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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: The Wordless Pill Manual

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Shen Lian walked to the edge of Yan'Er's bed and took a seat. Dry and sparse blonde hair, a body

of skin and bones, and a long slash across her lovely little face. Questions rose within Shen Lian

as her eyes lay upon poor Yan'Er. How much suffering had this girl gone through? She actually

got tortured to this extent? Also, what's her relationship with Mo Wuji, being able to rile him up

that much?

Placing her hand on Yan'Er's wrist, Shen Lian closed her eyes. Ten over seconds later, her eyes

suddenly shot open, full of rage, even her hand began to tremble slightly from anger.

’’How is she?’’ Mo Wuji frantically asked. Yan'Er was a stranger to Shen Lian, so this situation

made him a little startled.

Shen Lian loosened her grip, taking in a deep breath to calm herself down before asking, ’’did

she have very good quality spirit roots?’’ Mo Wuji immediately nodded, ’’yes, Yan'Er has

supreme quality wood affinity spirit roots.’’ The mysterious green glow undoubtedly

represented wood affinity. Having been at the Spring Immortal Gate Conference for so long, Mo

Wuji gained a certain level of understanding towards the spirit root test.

An empathetic look appeared on Shen Lian's face as the looked toward Mo Wuji and said, ’’In the

world of cultivation, there's a heinous method that some use: spirit roots transfer. Those people

covet other's better quality spirit roots and seek to transfer them to their own body to increase

their own potential and talent for cultivation...’’ Before Shen Lian finished her sentence, Mo

Wuji's expression changed, and he suddenly stood up, staring at Shen Lian with a scary gaze,

’’You're saying that Yan'Er was...’’ As though as she could read Mo Wuji's mind, she nodded in

agreement. ’’You're right, Yan'Er had her spirit roots transferred away.’’

’’Those monsters...’’ a raging fire burned within Mo Wuji's heart, and with a strike of his palm,

Mo Wuji smashed the table into smithereens, yet not feeling any pain. Shen Lian sighed and

carried on, ’’This sort of method is extremely underhanded. Normally someone who carry out

the procedure choose mortals with no background or backers, because once news of such an

incident spreads, his reputation will go to the dumps. On top of that, such a person would be

condemned no matter where he goes.’’

Finally Mo Wuji calmed down. His expression changed a few times over, then he asked, ’’if

that's so, why is Yan'Er still alive? And still be able to make it to the plaza of the Spring

Immortal Gate Conference alone?’’ It was unbelievable that Yan'Er would still be alive after

undergoing the spirit root transfer procedure.

Shen Lian furrowed her brows, ’’I'm puzzled too, logically even if Yan'Er was born a mortal, they

wouldn't leave her alive. Because the person who transferred the spirit roots will definitely not

allow anyone to find out that he had done so. Now not only did they leave her alive, but also

allowed her to escape. This doesn't make sense.’’

’’So were Yan'Er's spirit roots transferred away?’’ Mo Wuji suppressed the boiling anger rising

within him. He had to remain calm. Rage and rashness won't help him to exact revenge.

Shen Lian shook her head, ’’Extensive damage has been done to Yan'Er's spirit channels, a sign

that the transfer process failed. The success rate of this evil procedure is extremely low, usually

not even reaching one percent.’’ Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji clenched his fists again, harshly

speaking, ’’An evil procedure with less than a percent chance of success. There's actually

someone that still wants to do it, without giving a single hoot about the life or death of others.’’

To this, Shen Lian replied faintly, ’’You're too naive. Without a care about the life of death of

others? Let me tell you, in the eyes of cultivators with spirit channels, mortals are just ants that

they can crush whenever they will it. No matter how good the spirit root, as long as one does

not cultivate, a mortal remains a mortal. Against someone who is only a mortal, even if the

procedure had a 0.1 percent chance of success, I'll bet that there's still people out there who

want to do it.’’

At this point in time, Shen Lian seemed to recall something, adding on, ’’Regardless of how

Yan'Er managed to escape, you have to leave this place as early as possible. Better not take part

in Spring Immortal Gate Conference's last stage either. Actually, service disciples and outer

disciples have a large gap between them. You'll find out eventually that being a service disciple

has no difference from not joining the sect at all.

