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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Single-handed

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Ding Bu'Er also understood what was going on; it turned out that they were being used.

’’Wuji...’’ Ding Bu'Er turned to Mo Wuji, his face turned unsightly.

Mo Wuji already had his suspicions when Ji Guang invited Ding Bu'Er and him into the team.

Now that things had become clear, he did not panic, but actually calmed down and said, ’’This

means that we have some value. If we didn't have value, Brother Ji probably wouldn't have

invited us, right?’’

By the time he uttered the last sentence, Mo Wuji had already turned and faced Ji Guang. In

truth, he did not mind. Ji Guang was making use of him, at the same time, he was also making

use of Ji Guang. If Ji Guang did not lead the way, it would have been extremely difficult to get

here. Furthermore, he found himself three additional helpers.

Ji Guang felt that he was making use of Mo Wuji because he didn't know Mo Wuji actually

wanted to be attacked by lightning. Lightning was a nightmare for people like Ji Guang.

However, it was the highest opportunity for Mo Wuji. If he did not have anything to offer, it

would have been as he said; no one would be willing to accept him and Ding Bu'Er into their


’’Good, Brother Mo sure is open-minded. Come, let's set off,’’ Finishing this sentence, Ji Guang

hopped on the leather boat.

Seeing Mo Wuji agree, Ding Bu'Er did not speak any further, directly picking up the paddle and

hopping on the rubber dinghy together with Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji initially thought that with four men paddling the dinghy, its speed would not be very

fast. However, after actually being on the dinghy, his thinking proved to be false.

The design of the rubber dinghy was incredibly ingenious. With just four people paddling, the

dinghy was seemingly gliding through the water, with a speed as fast as a motorboat.

Mo Wuji observed that the rubber dinghy was able to minimise the water resistance. However,

it had some weak points. With just four people, there weren't any shifts and rest time.

Furthermore, the rubber dinghy could be easily torn.

Two hours later, the sky turned dark.

’’Everyone, let's take a break. It looks like a storm is brewing,’’ Mo Wuji suggested after he

noticed Ding Bu'Er barely holding on.

Ji Guang nodded and said, ’’Sure. We will take a break here to rest and eat. After half an hour, we

will continue.’’

The group did not manage to rest for half an hour.

After 20 minutes, lightning flashed, thunder crashed and raindrops the size of soybeans started

to descend down on them. Mo Wuji took this time to check on the rubber dinghy; it had an

automatic water draining feature, but it did not have a shelter to protect them from the rain.

’’Ka...’’ Another bolt of lightning descended. This time, however, Ji Guang started to shout

alarmingly, ’’The lightning crocodiles are here. Everyone, don't fight them. We'll let Brother Mo

handle them. While he helps us block the attacks, we will need to paddle faster. The faster we

paddle, the lower the pressure on Brother Mo...’’

Ji Guang did not manage to finish speaking as an enormous lightning crocodile pounced

towards them. Before it even landed, a flash of lightning had already approached Mo Wuji, who

was standing at the rear of the dinghy.

Mo Wuji had no disapprovals with Ji Guang's plan. These lightning crocodiles easily bore

grudges; they would fight to the death when provoked. It was best to avoid directly confronting


This time, Mo Wuji brought a saber. He did not need Ji Guang to remind him; he immediately

drained a bottle of channel opening solution and used his body to block the lightning. At the

same time, he thrusted the saber towards the lightning crocodile's throat.

Mo Wuji was already considered a Channel Opening Stage Level 1 cultivator. He was no longer a

rookie and he immediately started on the spiritual energy circulation technique. Previously, he

had to rely on great efforts and some luck to draw the lightning into his meridians. Now with

the help of the circulation technique, he easily drew the lightning bolt into his meridians. Mo

Wuji almost cried tears of joy. He was right in finding a cultivation manual. If he did not have a

cultivation technique, how could he have drawn the lightning bolt in so easily?

’’Ka...’’ With another lightning bolt, Mo Wuji felt as though his fourth meridian was almost

completely opened. The rubber dinghy rocked heavily. At the rear of the dinghy, Mo Wuji was

stabbing the lightning crocodile's throat without stop. Mo Wuji could only get one stab in for

every three to four lightning bolt which landed on him.

Despite being struck, Mo Wuji was indescribably happy. After reaching Channel Opening Stage

Level 1, he knew how fast his progress could be. Furthermore, with the spiritual energy

circulation technique which drew the lightning directly into his meridians, the damage he

suffered was reduced.

In the past, ten bolts of lightning would have sent him flying, paralysing him for a long time.

Now, he had been hit by more than ten lightning bolts but he was still well and fine.

Furthermore, the opening of his meridians became much easier. What <Basics of Cultivation>?

This cultivation technique really deserved to be called the <Immortal Mortal Technique>. With

just ten lightning bolts, his fifth meridian got forced open.

