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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 80


Chapter 80: The Devastated Yan Qianyin

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Mo Wuji calculated;from the time he entered the Formless Blade Mountain, if it was not a month, it was not far from it. It might even have already exceeded a month;there might have been some problems with the transfer formation and he could not be transferred out.

In this month, he did not move out from the valley. The spiritual herbs in the valley have practically been plucked dry. He had already concocted one to two hundred Energy Gathering Pill and Vitality Replenishing Pill. However, he was worried that once he goes out, his pills might be snatched away.

Having his pills snatched away was a small matter. What's worse was if the experts from the Formless Blade Sect questioned him about the origins of his pills. What would he say then? He concocted them himself? Would he be able to keep his wordless pill manual? Mo Wuji's origins was too simple to investigate;the Formless Blade Sect could even casually send a few people to investigate and they could easily find out how many times he visited the toilet. What if they discover that he didn't have the chance to learn pill refining, or that he even bought some drug refining equipment in Chang Luo. They would definitely ask: Who taught him to concoct pills? It would be impossible to hide the existence of the wordless pill manual.

However, he was also unwilling to leave these pills behind. After all, these were the efforts of tireless days and nights.

As Mo Wuji was deep in contemplation, he saw an old person with a head full of white hair staggering over.

No, that's not right. Mo Wuji soon discovered that this white haired person wasn't an old person but a lady with a graceful figure.

As she lifted her head, Mo Wuji was able to recognize her. She was Yan Qianyin, the Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner who entered the Formless Blade Mountain with him.

A month ago, when they were being transferred to the Formless Blade Mountain, Yan Qianyin still had a head full of black hair. A month did not even pass and her hair was entirely bleached. If not for her face and figure, Mo Wuji would not have been able to recognize her.

How exactly did she age so much over this short period of time, yet her face remained unchanged?

When Yan Qianyin saw Mo Wuji, her body gave in and she collapsed.

Mo Wuji did not think about anything else as he rushed forward to pick Yan Qianyin up. He found that Yan Qianyin's skin was all shriveled up, dearth of blood energy. It was as though she had spent tens of years here and her longevity was running out.

Mo Wuji did not hesitate to retrieve the pills he concocted and put some Vitality Replenishing Pills and Smooth Blood Pills in her mouth.

The Smooth Blood Pill was also a Tier 1 pill. Mo Wuji concocted it for Yan'Er to use. Due to her poor nutrition, Yan'Er's body had very poor foundations. The Smooth Blood Pill was filled with spiritual ingredients which were nourishing and nutritious;it was very suitable for Yan'Er to use.

As the pills entered Yan Qianyin's mouth, there was no change on her face but there seemed to be some blood flowing through her shriveled skin.

Mo Wuji hastily put Yan Qianyin on his back and brought her into his cave. Yan Qianyin was a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner with an impressive cultivation. Even with this level of cultivation, she was almost robbed of her life. His cultivation wasn't even worth looking at.

Mo Wuji had a good impression of Yan Qianyin. Not only was her pill refining standards the best in the sect, she also helped him when Pill Master Ju was bent against him.

Mo Wuji placed Yan Qianyin on the stone bed which he usually used;she simply lay there unmoving and with her eyes closed. However, Mo Wuji knew that his Smooth Blood Pill and Vitality Replenishing Pill were working and that she was gradually recovering. Her aura was richer and her blood energy became stronger.

Looking at the gradually recovering Yan Qianyin, Mo Wuji was reminded of the barren land which he passed. At the border between life and death, the plants were gradually withering.

Didn't this Yan Qianyin look like she was also withering as she instantly grew older?

Thinking about this, Mo Wuji felt goosebumps all over his body. Besides stealing this life force from the herbs and the land, this place was also robbing the life force of cultivators?

’’Thanks for saving me,’’ Yan Qianyin's voice sounded out weakly, interrupting Mo Wuji's wild imagination.

Mo Wuji hastily said, ’’Luckily I met you. What happened?’’

Yan Qianyin did not immediately answer Mo Wuji. Her hand lightly slapped her waist and a jade vase appeared in her hand.