Mo Wuji also understood that what Shen Lian said was right, but since Yan'Er was in such a

state, where could he go to? Fortunately Chang Luo is a large city, so there was greater hope

that he would be able to treat Yan'Er's injuries. ’’Senior apprentice sister Shen, can Yan'Er's

damaged spirit channels be repaired? Is it possible to make her healthy again?’’ Mo Wuji asked

curiously. This was the issue that he cared the most about now. Unfortunately, Shen Ling

replied by shaking her head empathetically, ’’it's very difficult to treat her considering the

severity of her injuries. Spirit channels destroyed, and her body also in shambles. Even if it were

my father, it would be impossible. would be impressive if she could live for another

10 years.’’

In reality, based on Shen Lian's judgement Yan'Er only had another three years to live at most,

but since Mo Wuji cared greatly for Yan'Er, she masqueraded it as 10 years to comfort him.

’’I must restore Yan'Er to health.’’ Mo Wuji half spoke to Shen Lian, half spoke to himself. Shen

Lian's father was an Earth Pill Master, if he couldn't treat Yan'Er, what about a Heaven Pill

Master? The Xing He Empire did not have any Heaven Pill Masters, but did that mean that there

weren't any elsewhere? If there were none, then he would learn pill refining himself.

’’Senior apprentice sister Shen, I know that this request will put you in a difficult position, but

please bring me with you, and ask you father to teach me pill refining...’’ Mo Wuji immediately

stood up and bowed deeply to Shen Lian after making his decision. If it were not for Yan'Er, he

would definitely not beg Shen Lian to this extent. He knew that if it was possible for Shen Lian

to take him with her, she would have brought it up already. Moreover, her fellow apprentice Mo

Jingwu was not a friendly person.

As expected, Shen Lian had an uncomfortable look on her face, and replied, ’’This might be

impossible. My father will not take you in as a disciple, and also won't teach you pill refining

simply because you know me. So, I cannot bring you back with me.’’ She felt bitter inside. If it

were so easy to convince her father, she wouldn't have sneaked out. Luckily it was her that Mo

Wuji asked the question to, if anyone else was in her position, they would laugh their asses off.

If Mo Wuji said this to her father, she was a hundred percent sure that he would kill Mo Wuji on

the spot. Precisely because of this, she was adamant to not bring Mo Wuji to learn pill refining

from her father. That would actually be harming Mo Wuji.

Disappointed, Mo Wuji knew that his request was rather forcing it. The atmosphere turned

awkward and silent, and only after some time, did Shen Lian recall something, taking out a thin

book to pass to Mo Wuji. She explained, ’’this should be a manual on pill refining. I randomly

bought it from a stall in the market, but when I opened it, there were no words inside. Perhaps

the words will appear after soaking the manual in some medicinal solution. I've tried many

methods, but to no avail. Why don't you try your luck on it, you might actually succeed.

Manuals on pill refining are impossible to purchase, and if this turns out to be a pill refining

manual, you must remember never to let others know that you possess such an item.’’ In reality,

that book was not bought off a roadside stall, but an item she stole from he father's study

before she left home. Even after exhausting all possible means, she could not make any words

appear on the manual. Now that Mo Wuji wanted to learn pill refining, she decided to pass on

this wordless pill refining manual to him.

’’Thank you senior apprentice sister Shen. It doesn't matter if it's a pill refining manual or not,

if I, Mo Wuji, make any accomplishments in the future, I'll definitely repay you.’’ Although Mo

Wuji didn't know that pill refining manuals could not be bought, he could infer from Shen

Lian's tone that they are very valuable.

The thin book that Shen Lian gave him could very well be a pill refining manual, because there

was a faded image of a pill furnace on the cover.

’’This is as much as I can help you. After the Spring Immortal Gate Conference ends, I will leave

Chang Luo to return home. See you next time.’’ Shen Lian gazed upon the sleeping Yan'Er

pitifully, before leaving the room.

Mo Wuji did not answer, only standing up to bow deeply in respect once again. Shen Lian met

him by chance, and even though he helped her out, but compared to how much she helped him,

his efforts seemed ever so miniscule. Gratitude was not only displayed through words, but

through actions. If he could pay her back in the future, he definitely would. If he couldn't,

someone like Shen Lian would probably not care whether a mortal like him returned the favour.

’’Wuji...’’ Right after Shen Lian left, Ding Bu'Er immediately charged into the room.


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