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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: The Spring Immortal's Gate Conference

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The journey back was extremely quiet. They didn't meet with any Six-footed Lightning

Crocodiles, which made Mo Wuji a little depressed. He still had seven bottles of channel

opening solution. If they met with some lightning crocodiles, he would be able to open up to his

30th meridian or more.

Two days later, Mo Wuji and Ding Bu'Er arrived back at Tian Luo Hotel. When they arrived,

Shen Lian still couldn't be found. Knowing that Mo Wuji had to cultivate, and that Shen Lian

was an immortal master, Ding Bu'Er decided to stay at the living room.

Mo Wuji did not show Ding Bu'Er around. He had just opened 27 meridians, and he needed to

use this time to cultivate.

When Mo Wuji started to absorb spiritual energy and circulate it in his body, he was almost

shocked still. No matter how much spiritual energy he absorbed, it was like simply adding

drops of water to the sea; there was no obstacles or obstructions in his cultivation. When he

first cultivated to Channel Opening Stage Level 1, he could distinctly feel a bottleneck. However,

with his 27 open meridians, he felt that even if he continuously cultivated and absorbed

spiritual energy, his 27 meridians would have the capacity to hold it in.

As he continuously absorbed spiritual energy, his cultivation constantly rose. Even though Mo

Wuji did not see any geniuses cultivating, he could guess that even geniuses could not absorb

spiritual energy as fast as he could. His 27 meridians were like a wide, boundless ocean, free for

him to swim and roam.

Mo Wuji suppressed his wild joy. It no longer mattered to him that meridians may not be spirit

channels. With his fast cultivation speed, no geniuses with their spirit channels could compare

to him.

Two days passed in a flash. Mo Wuji felt like he had reached the peak of Channel Opening Stage

Level 1. When he was at the brink of breaking through to Channel Opening Stage Level 2, he

suddenly stopped.

This wasn't due to limits in his meridians, but rather his lack of experience. He did not want to

break through wrongly and make an irreparable mistake. More importantly, the Spring

Immortal's Gate was opening soon. Who knew how long the breakthrough would take?


When Mo Wuji walked out of his room, he saw Shen Lian staring at Ding Bu'Er with huge eyes.

Noticing that Mo Wuji had come out, Shen Lian immediately frowned and asked, ’’Mo Wuji, who

is he?’’

’’He's my friend, Ding Bu'Er. Your room was actually meant for him, but since you didn't have

anywhere to go, I decided to let you have it first. When Bu'Er came, he insisted that he would

not take your room, so he's temporarily staying in the living room.’’

With Mo Wuji's words, the originally reproachful Shen Lian turned speechless.

Feeling a little guilty, Shen Lian hurriedly said, ’’The Spring Immortal's Gate is opening. I came

to call you to go and try your luck.’’

Ding Bu'Er was silently praising Mo Wuji's words in his heart. Hearing Shen Lian's words, Ding

Bu'Er's gaze then landed on her.

Previously, he wasn't too excited about the Spring Immortal's Gate. However, he now had a

Winged Sea Leopard egg. If he used it well, he might actually get accepted into a school or sect.

Even being accepted as a service disciple would be incredible.

Moreover, Mo Wuji could cultivate despite having mortal roots. Maybe he could cultivate too.

’’Let's go. The reason why I came was for the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference,’’ Mo Wuji

hastily said.

He understood his own circumstances. He knew that his cultivation speed was no worse than

geniuses, but as a mortal with mortal roots, it would be impossible to be accepted as a formal

disciple during the Spring Immortal's Gate.

However, Mo Wuji did not really mind. It was already good enough that he was confirmed a

place to be a service disciple at the Formless Blade Sect. His sole purpose of joining a sect, was

to interact with immortal masters. Whenever there were things he did not understand, at least

there would be some people he could ask.


Mo Wuji did not know how big Chang Luo was. He only knew that it was the capital of Xing Han

Empire, and it was also the biggest city in Xing Han. In his month in Chang Luo, he did not

explore much of it. He did not even know where the royal palace was.

