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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Entering a Sect

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’’Who is she?’’ Qin Xiangyu had long noticed Yan'Er who was on Mo Wuji's back.

Only after greeting Mo Wuji, did she casually ask about Yan'Er.

Mo Wuji answered, ’’She's my family member. Her body is in a bad condition, so

I'm bringing her along with me.’’

Qin Xiangyu immediately said, ’’That's okay. Many service disciples bring their

family along. After some time, their family members could join as service

disciples too.’’

As the two spoke, they slowly walked within the encampment.

’’Junior apprentice sister Qin...’’

’’Senior apprentice sister Qin...’’

As Mo Wuji followed behind Qin Xiangyu, many people greeted her along the

way. Ostensibly, Qin Xiangyu was rather popular and well liked here.

Mo Wuji guessed, in addition to Qin Xiangyu's amazing figure, her popularity

might also be due to her brother. He was definitely not someone of low status.

’’Is your brother here? I think I should thank him,’’ Mo Wuji asked. He was able

to enter the Formless Blade Sect due to that Qin Chen. If Qin Chen was here, he

should show some gratitude and thank Qin Chen.

’’He's already gone. I heard that something big is happening and he needs to

seize all the time he can to cultivate,’’ Qin Xiangyu hurried to explain.

Soon, the two arrived outside a room. Mo Wuji could see the sign ’’Service

Disciple Records Office’’. This was probably where he would be registering to

be a service disciple.

Sure enough, Qin Xiangyu whispered to Mo Wuji, ’’The person responsible for

all the service disciples is Deacon Wu Kai. I've already informed him about you,

so don't worry.’’

Saying that, Qin Xiangyu lightly knocked on the door. It was only after some

time did the door finally open. A young girl with tousled hair walked out. Her

footsteps were unstable and her face was tinged red.

Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. He was not a fool; one look and he knew that Qin

Xiangyu and him had interrupted Wu Kai's fun time.

Wu kai was a middle-aged man with a fierce-looking face. His eyes were like

slits, and his lips were protruding. He was simply ugly. When he saw Mo Wuji

enter, his expression started to turn a little ugly, and his eyes revealed an

expression of impatience. However, when he saw Qin Xiangyu, his impatient

expression was immediately concealed as he laughed and said, ’’Junior Qin is

looking for me?’’

Qin Xiangyu smiled and bowed before saying, ’’Deacon Wu, this is my friend Mo

Wuji. In the future, he will be working under you. I hope that Deacon Wu would

take good care of him.’’

Wu Kai smiled enthusiastically, ’’Of course, of course... The Meals Department

is currently lacking people, he can join that then. There, he would be able to eat

well and live well. It's a fat job.’’

Mo Wuji frowned; he was not a pig, he did not need to eat and drink well.

Furthermore, he probably won't be eating or drinking much at the Meals

Department. He would be the one cooking.

Qin Xiangyu understood a little about Mo Wuji. Naturally, she knew that Mo

Wuji did not join the Formless Blade Sect to eat and drink. Mo Wuji was willing

to be a service disciple at the Formless Blade Sect because he wanted to have a

deeper understanding towards cultivation.

Back at the shared house, Mo Wuji was always inquiring about cultivation.

From that, she could roughly guess his interest towards cultivation.

’’Deacon Wu, is there another position? Maybe cleaning the Manuals Hall...’’ Qin

Xiangyu also did not have a good understanding towards the Service

Department. Since Mo Wuji wanted to know about cultivation, cleaning the

Manuals Hall might be a good option for him.

Wu Kai said embarrassedly, ’’I'm afraid that's a little difficult. That slot is

already filled, and I can't just kick that guy away just for him.’’

If not for Qin Xiangyu's brother, Qin Chen, being one of the Formless Blade

Sect's Ten Great Geniuses, he would not have entertained her. Without Qin

Chen, an outer disciple like her did not count for much.

Mo Wuji understood Qin Xiangyu's good intentions. However, he did not

merely want to be a service disciple; he wanted more privileges.

Mo Wuji could see that Wu Kai was only speaking empty words, he probably

would not help Mo Wuji. Furthermore, when they knocked the door, they had

disturbed his fun time.

Thinking about this, Mo Wuji directly said to Qin Xiangyu, ’’Senior apprentice

sister Qin, why don't go back to what you were busy with previously? I will talk

to Deacon Wu privately.’’

Qin Xiangyu looked at Mo Wuji in surprise. From Wu Kai's tone, she could hear

that Wu Kaidid not intend to help Mo Wuji. In reality, she would also be

helpless even if Wu Kai did not help her. She could enter the Formless Blade

Sect because of her brother, not because of her qualifications.

