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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 254


As he thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly said, "If you wish to recuperate in Tian Ji Sect, it's possible. However, you must join Tian Ji Sect. Or alternatively, you must at least stay in Tian Ji Sect for 10 years. During these 10 years, if Tian Ji Sect faces any attacks, you must help out. Of course, you must first swear a blood oath."

After establishing a blood oath, one must fully accord to it. Otherwise, you'll die terribly with your ashes scattered and soul destroyed.

What completely astounded Mo Wuji was that the Three-eyed Dhuta did not even hesitate and say, "Alright, I agree. I, Xing Huang, swear a blood oath to remain for 10 years, to live and die with Tian Ji Sect."

As he spoke, the Three-eyed Dhuta made a small cut on his forehead;a sphere of blood energy shot out as he began his blood oath. He did not even wait for Mo Wuji to speak a second time.

Mo Wuji stared at the Three-eyed Dhuta in astonishment, contemplating whether he had made a mistake. Wasn't this a little too easy?

"Sect Head Mo, I'm already a man of Tian Ji Sect. What do you intend me to do?" Seeing the astonishment on Mo Wuji's face, the Three-eyed Dhuta, who had already swore the blood oath, took the initiative to say.

Mo Wuji regained his countenance then said, "Brother Xing, you've already sworn the blood oath so I don’t believe that you would deceive me. But my Tian Ji Sect is merely a Xuan sect, what benefit do you have from staying here? And even 10 years at that?"

Since Xing Huang had become Tian Ji Sect’s man, Mo Wuji no longer had to worry about the cultivation difference.

"Sect Head Mo, since you asked, I will tell you the truth. Initially, I planned to stay here and recuperate, and at the same time, charge up to the True God Stage…"

"Brother Xing, you intend to charge into the True God Stage?" Mo Wuji asked in surprise.

Xing Huang nodded, "I fought with that Great Evolution Sect fella exactly because of a Flower of the True Gods. He was also at the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. So when he encountered a Flower of the True Gods, he naturally wouldn’t let it go."

Mo Wuji instantly frowned, "According to my knowledge, the Flower of the True Gods only appeared within the Five Elements Desolate Domain. You say that you and that Gu Jiqing were fighting over a Flower, how can I believe you?"

Xing Huang laughed, "Because we were fighting since the Five Elements Desolate Domain."

Raising his hand to stop Mo Wuji from interrupting, Xing Huang continued, "I heard that because of the Zhen Mo Continent experts, the Five Elements Desolate Domain has been completely opened, and there is no longer any restrictions. At this moment, the Five Elements Desolate Domain has become a mess and everyone wants to head in there to try their luck."

Mo Wuji’s eyebrows started twitching. He was clearly cognizant of the treasure trove that is the Five Elements Desolate Domain. His Tian Ji Sect had just been rebuilt and was at its greatest need for various treasures. Since the Five Elements Desolate Domain had been fully opened, his Tian Ji Sect must not miss out on this opportunity.

"Of course, there is more to my explanation. You asked why I wanted to stay in the sect for 10 years. Initially, it was indeed because I wanted to recover from my injuries. But eventually, I really wanted to join Tian Ji Sect, because I suddenly recalled your name, Mo Wuji."

When Xing Huang finished that sentence, he quietly faced Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji faintly laughed, "Brother Xing, if I’m not wrong, we didn’t even meet back at the Heaven Seeking Palace, much less interact. However, your words made it sound like you know me."

Since Xing Huang had already mentioned it, it showed that Xing Huang already knew that he was once a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace.

Xing Huang nodded, "We’re indeed not acquainted. But I do know a disciple who recognises you."

"Oh, who is it?" Mo Wuji started wondering about which disciple in the Heaven Seeking Palace was actually acquainted to both Xing Huang and him.

