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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Repaying The Saving Grace

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It might have been because she was guilty, but Han Ning did not look for Mo Wuji, not even to

explain herself. Tuo Baqi also settled down. Even though he suspected that Mo Wuji was the

one who knocked him out, he did not want to cause any troubles on his way to Chang Luo.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji, Yuan Zhenyi and Ding Bu'Er met daily to drink and explore the

Makeshift Market. Hearing Yuan Zhenyi's peculiar stories and experiences with cultivators, Mo

Wuji really loosened up.

One particular morning, just as Mo Wuji was lifting his tent flap to leave for his daily washing

up, he heard a loud rumble. He looked up to see a gigantic ship docked by the seaside and he

almost called out in surprise.

The deck of the ship alone could fit several football fields. If the rooms and compartments at

the centre were included, the ship should have had an estimated area of 100,000 square meters.

Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air. It was bigger than an aircraft carrier! An aircraft carrier

was designed with a huge deck. On the other hand, this ship was designed with large decks

surrounding an even larger living quarters, which were at the centre of the ship. These rooms

were in layers, just like a modern apartment building.

What powers this huge thing? Earth's aircraft carrier was not as big as this, and it already

required nuclear power to power it. There shouldn't be nuclear power here too, right?

’’Wuji, you're scared, right? I also got a huge shock when I first saw it, ’’ Ding Bu'Er's voice called


At this moment, Mo Wuji could see that he was not the only one in shock and awe; the seaside

was filled with people.

’’Wuji, quickly pack up and follow me to the ship. Bu'Er, you can follow your little miss up the

ship,’’ Yuan Zhenyi said as he walked out from a crowd.

Ding Bu'Er understood that he would have to follow Han Ning to get on the ship, ’’Wuji, Brother

Zhenyi, I will go first. We'll meet at Chang Luo.’’

Yuan Zhenyi laughed, ’’What Chang Luo? We can meet on the ship itself. There are very few

restrictions on this ship; as long as you have money, you can have a very comfortable life on the



Yuan Zhenyi was protecting a kind-looking noble named Ji Xing. When Mo Wuji followed Yuan

Zhenyi up the ship, he only smiled and nodded to Mo Wuji, not saying anything.

After an hour, Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi were assigned to a large shared house for 50 people.

’’Zhenyi, if we stay in this shared house, how will we help if anything happens to Ji Xing?’’ Mo

Wuji was no longer a rookie and he knew how dangerous this ship could be.

’’He has his personal bodyguard. If anything happens, we just need to hurry and rush over.

Actually, guards like us mainly protect the young master from sea demons. I heard that there

have been many sea demon attacks on the way to Chang Luo. When that happens, we can rush

over and protect him swiftly. After all, he is also on the same level as us. Only the extreme

geniuses get to stay at the higher levels. Well, if anything happens, you don't have to go. Ji Xing

understands that you are only borrowing Aunt Eleven's place to board this ship, and you're not

actually a guard,’’ Yuan Zhenyi explained.

Hearing about the sea demons, Mo Wuji became really curious. This ship was so huge, what

kind of sea demon would actually dare to attack this ship?

Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi were among the last to come, and were assigned beds close to the

door. Many people go in and out of the door, making it difficult for it to rest.

’’Wuji, this ship is different from the beach before. If anyone gets killed here, nothing much will

happen to the killer. To avoid anything unfortunate, try not to make conflicts with others,’’

Yuan Zhenyi pulled up his bed next to Mo Wuji and whispered.

Hearing Yuan Zhenyi's words, the neighbouring people also slightly nodded their heads.

Mo Wuji did not need Yuan Zhenyi to remind him; he would avoid trouble here to safely get to

Chang Luo. Once he reached Chang Luo, there were two important things he needed to do.

Firstly, he needed a cultivation technique. Secondly, he needed to find a source of lightning

which was not fatal, so that he could open all his body's meridians.

Nearly an hour later, Mo Wuji felt a slight tremor and knew that the ship's engine had started.

’’Zhenyi, what powers this ship?’’ Mo Wuji could not suppress his curiosity and asked.

Yuan Zhenyi shook his head, ’’I'm also not sure. This is also the first time I boarded this ship.’’

’’I heard that there's a powerful immortal master who uses a powerful array to drive this ship. I

also heard that it might be some sort of energy source which powers this ship. That energy

source is very useful for cultivation and can be traded,’’ a sweet, magnetic female voice sounded


Mo Wuji turned his head to see that there was a woman sleeping on the bed beside him. She was

around 30 years old. Her hair was tied in a tight bundle, her skin was pale white, her facial

features were not very outstanding but there's this beauty about her. Together with her voice,

she could be considered a very splendid woman.

Mo Wuji subconsciously sat up and asked puzzledly, ’’There's co-ed living here?’’

Yuan Zhenyi laughed, ’’Why would there be a need to separate the men and women? Being able

to stay in this kind of shared house is our good luck!’’

The woman smiled and also sat up, nodding at Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi, ’’Greetings, I'm Qin

Xiangyu from the Ba Prefecture.’’

When Qin Xiangyu sat up, Mo Wuji found her body to be more perfect than her face.

Mo Wuji laughed, ’’I'm Mo Wuji from Cheng Yu, and this is Yuan Zhenyi from Chang Yan.’’

’’Aren't Chang Yan and Cheng Yu at war? You two...’’ Yet another person interrupted. This time,

it was a youth with light golden hair.

Yuan Zhenyi said with a slight disdain, ’’The war between Chang Yan and Cheng Yu has nothing

to do with us.’’

’’Wuji...’’ The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard. Mo Wuji easily recognised that it was

Ding Bu'Er's voice.

Mo Wuji hurriedly got down from his bed and asked, ’’Bu'Er, what happened... Why is there

blood on your body?’’

After slowing down his pants, Ding Bu'Er hurriedly said, ’’Some people have acted against the

little miss. Peng Maohua and I aren't strong enough. From the looks of it, those people are

looking to kill the little miss...’’

Mo Wuji furrowed his eyebrows; the ship just started and something like this happened? He did

not ask anything further and said, ’’Come, bring me over.’’

’’Wait...’’ Yuan Zhenyi stopped Mo Wuji. ’’Wuji, that Han Ning drove you out, and did not even

allow you on this ship to Chang Luo. You have nothing to do with her anymore, why do you

need to put your feet back into these muddy waters? Furthermore, the help you've given her was

more than enough to repay her.’’

Mo Wuji said calmly, ’’Her father may not have intended for it, but he did save my life. Perhaps

what I gave her was enough to repay her, but in my heart, a saving grace cannot be repaid

through items or money. Now that I know something bad is happening to her, I do not feel

comfortable leaving her alone. On the account that the Old Duke saved me, I will help her one

more time. After we reach Chang Luo, we can go on our separate paths. Zhenyi, you can wait for

me here. Bu'Er, let's go.’’

Finishing his words, Mo Wuji was prepared to rush out of the shared house. He lived by this

principle: Gratitude and grudges must be repaid. The Old Duke's saving grace would be repaid

with another saving grace. Regarding the Two-leaved Fire Grass, Han Ning could take it as a


There was also another reason why he had to save Han Ning. He might have been driven out by

Han Ning, but Ding Bu'Er was still under her. He might not need to save her, but he needed to

rescue Ding Bu'Er. Helping Han Ning was the same as helping Ding Bu'Er.

Yuan Zhenyi laughed, ’’Aren't we brothers? If you're going, then I'm going too. Let's go!’’


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