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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: A Steel Pole

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’’You...’’ Cang Wenbin pointed at Mo Wuji in anger, he was in such shock that he forgot that he should be getting up to teach this Mo Wuji a lesson. After all, in his time in the Formless Blade Sect, he had never encountered such an incident where a mere service disciple actually acted against him.

Mo Wuji took a few steps forward, with a few lingering fears clouding his mind. Luckily, this fella left without doing anything much when he visited the first time around. If Yan'Er actually got injured or ended up disabled, it would be too late for Mo Wuji to regret. This incident was actually a wake up call: No matter where he would be going in the future, he would need to bring Yan'Er along.

Seeing that Mo Wuji intended to act once more, Wu Kai hurriedly shouted, ’’Brother Mo, please don't continue hitting him. You would only be harming yourself ah...’’

If the Fire Sword Summit Lord got angered, even with Shi Jun protecting him, Mo Wuji would not escape death. Mo Wuji's death would not mean much to Wu Kai, but Wu Kai did invest some time into developing their relationship after all.

’’You dare hit me...’’ Cang Wenbin finally came back to his senses, pointing at Mo Wuji with such anger that even his face had turned green. It was an extremely disgraceful affair to be beaten by a service disciple.

’’Deacon Wu, if not for this fella being called away previously, who knows what would have happened to Yan'Er. You tell me, should I hit him or not?’’ Mo Wuji's expression was ugly. If not for Wu Kai's help towards Yan'Er, he would not have bothered explaining to Wu Kai.

Wu Kai hurriedly explained softly, ’’The first time around, I saw him coming for Xiong Xiuzhu, so I rushed to inform Qin Xiangyu. That time around, it was Qin Xiangyu who helped. I'm not sure how she did it, but Cang Wenbin didn't do anything. This time, I also tried to find Qin Xiangyu but I couldn't find her in the sect.’’

Mo Wuji finally made sense of the situation. No wonder why nothing had happened the first time around;he really needed to express his gratitude to Qin Xiangyu. He only casually helped her previously, but she came and repaid him with such a huge favour.

’’Deacon Wu, many thanks,’’ Mo Wuji patted Wu Kai's shoulder. It didn't matter why Wu Kai helped him to inform Qin Xiangyu;Mo Wuji was extremely grateful for his act.

Wu Kai wanted to reply with some words of courtesy but something seemed to catch his eye;a man wearing a deacon attire was rushing over.

Wu Kai recognised that man, he was the deacon for the Pill Refiner's Hall, Yuan Qi. Even though they were both deacons, Wu Kai simply could not even catch the eye of Yuan Qi.

Without knowing why Yuan Qi had come over, Wu Kai hurried to bow by the side, ’’Deacon Wu greets Deacon Yuan.’’

Yuan Qi nodded slightly before clasping his fists towards Mo Wuji, ’’Greetings Pill Master Mo. I have arrived with Pill Master Mo's identity token and guest pill refiner robes. Also, when Pill Master Mo is free, you can go to the Hall of Affairs to take a look at the sword summits for your new residences.’’

Mo Wuji did not expect the response to be so fast;he returned for less than an hour but everything had already arrived neatly.

’’Many thanks Deacon Yuan.’’ Mo Wuji hurried to keep his items. He was so daring as to slap Cang Wenbin wasn't because of his relations to the now dead Pill Master Shi, but because he had already become a guest pill refiner.

’’Bro...’’ Wu Kai retracted his words as he saw the identity token in Mo Wuji's hand, ’’... You're a guest pill refiner?’’

Wu Kai was going to address Mo Wuji as ’’Brother’’, but he hastily swallowed down the ’’ther’’. A guest pill refiner is an existence far above a deacon in charge of service disciples. No wonder why Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of Cang Wenbin. If he was a guest pill refiner, he also wouldn't have feared Cang Wenbin.

As he thought of this, Wu Kai could not help but celebrate in his heart. Fortunately, he had helped Mo Wuji and helped call Qin Xiangyu to block Cang Wenbin.

