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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Last Minute Arrangements

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’’Deacon Wu...’’ Mo Wuji arrived at Wu Kai's lodgings, only to discover that compared to the place that Wu Kai lived at, his little room really didn't count for much. Although the area around Wu Kai's apartment was not as spacious as his, but the spiritual energy here was many times greater than at his own area. As such, Mo Wuji suspected that there was some sort of method being used to gather the spiritual energy, to increase its concentration to exceptional levels. An Earth Sect's service disciple could actually get treated so well. What about those core disciples in the top sects, what insane level of privilege would they experience?

’’Haha Brother Mo, how did you find the time to come visit me?’’ Wu Kai saw Mo Wuji approaching from afar, regretting that he did not leave earlier, unfortunately bumping into him.

As the deacon of service disciples, he was aware that Pharmacy 19, which Mo Wuji was under, was occupied by Pill Master Shi in the morning. It was the same Pill Master Shi that changed pill labs seven times consecutively, and chased away all service disciples of those seven pill labs in the process. Now that Mo Wuji was here, it must have meant that Pill Master Shi had failed again and chased Mo Wuji out. Needless to say, He was here to request for a relaxed job from Wu Kai. However, as he had already repaid the Mo Wuji's goodwill in the form of a Winged Sea Leopard egg, Wu Kai was much less willing to make favourable arrangements once again. ’’Deacon Wu, I'm sorry for not coming by sooner. My sincerest apologies for troubling you again on my second visit,’’ Mo Wuji bowed respectfully with a smile from a distance.

This much Wu Kai still had expected, but just as he was finding an excuse to turn down Mo Wuji, he heard the following proposition, ’’Deacon Wu, I have six Energy Condensing Pills here. Since I have poor quality spirit roots, it will be a waste for me to keep these pills. Why don't you take them instead?’’ Out of the 12 pills that Shi Jun gave him, Mo Wuji planned to keep only six.

’’Energy Condensing Pills?’’ With a single glance, Wu Kai recognised the contents of the glass bottle that Mo Wuji passed to him. Even if he were a deacon of the service disciples, Energy Condensing Pills were hard to come by. To mortals, the price of one of those pills would scare them sh*tless, so what about six Energy Condensing Pills? With these six pills, he would be able to advance his cultivation level another step forward.

Gripping the Energy Condensing Pills in hand, Wu Kai hurriedly asked, ’’Where did you get these pills from?’’ While it was possible to buy those pills from the Pill Market, but their prices were staggering, often not even measurable in gold coins. He did not mind the high price, as sourcing for gold coins was not an issue for him, but he would be helpless if alternative payments were required. The pills sold by the sect always required one to exchange contribution points for them, however Wu Kai did not have many points anyway, and could not invest them all in Energy Condensing Pills either.

After receiving the gift of six Energy Condensing Pills, Wu Kai decided to help Mo Wuji one more time, in accordance with his principle of helping others as long as they helped him. How he handled such situations was crucial, as it would determine whether others would give him further benefits in the future. However, his exchange rate was one favour for one instance of assistance. If anyone wanted his help a second time, they would have to pay him again.

Seeing that Wu Kai did not want to give up the Energy Condensing Pills, Mo Wuji knew that he was about to succeed, ’’This was my reward after helping Pill Master Shi successfully refine pills. His intention was to have me follow him to obtain ingredients for pill refining from now on, but as you know, I have someone to take care of, hence I can't follow him everywhere. So I rejected his offer.’’

’’What?’’ Wu Kai's eyes bulged open as he stared at Mo Wuji. A few deep breaths later, he calmed down and asked, ’’Brother Mo, you're saying that Pill Master Shi succeeded in refining pills at Pharmacy 19's pill lab, and rewarded you with Energy Condensing Pills? On top of that, he wants you to fetch ingredients for him from now on, and you reject him?’’ Wu Kai did not believe a word that Mo Wuji said, but there was all this evidence presented before him. If it wasn't Pill Master Shi that rewarded him with the Energy Condensing Pills, where could Mo Wuji have obtained them? This sort of pill wasn't something that you could just pick off the street. But for Mo Wuji's appointment as ingredients boy, Wu Kai did not doubt him at all. Some things like this would get you killed if you lied about it.

Mo Wuji intentionally mentioned that Pill Master Shi values him greatly, in order to let Wu Kai know that he has some backing. With Wu Kai stunned by his words, Mo Wuji felt rather satisfied, calmly saying, ’’It is indeed like that, so I'll have to trouble Deacon Wu today,’’ Hearing this, Wu Kai immediately reacted. He was now aware that Mo Wuji was not here to change jobs and also how much Pill Master Shi valued him. Thus Mo Wuji immediately became a much more important figure to him.

