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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Pill Master Shi's Panic

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’’Don't think too much,’’ Fei Bingzhu patted Mo Wuji's shoulders and pointed towards the discussing groups in the hall, ’’Even those people can covet the opportunity from afar;the opening of the Formless Blade Mountain has nothing to do with them. This time, only pill refiners are allowed to enter the Formless Blade Mountain, and our pill refiners get the most benefits. Do you know why Pill Master Shi was so desperate to concoct the Channel Solidifying Pill? The Channel Solidifying Pill is a Tier 3 pill, and successfully concocting it would make you a Tier 3 pill refiner. When the Formless Blade Mountain opens, only Tier 3 pill refiners have the qualifications to enter.’’

Mo Wuji finally understood why Shi Jun wanted to concoct the Channel Solidifying Pill, and why he was so ecstatic when he succeeded. It seemed like that fella would be able to enter the Formless Blade Mountain. I looks like Mo Wuji had really helped him out ah.

’’Let me tell you ah, every Tier 3 pill refiner can each bring in one ingredient boy. Ai, now that Pill Master Shi succeeded in your pill lab, I wonder who will be the lucky guy he brings along,’’ Fei Bingzhu said emotionally. He did not actually think that Mo Wuji could be selected. After all, Mo Wuji was a new service disciple the Formless Blade Sect and he would not be fancied by a Tier 3 pill refiner.

Mo Wuji suddenly felt a tinge of regret. If he knew that following Shi Jun would give him the opportunity to enter the Formless Blade Sect, he definitely wouldn't have rejected Shi Jun.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Even if he went to find Shi Jun, he might not actually get to see Shi Jun. A Tier 3 pill refiner was a noble and high existence;how could a small ingredient boy casually get to meet him?

Fei Bingzhu did not know what was in Mo Wuji's mind as he said, ’’Our Formless Blade Sect's most impressive pill refiner is Pill Master Yan;she's a Tier 4 pill refiner and the only Earth Pill Refiner in our sect. Not only is Senior apprentice sister Yan an extremely young Earth Pill Refiner, she is an existence with a status as high as our Sect Head.’’

What Senior apprentice sister Yan? Mo Wuji could only feel upset and vexed. Only after a long while, Mo Wuji put aside his unhappiness and asked Fei Bingzhu, ’’Senior apprentice brother Fei, do you know anywhere near our sect where I can find Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles?’’

’’Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles?’’ Fei Bingzhu looked at Mo Wuji blankly. ’’Junior apprentice brother Mo, why do you ask that? That beast is hard to kill and its materials aren't worth much. Furthermore, it lives in the sea, and our Formless Blade Sect is far from any seas. So it's practically impossible to find Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles around.’’

Mo Wuji could not help but feel disappointed. He was just about to inquire about any other places he could cultivate at but a hoarse voice cried out, ’’You kid... You actually hid here to chat. Hurry and fetch me my ingredients...’’

Mo Wuji turned to see Shi Jun rushing over. At his back, was the grey-haired and ugly Wu Kai. At this moment, the Hall of Affairs quietened down. With Pill Master Shi here, no one dared to speak any further. The 'Doggie'Shi Jun who used the 'Doggie Paddle'pill refining technique did not have a low position in the sect. As a Tier 3 pill refiner, he was one of the higher existences.

Mo Wuji did not need to ask to know the reason why Shi Jun was here. Shi Jun probably failed in concocting the Channel Solidifying Pill again and wanted Mo Wuji to prepare ingredients again and make use his luck. However, he had already left Pharmacy 19, and Wu Kai found someone to take over his work, resulting in this predicament.

Compared to the previous meeting, Shi Jun was dirtier and his hair was messier;his entire body was covered with medicinal dregs. He did not wait for Mo Wuji to come over. Instead, he directly raised his hand to grab Wu Kai.

Mo Wuji hurriedly said, ’’Wait, Pill Master Shi. This matter has nothing to do with Deacon Wu, how about you let Deacon Wu go first.’’

Even though Mo Wuji was leaving, Yan'Er was still staying by Blood Lotus Lake. In any case, he cannot afford to offend Wu Kai.

Listening to Mo Wuji's words, Shi Jun waved his hand towards Wu Kai, ’’Go. Since you helped me find this kid, I will not pursue this matter.’’

