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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: The Change In Mo Wuji

’’You're looking for death...’’ Cao Hao grabbed the sword hung on his waist.

’’Little Prince, please do not be too rash or you may land all of us in trouble,’’ Yang Junsong

quickly stepped forward to stop Cao Hao.

Among these four group mates from Cheng Yu State, Yang Junsong was the most sociable one.

He was always smiling, and he did not put on airs even towards a house attendant like Mo Wuji.

Feng Cheng Marquisate's heir, Ji Changhe also stepped forward and advised Cao Hao.

This was a place where geniuses across Xing Han Empire gathered in their journey to Chang

Luo. Causing a ruckus here would get one punished. A light punishment would be the stripping

of participation rights and being sent back home. On the other hand, a punishment could even

be as heavy as a direct execution! It didn't matter whether one was a prefecture prince, one

could still be executed. A genius from Cheng Yu State was nothing in this large Xing Han


Cao Hao snorted and stared fiercely at Mo Wuji. Then, he turned and walked towards the inn.

From the looks of things, Cao Hao probably would not act against Mo Wuji.

’’Mo Wuji, just because you helped the little miss doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. If

you act like this again, we'll immediately send you back to Cheng Yu State,’’ Shao Lan said while

giving Mo Wuji an unsatisfied glare.

Han Ning's face was also unsightly. Even though she did not say anything, it was clear that she

agreed with Shao Lan's words.

Mo Wuji smiled and did not care. When he gave Han Ning the Two-leaved Fire Grass, she was

extremely grateful to him. However, as time passed, her gratitude tapered down. This was the

reason why Mo Wuji was unwilling to be friends with people from big families. They were used

to being in a high position overlooking the rest of the world. As a result, they acted arrogantly

and did not treat others as their equal.

They would only greet you with a smile if you gave them benefits. Once the benefits were gone,

that smile would disappear as well. They would definitely not remember what you had done for


This trip to the royal capital was Han Ning's reward to Mo Wuji for his meritorious service. If he

committed a mistake, she would simply take away this reward and even punish him. This was

not a relationship between friends, but a superior-inferior relationship.

Mo Wuji came from Earth so he would not accept being the inferior within a relationship.

Sooner or later, he would separate from Han Ning. Before that happened, he would dedicate his

efforts for her. Han Chengan's saving grace might have been unintentional and he might not

have expected any returns, but Mo Wuji would definitely return the favour.

’’Why don't we all settle down. We still have to stay here for the next three days,’’ Han Ning said

as she followed Cao Hao and co. into one of the inns.

’’Wait...’’ After Han Ning and Shao Lan entered the inn, Mo Wuji and the other two were stopped.

’’He [1], what is the meaning of this?’’ Peng Maohua's face turned ugly when he was stopped.

Mo Wuji recognised the man blocking their way. He was He Feng, one of Cao Hao's attendants.

Han Ning did not stay silent and questioned Cao Hao, ’’Cao Hao, what's the meaning of this?’’

Before Cao Hao could speak, an attendant from the inn came out and said apologetically, ’’Dear

customers, we are really sorry but our Yue Hai Inn does not have enough rooms. Your group of

five only gets one room so these three attendants would have to stay outside or in our


Han Ning's gaze landed on Yang Junsong, ’’Yan Junsong, you're in charge of booking the rooms.

Why is it that my house attendants do not get a room while the others do?’’

Cao Hao said loudly, ’’Ah, there is no other way. We arranged the rooms on a first-come, firstserve

basis. You can't expect my attendants to sleep outside even though they came first right?’’

Yang Junsong's face looked rather awkward as he embarrassedly asked Cao Hao, ’’Prince, we are

all part of the same team. Why don't you allow them to squeeze with your attendants?’’

Cao Hao thought for a long time before saying reluctantly, ’’How about this... I will get my guys

to squeeze. But there's only enough space for two people. That, that who... Aren't you very

strong and brave? You can stay outside then.’’

Everyone knew that Cao Hao was specifically targeting Mo Wuji.

Han Ning was a favoured genius, and could be considered a Channel Opening Stage cultivator.