"She’s called Zuo Shaoying. She was actually an outer disciple of the Sword Lake. I saw that she had a simple nature and she was a dilligent worker, so I got her as my helper. On that day you returned to the Heaven Seeking Palace, you must have met her. Even though she didn’t follow you, she was observing you from afar. She saw that you had gone to the Heaven Seeking Staircase and waited there. She only left when the sun had came up. Afterwards, she noticed that a blank name had taken up the number one spot on the Heaven Seeking Staircase. If I didn’t guess wrongly, you should have climbed the Heaven Seeking Staircase, and you are the number one on the Heaven Seeking Board…" Xing Huang said with a serious tone.

Mo Wuji immediately furrowed his brows. Honestly, the impression Zuo Shaoying gave him was extremely good. It was as Xing Huang said, she was a simple and dilligent girl. But when she revealed the matter of him ascending the Heaven Seeking Staircase, from a certain perspective, did not have any benefits to him. Moreever, they only encountered each other twice, why did she wait for him for an entire night at the Heaven Seeking Staircase?

Xing Huang saw Mo Wuji’s frown and laughed, "You don’t have to blame her. When she returned, she didn’t even tell a single soul. I only managed to get bits of the information out from her words. Eventually, she even said a few sentences to me, do you want to hear it?"

Mo Wuji thought, with Zuo Shaoying’s innocence, in front of a sly fox like Xing Huang, it was indeed impossible to hide the truth.

Before Mo Wuji said anything, Xing Huang continued, "She said, she used to think that the two of you were the same;both of you were outer disciples, the same kind of people. However, after seeing you attain the number one spot from the Heaven Seeking Staircase, she knew that the two of you weren’t the same. On the second day after you left, she also bade her farewells to me. She didn’t even inform her sister as she left the Heaven Seeking Palace. As to where she went, I also don’t know. According to the meaning behind her words, what she needed isn’t cultivation, but a life which belongs to her."

Mo Wuji sighed inwardly, hoping that this innocent girl could lead a better life in the future.

Xing Huang did not continue speaking. He did not know the relationship between Zuo Shaoying and Mo Wuji so he maintained his silence.

After some time, Mo Wuji asked, "Brother Xing, since you know that I’ve reached the top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase, why didn’t you think that I’ve some secret in me?"

Xing Huang chuckled, "Everyone has their own secrets, I’m no exception. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have become the number one smith in the entire Lost Continent."

When he talked about being the number one smith, Xing Huang’s tone with filled with pride. Clearly, he didn’t think that anyone else could best him in the smithing arts.

"Furthermore, I thoroughly understand the Heaven Seeking Staircase. Climbing to the top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase signified the huge potential in a person, rather than a secret. Even if you have a secret, I wouldn’t covet it. A person who didn’t have his own pride would never be a supreme existence. It doesn’t matter whether it is in cultivation, smithing, pill refining, etc."

Mo Wuji attained the Extreme Mortal Stage;even though he didn’t have a golden core, he did have a violet emanation, and this violet emanation was even being orbited by a spirit ring. He could clearly feel that Xing Huang’s tone contained his own pride. This dhuta was telling the truth and wasn’t lying to him.

"Good!" Mo Wuji nodded. "Xing Huang, from now on, you’re Tian Ji Sect’s Left Defender. How about that?"

Xing Huang bowed towards Mo Wuji, "Left Defender Xing Huang greets the sect head."

Mo Wuji chortled, fetched a jade token, carved a line of words on it and passed it to Xing Huang, "Defender Xing, my Tian Ji Sect has just been rebuilt. So everything is still very simple. This jade token will be the Left Defender’s identity token, I’ll leave it with you."

"Many thanks sect head." Xing Huang received the jade token.

His heart still had a thought which he didn’t reveal. It was already incredibly amazing for Mo Wuji to not only reach the Heaven Seeking Staircase peak, and even become a sect head at such a young age. What was even more incredible was this sect protecting array. From what he knew, even the sect protecting array of several Quasi-Heaven sects wasn’t as perfect as the one at Tian Ji Sect. Furthermore, seeing how Mo Wuji controlled the arrays using the array flags, he was sure that this grand array was installed by Mo Wuji himself.