If he wanted to, he could have killed this lightning crocodile a long time ago. However, he was

afraid of scaring away the other lightning crocodiles so he stayed his hand.

Ji Guang and Co. saw bolt after bolt land on Mo Wuji. Seeing him hold on valiantly, they all

heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Mo Wuji wasn't lying; he had the ability to resist the

lightning crocodiles, he probably had some special constitution. In the past, when they

encountered lightning crocodiles, they could only run and retreat, without any ability to resist.

Now with Mo Wuji, they had some means of resisting.

As Mo Wuji forced open his sixth meridian, another two lightning bolts landed on him from the


The lightning crocodile finally had some reinforcements. Mo Wuji no longer showed any mercy.

The saber in his hand sped up, stabbing the lightning crocodile's throat, sending its dead,

inanimate corpse down into the sea.

The lightning crocodile's body had materials which were worth money, but Mo Wuji had no

intentions of collecting the corpses. Even though the rubber dinghy was not small, amassing

these corpses would cause the dinghy to slow down.

Even though Mo Wuji could use the lightning to open his meridians, he was not able to fully

absorb it; a portion of the lightning would land in his body. Soon, his flesh started to tear and

his skin charred black.

When Ji Guang and Co. saw the three lightning crocodiles gang up against Mo Wuji, their blood

ran cold. However, they did not expect Mo Wuji to suddenly burst with god-like strength,

directly killing one of the lightning crocodile.

Seeing Mo Wuji block bolt after bolt of lightning, Ji Guang started to feel that it was really a

wise decision to have invited Mo Wuji.

After killing the lightning crocodile, Mo Wuji continued to use the channel opening solution

and accept the blows of the two remaining lightning crocodiles. Very soon, Ji Guang and Co.

found that Mo Wuji had relied on luck to kill the previous crocodile. Mo Wuji looked like he was

no longer able to kill the lightning crocodiles. He only managed to get one stab in after being

struck more than ten times.

The lightning crocodile had incredible vitality; one or two stabs was nothing to it.

Worried that Mo Wuji could no longer bear the lightning crocodiles' relentless assault, Ji Guang

and Co. paddled with their lives. Ding Bu'Er wanted to help Mo Wuji, but he knew he wasn't

even able to withstand a single lightning bolt. As a result, he could only paddle as hard as he

can, to get out of the lightning crocodile's attack zone.

However, the lightning crocodile moves extremely fast in water. How could they be so easily


Under the crazed storm, the rubber dinghy sped forward. At the rear, Mo Wuji was fighting the

lightning crocodiles in the rain. The constant flashes of lightning let Ji Guang and Co. know

that Mo Wuji was not dead, but still fighting on.

Mo Wuji had already lost the initial excitement and agitation in his heart. He no longer showed

mercy. Slowly, each movement he made started to get harder. Even though these lightning

bolts could help him endlessly open his meridians, he was too weak to exploit it. His physical

body, being only at Channel Opening Stage Level 1, was reaching its limits.

’’Kaka...’’ Three consecutive lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji, two of which were circulated

into his clogged meridians, while the last one roasted a large part of his meat.

When the 19th meridian got forced open, Mo Wuji fiercely gritted his teeth and rushed towards

the lightning crocodile. He cannot fall, if he falls, he would directly be killed. All his previous

efforts would be wasted. He was a mortal with mortal roots. He needed to persevere and push

on to succeed.

Half a day passed, even Ji Guang started to grow weak. He did not know how Mo Wuji could last

for so long.

The heavy storm made the rear look extremely hazy. Ji Guang and Co. did not even know what

was going on back there, and how many crocodiles Mo Wuji faced. Mo Wuji was like a tough

nail, singlehandedly holding the rear; he was strong and infallible.

Even Mo Wuji did not know how many lightning crocodiles he met. If the rubber dinghy was

not constantly moving forward, they would have been surrounded a long time ago.

He had killed more than ten lightning crocodiles, but the lightning crocodiles seemed to be

coming unceasingly.

The 26th meridian finally opened. Mo Wuji finished another bottle of channel opening solution

and discovered that he only had seven bottles left.

At this moment, his entire body felt weak, all the bones in his body felt like they were broken.

He was able to stand on sheer willpower alone.

’’Ka...’’ Another lightning crocodile was struck into the sea. At the same time, Mo Wuji's 27th

meridian was perforated.

’’Ka...’’ Yet another lightning bolt landed on Mo Wuji's chest. Even though he had opened 27

meridians, his ability was still at the Channel Opening Stage Level 1. After spending so long in

the storm and being constantly struck by lightning, Mo Wuji was mentally and physically

exhausted. Ultimately, he was made of flesh and blood, and not steel. He could no longer hold

on and collapsed heavily.


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