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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Killing With Borrowed Lightning

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’’Bang!’’ Mo Wuji was once again sent flying by the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile, but this

time, he did not get back up. After sending Mo Wuji flying off, the lightning crocodile also

slumped to the ground, never to rise again.

Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. With just one or two more lightning strikes, he might be able to

open his third meridian.

Unfortunately, his body was too weak, and he could no longer carry on.

If the surrounding people knew that Mo Wuji was complaining that his body was too weak, they

would probably strangle him. In actuality, ever since Mo Wuji opened his first meridian, his

body was tempered under the lightning lake, which caused his physical strength to be above

average. If not for that, he would not have lasted for so long.

’’Swallow this spiritual pill,’’ an indifferent voice sounded in Mo Wuji's ear. Mo Wuji looked

around but he did not see anyone near him who might have been speaking to him.

In his hands, was a pill. The pill was a little bigger than a bean, and there was a pleasant

fragrance from it.

Mo Wuji did not hesitate and directly put the spiritual pill into his mouth.

If this expert wanted to kill Mo Wuji, he did not need to waste this pill. He could simply have

ended Mo Wuji's life there and then. Furthermore, the mere aroma of this pill invigorated Mo

Wuji, it definitely was not something bad.

The moment the pill entered his mouth, it felt like there were multiple cold springs emerging in

Mo Wuji's body. Mo Wuji could clearly feel his damage subsiding.

In just a few seconds, Mo Wuji could easily stand up. He noticed that his skin, which was

charred and scarred, was surprisingly in the process of healing.

Compared this this kind of spiritual pill, his experience as biologist seemed like trash. If not for

his experience allowing him to refine the Channel Opening Solution, he would be useless.

The sounds of lightning and screams of pain could be heard in the distance. Mo Wuji slapped

himself to his senses. This was a vicious battle. The immortal master who passed him the pill

surely did not want him to stay at the sidelines. Moreover, he also did not want to watch by the


Drinking another bottle of channel opening solution, Mo Wuji once again charged to the front.

’’Ka!’’ The moment Mo Wuji rushed forward, a lightning bolt landed on his chest. However, Mo

Wuji had largely recovered and this flash of lightning actually did not send him flying. With a

thrust of his knife, he accurately stabbed this crocodile's throat. As he pulled the knife out, a

gush of blood splurted out. Countless lightning flashes landed on Mo Wuji's body, but he

seemingly did not care as he continued to stab the crocodile with the knife in his hands.

’’Ka Ka...’’ The moment the lightning landed on his body, the clear, crisp sound of his meridian

opening rang out.

This sound was accompanied by the waves of pleasure; the feeling was simply too wonderful.

Mo Wuji even felt like he could fly and touch the sky. He knew that this was just a false

impression, but the comfort from opening his third meridian inundated him.

He did not hesitate to stab the crocodile once more. At the same time, his hand went into his


He searched for a brief moment, only to come way empty; Mo Wuji had completely depleted his

channel opening solution.

In Mo Wuji's mind, there was only one thought: This means I can't open more meridians...

’’Pa... Ka....’’ Two more lightning flashes landed on Mo Wuji's body.

Mo Wuji immediately retreated. Without anymore channel opening solution, he was no longer

willing to be struck by the crocodile's lightning. He was not a fool.

As Mo Wuji retreated, the enraged and bloodied crocodile rushed to give chase.

Mo Wuji had accumulated some experience from fighting these lightning crocodiles; they fight

with a vengeance. If he did not kill this Six-footed Lightning Crocodile now, he would not be

able to make a full retreat.

Determined, Mo Wuji no longer retreated. He thrusted his knife and pierced the crocodile's


At the same time, he saw a red figure running towards him. Behind him, was an angry lightning

crocodile. This fella probably infuriated this lightning crocodile. Seeing Mo Wuji, the red figure

called out in fright, ’’Friend, please save me! I will get you unimaginable riches and glory...’’

With Mo Wuji's ability, saving this fella was as easy as flipping him palm. He just needed to

block the oncoming lightning and this fella would have the chance of surviving.

If it was anyone else, Mo Wuji would not hesitate to save him. However, after noticing who that

fella was, Mo Wuji was enraged.

He was the red robed man who ripped Qin Xiangyu's tent apart. If not for this sea beast attack,

something bad might have happened to Qin Xiangyu.

’’Hurry and save him...’’ Just as Mo Wuji was about to turn his back and run away, an anxious

voice called out to him.

Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. He acted as though he did not hear the voice and he shifted his

body to the side. At this instant, the crocodile chasing after him pounced towards him. He had

never avoided any crocodile's attack before, but he somehow managed to do so this time


’’Pa pa, poof...’’ The two lightning crocodile's bolts landed on the red robed man. The red robed

man was already heavily injured. He could no longer hold on, and he fell to the ground. The

lightning crocodile which was chasing after him pounced on his body, crushing his throat. His

eyes no longer showed any signs of life.

’’You're looking for death...’’ A silhouette came flying over, landing by Mo Wuji's side, throwing a

punch towards him.

As the punch was launched, Mo Wuji felt a powerful, overwhelming force. This force filled Mo

Wuji's heart with horror; the power behind it was too strong.

’’Shao Feng, are you looking for death? Don't think that who can do as you please just because

you're from the Jade Net Sect. This is not a place where you can freely kill people,’’ a cold snort

sounded. A middle aged man with an indifferent expression landed behind Mo Wuji.

The moment those words were uttered, the incoming powerful force also disappeared without a


This voice was very familiar; it was the voice of the person who gave him the spiritual pill. Mo

Wuji was about to express his gratitude when another bright light flashed by. Under this bright

light, the lightning crocodile Mo Wuji was fighting with was sliced into two pieces. In fact, it

wasn't just one lightning crocodile, but two.

’’Shao Feng, you're too much! This performance of this junior here was so heroic. He pitted his

life to battle the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile. On the other hand, you were just looking by

the side. Now you want to indiscriminately kill him?’’ Another silhouette landed. This time, it

was a beautiful woman in a yellow dress. She had silky hair and snow-like skin. If not for the

coldness in her eyes, her beauty would have increased by three points.

’’Senior Qin, junior apprentice sister Wan, you heard what happened. I asked him to save Huo

Zhenghu, but he didn't do so. Furthermore, he timed his dodge so that both the lightning bolts

would land on Huo Zhenghu,’’ the man called Shao Feng said with a frown.

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