’’Brother Mo, since we are such good friends, it's no trouble at all. Just tell me what you need, as long as I, Wu Kai, have the ability to do it, I will not turn your request down,’’ Wu Kai thumped his chest while saying.

’’Brother Wu, the b*tchy mother of Tao Ao refuses to leave, claiming that she has to take care of Tao Ao, and they can't do without that job. It isn't that good for me to force her out either, after all, in the past...’’ Fatty Guang huffed and puffed as he ran over, but in the middle of his sentence, he noticed that Mo Wuji stood just at the side, hence he cut instinctively cut himself off. ’’So Brother Mo is also here,’’ Fatty Guang casually acknowledged Mo Wuji's presence.

Mo Wuji frowned, even though he never heard anything about what Fatty Guang just said, but he could roughly guess what was going on from the limited information that was mentioned. It must have been that Tao Ao and his wife gave Wu Kai some benefits in exchange for his current job. Now Tao Ao's body became plagued with some ailment, so his wife was forced to both work and take care of him at the same time. But Wu Kai did not care about the situation they were in, and added insult to injury by giving the job away to someone else. Yet Tao Ao's wife refused to leave.

Indeed, Wu Kai had no moral baseline. If he continued to stay at his position, eventually he would fall to the state of the Tao Ao couple. Wu Kai reached the position of the service disciple's deacon through his situational awareness, thus Mo Wuji's frown was instantly captured by his eagle-like eyes. With a chuckle, he immediately began explaining to Mo Wuji, ’’That Tao Ao couple was originally posted to go to the Meals Department to work, but Tao Ao offended someone and had his legs broken. So now his b*itch wife has to take care of him, and as a result is unable to continue fulfilling his job scope. I was planning to give him an easier job to do instead.’’

I'll be damned if I believed you, Mo Wuji thought to himself. His face however, showed a different expression, wearing a wide smile and replying, ’’Deacon Wu sure is kind, I'll have to thank you on the Tao Ao couple's behalf...’’ At this juncture, Mo Wuji asked himself: wasn't he here to find someone to take care of Yan'Er?

’’Deacon Wu, I'm begging you, please don't chase me out. If I leave the current job and bring Tao Ao along, it would be simply waiting for death...’’ A wailing voice echoed out, and soon enough, Mo Wuji could see a young woman in plain and rugged clothing stumbling towards them. This must be Tao Ao's wife. Her hands are calloused, so she should be involved in physical work, but yet she exuded an aura of kindness. Once sighting her, Fatty Guang swiftly moved in front of her, and stopped her from continuing her advance.

’’That's right,Deacon Wu, you also know the situation that I'm in. I intend to go for a trip, so I'm looking for someone to take care of Yan'Er. How about we let this b*tch do that?’’ Mo Wuji followed up. Before he set his eyes on Tao Ao's wife, his impression was that she was fiercely loyal woman, refusing to leave her husband behind. But now that he saw firsthand what she was like, Mo Wuji was even surer that this was a good candidate to take care of Yan'Er. Ideally, he was looking for someone who was meticulous, caring, and most importantly, kind.

’’That's the best arrangement, Brother Mo you really helped me out this time, rather than the other way around,’’ Wu Kau quickly mentioned. Once he was finished, Wu Kai shouted at the woman, ’’Xiong Xiuzhu, Brother Mo is willing to take in you two. Quickly come over to thank him.’’ Xiong Xiuzhu was momentarily stunned, and stared at Mo Wuji, unable to process what had happened in time.

If Mo Wuji really took in the Tao Ao couple, it would indeed be doing a favour for Wu Kai. Being the deacon of the service disciples, Wu Kai had many people to make arrangements for, especially for those disciples who had relatives with significant positions. Each one of them that were poorly arranged for, would be another superior that he offended. His original plan was to chase away the Tao Ao couple, as these two people, who had neither spirit roots nor influence, could be handled however he deemed fit without any repercussions. Since Mo Wuji wanted to take over them, he would naturally facilitate this transfer.

Mo Wuji gave out a short laugh, ’’This is not the only thing that I've come to visit Deacon Wu about. Now that there's the Tao Ao couple taking care of Yan'Er while I go out for a trip, I'm no longer as worried anymore. But another issue would be regarding the service disciples attached to Pharmacy 19. If I have any ingredient retrieval jobs while I'm not around, I hope that Deacon Wu can help me arrange for someone to cover for me temporarily.’’


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