Wu Kai hurried to express his gratitude before nodding towards Mo Wuji gratefully. Mo Wuji really wasn't talking nonsense previously. Not only that, he was overly modest. Who knew that a service disciple like Mo Wuji could actually have such a high position in Pill Master Shi's heart. With a simple sentence, Wu Kai was released.

Previously, when he was carried away by Pill Master Shi, his entire soul was scared off. There was nothing wrong with finding a replacement for Mo Wuji, but even if it was right, Pill Master Shi could still kill him with a single slap without facing any responsibilities. Even worse, Pill Master Shi could remove his position as a deacon with a few simple words.

When Wu Kai left, his determination was reinforced;he would definitely help Mo Wuji take care of Yan'Er. Mo Wuji had a promising future, so he needed to maintain good relations with Mo Wuji. To do that, he just needed to take care of Mo Wuji's darling, that lady called Yan'Er.

’’Greetings Pill Master Shi. Is Pill Master Shi finding me just for the ingredients?’’ Mo Wuji waited for Wu Kai to leave before bowing and greeting.

’’Nonsense. You're the Pharmacy 19 service disciple. Do you think I'm looking for ingredients or looking to catch up with you?’’ Shi Jun stared firmly.

Mo Wuji said helplessly, ’’If that's the case, may Pill Master Shi return to Pill Lab 19 first? I will come over with the ingredients.’’

Mo Wuji needed to add the Water Velvet Vine into the ingredients, if not his 'Lucky Star'nickname would not actually result in success.

Shi Jun grabbed Mo Wuji's arms, ’’There's no need. Today, we will concoct the pill in the sect's main hall. The sect head, elders and the other pill refiners would be there to observe. You will use the ingredients there instead.’’

Shi Jun just wanted Mo Wuji to have his hands on the ingredients to take advantage of his luck.

Mo Wuji lamented in his heart. He wanted Shi Jun to leave so that he can rub the Water Velvet Vine juice onto the Green Fire Fruit. If it was at the main hall, how could he help under the full view of everyone?

Actually, he could also guess why Shi Jun wanted to concoct the pill at the main hall. He had just risen to a Tier 3 pill refiner. Naturally, he had to verify his abilities as a Tier 3 pill refiner in front of everyone. In actual fact, he never had the ability to be a Tier 3 pill refiner. As a result, this fella panicked and wanted to drag Mo Wuji over.

Seeing Shi Jun dragging him away, Mo Wuji hurried to say, ’’Pill Master Shi, I'm really a lucky person who can increase people's success rates. But after I help others, I need to take a shower and change my clothes. If not, it won't work.’’

’’Why are you being so long-winded? Hurry up and bathe then,’’ Shi Jun shouted.

Mo Wuji calmly responded, ’’Pill Master Shi, pill concoction stresses importance on a peace of mind. Even you have my luck, something wrong might still happen. If Pill Master Shi trusts me, you should calm your mind and wait at the sect's main hall. On the other hand, I will need to calm down and shower first before heading off to the main hall.’’

When the jumpy Shi Jun heard the words 'peace of mind', he forcefully suppressed his emotions and threw a jade slip to Mo Wuji, ’’Hurry.’’

With that, he turned and left.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. The fella is finally gone.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, you're really impressive! Now that you have obtained the favour of Pill Master Shi, you must not forget about this little brother here,’’ In that short moment, Fei Bingzhu exchanged his seniority with Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji laughed and patted Fei Bingzhu, ’’Why would I do that. We are friends after all. Oh right, Brother Fei, I came to buy five stalks of Water Velvet Vine. I wanted to borrow Brother Fei's contribution points. I will definitely return them in the future.’’

Fei Bingzhu waved his hands exaggeratedly, ’’It's just a few stalks of Water Velvet Vine, they aren't worth many contribution points. You don't need to return them to me. Senior apprentice brother Mo has such a bright future! Next time, please call me junior apprentice brother. I am willing to be your junior.’’

As he spoke, Fei Bingzhu passed five Water Velvet Vine to Mo Wuji.

’’Thank you then. I need to rush to help Pill Master Shi. We can continue talking when I'm free.’’ After Mo Wuji received the Water Velvet Vine, he rushed to bid his farewells to Fei Bingzhu.

He had to rush to convert these vines into juice in the shortest time possible. That Pill Master Shi might just unexpectedly come and drag him away.


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