Even though she did not like that Mo Wuji offended Cao Hao, she did not remain silent, ’’Cao

Hao, are you sure you want to do this?’’

Everyone could feel that Han Ning was on the verge of exploding. Only Cao Hao seemingly did

not feel it as he continued to say calmly, ’’Sister Ning, our families have a very deep

relationship. Otherwise I would not have brought you to find Immortal Master Lu. I care for you

and I do not wish for you to cause a fission in our cooperation just because of one person.’’

After hearing Cao Hao's words, Han Ning calmed down like a deflated balloon. Her fiery rage

was extinguished as she remained silent.

In just a few seconds, she turned to Mo Wuji and said, ’’Wuji, it's going to be tough on you. Just

erect a tent outside and stay outside.’’

She did not say another word as she turned and left.

Mo Wuji smiled and he did not care. On the way to the royal capital, he would try his best to

help Han Ning. Once they reached the capital, he would no longer have anything to do with her.

’’Wuji, wait... I will accompany you.’’ Ding Bu'Er hastily said. He also turned to Han Ning and

said, ’’Little miss, I will accompany Wuji.’’

’’Do whatever you want,’’ Han Ning coldly threw out that sentence and hurried into the inn.

Mao Penghua hesitated but he chose to enter the inn with Han Ning and co.

After leaving the inn, Mo Wuji patted Ding Bu'Er's shoulder, ’’Bu'Er, you have a nice comfortable

room. Why do you want to follow me and sleep in a tent?’’

Bu'Er laughed, ’’Wuji, do you know why I'm even able to join this trip? Isn't it because of you? I'm

very sure that, after we get to the royal capital, and if the little miss gets selected by a sect,

there'll be nothing left for me. Previously, in the Thunder Fog Forest, I believe that you did not

find the Two-leaved Fire Grass by luck. Since I can't follow the little miss, I can only follow you.

Don't ask me to go back to Cheng Yu because I know a certain someone will not go back as well.’’

’’Bu'Er, I can see that you'll have a promising future now that you've chosen to follow me,’’ Mo

Wuji joked.

’’Mo Xinghe...’’ A clear, crisp voice interrupted his conversation with Ding Bu'Er.

’’Oh, it's Miss Wen. How fortunate to see you here. You're as elegant as always. But can I ask

Miss Wen not to call me by my previous name? I have already changed it to Mo Wuji.’’ After

leaving Rao Zhou City, Mo Wuji felt like shackles had been removed from him. He no longer had

to be worried or afraid about his words and actions. He did not expect that Wen Manzhu would

also go to the royal capital. Like Han Ning, she should be a participant of the Spring Immortal's


’’Ah.. Wuji, it's getting late. I should set up the tent before all the good spots get taken away.

Enjoy your conversation ah.’’ Ding Bu'Er saw Mo Wuji and Wen Manzhu talking so he found an

excuse to leave. He knew about Mo Wuji's situation and that things were awkward between Mo

Wuji and Wen Manzhu.

’’Sorry, it slipped my mind,’’ Wen Manzhu said apologetically.

She had many doubts in her heart. She was sure she understood Mo Wuji more than anybody

else, but in the two recent times that she had met Mo Wuji, she felt like she no longer knew him.

She could see that Mo Wuji had changed drastically. In the Cheng Yu Worker's Union, Mo Wuji

felt foreign to her, like a knife covered with flour. Now, Mo Wuji was like a knife hidden in a


’’Wuji... Can we talk?’’ Wen Manzhu said. In fact, she had wanted to speak with Mo Wuji for a

long time.

Ever since Mo Wuji came up the Nine Lives Healing Solution, he nestled in a Prefecture Duke's

residence and never came out. She tried to find ways to meet him but she was unsuccessful. She

even heard from her father that Mo Wuji gave the Nine Lives Healing Solution formula away to

protect himself.

She found it hard to understand. Why was it that there were such huge changes every since Mo

Xinghe changed his name?

Mo Wuji laughed nonchalantly, ’’If the senior beside you doesn't mind, we can talk for as long as

you want ah.’’

[1] 'He' is a surname in this situation.


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