhu's words, he casually asked, ’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, you understand more about the sect than me. Which of the uninhabited sword summits are not bad?’’

’’Naturally, it's Seventh Sword Summit. Seventh Sword Summit is one of the Formless Blade Sect's Ten Great Sword Summits. Ever since the previous summit lord, Ju Qijian [1], went to the Heaven Seeking Palace, the Seventh Sword Summit has always been sitting idly. The spiritual energy there is extremely rich, and it is extremely suitable for cultivation and pill refinement.’’ Fei Bingzhu seemed to instantly blurt that out.

’’What kind of place is the Heaven Seeking Palace? That Ju Qijian is one of the sect's summit lords, why doesn't he have to return after going to the Heaven Seeking Palace?’’ Mo Wuji asked puzzledly.

Fei Bingzhu shook his head and said, ’’I don't know much about it;I only know that the Heaven Seeking Palace is one of the most sacred places within the five empires. It's a place where experts go to seek the Heaven Realm. I heard that all the Heaven Realm experts in the five empires all emerged from the Heaven Seeking Palace. Every sect's most outstanding disciples have the right to qualify for the Heaven Seeking Palace, and any of these disciples who actually qualify to enter it was a source of pride for the sect...’’

At this point, Fei Bingzhu lowered his voice, ’’Let me tell you something ah... I heard that the five empires are no longer fighting wars and decided to compete through pill refining competitions was due to the behest of the Heaven Seeking Palace.’’

Mo Wuji did not ask further as he recalled Earth's Tsinghua and Peking University, he could actually liken this Heaven Seeking Palace as an elite institute for higher learning.

’’Tell me more about this Seventh Sword Summit. If it's really that good, I will just move there.’’ Mo Wuji re-concentrated his efforts into find a sword summit.

Fei Bingzhu immediately spouted, ’’The Seventh Sword Summit Lord Ju Qijian was a peerless existence. His original name was Ju Jia. He only changed his name to Ju Qijian after moving to the Seventh Sword Summit [1]. He was a great genius of our sect, not only did he become a summit lord in a short period of time, he also became an expert comparable to our sect's elders and sect head. He competed in the previous selection for the Heaven Seeking Palace. In those few days, he carved a bloody path and killed his way to qualify for the Heaven Seeking Palace...’’

Towards the end, Mo Wuji could notice that Fei Bingzhu seemed to have some hesitations, like there were some words he did not wish to say.

’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, we're already considered friends, why is there a need to hesitate? If there's anything you wish to say, just say it.’’ Mo Wuji said immediately.

Fei Bingzhu looked around at the surroundings before whispering the Mo Wuji, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, even though Seventh Sword Summit is really good, after some thought, I feel it's better that you don't go.’’

’’Why?’’ Mo Wuji asked curiously.

Fei Bingzhu's volume got even lower, ’’Even though Summit Lord Ju is gone, his name remains. I heard that someone else picked the Seventh Sword Summit, and Summit Lord Ju returned back unhappily. Thereafter, the elder who picked that sword summit disappeared without a trace. Of course, these are only rumours but there's always some truth within rumours. Moreover, many people in the sect worship Summit Lord Ju. Once you choose Seventh Sword Summit, it will immediately end up in Summit Lord Ju's ears.’’

Mo Wuji chuckled, ’’He has already left but he's still so tyrannical?’’

Fei Bingzhu laughed dryly but did not reply.

’’Pill Master Mo is here? If Pill Master Mo wishes to pick a sword summit, please follow me.’’ Pill Refiner's Hall's Deacon Yuan called out from afar.

’’Then I will have to thank Deacon Yuan. I was just intending to take a look at Seventh Sword Summit,’’ Mo Wuji answered remotely.

Fei Bingzhu continued to whisper, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, if you don't have high requirements for spiritual energy, then I would suggest Lotus Sword Summit. The previous summit lord was Guan Li, and he also previously stayed in your Blood Lotus Lake. There's only one weakness to the Lotus Sword Summit, and that's because it's too close to the Hanging Sword Cliff. As a result, the spiritual energy there is a little weaker. It's good enough for normal people, but it wouldn't be enough for Spirit Building Stage cultivators and above...’’

At the moment, Yuan Qi was already approaching and Fei Bingzhu immediately shut his mouth. Fei Bingzhu seemed to have a deep understanding towards Lotus Sword Summit. If not for Yuan Qi coming over, he might have talked for a good half a day.

Mo Wuji patted Fei Bingzhu, ’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, I'll go choose my sword summit first. We'll talk in the future.’’

Yuan Qi said smilingly to Mo Wuji, ’’Pill Master Mo, do you want me to bring you over to Seventh Sword Summit?’’

After hearing that Lotus Sword Summit was near to the Hanging Sword Cliff, Mo Wuji was already inclined to it. He laughed and said, ’’I will have to trouble Deacon Yuan to show me the locations of the uninhabited sword summits on a map.’’

’’Then I would need Pill Master Mo to follow me to the Sword Summit Chambers,’’ Yuan Qi made a gesture, beckoning Mo Wuji to follow him.

Actually, Mo Wuji's allocation of a sword summit was not related to Yuan Qi. Yuan Qi only took the initiative to help Mo Wuji to improve their relations.

The Sword Summit Chambers was on the second floor of the Hall of Affairs. Perhaps it was due to Yuan Qi's presence, but the disciples at the Sword Summit Chambers were especially accommodating. Not only did they bring up the map, they even offered to take out the individual blueprints of the uninhabited sword summits.

Mo Wuji took a look at the map;it was as Fei Bingzhu said, Lotus Sword Summit was indeed the closest to the Hanging Sword Cliff.

’’Pill Master Mo is interested in the Seventh Sword Summit. Take out the detailed blueprints for the Seventh Sword Summit for him,’’ Yuan Qi took the initiative to help Mo Wuji ask.

[1] Qijian literally means seven swords


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