Mo Wuji was such a young expert and was even a supreme array master. It would be total bullsh*t to even think that his future was limited. If he, Xing Huang, didn’t tightly grab onto Mo Wuji now, by the time Mo Wuji develops, Mo Wuji might not even bother about him.

Furthermore, he was merely at the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. In the true continent of cultivation, even a cultivator at the Great Circle of the True God Stage did not count for much.

"Alright Defender Xing. Now, I will help prepare you to take one step forward, to step into the True God Stage." Mo Wuji had always been a carefree person. When it was unclear whether a person was an enemy or not, he would keep his guards up high. But once he determined a person to be a friend, he wouldn’t be stingy with his resources.

"Sect head, you’ll help me step into the True God Stage?" Xing Huang stared curiously at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji fetched a few pills and handed them over to Xing Huang, "You can administer these pills then follow me."

"These are Tier 5 True Renewal Pills?" Xing Huang was a person who knew his goods. The moment Mo Wuji handed over the pills, he recognised them immediately. To a Nihility God Stage cultivator like him, these Tier 5 healing pills were all incredibly hard to get.

"That’s right, now follow me." Mo Wuji nodded, fetched out a flying car and headed towards Tian Ji Summit.

"Yes." Xing Huang hurriedly swallowed those pills, traversing across mid air to follow Mo Wuji to the Tian Ji Summit.

"What a beautiful sect." The moment Xing Huang reached Tian Ji Summit, he exclaimed in wonder. Even though Tian Ji Sect might not be the most magnificent sect, nor the most luxurious sect, it was definitely the most beautifully designed sect. Walking here gave one a releaxed and carefree feeling.

"Head senior brother, the Hundred Sect Alliance has sent a message to the Tian Ji Sect…" Sang Yiping saw that Mo Wuji had arrived and hurried to greet him. At the same time, she passed a letter to Mo Wuji.

That was when she saw the Three-eyed Dhuta behind Mo Wuji. She was different from Mo Wuji, she had seen the Three-eyed Dhuta once before.

"Senior is…" Sang Yiping was instantly tongue-tied.

To a Xuan sect like the Tian Ji Sect, not mentioning a Nihility God Stage expert, even a True Lake Stage expert would be a peak existence.

Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Yiping, Xing Huang will be Tian Ji Sect’s Left Defender from now on. Xing Huang, this is Sang Yiping, she was the previous sect head’s adopted daughter, she is also the hall master of the Tian Ji Sect’s Hall of Affairs."

"Ahh…" This huge surprise shocked Sang Yiping out of her mind. With the Three-eyed Dhuta as a defender, who would still court death and attack the Tian Ji Sect?

Xing Huang did not mind Sang Yiping’s cultivation and smiled, "Greeting Hall Master Sang."

Sang Yiping hurriedly bowed;ignoring the fact that the other party was a Nihility God Stage expert, he was also the number one smith in the Lost Continent. She could not take such courtesy.

Mo Wuji had already opened the letter and roughly swept through it. He immediately asked in surprise, "The Hundred Sect Alliance is inviting the Tian Ji Sect to participate in the allocations of places into the Five Elements Desolate Domain?"

Sang Yiping hurriedly said, "Yes, I’ve went to research on this. It’s said that the Five Elements Desolate Domain had been fully opened, and the Hundred Sect Alliance wants to restrict the number of people entering it. That’s why they organised this conference. They have invited the top 1000 sects on the contribution points rankings and our Tian Ji Sect has been invited."

Mo Wuji nodded;this conference was a must go, otherwise, it would be really hard to develop Tian Ji Sect. He immediately turned to Xing Huang and asked, "Defender Xing, how long would you take to break through to the True God Stage?"

Xing Huang slighly pondered, "With the support of rich spiritual energy, then it might not even need a month. But without rich spirtual energy, it would be hard to tell."

"Alright, choose a secondary summit to prepare for your advancement. I will handle the matter of the spiritual energy. After you advance, you’ll follow me over to the Hundred Sect Conference." Mo Wuji decided quickly.


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