She opened the jade vase, took out a pill and put it into her mouth.

Mo Wuji looked at Yan Qianyin in shock;was this magic? Yan Qianyin's waist clearly did not have any pocket, how did she take out a jade vase? No, there is a small cloth bag, but that cloth bag is a little too small right...

He quickly dismissed his misunderstanding and looked at Yan Qianyin in greater shock. She merely ingested one pill but Yan Qianyin's skin moisturised in an instant, and her white hair slowly turned black.

Mo Wuji inhaled deeply;he might have invented the channel opening solution, but he had never thought of such a magical pill. Could this be a pill which renews youth?

He also administered the Smooth Blood Pill and Vitality Replenishing Pill, but those only served to improve her complexion and help her blood flow. How could they have as astounding effects as Yan Qianyin's pill?

In less than half an incense's time, Yan Qianyin regained her original appearance. She took in a deep breath and sat upright.

Looking at Mo Wuji's looking of astonishment, Yan Qianyin took the initiative to explain, ’’I just took a Tier 7 Heaven Pill, the Elementary Life Pill.’’

’’Heaven Pill? Wouldn't you need a Heavenly Pill Refiner to concoct it? Xing Han Empire has a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill Refiner?’’ Mo Wuji reacted in shock. Previously, Shen Lian had told him that weren't any Heavenly Pill Refiners in all five empires.

Yan Qianyin shook her head, ’’My master gave me this pill...’’

’’Your master is a Heavenly Pill Refiner?’’ Mo Wuji asked reverently, he now knew how impressive a Heavenly Pill Refiner was.

’’No, my master is a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner. This pill wasn't concocted by my master but my grandmaster. After I advanced to a Tier 3 pill refiner, my master left me to find my grandmaster. My grandmaster is not within the five empires...’’ Yan Qianyin seemed to recall her master and an expression of longing could be seen in her eyes.

Mo Wuji knew that there was more beyond the five empires, ’’Pill Master Yan, don't tell me your master entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain? Isn't the Five Elements Desolate Domain uncrossable?’’

Yan Qianyin faintly looked at Mo Wuji, ’’No one actually saw that the Five Elements Desolate Domain is uncrossable. In reality, many experts did not fail within the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Where do you think they went?’’

With that, Yan Qianyin seemed unwilling to dwell on that topic further, and she asked, ’’Junior apprentice brother Mo, you are a service disciple who has never cultivated. After meeting with the problem during the transfer, how did you safely end up here? And even survive for close to a month?’’

As she was speaking, her eyes were on the pill furnace by the side.

Yan Qianyin was Formless Blade Sect's first Earth Pill Refiner;she was giving Mo Wuji a lot of face by addressing him as her junior apprentice brother.

Mo Wuji chuckled, ’’I'm not someone who has never cultivated. My spiritual roots might be bad and I need to cultivate for a very long period of time but my physique is not bad. After the transfer formation met with a problem, my luck was better as my body only suffered a few injuries and I did not meet with any life-threatening dangers.’’

Yan Qianyin did not answer immediately but looked at Mo Wuji for a good while before speaking, ’’I'm sure this is not merely due to luck. It's also because your understanding towards ingredients and pills is superior to Shi Jun, right?’’

Mo Wuji immediately overruled her words, ’’I can't live up to Pill Master Yan's words. Because of my work at the pharmacy, I have a shallow understanding towards ingredients. Moreover, I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. How can I compare to Shi Jun? I'm far too inferior.’’

’’Is that so?’’ The corner of Yan Qianyin's lips arced into a smile, ’’Junior apprentice brother Mo, you don't have to be so worried. If I wanted to expose you, I could have done so back at the main hall. When you coated the Green Fire Fruit with Water Velvet Vine juice, I could have leaked your secret, I didn't need to wait till now.’’

Mo Wuji's mouth gaped wide, and he stumbled awkwardly, ’’You saw everything?’’

’’What do you think?’’ Yan Qianyin laughed gently. ’’To be honest, I didn't see anything;I smelt it.’’


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