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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: Ballsy

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The thing that Mo Wuji was least afraid of was lightning; he did not even bother to dodge the

lightning bolt as he directly used his knife to stab the crocodile's forehead.

’’Dang!’’ Mo Wuji almost thought that his knife stabbed a piece of steel, there were even sparks

when his knife met the crocodile. Fortunately, this knife he got from Hu Fei was not bad; it did

not even bend under the pressure.

’’Pa!’’ The lightning landed harshly on Mo Wuji's chest.

Mo Wuji could feel a hot searing pain spreading throughout his body. After experiencing that

near death crisis in the lightning lake, Mo Wuji was no longer a rookie. He immediately

controlled that lightning to enter his second meridian to break apart the clog.

It might have been be due to luck, but the lightning took the initiative to burn the clog.

The searing pain rushed towards Mo Wuji's second meridian. Without a sound, Mo Wuji could

faintly feel that part of the obstruction had been burnt off.

While all this was taking place within his meridians, Mo Wuji immediately retreated and

climbed to higher ground. This wasn't like the lightning lake; this was a place infested with sea

beasts. If he lay on the floor, he would either be killed by the sea beasts, or trampled to death.

What came to him as a pleasant surprise was that the lightning bolts were gentler than the

those in the lightning lake. Fighting with these crocodiles was dangerous, but it was also an

opportunity. If he was careful, he could very well open his second meridian.

On the other hand, the lightning crocodile was a little shocked. Its deadly lightning actually

failed to kill Mo Wuji. After a brief moment of inaction, it rushed towards Mo Wuji again, now

with a greater vengeance. Seemingly, it was bitter and infuriate that Mo Wuji was not affected

by its attack.

Yet another lightning bolt raced towards Mo Wuji. This time, Mo Wuji was smarter. He knew he

wasn't like that immortal master; he could not simply slice the lightning crocodile into four

parts. He probably couldn't even slice it into two parts. It was hard to even leave a mark on the

crocodile's hard scales.

Mo Wuji continued to ignore that lightning bolt. In fact, he wasn't even fast enough to avoid it.

When the lightning arrived together with the crocodile, Mo Wuji immediately used the knife in

his hands to stab at the crocodile's throat.

That immortal master was right; Mo Wuji's knife could pierce the crocodile's throat. The knife

met with some resistance but it was different from stabbing a hard steel plate like before. Red

blood splurted out onto Mo Wuji's arm, causing half of his body to be stained bloody red.

The lightning crocodile cried out, and sent out countless lightning flashes to converge onto Mo

Wuji. Mo Wuji's body became riddled with scars, even his hair was charred black.

Yet another sensation of pain; Mo Wuji felt like his body was being cut into small pieces, and his

body trembled endlessly. On the other hand, the lightning crocodile did not seem to be affected

by the blood spurting out of its throat as it pounced angrily towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had

thoroughly infuriated this Six-footed Lightning Crocodile.

The pain he felt was not for nothing. Mo Wuji could feel that his second meridian was opening


Mo Wuji bit his tongue, using his steadfast determination to force himself to stand up. At the

same time, he opened a bottle of the channel opening solution and put it into his mouth.

The surrounding people started to retreat. Mo Wuji did not kill the lightning crocodile, and only

managed to anger it. No one was willing to bear the brunt of the crocodile's anger.

Not only did Mo Wuji not retreat, he endured the excruciating pain as he pounced towards the

lightning crocodile.

Anyone who saw Mo Wuji would think of the same thing: This guy is mad! Under such heavy

injuries, he did not retreat but chose to face the lightning crocodile. Was he crazy? Even if he

was looking for death, he should not look for such a painful method.

’’Pa, Pa...’’ Two more electro-balls landed on Mo Wuji's chest. At the same time, Mo Wuji's knife

also made its way to the crocodile's throat.

The second meridian continued to be opened by the lightning. The crocodile's gaping wound

also became bigger.

The lightning crocodile had incredible vitality. Despite being stabbed twice, it still crazily

rushed towards Mo Wuji.

Experiencing near death crises before, Mo Wuji was able to stay calm. He continued to drink

another bottle of the channel opening solution and thrust out his knife.

After three times, Mo Wuji's whole body was completely stained with blood. He didn't even

know whether the blood was his or the crocodile's. Every time he was hit by the electro-balls, he

stubbornly stood back up, drinking the channel opening solution and stabbing out his knife.

This became a cycle: Mo Wuji stabbed the crocodile, the crocodile sent lightning flashes or

electro-balls towards Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji drank the channel opening solution, Mo Wuji stabbed

the crocodile...

The surrounding people looked in shock. This lightning crocodile had incredible vitality, but

this little servant had more! These two fellows seemed to be competing in their vitality and

perseverance; the one who could no longer stand the pain became the loser. This servant

definitely wasn't crazy. How could a crazy person last for so long?

If not for the large numbers of lightning crocodiles, these people would have stopped to see the

battle between Mo Wuji and the lightning crocodile.

Ultimately, the crocodile was still made of flesh and blood. After being stabbed by Mo Wuji for

close to ten times, its huge 3m long body collapsed on the deck.

The moment the crocodile collapsed, Mo Wuji felt his entire body being relieved.

His second meridian was finally opened. Mo Wuji's hands started to tremble; he did not know

whether this was due to him using excessive force, or his sheer excitement from opening his

second meridian.

As he almost got killed by the lightning crocodile and felt a hellish amount of pain, he also

received a new life. This kind of results earned from hardship, made Mo Wuji cherish them


With two meridians opened, Mo Wuji's whole body felt relieved but extremely fatigued. He

needed to rest for a while.

The scene of Mo Wuji bravely using his little life to kill the lightning crocodile remained vividly

in everyone's mind. Seemingly inspired by Mo Wuji's heroic drive, more people started to

bravely confront the lightning crocodiles. Countless people were killed, but countless lightning

crocodiles were killed as well.

After killing that crocodile, it was only normal for Mo Wuji to sit down and rest. In fact, it would

be weird if he didn't.

But what made everyone go into disbelief was that after resting for a short quarter of an hour,

Mo Wuji drank his solution and rushed towards another lightning crocodile.

A few people looked at Mo Wuji in shock. Was this guy mad? Or was he just ballsy? With his

previous performance, no one would blame him if he chose to retreat from the fight. In fact, his

act of heroism might even get him the recognition of an immortal master.

Mo Wuji wasn't mad; he was very clear that this was a rare opportunity. He had his channel

opening solution, and there was such an abundant source of lightning to help him open his

meridians. Wouldn't he be an idiot if he did not grab this opportunity?

His sharp knife stabbed into the crocodile's throat. Angry and infuriated, the crocodile pounced

at Mo Wuji and spit out an electro-ball.

The scene replayed itself. Mo Wuji was constantly being struck by the lightning flashes or

electro-balls, he drank some solution and fought again.

Over and over, the cycle continued. Mo Wuji was never discouraged.

’’This guy is ballsy...’’ Some distance away, a young woman saw Mo Wuji's actions and praised in


A young man beside her laughed, ’’He's just reckless, pitting his life against the sea demon's...

Well, you can't blame him. He has never cultivated nor made any contact with martial arts. He

can only resort to this barbaric method.’’

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