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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Blood Lotus Lake

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Both Mo Wuji and Qin Xiangyu were very satisfied with Wu Kai's arrangement

for Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji felt extremely relieved as the Formless Blade Sect's flying ship took

off on the very same night Mo Wuji came aboard. He was worried that people

from the Supreme Sword City would find them before they left Chang Luo.

Mo Wuji was sure that he would be thrown out of the Formless Blade Sect if

people from the Supreme Sword City found him.

After just one day of travelling, the flying ship landed. As a service disciple, Mo

Wuji followed closely behind Wu Kai down the flying ship.

The flying ship landed on a vast and spacious land where there were about 400

to 500 ladders that formed an extended ladder upwards.

At the end of the ladder were three huge characters carved out by a sword

suspending in the air forming up the words ’’Formless Blade Sect’’. [1] Even

though Mo Wuji was not familiar with swordsmanship, he could feel a very

intimidating aura from it.

After arriving, the newly recruited inner and outer disciples were to make their

way into the sect and participate in the initiation ceremony. Qin Xiangyu did

not have the opportunity to bid goodbye to Mo Wuji as she proceeded to follow

the newly recruited disciples into the sect.

After all the inner and outer disciples had entered, Wu Kai then led hundred

over service disciples onto the steps. These service disciples would not be able

to participate in the initiation ceremony because they are there to do some

chores and not to cultivate.

Behind the 400-500 ladders was another spacious plot of land. In the middle

of the land was a wide marble walkway. This walkway would lead directly to

the main hall of the Formless Blade Sect. There were nine stone tablets on both

sides of the walkway.

Mo Wuji noticed that there was a vague shadow of a person sword dancing on

every stone tablet. On a closer look, it was not clear enough for him to tell what

it was.

Service disciples were not allowed to walk through the main walkway but had

to walk through two smaller walkways by the side to enter the sect before

being split into their respective departments from there.

Mo Wuji sighed as he thought to himself. This was only an Earth Sect, how

grand would a Heaven Sect be?

’’Isn't it very stylish?’’ A teen dressed in a grey shirt said.

Mo Wuji recognised this teen in a grey shirt. His name was Xian Ziqian and he

was different from Mo Wuji as he has spiritual roots but it was one of the

lowest quality. Therefore, he was recruited as a service disciple like Mo Wuji.

’’It is indeed very stylish. It has the aura of a really big sect,’’ Mo Wuji nodded as

he expressed his thoughts. It seemed like there were clouds inside the hall

causing it hard for him to make out what was inside. However, he could

already feel the imposing aura of the Formless Blade Sect from outside the


Xian Ziqian whispered, ’’Do not look down on the Formless Blade Sect just

because they are only a Earth Sect. I've heard that even the base of some Quasi-

Heaven Sects are not even as intimidating as Formless Blade Sect's.’’

’’Stop gossiping and goofing around. Fatty Guang, bring Mo Wuji to his place

and then introduce his future workplace to him. The rest of you, follow me,’’

Wu Kai interrupted all ongoing discussions about this place.

Mo Wuji recognised this Fatty Guang as Wu Kai's loyal subordinate. Although

he was a little plump, he still managed to get things done efficiently. Seeing

how Wu Kai specially arranged for Fatty Guang to show him around the place

made Mo Wuji realised how impactful the Winged Sea Leopard's eggs truly


Even though Wu Kai might have had a wretched face and only had eyes for

profits, he would get things done properly if he could benefit from it. This was

probably how he managed to stay at his job for such a long time.


’’Brother Wuji, our deacon is really taking good care of you. The newly recruited

service disciples usually have to go through three days of training, however,

the deacon had exempted you from training,’’ Fatty Guang kept emphasizing

how grateful Wu Kai was for Mo Wuji as they walked.

Mo Wuji was not interested in this because he knew he had exchanged his

benefits using the Winged Sea Leopard's eggs. He was actually more concerned

about how he was going to cope here.

