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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: The Mo Clan's Girl

Translator: Sparrow Translations

After the offer of 2000 gold coins was made, the obese salesman was so shocked that his fats

trembled and jiggled again. He wanted to slap himself for not waiting longer before closing the


No, he would absolutely not let this additional 1000 gold coins slip away from him. This

thought made him shout with excitement, ’’Someone offered 2000 gold coins. Is anyone willing

to offer more...’’

Before he could finish his sentence, his felt something icy cold pressed against his neck. He

subconsciously bowed his head down and saw a sharp, shiny white knife placed dangerously


’’You ... you better hurry and let me go... we are at the assembly point of the Spring Immortal's

Gate Conference, how dare you attack me here?’’ The obese salesman initially stumbled on his

words but soon spoke with confidence when he realised that Mo Wuji would not dare to do

anything rash to him.

Mo Wuji was the one holding the knife against his neck. The crowd was surprised to see that Mo

Wuji had made a move. To act violently here was simply not treasuring one's own life.

Mo Wuji laughed and said, ’’Fatty, you just agreed to my offer previously. We had a verbal

contract between us. You and I both know that we should never go back on our word. Even you

know that we are at the assembly point of the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. If one of the

immortal masters found out that you started an unethical business here and went back on your

word, isn't that considered being ignorant of the rules put in place here? Tearing this verbal

contract between us at this assembly point, do you know what will happen to you then?’’

Mo Wuji paused intentionally before sneering, ’’I am afraid you might not live to spend the

money you earned. I do not even have to kill you personally. I just need to report to one of the

immortal masters here.’’

Mo Wuji put down his knife after finishing his sentence and looked at the obese salesman with


The obese salesman broke out in a cold sweat. Mo Wuji was right. If Mo Wuji did not pursue this

matter, he would be fine. But why would someone as daring as Mo Wuji not pursue this matter

especially after he suffered such a loss? The obese salesman forgot about the danger when his

greed for the gold coins overwhelmed him.

He definitely could not act shamelessly in front of so many people. If he did that, he would be

granting himself a death wish.

’’Ah ah, I'm sorry I made a mistake here. I was blinded by the money and I forgot I already made

a deal with you,’’ the obese salesman smiled gently and handed Mo Wuji the key to the girl's

chain. His life was more valuable compared to the 1000 gold coins of profit that he would have


Mo Wuji grunted, unlocked the chain and threw both the chain and key away. At the same time,

he took 1001 gold coins and 1 copper coin from his pocket and handed it over to the obese


If it was not to save this girl who might have been from his clan, he definitely would not have

agreed so easily. Even if he were to purchase her, he would fork out at most 50 to 100 gold coins.

After seeing this fatty try to sell a descendant from the Northern Qin's Mo Clan, Mo Wuji did not

intend on letting him go so easily.

The face of the man with the paper fan turned gloomy. However, he did not dare to challenge

the rules of the system at the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. All he could do was to watch

helplessly as Mo Wuji took the girl from the obese salesman.

The obese salesman hurried over to the man with the paper fan and said politely, ’’Mister, I have

even better ones over here. Number 31 does not only look beautiful, but is very proficient in a

variety of musical rhythms. Compared to the rest, number 31 is the best one I've got here...’’

’’Is that true? You have an even better one yet you did not offer it to me earlier? I want number

31 too. My offer is 1000 gold coins,’’ Mo Wuji said without waiting for the man with the paper

fan to respond.

The man with the paper fan did not react after being humiliated by Mo Wuji previously because

he did not want to challenge the rules of the system in the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference.

However, Mo Wuji was still trying to humiliate him with this offer for number 31. He would not

let this pass as he did not believe Mo Wuji could compete with his wealth.

’’2000 gold coins,’’ The man with the paper fan said arrogantly while staring at Mo Wuji with


The obese salesman was stunned as the two men started bidding for number 31 even before he

put her on offer. He became really pleased when he realised this was his chance to earn big.

’’3000 gold coins,’’ Mo Wuji shouted out casually.



’’10 thousand gold coins!’’ The man with the paper fan's blood was boiling as he did not expect a

small fry like Mo Wuji to be so arrogant.

Mo Wuji saw a slightly older man whisper some words to the man with the paper fan. The man

with the paper fan then became a little less angsty and did not look as crazy as he was.

’’Not bad, you are a rich Lord indeed. I cannot compete with you any further,’’ Mo Wuji pulled

the girl he just purchased and said to a completely stunned Ding Bu'Er, ’’Bu'Er, we are leaving.’’

At this moment, the man realised Mo Wuji was out to annoy him. He was so angry that the

veins on his forehead turned green and he just wanted to order someone to grab Mo Wuji

immediately. It was a pity that this place was not under his monarchy so he dared not to do

such things.

’’Jia Jing, pay him,’’ The man with the paper fan grunted and left without even taking a look at

how number 31 looked like.

The one who benefitted the most was the obese salesman. Just selling off these two slaves

earned him a year or two worth of profits.


’’Wuji, the fatty is not a good person too. Although you managed to pit youself against the

irritating fellow, you let the fatty earn a lot from these transactions,’’ Ding Bu'Er said to Mo


Mo laughed, ’’I let him earn a lot? He he, we'll talk about it when we go back.’’

How dare he put a member of the Mo Clan for sale as a female slave? Mo Wuji considered the

fatty dead from the very beginning. He dared to offer a high price only because he was not

afraid to pay.

’’I will go visit Brother Zhenyi and Aunt Eleven, you can go back first, ’’ Ding Bu'er took the

initiative to leave as he realised Mo Wuji might have things to say to the girl.

Mo Wuji brought the girl to the tent and proceeded to set it up.

The girl stared vigilantly at Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji, the man with the paper fan and the obese

salesman were the same type of people she hated.

’’What is your name?’’ Mo Wuji did not bother about her vigilant stares as he sat down.

’’Mo Xiangtong,’’ The girl continued looking at Mo Wuji vigilantly after saying her name.

’’How do you address the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord Mo Tiancheng?’’ Mo Wuji continued

questioning her.

Mo Xiangtong was not surprised as everyone knew that she was born in Northern Qin, ’’Lord

Tiancheng is my uncle, my father and him are cousins.’’

Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at Mo Xiangtong. Who knew that Mo Xiangtong was actually one

generation older than him. He should actually address her as Aunt Xiangtong.

’’My name is Mo Wuji, Mo Tiancheng happened to be my grandfather. This is so you understand

why I wanted to save you,’’ Mo Wuji explained emotionally.

Mo Xiangtong appeared even more shocked than Mo Wuji after he said that. She hesitated

before asking, ’’Are you the young Lord...’’

Mo Wuji laughed bitterly, ’’What young Lord, technically, i am the only direct descendant of the

Lord. However, the position of the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord no longer belongs to the Mo


Mo Xiangtong's entire body trembled as her eyes turned red and tears started pouring out.


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