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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Ephemeral Life Pill

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’’The Life Sucking Beast has sensed our intrusion, hurry concoct the pill...’’ Yan Qianyin struggled to say that sentence. With that, her whole body stopped moving.

Mo Wuji felt a strong circulation of the life force within his body. This strong circulation was able to counter the suction force which was consuming his life force, allowing him to end up unaffected.

Mo Wuji was clear that the only safe place was by Yan Qianyin's side. If he were to leave by even a single step, with his low cultivation, his entire life force would be sucked dry in an instant. At this moment, a thought suddenly struck him: Yan Qianyin and his lives were not on the same line. If she was no longer able to bear it, she could easily abandon him and escape by herself. If that were to happen, there was nothing much he could do except to wait and die.

Understanding this principle, how could Mo Wuji dare waste any more time? He used his fastest speed to place the pill furnace on the ground and ignite the orange firestone.

The orange firestone burned strongly under the furnace. Mo Wuji prepared the ingredients for the Ephemeral Life Pill by the side. Thereafter, he proceeded to clean the pill furnace.

There was no hesitation in his actions, and his actions were as smooth as water.

Even though Yan Qianyin was facing some difficulty, she could not help but praise Mo Wuji in her heart. In the face of danger, Mo Wuji did not panic and lose his cool. Instead, he was incomparably calm and did things systematically without making any mistakes.

The pill furnace had been cleaned by Mo Wuji several times before, so he only needed to clean it once this time around.

Mo Wuji then threw the ingredients into the pill furnace for purification.

Previously in all his pill refining efforts, Mo Wuji had always been using the red firestone, and he had never tried any other firestones. The moment he tried the orange firestone, he knew that it was going to be much easier than the red one. He would need to use less spiritual energy for his hand and pill techniques.

Each and every strain of spiritual herb was purified by Mo Wuji, and the medicinal dregs were all expelled from the furnace. As Mo Wuji was putting in all his efforts, he was able to purify all the ingredients in a short 20 minutes.

The medicinal essence fusion process was also uneventful;under the help of the orange firestone, Mo Wuji was able to fuse the medicinal essences in the shortest possible time.

Just when he was about to start condensing the pill, Mo Wuji felt his life force diminishing.

Mo Wuji got shocked and his hand trembled slightly, almost scattering and ruining the solution of fused essences. He no longer cared about hiding his abilities and consuming his spiritual energy;with a surge of his spiritual energy, he started to use several pill techniques in succession.

The scattered solution coagulated once more. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he spared some of his effort to check on Yan Qianyin.

Yan Qianyin's eyes were closed shut, her face was pale and her face was trembling slightly. In this short period of time, Mo Wuji felt as though she had lost more than 10 kilograms. By her temples, some of her hair had already started to turn white.

At this moment, Mo Wuji was sure that Yan Qianyin could not last much longer.

If she stayed any longer, it would be extremely hard if she wanted to escape by herself. Yan Qianyin knew that she had the chance to run away but she still chose to stay behind to counter the Life Sucking Beast's devouring force. Even though she was merely fighting hard for the inheritance, Mo Wuji was still touched by her actions. His life was now tied to Yan Qianyin's decisions. If she chose to persevere, he would continue living;if she chose to run away, he could only prepare himself for death.

At this moment, Mo Wuji no longer had any qualms;his pill condensing techniques constantly landed on the pill furnace. It's not because he wasn't worried that Yan Qianyin wasn't able to notice him. Even if she did, he would still use his hidden aces - his pill techniques to condense the pills.

Under Mo Wuji's consistent efforts, it took less than 10 minutes for a pill aroma to waft out.

It's succeeding! Mo Wuji rejoiced and continued to madly throw out his different pill techniques. His spiritual energy was depleting rapidly and his face also started to turn pale white. Sweat trickled down from his forehead as Mo Wuji felt his hands trembling.

Perhaps he could no longer hold on any longer. However, Mo Wuji continued to push on with a strong sense of gratitude in his heart. Yan Qianyin's life force was continuously being devoured but she chose to stay on and protect him, all so he could have the opportunity to condense the pill.

Another minute passed;12 green pills were completely melded within the pill furnace. With a slap on the furnace, Mo Wuji started to collect the pills.

He could heedlessly use his pill techniques to condense the pills, but he could not do so for the pill collection. With his level of cultivation, even if he tried his best, he would not be able to exhibit the powers of the pill collection techniques. However, not using the technique would cause the pills to be of lower quality and lose some of its efficacy. But how could Mo Wuji care about that now? Being able to concoct the pill was already be a huge, pleasant surprise.