Following Shen Lian to Chang Luo Square, Mo Wuji finally knew how big and vast Chang Luo

was. Chang Luo Square was filled to the brim with people. Mo Wuji and Shen Lian came

relatively late, and could only see from the sides.

In the centre of the square, there was an extremely large marble platform. On the centre of the

platform, was a 7m tall crystal pillar. Mo Wuji was familiar with it; it was the thing used to test

for spiritual roots.

Besides the crystal pillar, there were tens of round altars erected by the sects and schools. The

sects' names were annotated at the top of altars. The big sects occupied a relatively bigger

space and were built in a grander manner. For example, the Heavenly Temple's altar was

extremely eye-catching and multiple times bigger than the other sects.

In Mo Wuji's eyes, this was like a recruitment fair. It was clear who were the big corporations

and who were the small companies.

At the peripherals of the square, there were many sect signs. However, these sects were looking

for service disciples. Mo Wuji soon saw a sign from the Formless Blade Sect. From their signs

and their altar, Mo Wuji could see that Formless Blade Sect was barely above average.

Shen Lian looked at Mo Wuji and said, ’’Do you see? This Spring Immortal's Gate is different

from the past. In the past, only a few geniuses could participate and be tested. Afterwards, they

would be selected by the sects. This time, besides the geniuses, anyone who thinks that they

have decent spiritual roots could ask to tested. Even people like you, who came under the

identity of a house attendant, could participate and be selected.’’

Looking at the dense human crowd, Mo Wuji asked in disbelief, ’’If everyone here is taking part

in the selection, when will the selection end?’’

Shen Lian laughed, ’’You think everyone would get tested by that crystal pillar? Only the main

participants get to be tested. For the rest, they need to qualify to be tested on the main stage by

passing some preliminary tests’’

As she spoke, Shen Lian pointed at a tall building at the side of Chang Luo Square, ’’That's where

the preliminary tests are conducted. These tests are not bad. Firstly, it's quite cheap. Secondly,

even if you don't qualify to even be an outer disciple, you can apply to be a service disciple.’’

’’Wuji, let me go there and test for my roots.’’ Ding Bu'Er saw many people going towards the

preliminary test hall, and got a little eager.

Mo Wuji had no intentions of testing for his spiritual roots, as he nodded at Ding Bu'Er and said,

’’Sure, good luck.’’

’’What sect are you from?’’ Mo Wuji suddenly thought of Shen Lian. She was really

knowledgeable, and she was at Channel Opening Stage Level 4 at such a young age. She

definitely had some background.

’’Even if I told you, you wouldn't know,’’ Shen Lian casually replied, not intending to share

anything further.

Mo Wuji did not continue asking. He saw a tall man standing in the middle of the marble

platform, right next to the crystal pillar.

The crowd went silent, focusing all their attention on the tall man.

’’I represent Xing Han Empire to welcome the various sects to Chang Luo to select their

disciples. I also welcome the geniuses throughout Xing Han to this selection...

The auspicious hour has arrived! Light the cannons...’’

At this point, nine ceremonial cannons by the side of the marble platform shot off.

’’Who is this man? Is he the Xing Han Empire Emperor?’’ Mo Wuji whispered into Shen Lian's


’’Of course he is the emperor. Who else do you think he is?’’ Shen Lian rolled her eyes at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji asked puzzledly, ’’It's true that the emperor is a very distinguished man. But this is a

place for cultivators. He doesn't count for much here, right?

Shen Lian looked at Mo Wuji speechlessly, ’’Do you think it's so simple to be the emperor of an

Empire? While his personal power might not compare to some figures in certain sects, he is still

extremely strong. Furthermore, do you think those peak experts would come for this Spring

Immortal's Gate selection? Even if these experts came, there would probably only be one or two

of them, and they would only be here to scout for talented mantle disciples. They won't even

reveal themselves.’’


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