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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Lost Opportunity

Translator: Sparrow Translation Editor:Sparrow Translation

Both Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi went back to the tent to rest without worrying about anything.

Even if Tuo Baqi knew that they were the culprits, he could not do anything about it without

any evidence.

By the time Mo Wuji woke up, it was already early in the afternoon. Just as Mo Wuji wanted to

ask Ding Bu'Er about Tuo Baqi's movements, he saw Ding Bu'Er walking from the direction of

Yue Hai Inn.

’’Wuji, the little miss wants to talk to you about something,’’ Ding Bu'Er shouted to Mo Wuji

from far away.

It was just the right timing that Han Ning wanted to talk to him as he wanted to find out more

about Tuo Baqi at the inn as well.

’’Hold up...’’ Ding Bu'Er spoke in a low voice as he approached Mo Wuji, ’’Wuji, please be careful. I

doubt it is good news. Peng Maohua was stuttering when he told me about this.’’

Mo Wuji gave Ding Bu'Er a pat, ’’What can happen to me here? Don't worry, I was just about to

inquire about something.’’

The first person Mo Wuji saw when he entered Yue Hai Inn was Tuo Baqi. Tuo Baqi was busy

interrogating the inn's doorman to find out if anyone suspicious had entered the inn the

previous day. Since the doorman had accepted Mo Wuji's gold coin yesterday and he had no idea

what Tuo Baqi was trying to do, he did not tell Tuo Baqi anything.

’’Heh,’’ Tuo Baqi grunted as he turned around. He was about to go back up when he saw Mo Wuji

enter the inn. He turned back after a few steps to scan Mo Wuji with his eyes. He tried to see if

there were any similarities between the Mo Wuji and the man who attacked him yesterday.

Mo Wuji took a glance at Tuo Baqi and was about to tell the doorman he was going to find Han

Ning when Peng Maohua shouted, ’’Wuji, little miss wants me to tell you that...’’

Mo Wuji did not have a good feeling about this as Peng Maohua continued, ’’...Wuji, little miss is

unable to bring you to Chang Luo...’’

Even Peng Maohua found it difficult to bring this across to Mo Wuji as he was still grateful for

Mo Wuji. If not for Mo Wuji, he would have needed to spend more time near the Thunder Fog

Forest finding the Two-leaved Fire Grass. Moreover, Mo Wuji was very easy to work with as he

did not cause any unnecessary trouble. In fact, he was sometimes of good help too.

’’Why?’’ Mo Wuji voice became very cold as he knew his slot to go to Chang Luo was exchanged

with the Two-leaved Fire Grass and not out of Han Ning's kindness. It was like the man who

exchanged the spiritual fruit for a chance to be a service disciple.

’’It is because...’’ Peng Maohua hesitated and then finally decided to tell him, ’’It is because little

miss was entrusted by someone to bring a very important person over so...’’

Mo Wuji calmed down and thought it through. Even if Han Ning decided not to bring him to

Chang Luo, he had to find a way to go over. He would simply be awaiting death if he did not.

’’Brother Peng, I want to meet little miss. I want to hear it from her.’’ Mo Wuji said it word by

word very audibly. If a lover could stab him from behind, Han Ning, who was not even

considered to be his friend, could obviously go back on her word and gratitude for the Twoleaved

Fire Grass.

’’There is no reason why. It is simply because someone from my clan suddenly wants to go

towards Chang Luo. There is no other choice but to take your slot. Of course, if you really wish

to go, you can crawl under my leg now and I might consider pleading for you,’’ Cao Hao said

sarcastically as he widened his legs.

It was indeed this brat. Mo Wuji clenched his fist and tried his best to said in a calm manner,

’’Wherever you go, you give off an unbearable stink. That is how I know you have not met the

dung beetle [1]. Go back and ask your father and mother why you stink.’’

’’I will murder you,’’ Cao Hao was a classy young man and would not mind if someone of the

same stature criticised or mocked him. However, how could he not mind a house attendant like

Mo Wuji being this rude to him?

The guard beside Cao Hao hurried to hold the furious Cao Hao back, ’’My Lord, do not do it now.

There will be more opportunities when we board the ship.’’

Mo Wuji did not bother about Cao Hao after he scolded him. Instead, he looked at Han Ning who

was standing behind Cao Hao, ’’Little miss, I want to know if this was your intention?’’

Even if he knew it was her intention, he just needed Han Ning to say it out because he earned

this opportunity with his own merit, not by begging her.

Han Ning looked guilty for a split second before saying, ’’Mo Wuji, I am sorry. I did consider the

bigger picture previously...How about you just greet Lord Cao respectfully...’’

Mo Wuji said coldly, ’’What is a puny Wu Xue State prince to me? You are nowhere near the level

I would greet respectfully to. Your father passed me this jade hairpin. You can use it in times of

trouble to find Yue Qiongyin in Chang Luo. Just to make things clear, I earned my own

opportunity to go with you to Chang Luo, and it was not because of your kindness. I will not ask

for the Two-leaved Fire Grass back so we will no longer be related in the future.’’

Mo Wuji took out the jade hairpin which he had kept neatly in a pouch and passed it to Han

Ning before laughing, ’’It is your choice not to keep me, goodbye.’’

Mo Wuji turned away after he finished and as he exited the inn, he thought of something. He

recalled that the one who killed Jing Lengbei's clan, Hei Weifeng, was from Wu Xue State too. If

Cao Hao is the Lord of Wu Xue State, he might be related to Hei Weifeng. After he promised to

repay Jing's clan's kindness for taking care of Mo Xiangtong, he had to take this matter


Han Ning held the jade hairpin tightly as she watched Mo Wuji make his way out. She could not

figure out why her father passed him the jade hairpin.

’’This is the first time I've seen a house attendant who was so arrogant. If he was under me, I

would have skinned him alive a long time ago,’’ Cao Hao said as he saw Mo Wuji's backview

gradually disappearing.

Tuo Baqi, who wanted to ask Mo Wuji a few things, witnessed how Mo Wuji did not even put Cao

Hao in his eyes and hence he did not dare to follow him out. He was all alone now so he could

not afford to lose his pride to Mo Wuji outside.


’’Wuji, what happened? You look really unhappy,’’ Yuan Zhengyi asked as he saw Mo Wuji

returning to the tent. It seemed like Ding Bu'Er had guessed what happened and hence called

Yuan Zhenyi over.

’’I lost my opportunity to go to Chang Luo because I offended Wu Xue State's Cao Hao. That brat

must have had something to use against Han Ning,’’ Mo Wuji said in a disappointed tone.

Yuan Zhengyi laughed out loud, ’’I was still wondering what was so serious. This is nothing.

Now that Aunt Eleven has left, you can follow me over to Chang Luo. Aunt Eleven and I followed

Chang Yan State's Wei Yuanhou's grandson here. Our duty is to protect him till he reaches

Chang Luo. Once he has found a sect, we are free to go. I can bring you along, this is not a

problem at all.’’

Mo Wuji became ecstatic to hear this. This was indeed like a light at the end of the tunnel. His

sole purpose here was not to please Han Ning but to go to Chang Luo.

After solving this issue, Mo Wuji, Yuan Zhengyi and Ding Bu'Er went off to drink and celebrate.

[1]: Dung beetles are beetles that feed partly or exclusively on dung. Therefore, Mo Wuji is

implying that Cao Hao is a form of dung.


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