12 pills flew into the jade vase Yan Qianyin prepared for him. Mo Wuji did not bother to extinguish the fire under the furnace and directly put two Ephemeral Life Pills into Yan Qianyin's mouth. At the same time, he swallowed one for himself.

As Mo Wuji consumed the Ephemeral Life Pill, he felt a blazing hot gush of energy stemming within his body. Afterwards this energy directly countered the force which was sucking his life energy.

Mo Wuji celebrated;this was some good stuff!

The effects of the Ephemeral Life Pill worked really fast;in the instant the pill landed in Yan Qianyin's mouth, her eyes opened up wide.

As she opened her eyes, she could see Mo Wuji collecting the rest of the pills, and strong emotions swelled in her heart. She truly did pick the right person, Mo Wuji really succeeded. With just one opportunity, and under such immense pressure, a Tier 1 Pill Refiner managed to concoct a Tier 2 pill. Luckily, she chose to believe Mo Wuji to the very end. If she lost hope and escaped, not only would she lose the inheritance, she would also have to live with the guilt of Mo Wuji's death.

She did not hesitate to swallow the two Ephemeral Life Pills, before running into the green vines, ’’Junior apprentice brother Mo, hurry and follow me. When I can no longer take it, immediately send me a pill.’’

He did not need Yan Qianyin to remind him;Mo Wuji had long started to rush towards the vines.

’’Peng!’’ A powerful force surged out, sending Mo Wuji flying out and crashing onto the vines.

Mo Wuji finally saw what Yan Qianyin was battling with. It was a small thing with a head not even 30 centimeters long. It looked a little like a fox but its tail and ears were short. Alternatively, you could see it as a hybrid between a small dog and a fox.

’’Don't lean on the vines...’’ At the same time Yan Qianyin's voice called out, Mo Wuji felt something on his back biting him. A strong feeling of numbness started spreading throughout his body.

It's a poisonous snake... Back on Earth, Mo Wuji spent much of his time researching on plants. This wasn't the first time he was bitten by a poisonous snake. At the instant he was bitten, he did not hesitate to take out a jade vase and put a Poison Cleansing Pill into his mouth.

The Poison Cleansing Pill worked instantly;the numbness stopped spreading and was extinguished by the effects of the pill.

Mo Wuji let out a short breath before moving away. Previously, Yan Qianyin told him that when she was fighting the Life Sucking Beast, the beast will no longer devour his life energy. He finally could let down his vigilance.

Who knew that there would be so many poisonous snakes at where the Life Sucking Beast was living. Luckily, he had the foresight to concoct a batch of Poison Cleansing Pill, if not he would have lost his little life.

Seeing Mo Wuji get rid of the venom, Yan Qianyin heaved a sigh of relief. Her previous idea of Mo Wuji as a person who was scared of death changed. The snake that just bit Mo Wuji was not an ordinary snake. If Mo Wuji did not have the Ephemeral Life Pill, she would have also been hesitant in going to save him.

She did not expect that Mo Wuji to neutralise the poison by himself, and so quickly. Looking at his actions, she could see that this was not his first time getting bitten by a poisonous snake. No wonder why he chose to concoct the Poison Cleansing Pill in his first attempt at Tier 2 pills. His actions always seemed to have a motive and a plan;this made Yan Qianyin change her opinion of him.

As the venom got suppressed, Mo Wuji counter-attacked with the short knife tied onto his thigh. Blood gushed out as the snake which bit Mo Wuji was directly cut in half.

At this moment, Mo Wuji discovered that there wasn't just one snake on the vine. Countless snakes were wrapped around the vines, Mo Wuji could not clearly determine how many snakes there were.

’’Ephemeral Life Pill...’’ At this instant, Mo Wuji heard Yan Qianyin's anxious voice again.

Mo Wuji turned back and saw the Life Sucking Beast pouncing on Yan Qianyin, and Yan Qianyin's movement were slowed and sluggish. He did not think any further, and threw two Ephemeral Life Pills into Yan Qianyin's mouth.

The Ephemeral Life Pills were swallowed by Yan Qianyin. Coincidentally, the Life Sucking Beast landed on Yan Qianyin at the moment. Yan Qianyin's hands were like a fairy scattering flowers, forming countless complicated hand signs which landed on the Life Sucking Beast's body.


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