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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Murderer

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Mo Wuji could see the irrepressible joy from Ding Bu'Er's eyes despite his worry for Mo Wuji

and Yan'Er.

’’Were you selected by a sect? Congratulations,’’ Mo Wuji could tell straightaway that Ding Bu'Er

was successful in the selections at the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference.

Ding Bu'Er tried his best to contain his excitement as he exclaimed, ’’Yes, I was selected by the

Heavy Earth Sect to be an outer disciple. Wuji, why don't you follow me to the Heavy Earth Sect

since your spiritual roots are not that good?’’

Mo Wuji shook his hand, ’’It's okay. I may be heading for the Formless Blade Sect.’’

He refused to listen to Shen Lian's advice to leave this place. He needed to find a sect to join

because he was not like any other person with mortal roots; he can cultivate even with mortal


More importantly, if he were to leave, he might not be able to save Yan'Er.

’’Is Yan'Er alright?’’ Ding Bu'Er knew how Mo Wuji was feeling despite being happy for himself.

Mo Wuji sighed before replying, ’’She was hurt very badly. I vowed to save her after heading for

the Formless Blade Sect. Don't worry about my issues and concentrate on cultivating after you

enter the Heavy Earth Sect. ’’

’’I will certainly concentrate and focus. I believe that the next time we meet, whether it is

Brother Zhenyi, Aunt Eleven or you, we will all be very different as compared to now,’’ Ding

Bu'Er said energetically.

He cannot promise Mo Wuji that he will certainly save Yan'Er because he was still only a small

outer disciple after all. He had already made his decision in his heart to look for Mo Wuji at the

Formless Blade Sect if he figured out a way to save Yan'Er.

’’Don't worry about us and go,’’ Mo Wuji knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for

Ding Bu'Er. It was still not known whether his solution worked for Ding Bu'Er. Regardless of the

result, it would be more beneficial for Ding Bu'Er to join a sect to train instead of following him

cluelessly. Now, Mo Wuji needed to find a sect for himself to join too.

’’Oh yes, Wuji, I've heard that the encampment of the Supreme Sword City was attacked and that

many house slaves managed to escape. I've also heard that many disciples of the Supreme

Sword City are still looking for their slaves. Was Yan'Er brought away by a disciple of the

Supreme Sword City?’’

’’Supreme Sword City?’’ Mo Wuji paused before concluding that Ding Bu'Er's guess may be right.

Yan'Er could very well have escaped from the encampment of the Supreme Sword City. The

intention of the person who attacked Supreme Sword City and released the slaves could be to

reveal the evil doings of the Supreme Sword City.

But why did the Supreme Sword City bring along all these slaves to the Spring Immortal's Gate


’’After you left, there was another guy with supreme grade spiritual roots. In fact, he had golden

supreme-grade spiritual roots. He was the young castellan of Supreme Sword City named Dong

Lun. The weird thing is that even though he was born in Supreme Sword City, he chose to join

the Heavenly Temple instead,’’ Ding Bu'Er whispered to Mo Wuji.

Supreme-grade spiritual roots, transfer of spiritual roots, Supreme Sword City...

Mo Wuji clenched his fist as he was certain that Yan'Er's spirit channels were destroyed by the

Supreme Sword City's failure to transfer the spiritual roots.

Why were these slaves brought over to Chang Luo too? This was simply because the castellan of

the Supreme Sword City wanted to participate in the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference.

However, he never managed to transfer the spiritual roots to himself successfully. Therefore, in

order to not delay Spring Immortal's Gate Conference selections, he brought along these

supreme-grade spiritual root holders to Chang Luo to continue the transfer.

His golden supreme-grade spiritual roots must have been transferred from some other person.

’’Supreme Sword City...’’ These three words would be engraved at the bottom of Mo Wuji's heart

together with Jing Feilan. He swore that the day he rose to the top, he would first destroy the

Supreme Sword City and kill Dong Lun and Jing Feilan.

’’Wuji, even though we suspect Yan'Er was ruined by the people of the Supreme Sword City, we

must not do anything foolish. They could easily get rid of us if we were to offend them,’’ Ding

Bu'Er hurried to warn Mo Wuji.

’’Do not worry, I know what to do and what not to do. You should return to your sect soon while

I have to go over to the Formless Blade Sect too,’’ Even without Ding Bu'Er's warning, he would

not be so foolish to look for revenge now.

Ding Bu'Er took a bag out and passed it to Mo Wuji, ’’Wuji, these are the eggs of the Winged Sea

Leopard. Now that I've already been selected by a sect, I have no use for them anymore. Also,

given my status only as an outer disciple, I would probably never be able to afford to raise a

demonic beast. You should keep them as they might still be of use to you.’’

’’Alright, I shall keep them then,’’ Mo Wuji did not reject his offer because he might need to use

this to enter the Formless Blade Sect as he was not officially accepted yet.


Spring Immortal's Gate Conference was a massively important event for all mortals because it

was a life changing conference like a fish that leaped over the dragon's gate. For the sects, the

Spring Immortal's Gate Conference was just another conference to recruit disciples.

Even if the conference was of such importance to many, it would still only go on for two days.

It was as if Yan'Er still felt attached to Mo Wuji that she did not reject his care and concern.

However, she would still subconsciously call out for her ’’young master’’ and then lose all her

energy again.

The next day, Mo Wuji used some clothes to cover Yan'Er up. He carried her on his back and

then left Tian Luo Hotel together with his equipment.

Even if the Formless Blade Sect refused to accept him, he knew he had to leave Chang Luo



The Formless Blade Sect was actually one of the more inferior Earth Sects, which explained why

their encampment was located at such a remote place.

’’Brother Mo...’’ Mo Wuji heard Qin Xiangyu's voice the moment he set foot on the encampment.

’’Such a coincidence.’’ Mo Wuji was very pleased and relieved to have met her as he was starting

to worry about how he was going to introduce himself with only a single token and expect to

enter the sect.

Qin Xiangyu said joyfully, ’’Yes indeed. I shall bring you in for registration.’’

Qin Xiangyu was dressed in a beautiful outer disciple outfit showing her thin waist and

incredible figure. Her beauty made her looked like a fairy on earth. Looking at her right now,

Mo Wuji would never have expected Qin Xiangyu to have been just a house guard a few days


Mo Wuji was not someone with a low EQ, therefore he knew straightaway after Qin Xiangyu

spoke that it was no coincidence that they met there. He knew she was waiting for him as it was

the last night to register to become a disciple of the Formless Blade Sect before most sects were

going to leave Chang Luo that night.

’’Thank you so much. You are now an outer disciple and I am at most only a service disciple in

the future. Please address me as Wuji or junior apprentice brother,’’ Even though Mo Wuji had

not entered a sect, he knew that a service disciple was nothing but a small fry in the sect.

Qin Xiangyu said with a straight face, ’’No, I refuse. Brother Mo and Brother Zhenyi were great

men with honour. The moment I decided to call you Brother Mo, I will not change no matter

what our statuses are and will be in the future.’’

She had to give the necessary respect to the man who stood up for her together with Yuan

Zhenyi back on the ship. Furthermore, she witnessed the extraordinary courage of Mo Wuji

which had been very rare.

It was because of this that she gave Mo Wuji a token to become a service disciple at the

Formless Blade Sect. Other than being thankful for Mo Wuji, she wanted to get on good terms

with him as well. An extraordinary person like Mo Wuji was bound to go even further despite

possessing slightly poorer spiritual roots.


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