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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Nine Tiers Of Pill Refining

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’’Young master, young master...’’ After holding Yan'Er close, o Wuji could hear her muttering constantly.

Her eyes were listless, her clothes were tattered and there was a rancid smell coming from her. She was constantly calling out for her young master, but it was not because she had recognised o Wuji, but it was because these were the words she had constantly been calling.

’’ing... Fei... Lan!’’ o Wuji uttered those three words one at a time. He only knew that the woman who snatched Yan'Er away was ing Feilan. After being snatched away by her, Yan'Er ended up on the streets, seemingly a little deranged. If he did not kill that woman, he would be living in vain all his life.

YanErs body was covered in dirt, and her hair was withered and yellow. As o Wuji held her within his arms, he could feel that she was at most to kg. It was easy to deduce that she must have suffered a lot.

Due to the fury in his heart, o Wuji clenched his fists angrily, his nails piercing into the meat in his palm. Fresh blood flowed but he was seemingly unaware.

ust now, you kicked YanEr? Holding YanEr up, o Wuji walked towards the man who kicked YanEr.

He previously swore that he would not let YanEr go through any further suffering. However, in just this short period of time, she went through an unfathomable one. Not only did she end up as a homeless nomad, she was even unreasonably bullied. o Wuji was willing to take the pain that YanEr had been through, so that she would no longer suffer. After all, she had already suffered enough taking care of him.

The mans eyes swept across o Wuji, and he said cold, Yes, this lord here kicked her. What are you going to do to me?

acha! Ah! Pa!... With a quick motion, o Wuji kicked the mans knee, and the sound of breaking bones could be heard. At the same time, o Wuji slapped the mans mouth. If all these suffering happened to him, he could tolerate it and wait for the right moment to act. But he was unable to tolerate YanEr being bullied. Sometimes, if you really cant tolerate something, why remain patient?

The mans scream of pain was dispersed with o Wujis slap. He sat on the ground paralysed, hugging his knee, spitting out a few teeth and fresh blood.

As there were too many people and o Wuji was only at the periphery of the square, his actions only attracted the attention of the few in his immediate surroundings.

The surrounding people could feel o Wujis aggression and immediately dispersed, emptying the space. o Wuji no longer cared about that fella as he turned around to leave with YanEr.

Is she your friend? Shen Lian hurried over and whispered in o Wujis ear.

As o Wuji was about to answer, a gloomy voice called over, Do you think you can just leave after beating someone during the Spring Immortals Gate?

The one speaking with a young man with a long face and slitted eyes. On his back, was a long sword. His hair was tied into a bun and he was wearing a pair of light shoes. o Wuji had met with a lot of cultivators recently; one look and he knew that this person was a cultivator.

Wu ingwu, what is the meaning of this? Shen Lian, who was by o Wujis side, furiously questioned.

It was then o Wuji knew that this long faced, slitted eyes youth was acquainted to Shen Lian. This fella probably came to cause trouble for him because of his relations with Shen Lian.

Wu ingwu looked at Shen Lian and said, unior apprentice sister, can you please not hang around these lowly mortals? It will only lower your status. aster has been unable to find you, and he knew that you would secretly take part in the Spring Immortals Gate. But theres no need for you to try anything. Do you think that after I reveal your status, any other sects would dare to accept you?

Having said that, Wu ingwu turned back, seemingly trying to call people over.

Shen Lian coldly said, Wu ingwu, if you do anything which implicates o Wuji, I will never let you off. I, Shen Lian, swear I will do what I say.

Wu ingwus expression turned unsightly as he turned to o Wuji and asked, Who is this guy?

o Wuji turned to Shen Lian and said, Senior Shen, I will be leaving first. We will meet again if fate permits.

With that, o Wuji turned and left hurriedly with YanEr, totally ignoring Wu ingwu.

Wuji, what happened? Ding BuEr ran over.

o Wuji looked seriously at Ding BuEr and said, BuEr, continue trying your best. It will be good if you get selected by a sect.

Ok. After my test, I will immediately rush back. Ding BuEr did not know who YanEr was, but he had his guesses. ...

When o Wuji returned to his suite, he immediately helped YanEr wash up. He did not know how YanEr ended up like this, but looking at her emaciated look, he knew that if he did not coincidentally find her during the Spring Immortals Gate, he would never have seen her again.

After YanEr lost her self-consciousness, she was constantly calling out young master. o Wuji knew that YanEr must have been looking for him. It was this persistance... this persistance had led her here.

o Wuji personally cooked some porridge for YanEr and fed her. After she had gone to sleep, he went out to buy a whole pile of medicinal herbs, as well as some clothes for YanEr.

Even o Wuji did not know whether he could treat YanErs current situation.

It was late into the evening but Ding BuEr still did not return. On the contrary, it was Shen Lian who returned to the suite.

Sorry, I dragged you into my problem just now. The moment she returned, Shen Lian immediately apologized to o Wuji.

o Wuji waved it off, Its okay, I wasnt dragged into anything in the end. That person was your senior?

o Wuji made it sound simple, but he knew that he was in an extremely dangerous situation back during the Spring Immortals Gate. If any enforcement immortal masters noticed, he would have met his dead end. In front of those immortal masters, his life meant as much as an ants.

Shen Lian shook her head, not wanting to discuss about Wu ingwu. Seeing o Wuji brewing some medicine, she turned to o Wujis room and asked, How about I go and take a look at your friend?

You understand medicine? o Wuji asked puzzledly.

Shen Lian hesitated, but she still said, y father is an Earth Pill Refiner.

Whats an Earth Pill Refiner? o Wuji still did not understand.

Shen Lian stared at o Wuji with her eyes wide open, speechless. After some time, she asked, Arent you a drug refiner? You even spent thousand gold coins to purchase some refining equipment, but you dont know whats an Earth Pill Refiner?

o Wuji said awkwardly, Im not actually a certified drug refiner. I merely tried my hand at it after purchasing some medicinal ingredients.

Shen Lian facepalmed, but she continued to explain, In pill refining, nine tiers of spiritual pills can be concocted. Tier to spiritual pills are classified as ortal grade spiritual pills. Tier 4 to are Earth grade, while Tier to are Heavenly grade. Above that, are the Immortal grade spiritual pills. Being able to refine a certain tier of spiritual pills would classify you as a pill refiner of the same tier. Thus, there are nine tiers of pill refiners, or you can also see it as three grades of pill refiners.

So an Earth Pill Refiner can refine Tier 4 spiritual pills at the very least? What tier is your father? Is an Earth Pill Refiner very impressive? o Wuji bombarded Shen Lian with a barrage of questions.

Shen Lian became even more speechless. it was only after a whole seconds did she finally say, In the entire Xing Han Empire, there isnt even a Heavenly Pill Refiner. Do you think an Earth Pill Refiner is impressive?

o Wuji hurriedly stood up and said to Shen Lian, Senior Shen, please help me take a look at YanEr.

Her name is YanEr? What a nice sounding name, As Shen Lian spoke, she had already started walking towards o Wujis room. She was curious to see the kind of girl o Wuji was so concerned over.

She had stayed with o Wuji for nearly a month. Even though the two of them did not interact much, she had a basic understanding of o Wuji. Her beauty was definitely world class, and her figure would arouse jealousy among of women. However, o Wuji did not treat her warmly due to her beauty nor her figure. She was clear that o Wuji treated her warmly, and even invited her to his suite, was entirely because of her greater understanding of cultivation. It had nothing to do with her appearance.


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