Wu Kai laughed coldly in his heart, but he remained cordial to Qin Xiangyu and

said, ’’Junior apprentice sister Qin, don't worry. In the future, he will be one of

my men. Of course I will take care of him.’’

’’That's good. Then I will take my leave. Brother Mo, please find me if you need

anything.’’ Before she left, Qin Xiangyu did not forget to remind Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji already relied on his relations with Qin Xiangyu to get into the

Formless Blade Sect. Furthermore, Qin Xiangyu was also considered a

newcomer to the sect, and did not hold much power. Naturally, Mo Wuji would

not trouble her regarding this matter.

After Qin Xiangyu left, Wu Kai's smiles immediately disappeared and he said

lightly, ’’Actually, we already have enough service disciples. If not for Junior

apprentice sister Qin's help, you would not even be able to enter. Just join the

Meals Department.’’

Mo Wuji smiled. He calmly sat down before pointing to Yan'Er, who was lying

on his back, and said, ’’Deacon Wu, as you can see, I have someone sick with me.

Furthermore, I know quite a bit about drug refining, and I even brought my

own drug refining equipment. I hope that Deacon Wu can assign me a job at a

herb garden. At the same time, I would need somewhere remote and secluded

for me to stay. Of course, I want to stay alone.’’

Wu Kai sneered in his heart. Looks like somebody thinks he was some big shot.

A lowly service disciple actually dared to have so many demands. Actually, it

was common for service disciples to stay alone, but he even wanted to choose

where he wanted to stay? Moreover, he also wanted to choose what job he gets?

Mo Wuji did not wait for Wu Kai to respond. He took out a leather pouch and

put it in front of Wu kai and said, ’’Deacon Wu, this is a Winged Sea Leopard

egg. I'm very thankful to Deacon Wu for accepting my requests, so Deacon Wu

can just take this Winged Sea Leopard as a show of my appreciation.’’

Mo Wuji had a tough time saying those words. But in order to have a proper

standing, he needed to compromise. When people lack the capabilities, they

would need to face all kinds of compromises. Mo Wuji already had deep

experiences on this lesson back on Earth.

’’Winged Sea Leopard?’’ Wu Kai was intending to ridicule Mo Wuji but he

immediately swallowed his words. He brought the leather pouch over and

opened it.

Soon, his eyes revealed an expression of glee. It was really a Winged Sea

Leopard egg and he could even sense some life within the egg.

A Winged Sea Leopard egg was extremely valuable. Not only was a Winged Sea

Leopard strong, it was also very hard to find. If a Winged Sea Leopard couldn't

be found, then what about the egg? A Winged Sea Leopard egg would mean that

he would have a flying beast pet. Even if he did not use the flying beast, he

could sell it.

This Winged Sea Leopard egg was extremely tempting to Wu Kai.

’’Brother, how may I address you?’’ Until now, Wu Kai did not ask for Mo Wuji's


’’Mo Wuji.’’ Mo Wuji did not wish to engage in chatter with Wu Kai, so he gave a

short and concise reply.

Holding the leather pouch tight, Wu Kai laughed and said, ’’A person

recommended by Junior apprentice sister Qin would naturally be my friend.

There actually is a job at the herb garden. However, I would not recommend

Brother Mo to work at the herb garden. You practically won't get any free time


’’Deacon Wu, my companion here is extremely sick. i would like to learn more

about medicine and pills,’’ Mo Wuji said.

Wu Kai smiled and whispered, ’’Brother Mo, if you want to learn more about

medicine, why not work at the pharmacy?’’

’’Pharmacy?’’ Mo Wuji asked puzzledly. He really did not understand.

Wu Kai gave a sincere look as he said, ’’The pharmacy is where some of our

sect's pill refiners work. When they need ingredients, they would not get the

ingredients themselves, and would call for their runners. More importantly,

they would not refine their pills everyday. They only open their pill furnaces

once a month. As a runner there, you would have a lot of free time, and you

could also learn about medicine.’’

Mo Wuji was elated; giving the Winged Sea Leopard away was worth it. This

position was simply tailor-made for him.

’’Deacon Wu, I'm really thankful. I will go to the pharmacy, and I will need to

trouble Deacon Wu to take care of me in the future,’’ Mo Wuji was genuinely

thankful when he said those words.

Wu Kai waved it off, ’’It's nothing. I will help you with your living

arrangements, it will definitely be somewhere quiet where you can stay alone.

Also, I will arrange for you to be sent to Pharmacy 19. Very few people use that



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