After hearing from many people, Mo Wuji had a rough idea about life here in

the sect. Service disciples usually have their own activities. Only under special

circumstances were they allowed to enter other regions of the sect. If a service

disciple was to meet an inner or outer disciple, they were required to stop, bow

and pay their respects before letting the authentic disciples proceed on first

before the service disciples could carry on with their lives.

Service disciples tend to be given more freedom after they completed their

work. They are free to leave the sect for the sect's market or to do their own

things given that they do not delay their own work.

The residence that Wu Kai arranged for Mo Wuji was indeed secluded. Other

than the lake nearby, the next closest dormitory for service disciples was at

least 100metres away.

Even though it was a very simple stone house, everything inside was arranged

very neatly. There were two rooms, a kitchen and even a storage room. Why

would Wu Kai not live in such a nice place himself? Could it be that his

accommodation is even better than this?

’’I've heard that this lake is called the Blood Lotus Lake. This region used to be a

good place to grow Treasured Blood Lotus and this house was for those who

were growing it to live in,’’ Fatty Guang pointed to Mo Wuji's house and


’’Treasured Blood Lotus?’’ Mo Wuji had not heard of this before. He had not had

time to look at the book that Shen Lian gave.

Fatty Guang went on to explain, ’’Treasured Blood Lotus is both a spiritual

medicinal herb and a very delicious food ingredient. Because of its extremely

high medicinal value, very few people eat it just like that. I've heard that the

Treasured Blood Lotus is capable of being refined to open a spirit channel.

Don't you think it is valuable?’’

’’Why don't they grow that here now?’’ Mo Wuji questioned.

Fatty Guang laughed, ’’You wouldn't be able to afford to stay here if they were

still growing it here. Even though the Treasured Blood Lotus is a great herb,

there is one major drawback. It's ability to absorb spiritual energy was too

scary. I've heard that almost all the spiritual energy near this area was

absorbed because they grew the Treasured Blood Lotus.’’

Mo Wuji finally understood why Wu Kai did not choose to live here and also

kept this place empty. Even though Wu Kai has poor spiritual roots, he is still

capable of cultivating. Therefore, why would a person who is capable of

cultivating choose to live in a place not suitable for cultivation?

There were many service disciples with spiritual roots too. Most of them came

with the hope to cultivate and not just do chores. Because of this, they would

not want to live in a place that lacked spiritual energy. Moreover, the other

service disciples did not have anything valuable enough for Wu Kai to made

such arrangement.

Wu Kai was confident that Mo Wuji could not cultivate or rather, did not care

whether he was capable of cultivating, hence the arrangement for him to stay

there. Wu Kai kept his end of the bargain by providing such a secluded house

for him to live in.

Mo Wuji thought through this point before he concluded that he did not mind.

He could absorb spiritual energy wherever he cultivated therefore as long as

there was still spiritual energy around, it would still be enough for him to

cultivate. Furthermore, there was a limit to how fast he could cultivate because

the speed at which he could open his meridian was still too slow. Therefore, it

did not matter much even if there was more spiritual energy in the air.

’’Thank you Fatty Guang, I am very satisfied with this place,’’ Mo Wuji said


Fatty Guang was very pleased with Mo Wuji's answer as well because he was

afraid that Mo Wuji would be bothered by the lack of spiritual energy and not

like it here.

’’This is the Pharmacy 19's indicator. When this indicator lights up, it would

mean that a pill master has asked for you to go over to prescribe a drug. You

have to get to Pharmacy 19 as soon as possible. Remember it well!’’

Fatty Guang handed Mo Wuji a jade-like indicator as well as a map, ’’These are

the areas in the sect which you can go to and these are those you cannot. I have

already indicated where the Pharmacy 19 is on the map. If Brother Mo has

nothing else for me, I will take my leave first.’’

Fatty Guang explained in such detail that it left Mo Wuji with no further

questions. After sending Fatty Guang off, he immediately tidied up the place

for Yan'Er to settle down.


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