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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Separation

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After another 20 minutes or so, with Yuan Zhenyi leading the way, everyone managed to creep behind a hill. The aid of the moonlight allowed them to observe the fight in good visibility.

As they witnessed the fight, Mo Wuji realised how ridiculous his intention to assassinate the obese salesman in the dark alone was. Even though there were already seven to eight casualties below, the obese salesman did have one very powerful guard. He was currently fighting against two others, out of whom, one was Jia Jing.

Jia Jing came with two others at first, however, one of them had already been killed.

’’I was reckless. If I had come alone, I would never have succeeded in assassinating him,’’ Mo Wuji sighed.

Yuan Zhenyi responded, ’’You can't be blamed for this. This salesman ain't easy to deal with. Normal salesmen would not hire such powerful guards for themselves.’’

After a few minutes, Jia Jing managed to put a knife through the remaining guard's shoulder. At the same moment, Jia Jing's companion was pierced through his waist by the guard's long sword.

Jia Jing and his companions were heavily wounded. Jia Jing followed up and sliced open the head of the obese salesman's only remaining guard.

The obese salesman, who was severely wounded, sat by his horse carriage and did not even bother crying for help. He knew there was no point in crying for help anymore.

’’Our turn,’’ Yuan Zhenyi said with charisma and slid down the hill like a general.

Jia Jing, who just managed to behead his opponent, was extremely fatigued as he saw Yuan Zhenyi approaching.

’’Dang!’’ After letting out a cry, Jia Jing took a few steps back and fell to the ground.

’’Who are you? How dare you attack me? I am working for Xuan Liang's Prefecture Lord, I will let you go as long as...’’

Jia Jing's words were interrupted as he saw Mo Wuji coming down from the hill.

He recognised Mo Wuji and the two ladies behind him, Mo Xiangtong and Jing Lengbei. At this juncture, he knew his life was over. Jing Lengbei's presence indicated that they even dared to attack the Lord, so why would they not dare to kill him?

’’Pop! ’’ As Jia Jing paused to think, Yuan Zhenyi swung his axe and split Jia Jing's head apart.

Yuan Zhenyi then proceeded on to the heavily wounded companion of Jia Jing and finished him off with his axe too.

Aunt Eleven laughed and said to Mo Wuji, ’’Wuji, there is no need for us to help him. Given Zhenyi's capabilities, these two soft leg shrimps ain't enough for him.’’

Although Mo Wuji had been through a life and death crisis in the Thunder Fog Forest, he had never witnessed such a bloody scene. For awhile, his senses could not adapt to it.

’’Thank you my Lord, for the rescue. If not for your timely intervention, I would have lost my life. I am willing to give you all my assets to thank you for your life-saving grace...’’ Mo Wuji did not expect that the obese salesman would actually stand up and thank him for saving his life.

Mo Wuji could not believe that the fatty actually thought that he was here to save him. Mo Wuji could not help but admire this fatty's ignorance.

’’Fatty, you are too optimistic. Let me ask you. Where did you find these two girls? Do not bother finding excuses or talk about conditions. If I am happy with your answer, I might give you a good time. If I am not satisfied, I will not kill you but skin you alive and retrieve your tendons.’’

’’From a horse thief, Hei Weifeng, in a region in Wu Xue State...’’

’’So Hei Weifeng was the one that destroyed Jing Clan too?’’ Mo Wuji asked on behalf of Jing Lengbei as he saw her trembling beside him.

’’I do not know. I really do not know,’’ the fatty, Yong Yong, said repeatedly.

Mo Wuji looked at Jing Lengbei and said, ’’My guess is it was Hei Weifeng's doing. There is no point in asking anymore.’’

Jing Lengbei fell to the ground in tears. She had heard of Hei Weifeng's infamous name and his immoral acts before.

Mo Wuji used the knife in his hand and split Yong Yong's head apart too. The splashing fresh blood made him uncomfortable once again. However, he knew that there were some things that had to be done. The fact that the fatty trafficked these young girls made Mo Wuji extremely enraged, not to mention one of them was Mo Xiangtong.

Yuan Zhenyi retrieved the gold and silver coins from his body. In addition to some gold notes he managed to retrieve 16000 gold coins and a few thousand silver coins.

Yuan Zhenyi passed all the gold coins to Mo Wuji. This was Mo Wuji's idea after all.

Mo Wuji did not keep the gold coins. Instead, he took out an additional 20000 gold notes to split the money into three portions for Aunt Eleven, Mo Xiangtong and Jing Lengbei, ’’Aunt Eleven, hurry up and bring them away from here.’’

’’Understood,’’ Aunt Eleven did not waste any more time and kept the gold notes.

Mo Xiangtong knew Mo Wuji wanted to go to the royal capital but was unable to bring her along. Coupled with the fact that Mo Wuji was also from the Mo Clan, she did not say much and just kept the gold coins. The hesitant Jing Lengbei realised that she might make Aunt Eleven unhappy if she rejected the money so she quietly kept the gold coins too.

’’Wuji, in future...’’ Mo Xiangtong looked at Mo Wuji with some hesitation.

Mo Wuji said with a serious tone, ’’In future, if I have the ability, I will avenge the Mo Clan.’’

However, Mo Wuji did not mention that he would give up avenging if he was not capable enough.

’’Let's go,’’ Aunt Eleven said and mounted the horse. She was always very straightforward with whatever she said or did.

Jing Lengbei went up to Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi, she bowed respectfully and mounted the horse without saying a word.

’’I truly admire this Jing Lengbei, sometimes there is truly no need for words,’’ Yuan Zhenyi said with admiration as he watched the three of them from a distance.

After the trio's voices disappeared under the moonlight, Yuan Zhenyi said,’’ Let's go. We shall just leave the bodies here.’’

Mo Wuji looked at Jia Jing and said,’’ We can leave the other bodies here but Jia Jing's must be hidden.’’

Yuan Zhenyi immediately understood the reason, laughed and said,’’ Wuji, you are indeed very careful, how could I not think of this?’’


The hustle and bustle of the night was gone and the morning by the seaside seemed so peaceful.

’’Ah...’’ A scream could be heard from even outside Yue Hai Inn. A doorman hurried up to see what was going on.

The doorman knocked on Room 17 and asked, ’’How may I help you Sir?’’

At this period of time, anyone and everyone could stay in Yue Hai Inn. In any of these rooms, there could be a Lord or a prince. Therefore, even if it was a small Lord or small prince, it did not matter much.

Tuo Baqi shouted angrily, ’’ Someone knocked me out yesterday... No, and took my slave away...Wait...Where is Jia Jing? Why is Jia Jing not back yet?’’

After finishing his sentence, Tuo Baqi calmed down as he recalled what he asked Jia Jing to do before he was knocked out. Even if he was a small prefecture Lord, he would never get away if someone found out he ordered his men to assassinate the salesman.

’’It's okay, you may leave. I just had a nightmare,’’ Tuo Baqi waved his hands as he ordered the doorman to take his leave.

The doorman revealed a look of disdain as he turned and walked away, not bothering about this lunatic Prefecture Lord.


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