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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Basics of Cultivation

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’’About that, could you let me take a look at that technique?’’ Mo Wuji sighed to himself, wanting

to lay his eyes on this Immortal Mortal Technique.

He had no other way, the amount of money he had could only afford some techniques of the


’’No problem.’’ The shop assistant took the Immortal Mortal Technique manual out from the

glass display case and handed it to Mo Wuji with a smile. He did not have the permission to do

so for other techniques, but at least for this one, he could make such a decision.

The moment Mo Wuji intended to open the manual, the middle aged man laughed, ’’My

suggestion would be that if you want to make progress in your cultivation for the long term, it

would be better to accumulate some points and purchase a higher quality Mortal technique. The

Immortal Mortal Technique only goes by this name in this shop. Once you leave the shop, this

technique goes by another name.’’

’’What's the other name?’’ Mo Wuji blurted.

The middle aged man pointed at the manual in Mo Wuji's hands, ’’Once you open this manual,

you will be able to see its actual name.’’

With that, Mo Wuji hurriedly flipped open the manual. Below the words ’’Immortal Mortal

Technique'', there were a few small unassuming words ’’Basics of Cultivation’’

When Mo Wuji saw those three words, he almost coughed up blood. If this middle aged man did

not remind him, he would have bought this manual. What's more, if anyone asked him, he

would say that he was training in the Immortal Mortal Technique, which might make him a big

laughing stock.

The shop assistant saw that something was amiss, and quickly added, ’’This is the most basic of

the beginner techniques. If you train with this technique, even if you change to another

technique in the future, there will be no negative effects. I can assure you, there are no other

techniques that are more foundational than this one.’’

Mo Wuji retorted snidely, ’’Of course there will be no negative effects. Didn't I just hear that

training this Immortal Mortal Technique requires a large amount of time and resources? By the

time I have the ability to change to other techniques, won't I already be close to dying from old


The shop assistant chuckled, but did not rebut what Mo Wuji said.

The middle aged man spoke once again, ’’Technically this shop assistant is not wrong. Even

though the technique takes up a long period of time for training, but it has been passed down

for countless years, and went through all kinds of refinement, thus making it flawless.

Whenever you have a higher quality cultivation technique, you can really swap it out at any


Mo Wuji flipped the manual open. The shop assistant did not lie about its contents. The

technique was highly detailed, not only stating clearly how to circulate spiritual energy, but

also showing diagrams indicating the direction of flow within spirit channels. On top of that,

there were introductions to certain parts of the spirit channel network in the body.

Mo Wuji never cultivated before, and no one had ever taught him how to. The positions and

names of spirit channels were completely foreign to him. What more the direction of flow

within them.

The shop assistant took out another book and passed it to Mo Wuji, ’’My friend, if you purchase

the Immortal Mortal Technique from me, I will also give you this introductory book on spirit

channels for free.’’

Mo Wuji closed the manual, saying to the shop assistant, ’’Could you stop bringing up Immortal

Mortal Technique. What I want to buy now is this Basics of Cultivation. Speak. What is the

lowest price that you can offer? That's right, I still have 250 points, how much money would I

have to add on top of that to get this manual and the free gift?’’

He was rather impatient. Either he bought this manual, or he would leave the shop empty

handed. The amount of money he had could not purchase anything else.

Hearing that Mo Wuji really intended to purchase this Basics of Cultivation, the shop assistant

immediately broke into a smile and said, ’’Just add 70 thousand gold coins...’’

’’I'll add another 50 thousand gold coins. If you are willing to sell it, I will take it off your hands

immediately. Otherwise, I'll go to another shop.’’ Mo Wuji said without hesitation.

Subtracting the money spent at the hotel, He only had approximately 100 thousand gold coins

on him. He would have to scrimp and save this sum of money. Initially, he felt that 100 over

thousand gold coins was a large sum. But only after walking into this shop did Mo Wuji realise

that he was poorer than a beggar. At this rate, he would have to find some way to earn money

for meals.

’’Deal.’’ The shop assistant passed both the Immortal Mortal Technique and the Introduction to

Spirit Channels to Mo Wuji without hesitation.

Mo Wuji took out the orange rewards card to pay with his 250 points, then taking out a 50

thousand dollar gold note. He finally obtained the cultivation technique of his dreams: the

Immortal Mortal Technique. No wait, it's the Basics of Cultivation.

Carefully wrapping both books up and stuffing them into his clothes, Mo Wuji decided to find

somewhere to test his spirit roots, before going back and seeing if he could cultivate.

As Mo Wuji was about to leave, he turned around and saw that the middle aged man had not left

yet. The man did not know Mo Wuji at all, but yet still helped to explain many things to him. It

looked like this guy was here to look for him, but he had just arrived in Chang Luo City!

’’Thanks brother for all those explanations. I noticed that you've been here for quite some time,

could it be that you're here to look for me?’’ Mo Wuji respectfully asked.

The middle aged man smiled and nodded, ’’I didn't help much just now, and you still purchased

this manual in the end. But you're right, I'm here for you.’’

Without prompting from Mo Wuji, he explained, ’’This is a token representing a service disciple

of the Formless Blade Sect.’’

Mo Wuji instinctively took the ice cold token, and asked with suspicion, ’’But I don't even know

you, why are you giving me this token?’’

The middle aged man warmly replied, ’’Don't worry, this token was given to me by Qin Xiangyu.

She asked me to pass it to you. If you don't intend to use it, just keep it by your side. You never

know when it might come in handy.’’

Qin Xiangyu? Mo Wuji immediately remembered the lady that lived next to him. That woman

seemed pretty normal, but she gave off an aura of distinction. Her figure was even more

attractive. That sort of curvaceous body was not only beautiful, but also did not seem like

kitsch. Perhaps, this was what an actual aura felt like.

He only helped her conveniently initially, who knew that this woman would remember him,

even giving him a title of service disciple within a sect.

This didn't make sense, Qin Xiangyu was a servant like him. How could she have obtained a

token for service disciples from such an immortal sect, and afford to give one to him?

Seemingly reading Mo Wuji's mind, the middle aged man explained, ’’Xiangyu's younger

brother, Qin Chen, is the Formless Blade Sect's second elder's direct disciple, and had left home

for over ten years. Because of the Spring Immortal Gate Conference, they were able to meet, and

she obtained this token from him.’’

Mo Wuji finally understood. No wonder she could easily obtain such a token.

’’As this matter has been concluded, I will take my leave.’’ The middle aged man did not

introduce himself, and after Mo Wuji received the token, automatically bade farewell and left.

After the man had left, Mo Wuji then grabbed the shop assistant and asked, ’’May I ask what

level is the Formless Blade Sect?’’

The shop assistant looked at the token in Mo Wuji's hand in admiration, replying, ’’The

Formless Blade Sect might not be the best sect around, but it's at least an Earth level Sect, a

below average one.’’

Only a below average Earth level sect. Mo Wuji was slightly disappointed, but still felt greatly

indebted to Qin Xiangyu. There might be many people who keep grudges, but much less who

remember other people's goodwill.

Putting the token away, Mo Wuji decided to still get his spirit roots tested. If he had spirit roots,

and of a decent quality, then he might actually stand a chance to go for the Spring Immortal

Gate Conference. When that happens, he would not be only a service disciple, maybe even an

outer disciple.


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