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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Extinction

Translator: Sparrow Translations

’’Luo An's Mo Clan's gone...They're all dead...’’ Mo Xiangtong said with a face covered in tears.

She did not continue to speak and continued to cry.

’’The incident has already passed. You can take your time and talk.’’ Mo Wuji pulled Mo

Xiangtong up and sat her on a chair. The Luo An which Mo Xiangtong mentioned was the

capital of the Northern Qin Prefecture. As the prefectural royal family, the Mo Clan stayed in

Luo An.

Mo Wuji would not dare inquire about the Mo Clan in front of others, but he naturally did not

have such concerns with Mo Xiangtong.

Mo Xiangtong continued to sob, but she endured her grief as she said, ’’ Four years ago, the Mo

Clan was dragged into the assassination of the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord...’’

’’Wait... isn't the Mo Clan from the Northern Qin Royal Family? Why would it be involved in the

assassination of the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord?’’ Mo Wuji interrupted Mo Xiangtong and

asked puzzledly.

Mo Xiangtong shook her head, ’’Four years ago, our Mo Clan was no longer the Northern Qin

Royal Family.The Ju Clan is now the new Northern Qin Royal Family. After the previous

prefecture lord disappeared, Ju Xufeng took over as the new lord under the instigations of the

Cheng Yu State Lord. However, during his rounds, he was assassinated by a member of the Mo

Clan. The Mo assassin was killed on the spot and nine generations of the Mo Clan were ordered

to be executed...’’

Mo Wuji's face turned gloomy. A Mo Clan member assassinated the acting Prefecture Lord? Isn't

this excuse too ridiculous? What a sinister plot, even nine generations were to be killed, this was

a bit too much.

’’How did you escape? When they found you, why didn't they kill you?’’ Mo Wuji looked at Mo

Xiangtong in doubt.

Mo Xiangtong said in an aggrieved tone, ’’That year when the old prefecture lord disappeared,

your parents departed for Rao Zhou to inherit the throne. But there was never news from them,

and all the Mo Clan members we dispatched to Rao Zhou also disappeared.’’

Hearing this, Mo Wuji finally understood why no one from the Mo Clan came to Rao Zhou. From

the looks of it, they were all assassinated the moment they left Luo An. A Mo Clan member who

left for Rao Zhou was a dead Mo Clan member. During that time, Ju Xufeng had taken over as

the prefecture lord and the Ju Clan finally had the power to deal with the Mo Clan.

’’Because of the increasing number of disappearances, the Mo patriarch ordered every Mo Clan

member to stay in Luo An. Four years ago, I was just 15 years old. I was really pampered so I

decided to take the risk and leave Luo An to see the world. On the second day I left, the Mo Clan

got involved in the assassination and all nine generations were exterminated. When I heard the

news, I did not dare return to Luo An, so I decided to go to Rao Zhou to find your father...’’

Mo Xiangtong seemed to recall her painful and helpless days, ’’To survive I did many things: I

stole, I begged, I even ate weeds and leaves...’’

Mo Wuji suddenly felt a tinge of regret. He should have offered help to the little girl who tried to

steal from him. Who knows whether she might have been another survivor from the Mo Clan.

’’I lived like that for over two years until a kind family took me in as their little miss's

maidservant. But it all ended three months ago. The family might have offended someone they

should not have, and those people suddenly came and killed all the way to our doorsteps. The

whole family was killed and only the little miss and I survived. They spared us to earn a bit of

extra cash; the little miss and I were sold to a brothel.

This obese salesman was a partner of that brothel. He really knows how to do business. He said

that with the opening of the Spring Immortal's Gate, many rich and esteemed people would

gather here and maybe buy some female slaves. After they're done with us, they would abandon

us here, and the obese salesman would just take us back to the brothel...’’

’’Pa...’’ Mo Wuji slapped the table angrily, ’’How vicious!’’

It didn't matter whether he was referring to the obese salesman or the people who killed the

little miss's entire family.

Having said that, Mo Wu suddenly remembered, ’’What happened to that lady?’’

’’She's called Jing Lengbei. She was that number 31. Wuji, can you find some ways to save her...’’

Mo Xiangtong looked at Mo Wuji expectantly with tears in her eyes. She could figure out that

Mo Wuji was here under the identity of a house attendant but she still hoped that a miracle

could happen. Maybe that man with the paper fan appreciated Mo Wuji's guts and was willing

to accept his requests.

’’We can talk about this later. Just wait for me here,’’ Mo Wuji finished his sentence and left

hurriedly out of the tent before Mo Xiangtong could even respond. The saving grace that the

Jing Clan had given to Mo Xiangtong by taking her in had to be repaid. He had to hurry before

that Jing Lengbei got tainted by that fool.

Mo Wuji saw Ding Bu'Er from afar and hurriedly walked towards him, ’’Bu'Er, did you find out

about the guy I was competing with?’’

Ding Bu'Er thought that Mo Wuji was worried and answered urgently, ’’I just investigated. That

guy is the prefecture prince of the Xuan Liang Prefecture. His name is Tuo Baqi and he stays in

the same inn as our little miss. He has an explosive temper and is very vengeful. We don't have

to worry about him now, but when we get on the ship, we will have to be careful. I heard that

the immortal masters don't care if people get killed on the ship.’’

’’I understand. Bu'Er, can you get another tent? I need to find the little miss,’’ Mo Wuji hastily

said the last sentence and rushed towards the inn.

Hearing that Mo Wuji was going to find Han Ning, Ding Bu'Er was no longer worried. Mo Wuji

probably wanted Han Ning to help him pay a visit to that Tuo Baqi so that he wouldn't do

anything unscrupulous.

’’Stop, you're not a guest here, you're not allowed in,’’ the inn's doorman stopped Mo Wuji. He

recognised Mo Wuji as the person who got chased away by the Cao Hao that little prince.

Mo Wuji politely cupped his fists, ’’I'm here to look for my little miss. You can't possibly not

allow me from meeting my little miss, right?’’

The doorman hesitated. What Mo Wuji said made sense; as a house attendant, shouldn't he be

allowed to report to his little miss?

When he was about to respond, Mo Wuji stuffed a gold coin into his hands, ’’Brother, please

make an exception. I'm not staying for long, I won't be making things difficult for you.’’

The doorman was already prepared to let Mo Wuji in. Seeing Mo Wuji take out the gold coin, he

no longer hesitated and said, ’’Just go in. Remember to come out soon.’’

Mo Wuji thanked him unceasingly. Just when he was about to enter the inn, he seemed to recall

something, and whispered in the doorman's ears, ’’Brother, I heard that the Xuan Liang

Prefecture Prince just bought a stunning female slave?’’

The doorman laughed and gave Mo Wuji a knowing look, and whispered, ’’Brother, we're really

the same kind of people. That female slave is really not bad. She had a beautiful goose egg face.

And her big chest! Oh... I wonder what will holding them feel like...’’

The doorman slipped into his perverted fantasies.

’’I wonder where does that fellow stay. His neighbours are sure to complain about the loud

noise, ’’ Mo Wuji spoke in the same obscene tone as the doorman.

The doorman laughed, ’’You don't have to worry about that. That little prince stays in room

number 17. Right next to it is a big patio.’’

’’What a lucky man. Well, I got to go report to my little miss,’’ Mo Wuji said casually and hurried

into the inn.


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