Cang Wenbin, who had already picked himself up, had a dumb expression on his face. Since Mo Wuji was a guest pill refiner, why would he be afraid of this fox assuming the majesty of a tiger?

He had always been relying on the fact that the Fire Sword Summit Lord was his senior uncle to act as he wished. However, if something actually happens, it would not be easy for him to seek an audience with his senior uncle.

He stealthily took a few steps back, preparing to make his escape. However, Mo Wuji coldly snorted, ’’You think you can just leave?’’

Cang Wenbin hurried and bowed, ’’Pill Master Mo, this small disciple did not know that you are a guest pill refiner. Regarding my previous mistake, I hope that you will pardon it. At the same time, I will not let this matter end up in my senior uncle's ears.’’

The last sentence was a reminder for Mo Wuji: My senior uncle is from the Fire Sword Summit. Don't go too far.

Mo Wuji faintly said, ’’Whether you inform your senior uncle doesn't matter to me. Xiong Xiuzhu and her husband are working for me. This is not your face time acting arrogantly at my residences. You even took Tao Ao's things and broke both his legs. Do you think I would just forget about this?’’

Previously, Mo Wuji truly did not have the power to help Tao Ao seek justice. Furthermore, he was not related to Tao Ao, so there wasn't a need for him to offend others because of Tao Ao.

However, it's different now;Xiong Xiuzhu had been very meticulous and thoughtful in caring for Yan'Er. Moreover, the fact that Cang Wenbin had come to his residence to cause trouble more than once was already an issue. Most importantly, he did not need to fear Cang Wenbin.

’’Pill Master Mo, do you want me to take him to the Enforcement Hall?’’ Yuan Qi suggested after roughly understanding the gist of the situation.

Mo Wuji was a pill refiner, and it's said that Mo Wuji's relationship with Yan Qianyin was not bad. As a deacon for the Pill Refiner's Hall, there's nothing to lose from forming good relations with Mo Wuji.

’’I'm willing to compensate for the couple's losses.’’ Hearing that Yuan Qi was interfering with this matter, Cang Wenbin hurried to say.

Mo Wuji turned towards Xiong Xiuzhu and asked, ’’Big sister Xiong, what did he take from you?’’

Xiong Xiuzhu was at loss and did not fully understand the situation. Wasn't Mo Wuji a mere service disciple who had relatively good relations with Deacon Wu? How did he become a guest pill refiner?

She only returned to her senses when Mo Wuji asked her that question. However, her eyes still contained a trace of fear as she did not dare face Cang Wenbin.

’’Just say it. He will not come back here in the future, ’’ Mo Wuji said encouragingly.

Ultimately, Xiong Xiuzhu settled down. She understood that she had already offended Cang Weibin, and now was not the time to keep silent.

Thinking about this, she said flatly, ’’This person took the steel pole which my father left for me.’’

’’I will immediately return it, immediately...’’ Cang Wenbin said anxiously as he hurriedly stumbled out.

’’Pill Master Mo, I will take my leave. When Pill Master Mo finds a sword summit, immediately inform me, I will help build your immortal cave for you.’’ Seeing the incident coming to a conclusion, Yuan Qi politely took his leave.

Wu Kai's heart was like boiling water, rolling endlessly. He had far too many questions which he did not dare ask Mo Wuji. After all, Mo Wuji's status had changed drastically and he did not have the qualifications to ask Mo Wuji those questions.

’’Pill Master Mo... I will also take my leave. If you need anything, feel free to instruct me.’’ Wu Kai also hurried to take his leave.

Even though he did not like Wu Kai's personality, Mo Wuji still felt grateful towards him. ’’Wu Kai, I owe you a favour. If you need me to concoct a pill, I can help you once.’’

’’Many thanks Pill Master Mo!’’ Wu Kai thanked Mo Wuji agitatedly. It was not a simple matter to get a pill refiner's promise to concoct pills.


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